Sunday, May 27, 2007

After reading both Xia Xue's and Ice Angel's blogs, I'm very much interested on the making money website..

I was like "wow, I wanna sign up too.. It's cool".. Then I stop myself.. I don't have readers on my blog so how's the heck I'm gonna learn $ from it? Ahhh.. That's my question.. When I started this blog of mine, I never intend to broadcast it out to my friends or anyone.. There is only one person who knows my blog and she is NICOLE.. So do you think I can sign up for it? hmm.. Actually, I don't know why at first I wanna keep my blog private.. Maybe by keeping it private I can put all my hate on who or what in here without hurting anyone.. hehe.. But seem like that's not a good excuse as when do you see me doing that? Accept that I do talks about my work.. hate my work.. hehe.. So conclusion is I have no answer yet.. but I think I will try to sign up to it no matter I have readers or no readers.. good huh? =)

Today is Sunday.. I was planning to go to office but then I overslept and no feel so lazy to go.. but then it's my day rest
ba.. I think like that what will the others say? "This Patricia not working today.. must report to Boss.." then I shall go "Oh o o o ...." Aiya, lets just wait till it really happen, as now I have no idea how I shall answer if my Boss shot(scold) me..

Last night I was planning to catch Pirates of Caribbean 3 with
Jita.. Too bad I call up the Mall Cinema, FULL.. We went to Q-Lap Mall, FULL again.. So we plan to catch it next week when I'm not doing OT.. Roz, my colleague remind me to watch the part 1 and 2 first before going to watch part 3 as all the story link and you will understand better.. Yes yes.. I have not watch part 1 and 2.. Eh, I have always taught it's scary ba.. Who knows the other day when I was watching SpiderMan3 and I saw it's preview and I go.. "Wow.. looks interesting le.. I wanna watch it" like that lo.. how it attract me.. I don't care I'm still gonna watch part 3.. =p

I seldom bump into friends when I'm out, Last night was different.. At first at Q-Lap mall, I saw Izzati (use work as trainees at my work place) then Clemence with her bf, at Mangis mall, I saw Edward (ex-Jaya staff).. Lastly, at Sempurna I saw Gao Lao (Fren from Miri) and his wife.. ah.. what a night..

Harry Potter's last book is out in July.. I can't wait la.. So excited already can.. I wanna know is Harry gonna die?
Ohhh I hope not..

Jita and I talk about where we gonna go for Christmas holiday this year.. Well, she suggest Hong Kong Disneyland and I was ok.. I wanna visit there too.. but the only problem is $$$$.. Just the Air ticket and hotel gonna cost us up to B$1,000.. Not yet include our shopping, food, etc expenses.. Cost alot le.. So donno if confirm going or not..

Once again.. I start to aim new
handphone.. I'm not gonna leave my Motorola Rarz la.. I just plan to get another one for my 3G line.. Now I'm aiming on Sony Ericsson, I have always like Nokia but nowadays Nokia seem to go into bulky look.. I don't like even though it's function is Extremely GOOD.. I still prefer slim and small.. Then none of Sony Ericsson have yet caught my eyes at the moment so let's just wait for new models.. My dreams of getting a good laptop have not come true yet.. Haiz.. I'm still thinking and checking out which brand pf laptop is actually worth buying.. I still love the Vaio from Sony but it seem big.. I want something smaller and with build-in webcam.. haiz.. Dell? Acer? HP? Asus? MSI? Mac? I just donno how to decide..

It's almost noon.. I'm off for lunch.. *

Friday, May 25, 2007

My baby pink Sony T-10

I just realise that I had not make official introducing on my baby pink Sony T-10.. Ta-Dah.. It's pink and I love it so much.. I bought it before Chinese New Year last February.. I sold off my silver T-5.. and get myself this after aiming it for quite awhile.. =) When I first bought it, I use it during the night of Siao Hui's wedding.. and before that it was accidentally drop by Sheau Tze at the park in Limbang.. My heart hurts SO.. lucky then it only hit the sand.. Thank GOD.. hehe..

I almost bought this chair back home when I saw it at Court.. hehe.. Luckily, I didn't coz I have no space to have it in my room.. sienz..

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm ICE Momo..

My mum went outstation to KK.. Pity me.. Have to look after the house.. I have a strange attitude.. that is I don't like to handle house work.. Alright, alright I admitted la.. I hate doing house work.. I prefer that I fork out money to hire cleaners to help my mum rather than me doing it.. *sigh* I know I should be helping my mum.. But I just can't do it.. So go ahead just blame me..

I was wondering.. Maybe when I have my own house.. A clean new house then things would be different.. I might do my own cleaning.. hehe.. but still the toilet part I'm gonna let other people to handle it.. haha.. How great it would be If I get to marry to a guy who knows how to cook and cleans.. ^^,

Jeffrey wife's had given birth.. According to Clemence la.. Congrats to him.. don't know whether it's a baby boy or girl, Clemence didn't ask.. Some particular friends of Lei Ang called me ICE last night.. I'm cool as ICE to them.. what la.. I donno them well, how am I gonna communicate huh? It's good that at least I spoke a few words and did enjoyed laughing my head off with them.. *sien lo*

The other day I had been wanting to blog as I feel the urge to type things down.. But now sitting in front of the PC, I'm blank.. Should be in a happy mood but now end ups abit moody.. *tired* well, blog later la.. =)

Monday, May 21, 2007

A lady call Clemence..

