Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2010

Today the last day of 2010..

Lots of people felt that the time pass too fast.. Some said it might be the sign that the world is going to end.. Issit true? No idea~ Let's just make sure that we spend everyday of our life to the fullest!

Well, there goes year 2010.. A year of a few short holiday, first bonus, hating my job, less party but drinking still go on lol, Blu resigned & left me *sniff, our office moved to a new environment, polish the car, met little Jansen.. Annabelle.. Giselle.., few weddings, slow Christmas.. What's for 2011?

*Happy New Year Everyone!! hugsssss*

to end my post with this picture- Today, I received this little appreciation gift from one nice customer.. =D

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bye Bye December

This week is really a bad week at work! Today again, some client is really unreasonable and like to shout in the phone! Grrrrr

After I left office , I don't feel like going home yet but then don't know where I should go.. I end up driving to Times Square, then I remembered I should go buy myself a drink from 'Each A Cup'.. I wait patiently in the long queue to enter Times Square and spend quite awhile looking for parking.. so many people tonight~~~
Chienz suggest me to order 'Chocolate Milk Tea', it's nice~ I first drank 'Each A Cup' in Singapore, yeap it's a franchise business.. I'll remembered that funny moment, The 2 Pearl Milk Tea Story.. hehe
I went to HSBC this afternoon and waited for almost an hour for my turn to the counter.. aduhhh..
Ahhhh boss return from Korea today and he bought us a big bag of seaweed with different flavor.. Maybe he want us to eat grass.. lol

Say bye bye to December.. Bye bye to year 2010..

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Love Apricot Ice Cream

A cold cold rainy night.. so cold yet nice with Blizzard- Apricot with Chocolate flavor ice cream from DQ.. I have found a new love- Apricot Ice Cream! =)
Stress from morning work but after dinner of pasta and sushi, omg feeling so full.. ahhhhh feel much better.. hehe

Meet me by Sport Cafe

Two days to the brand new year 2011.. I'm not ready for 2011 actually, feel that time passed too fast.. but then I can't stay back in 2010 right, I need to look forward lol..
My Christmas was spent at Sport Cafe Miri, manage to sang a song with Ivy only and did more drinking instead lol.. we, girls wanted to go over to The Balcony to dance actually but it's full..

Before Sport cafe, I had dinner at Mr. Ho Restaurant and they have Haagen Daz Ice Cream so I order and Samuel introduce the Apricot & Cream flavor.. It's nice!
I didn't expect to see my ex-colleague, Florence there at Sport Cafe lol.. The last time I saw her was two years ago I think..
Oh yea, guess what Christmas gift did I get from the exchange gift gathering in the office? Easi recharge card worth $20 and I sell it off to Fred at cheaper amount lol.. I was fooled by the packages.. lol
Last picture to end this post, TZE-ME-JANSEN-SHIRLEY plus spoiler at the back.. hehe.. We took this picture and said goodbye and I went off to meet Cousin Thomas and his family with my aunt for lunch.. After lunch I go over to Jenn's house to see her and Giselle.. Giselle is very cute!
Also let me share this song~~ 'Meet me by the water" by Rachel Yamagata..

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!

It's Christmas Eve tomorrow.. Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way to Miri.. What worries me is the queue at custom border, I think I might get stuck there for an hour or two.. I hope not..

Patterson is back from Kuching tonight.. Our tiny house is going to be noisy and pack again.. Holiday time~~

This Christmas, Rue is in Singapore, I want to be there but can't.. I hope he is in Brunei but no.. So I'm making one of my wishes in my blog.. lol *serious mode* I wish every festive season and special day, we'll celebrate together.. amen

I can't wait to meet up with Jenn, Shirley, Nicole, Samuel and others.. *pray for gifts lol*

In case, I don't blog tomorrow.. Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tang Yuan day in our Little house

Today is 'Dong Zhi', the day we eat 'tang yuan'.. I didn't expect my mum will make 'tang yuan' this year, because this few years it's always Patterson who make.. That's why when I saw the 'tang yuan' on the kitchen table this morning, I was happy.. Picture above is the 'tang yuan' made by my mum, the shape is not round perfect but who cares, it's nice and filled with love.. *sniff* Our 'tang yuan' is 'foo chow' style I think, coated with peanut.. =D

I just finished two movies which Samuel lend me.. Both very meaningful..

