Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I think it's very rare to have a good Monday especially at work!
First, received my first CNY red packet 'ang pao' from Uncle Lee..
Second, received token of appreciation from a client.. A box of Milk Tea! omgggggg
Third, went to see NBT Toyota decoration, so cute those fake bunnies! make me feel cute too lol =P
Fourth, McD prosperity burger for dinner! loving it =D
The End

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Are we heading toward the right direction.
Please let it be yes.
**We had Pre-CNY lunch in the office today! Tasty food was serve but I had my eyes on those shiny gold coins at the table.. Gold coins!!! Chocolate gold coins la.. lol
**After work, Chienz volunteer to help me re-arrange some stuff in my room.. So we went to hunt for some bookshelves or cupboard.. I had tight budget so I went to find affordable Ikea quality.. and we found this at Home Living which was on sales.. not bad actually..
Before and After.. Still messy but way better now lol

**Me and Chienz went to join SY and her bf for some drinks after we finished.. I had some fried 'sui mai' for dinner.. Good stuff!

I had supper at Topaz just now, quiet time with the bf =)
Happy Saturday!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Uncle Lee treat Me, Angel and Felicia lunch at Nyonya Restaurant.. We end up reaching office late! Because the food came out too slow.. I think we won't be going back during lunch time again lol
Rabbit soft toy belong to Chienz's niece.. Rabbit year! I can't wait for CNY to come..

**There are sensitive people around and I'm one of them, so you need to think before you speak.. Sometime your words are hurtful without you knowing it.. And unlike you, I don't have much chance and time given!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Love is home tomorrow

I went to the Airport to fetch Patterson just now, luckily I wasn't late.. hehe.. Tomorrow will be Rue's turn to touch down the Arrival Hall.. I wish I can fetch him, but can't because I need to work..

Before heading to the Airport, I had tea with Daphne and Grace.. And guess what? They continue telling me story about things to do when you deliver.. wth I'm scare already.. too much info @.@ I think all mothers can write a book on 'the nine month pregnant progress' lol
Picture above: Me, Daphne and Grace.. Before they were married and pregnant lol..
Alright off to bed now!

Supervisor treat us Sushi

Sushi night! My supervisor treat us for dinner at Excapade.. We went to try out the new branch at Times Square.. We find the place small.. All the table fit up to four person.. But the lighting and environment is alright~
Jovy, Me, Sher, Felicia and Angel
Us trying to pose with our hands
Me( I know ugly and funny wth) and Sher doing some style lol, we were actually talking haha
ME again with some sheep =P

**I have a very strong friend who I truly salute for handling her problem calmly.. She may look strong but deep down in her heart, you have no idea how much pain she is going through.. My heart break knowing she's in such situation.. I hope things will turn over and be fine again! I wish we all be bless with happiness..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I'm craving for McDonald now!!!!! cannot I must not think of McD now.. focus! blog! lol
Anyway, notice the money sign face picture above? I drew it on my desk's board after our staff appraisal discussion was done around noon.. ahhhh kinda disappoint because no increment!! I was hoping for it.. T.T

After work, I went to the new Coffeebean at Times Square for tea with Joan.. Nice environment- small, cozy.. I have finished watching the drama 'Zhong Wu Yan', so now I'm going to have more time to blog haha.. Its not that I didn't update, I have the whole week post unpublished.. I'll get it sort out and publish all at once soon.. =P

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My toe again

I'm in pain!!
My toe injure!! See the below picture.. So clumsy of me.. I slipped from the stair when I went up to the office this morning.. Thank God I was still at the bottom when I fell.. I can't walk properly for now.. I can't even move the toe.. It felt like it's broken.. I keep rubbing it and gosh the color turn black blue and swollen fast.. OH MY POOR TOE T.T

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wu Zhong Yen

Sunday Sunday~~ I stayed home and watch the new Taiwan drama 'Wu Zhong Yen'.. It's one good drama! and I always drool and heart skip when I watch actor hug the actress from behind..
I got to admit I love back hug.. well any type of hug actually!! lol

**Yesterday - Saturday**
I went to pay my phone bill with Kath and while I'm done and waiting for her I read this article.. nothing nice lol
then we went for grocery shopping with her brother.. Her house having steambot tonight for her mum advance birthday.. Kath invite me and Jian Tyng over =D
then later at night the three of us had tea with Jason.. Its been awhile since we last saw him.. Alright, I'm done blogging.. off to continue my drama =D

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pre-CNY shoes WINDOW shopping

The Indon guy at the car wash shop left his number in my car so I can call him to take my keys because they are closed lol.. The shop closed so early!! =S
After I take my baby car, I accompany Chienz for her CNY shoes shopping.. I was controlling myself not to buy any! and I really didn't buy- so proud of myself wuhuuuu
I love shoes shopping.. Just window shopping is good too =D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blu's picture

Blu sent me some of her wedding pictures today and I love this one.. so WHITE.. lol
and she lend Angel a magazine so I take a look at it too.. I learn that lady usually will have 2 rings, one with diamond given when the guy propose.. the other one is the couple wedding ring.. wuuuuu OIC...
then I realize we ladies need to have pretty wedding heels!!!! I think I'll get stress with finding the wedding heels I want in the future, because I would want a super pretty one lol

Anyway, this is just extra knowledge.. Bye =)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chocolate from Jovy

Curly Tops from Philippines! Thanks Jovy!
My colleague just came back from her hometown and she talk about how cheap the shopping is over at Manila.. Angel and I was listening to her with big shinning eyes.. We want to go! lol

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pizza Hut with Grace & Daphne

I went to one of the Baiduri Bank branch after lunch today and I saw NANI, my ex-classmate!! I didn't know she was transfer to this branch I went.. Didn't manage to talk to her because she was busy walking inside and out lol

I just got back from dinner at Pizza Hut.. I was there with the two pregnant hot to be mums and their husband.. Where's my partner? Coming home soon =)
And they story me so much about the process of giving birth lol.. Daphne said she felt her stomach pain and Grace panic that Daphne might give birth the next day lol.. I can't listen too much to their story, scary actually.. hehe Well, I can't wait to see their babies =)

Monday, January 17, 2011


Had dinner at Pastamania dinner.. abit gathering with Eve, Siew yun, Ling Chi, Kam wai & Chienz..

Thanks monkey for helping me to deliver my package lol

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sibu trip 14 to 16/1/2011

Back from the short weekend trip to Sibu.. Good trip, I don't feel like coming back hehe
Miss my relatives and cousins already..
This trip, I manage to take a few hours time to get my hair dye.. went to clinic with mum.. went to Bintangor.. saw 3 of my niece.. meet up with Lieh, Alice, baby Dickson and Pang Huat.. and sleepover for a night at Lieh & Alice's own house, nice comfy house of their own *shining eyes* (sobs I miss them all)
Lastly about this weekend trip: I couldn't stop eating.. I love Sibu local food =)
a relaxing trip =)