Monday, December 25, 2006

Thursday, December 14, 2006

bad day..

Bad day at work.. Everything I do seem to be all wrong.. So pressure!! haiz.. Lucky tomorrow I'm going to Sibu, Sarawak with my mum and brothers.. Going there to attend my cousin wedding.. *sigh* and I haven't even start packing.. see ya..

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Congrats Jeffrey

He is getting married.. He define as Jeffrey Tang.. My ex-boyfriend.. My FIRST boyfriend.. Getting married with a high school girl.. My God, he is just 20 years old.. Why getting married.. He gotten his girlfriend pregnant of course.. I'm so disappointed by knowing this news.. Not because I haven't get over him but because I feel he still as useless as before.. For me he always doesn't have the brain to think properly.. Until today, to me he is still like that.. Hopeless one.. Anyway, all the best to him.. Congrats Jeffrey (for making your gf pregnant)~

Monday, December 11, 2006

stupid being follow and spoiled our fun

Something is bothering me.. My mind wonders by itself again.. Questions with unavailable answer haunt me again..

I had a good weekend.. Friday night had dinner with Nicole, Zhi Ling and Jita.. Then Saturday evening went to the Empire hotel for a walk and sight seeing.. then when night falls after sendingNicole back, Zhi Ling and I went to meet up with Jita for dinner.. Nicole left us early to accompany her parent.. So that night we ate a very full Japanese dinner and it's on Jita because that lady got a big fat commission.. hehe..

After dinner we went to Jerudong park as Zhi Ling wanted to see the place.. So we went there happily and has so excited as there were alot of people and some rides are open.. We were surprise as only need to pay B$5 to play the rides.. We rush to the Merry-go-Round ride.. Feels great as we remembered our time as kids.. But the music they play spoiled the atmosphere.. what the stupid them play Malay rock music? Should play musical music wa..

I notice mostly are Malay people.. and immature kids.. Look at the way they date you sure laugh.. An incident happen to us that night.. It has raining too but just shower type.. We were making our way to the water boat ride.. Soon we each notice an Indian guy walking behind us.. At first we thought we were going the same way.. Sekali I start to notice it's not right so I ask Jita and Zhi Ling to stop and the Indian men stop too.. So to double confirm we start to walk again, and he follow too.. and we three turn back and forth and he still follow.. We started to head back to get help and he also follow.. Luckily I saw a Tourist information room and I suggest we went in there.. I was feeling abit panic but luckily we were with the security after the incident.. and we didn't see the Indian man anymore.. So now whenever I see an Indian man I feel uncomfortable..

A friend of mine appear first thing in my mind when we were heading back to the front gate for help.. I directly call him.. and I never expected him to rush down to Jerudong.. I was very grateful for him rushing there like that.. hehe.. Anyway still have to thank him.. and Thank GOD we are safe..

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I have been wondering..

I have been thinking about my Christmas and New Year holidays.. *sigh* how am I gonna spend my holidays? How great it will be if I don't have to worry about air ticket and expenses like Kenny Sia and Xia Xue who always seem to be like flying here and there.. hehe..

I just finish chatting with Nicole.. and viewing her over there through web cam.. Aduh.. I have outdated la.. I forgot there is such thing as web cam liao.. and it's not lagging that much anymore.. Haha.. I didn't even bother to re-install my web cam since my computer reformat like months ago.. haha.. Forgive me.. so where is the heck is that web cam installer software again.. Hehe.. need to dig up my stuff to find it..

Kelik my Indonesia colleague is out from the hospital already.. Hurray.. That mean he soon to be recover in no time.. But he still have problem with walking.. but at least he feel comfortable at home rather than staying in the hospital.. May he recover soon..

I have keep the phrase "stress is a motivation" in my head.. and I'm doing fine nowadays.. Hehe.. Well, I'm doing the graphics thing.. I do all cutting of sticker.. and Recently I hand in a letter.. Not resignation.. Letter of transfer work post.. I have been thinking for quite sometime, ever since I feel that I have lose interest on my job now.. I want to get back doing paper works.. Well, I know it might be boring but I have got to keep myself at that line.. Not doing paper works for quite awhile going to be an disadvantages when I'm planning to switch Job the next time.. Not good.. So I finally decide to get back to paper works thingy.. At the moment I wouldn't transfer as my department currently have only Me, Myself and I.. My boss say he will arrange my work went he finds a replacement.. So, I hope I won't be regretting on making such decision.. Why I think that way? Hehe.. It's because doing the Admin side means facing more of Boss and being under him.. Currently, I'm under my supervisor who spoiled me, I'm not gonna be spoiled by him anymore if I switch department.. *sigh* No choice, for the sake of my future I must need to face the Boss.. I got to have confident in myself..

Me and my pet Mickey.. haha.. cute huh? =P

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Holiday month.. X'mas!!

December.. the month of holiday spirit due to Christmas season.. I love the feel of Christmas.. hehe.. seem like I enjoy Christmas more than Chinese New Year.. Anyway, I love celebrating both..

Last month happen quite a few incident.. Kelik( an Indonesia colleague of mine) broke his right leg.. He is doing better now.. I was so sad when I know what had happen to him.. layers of aluminiunm broke his leg.. I was there at the hospital on the day of his operation.. I did also visited him a few days ago.. He still feel pain.. As his leg is now joint by a screw.. When he is feeling cold, his leg sure get really pain.. It's gonna be hard for him.. I'm really worried about him as he is one of the people who treat me well in the office.. He was suppose to be going back to his hometown this month to see his wife and son.. but unluckily, such incident happen.. May he get well soon and fly back to see his family soon.. Lord, bless Kelik and give him strength to overcome the pain and get well soon..

My dad also got hit by some heavy object on his shoulder.. Luckily he is fine now.. Clemence got hit on the head in a car accident.. She say there wasn't any bleeding and so I'm worried about her.. May she can go for a proper head check up soon.. May GOD bless everyone be in good health..

Last Sunday, Nicole finally call me to meet me up.. She came to Brunei.. So happy to be able to talk so freely.. hehe.. She reminded this phrase, "Stress is a Motivation".. I already forgotten about this advice.. Why now I couldn't cope with stress anymore.. Now I'm keeping that "Stress is an Motivation" in my head.. Thanks to her for waking me up to about stress.. Now she is back in Miri.. *sigh* make me miss her again.. hehe..