Monday, March 19, 2007

To: Sin Yin

To Nicole, sin yin:

How are you my dear.. I feel like we haven't meet for years.. hehe.. I miss you la.. how are you doing there? Is work good? I heard from Lieh tat your LB is doing great.. I wish you success o.. Sometime really wish I'm down in Miri with you guys.. Sometime I'm really lonely here in Brunei.. Esp when it comes to lunch or dinner time.. I juz couldn't find ppl with the right time.. I'm ok with work.. Still ofcoz stress about it.. I know stress is a challenge but now I'm actually starting to hate what I'm doing.. Really bring down my mood thinking about it.. This few days I have been thinking about going to New Zealand to work.. hehe.. I donno when can I actually get to do sometime I like.. But at this time you know la.. I have reasons that make me can't bear to leave yet.. hehe.. Take care of urself.. *hugz*

Xue hui..

I'm quite down now actually.. I lost the gold bracelet Ah how gave me for Christmas last year.. S***.. I juz realise it after bath just now.. bloody.. It's not the 1st time it gone from my wrist.. This is the third time but this time I'm not tat lucky to find it.. *sigh* How am I gonna explain to ah How?

Donno what's up with my face.. Pimples appearing, seem to get worse.. Izzit my period coming or it's the cleansing foam I'm using, Or I think too much and being stress? *sigh*

Anyway.. It's late.. I'm off to bed.. Bye.. Gudnite..

Saturday, March 10, 2007


I was catching the new Singapore movie "Just follow Law" with Jita and her friend on Thursday.. and what a surprise I saw Frankie and Sze Jie.. Frankie is my second Ex bf.. but he is counted as my first love.. I like him before I start going out with my first Ex bf.. hehe..

He slim down alot.. and he approach me first.. so good he is not those who won't bother to say HI..
He caught my attention by staring at me and give me a big smile when I saw him.. That's his style.. no change.. hehe..

My heart still beat greatly when I saw him last night.. hehe.. never mind, past is past.. My heart now should beat for the future man.. hehe..

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year..

ahh.. March has come.. Chinese New year is coming to an end.. So before it's too late.. Happy Chinese New Year.. On the first day of CNY, I went to Limbang.. thanks to Nicole for like almost forcing me to get there.. I'm so happy to be able to get my butt there.. And I get to meet up with Tze and even ANNIE.. hehe.. Sorry that I have been lazy to blog.. and I fall sick sick during the CNY, now cough like old women.. ba.. Ciaozz..