'Dear John' is a romantic film.. Love no matter how far a couple is, their love for sure can be strong but not when it's apart for years.. 'The Blind Side' is touching and sad one, based on true story.. When you are able to lend a hand to help a person life turn better and accept as a family, you are that person's life saviour..

Both worth to watch, and here I share a song from the movie 'Dear John'.. a soft song- Little house by Amanda Seyfried

Pre-Christmas Tea Session

I meet up Eve, Joan, Matt, Jo Lin, Kel, Zhe Mei, Jing Jing, Siew & Ray for tea.. Eve decided to get a Christmas cake.. so head to Bakerlyn in Kiulap.. Ta-Da pretty and cure cake isn't it.. Happy Holidays to all especially Jo Lin & Matt + Daniel & Joan to UK and Siew to Korea.. =)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Kolo Mee at Eden

5 days to Christmas! I will be celebrating in Miri, meeting up the Miri friends.. I wonder what plan do they have.. but then I have a feeling it's going to be a very slow count down staying at home.. hehe

Since last month for a few nights, I kept having dreams about being late and missing out my flight.. T.T oh my, I don't want such incident to happen!!! I'm really worry actually.. *pray pray won't happen*

Monday monday, I don't have the mood to work.. I'm infected by holiday mood!

Oh yea, I just remembered.. Last Saturday I had kolo mee for lunch with Daniel and Joan at Eden restaurant at gadong.. My first time there and I love their kolo mee! It's nice~~~ and after we finish our meal, Joan spot my white hairs and Daniel ask what I'm stressing about, he think I have no stress.. Yeah, I wish I don't too.. but how can I not have stress when there is so many problems~~~ I think the older I get, I can't handle stress anymore.. I think it's time I hunt for a rich guy and get married.. JOKING.. lol ;o)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tron & Narnia

Two movies for today and in between I manage to buy Christmas present for the office exchange gift gathering on Christmas eve after work.. Boss should let us off early!!! -__-'''

I watched Tron and Narnia.. Tron in 3D version, I haven't try Brunei's 3D version since it started last month or so.. My first 3D experience was in Singapore or was it in Thailand lol I forgot.. I don't really like watching movie in 3D but once in awhile is fine..

The 3D here is kinda different.. Lack of quality I guess haha.. Tron was ok only but the actor Garrett Hedlund is good looking.. I think Narnia better, this time the movie remind us not to make mistake/wrong decision by temptation.. The 3rd 'Narnia the Voyage of the Dawn Treader' should be the last part of Narnia movie..

The Mall now have 4 new cinema theater and I watched Narnia in the new cinema 5.. Cinema 5 is small with about 7 rows of seating and a big screen, the chairs ofcourse comfy since it's new.. Alright, I'm tired so end of this post, pictures below =D


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I was chatting with Jenn and she mentioned about super-natural-power.. and so I think, what superpower would I like to have.. I think I just want to have MAGIC.. Magic to do everything!! From turning invisible, read mind, fly to other countries and so on~~ Like Harry Potter!!! wakakaka..
* * * * * * * * * *

6 months passed.. and I wish it to continue on and on with many effort and love to make it strong.. I'm looking forward to welcome the big 1 year hopefully somewhere nice^^ and many years to come..