I love reading blogs.. Too much of blogs to catch up with until I don't even have the time to update mine.. hehe.. I was suppose to be at work in the morning today but then it's Sunday and I overslept till 10am so I ended up going in the afternoon.. So after work I had dinner with Jita at Traders Cafe.. Then do some gocery shopping at SupaSave.. SupaSave goods tend to be expensive abit compare to the others.. But then you will find great stuff here too.. It's worth buying..

Clemence call me up while I was at SupaSave.. Ah that lady enjoyed herself with her BF during the weekend.. hehe.. Clemence Chan Fang Teng is who I called Best Friend.. We know each other from Chung Hwa Middle School during Primary 4.. Became best friend during Primary 5.. We made promises and wishes written down in a paper and buried it under a tree in the school compound which now has turned into a parking lot.. We aren't at each other side after I left CHMS for Secondary.. I was transferred.. We called each other once in a blue moon.. She then left Brunei to Miri during her Form 2.. I didn't see her anymore.. We start to write to each other.. Both of our life changed.. She grew independent over there while I was getting extreme Shy and under the control of my parent in Brunei..

Clemence came back to Brunei after 2years.. She called me, I was overjoyed that she was back here.. Even hope that she get to study in my secondary school.. but she choose to be back at CHMS.. I celebrated my 16 years old birthday with her, Steve and Choon Hui.. I lied escaping tuition that night.. After graduating form 5 I left for Miri for college.. We contact back each other after she graduate form 5 which was a year later and she has return to Miri to work.. We seldom look up for each other as we were busy with our life.. Soon she was transfer to Kuching.. We still called each other.. During my last year in Miri, thankful Clemence was transfer back to Miri.. I return to Brunei and she was in Miri.. Until last October 2006 she made up her to be in Brunei.. So we were once again reunited.. Now we are getting closer.. hehe..

Even though we were known as Best Friend.. But our friendship was always in a distance.. We don't understand each other as years passed.. We don't know the actual happening of our life.. We aren't at each other ups and down over the years.. I thank GOD for keeping our friendship burning.. I thank GOD for a Best Friend like her.. I admit our Best Friend relationship are quite unique.. =) and I thank GOD for that..

I hope I don't bored you guys out with my story above.. hehe.. Jita suggest that we go to Hong Kong Disneyland for Christmas this year.. *I'm not sure whether I can confirm going.. The ticket and expenses there need alot of money.. I need to think over it..

I have got myself a CC form HSBC.. Ahh.. I haven't start using it.. =p I'm annoyed that I now can't apply for my hand phone Easi Line to Prima Line.. DST staff told me that I have got to have a working permit valid for more than 6months to secure I'm in Brunei then can apply.. *kanasai* My permit left 5moths to go.. so sien ok when they told me.. I have to wait long long then can apply again le.. =( Last few days there were cute Scooters at our company which belongs to our customer.. So cute la.. it was like Love at first-sight.. I love to have it.. Yamaha Brand cost B$4,800.. Too bad it's expensive and I don't know how to ride it too.. It's in white if I can have it I'm gonna colour it in Pink.. Cool.. hehe.. Anyway it's late, I got sleep.. take care all.. God bless..

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day 2007..

Another month has gone by.. Sorry for not updating in here.. hehe.. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY... Today is a special day for all Mummy out there.. I treat my family to dinner just now.. At Lucky Restaurant.. Not bad though.. 5 dishes + soup+ tea+ rice (for 5ppl) = B$67.. They even gave my Mum a stalk of flower and best of all took a FAMILY PHOTO in 5R size for us for free.. I love that picture.. Thanks for Lucky restaurant to provide such lovely service tonight.. It's been ages since our family took a decent photo together.. The food there was great too.. I had a gud dinner.. hehe..

I spend half of my afternoon with my mum at The Mall.. Why half you ask? Well, Bcoz today I need to get to office to work.. I went there late and came out early.. I even brought Mum to a boutique which I usually go to, then I end up buying clothes.. hehe.. I saw Ker Sing.. A long time fren there at the Mall.. Happy that she remembers me.. hehe.. She look so duper slim.. Why are my Ex-schoolmate getting slim while I'm getting huge huh? Unfair.. haha..

I have been very busy with work.. Important function (Royal Wedding, Sultan's b-day) are coming up and so we are rushing stuff.. and been instruct to have Overtime.. Tiring~~~ I have been listening to Kristal FM these days.. A local radio station ofcoz.. hehe.. and I so love Rihana's Umbrella.. *Under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh eh eh....* I think it's a good song.. very catchy.. hehe.. I finally got time to catch Spiderman 3 last night.. It wasn't that bad, it's still a good movie..

I found the Laptop for me.. It's Pink.. It's beautiful.. It's Sony.. VAIO the C-series.. but it's expensive.. I could not afford to buy it.. Can Sony be kind to give me half price on it? hehe.. I would be much much much appreciate.. ^^ Anyway.. I'm tired.. it's time for bed.. Blog again soon when I'm so so free.. Goodnight all.. ZzZzZz...