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Hello Kitty cup

I love my Hello Kitty cup~~~~ I look at it and feel lots of love.. hahaha.. I'm using my cute cute pink cup in the office!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Last night I went with Kath to celebrate Izan's birthday.. They got her a Lady Gaga cake and I chip in too of-course.. hehe

Then say hello to Domo.. Ray bought this from Taiwan for me.. TQ!

I love this song but too high pitch to learn for Karaoke session.. T.T
End of this post.. haha.. goodnight!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The night about airlines- good looking steward

Today is one of those hectic day at work.. My stress for this job is building inside me, until the stage where I can break down and cry even-though I can solve the problem slowly or by hearing my supervisor voice or other colleague's voice can make me lose my temper or feel uncomfortable..

This few days I re-thinking again.. should I quit? Well for now, I don't like my job but I like my office current new environment and the distance between my house which is like NEAR.. sighs I torture myself for the sake of the environment wth! Anyway, I kinda get the sign from God that I should quit since I'm not happy.. Alright, I should get myself together and start searching for new job again! Oh good opportunity please come to me!!! hehehe

After a stressful day, good laughs with friends is one of the best medicine for de-stress.. I just got back from tea session with Kath, Tyng, Joan, Jamie & Jonathan at Coffeezone.. Having Jian Tyng around it's definitely full of laughter.. And such a coincidence I meet Chienz, Fab, Tze Wei and others, Wendy, Cindy, Ah Soon there.. Alright now let me now start my drama marathon before I sleep lol.. I manage to copied few Hong Kong drama from Jamie hehe.. So Goodnight! =)

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Heading to the Brunei's gate?

My short trip to Singapore has endeddddd.. Sighs back to work today feel so hmm moody.. For this trip I manage to buy a few CNY clothing only, I'm now waiting for my handbag! hehe

It was a slow & relax trip this time, unlike the last rushy trip back in July.. Too bad I can't spend everyday walking in shopping mall because my ears will be hurt from hearing complains.. hehe.. I enjoyed our shopping time.. hehe

I'm here to story about last night, when I was inside the Changi Airport- helping Roger to buy wine back to Brunei for his mum then make some free call to Rue with their public phone lol.. then when I was walking to the boarding gate, a lady voice was paging someone to board the plane.. That someone was ME!!! wth

So I quickly start running to the gate.. Some of you might know that the gate for Brunei's plane is at the far end of the Airport.. My run ended when the guy driving the Airport buggy came to me.. "Miss, you heading to the Brunei's gate?" and he asked me to hop on and drive me down to the gate as fast as he can.. It was really fast lol.. and I quickly jump off and throw all my staff onto the scanning machine and I got lecture abit by the officer for being the last one.. yieksss..

Thank God that I'm not being wait for the plane to take off! When I board the plane I was just in time lining up with the people getting sited.. sighs, what a funny and tired moment..

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A slow day in Singapore

I'm currently blogging from the hotel in Singapore.. I'm here for short trip only ;o( Tomorrow will be saying bye bye to Singapore and Rue.. We just got back from this food center called 'chomp chomp', Wei Ru had supper with us too hehe.. I have been hearing Rue and his friend said 'chomp chomp' is good place with delicious food.. so I insist I must try, eh well it was ok, I kinda prefer the food center at Newton.. So now I'm feeling super full.. I have been like eating non-stop for this trip.. aiyaaa fat-ness.. lol

Let me post pictures of what we have done today.. After having Kimchi for lunch we went to Singapore Botanic Gardens, Rue say must go see flowers so we go lo.. I have no comment since it's his birthday today and I 'kena' bully without complain.. After his birthday I'll have my revenge kakaka..

Anyway, super hot day at Botanic Garden, we both can't stand the walk actually so we actually like walk for half of the place only.. haha.. oh yea, I saw the bungee at Clark Quey today!! I want to ride it buy don't dare.. T.T Anyway so, we had dinner at Clark Quey and sit down to enjoy the slow night by the river before we head for supper.. It was really a relax and slow day with no shopping as promised.. haha.. ;o)