Monday, February 28, 2011

My tea break food

This is 'kolo mee with chicken feet'! Rue brought take away and delivered to me at my office this afternoon.. =) yum yum!

Thinking back, I miss having people buying me food and deliver to my office.. It's been awhile.. The courting days from guys ;) & Good friends who drop by to surprise me.. lol :) My bf isn't in town most of the time so I seldom get this sweet moment.. so it's really been awhile :D

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lunch at Kitaro

Good weather today!
Its a nice Sunday to stay in bed until afternoon.. but I didn't.. I got up before noon and prepare for lunch gathering hehe..
I had lunch at Kitaro Restaurant with lot of girls and three guys..
Its a new Japanese restaurant which I haven't get the chance to try out.. Well, the price range is kinda expensive but good quality of food! yum~~
We girls didn't forget to take some pictures.. outside the restaurant ;)
The guys stand at the side playing with their phone while waiting lol

And I met Chienz in the evening.. Our blood circulation well that's why we look red red lol
Goodbye Sunday

Saturday night, Hiang came up from his village and asked me & Chienz to join him for movie.. We watched "127 hours".. The movie is based on true story oh.. I read some reviews on the movie and some people said it's boring, but I find it ok.. hehe.. Story is about a rock climber who got his hand stuck and how he survive, escape..
Oh well, I'm done with this post now.. Goodnight all! :D

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Strawberry milk tea drink.. kinda sweet but nice :D
I took this picture at work this morning.. sighs I look bored and double bored~~=P

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Only love lets us see normal things in an extraordinary way.

**Public holiday? Nothing to do here in Brunei~~ I think stay home and watch dvds better lol
Well, Happy National Day Brunei! hehe
Having McD together on a public holiday is nice too :)

Love or Bread

Just finish this old drama, kinda lame but the story is funny and I love their opening song :)
Money is needed in everyday of our life!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Angel by Amanda Perez

I heard this song on the radio just now..

Monday, February 21, 2011

Kebab Kebab- London Kebab

This is the new branch of London Kebab restaurant at Times Square shopping mall.. I had lunch there today.. and honestly the food don't taste great.. I still prefer the original branch at Berakas area.. hehe.. Well, maybe this branch will improve soon? I don't mind going back there again =D

Sunday, February 20, 2011

it may be sudden good..
yet sudden bad..
tears ain't finish..
i need a holiday..

**updated: 9.26pm
One lazy Sunday it is.. Went over to times square and had 'Each-A-Cup' passion fruit milk tea flavor, and I not liking it.. lol Another new flavor next time again~~ =)

was there with Chienz, Joan & Daniel~~

Drop by Best Eastern bookshop before leaving times square and Chienz found a good book.. 'Make up, don't break up'.. really interesting =) alright, back to drama~~

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Body Massage & Scrub at Intan Spa

Saturday again.. work went well, thanks to boss and supervisor not being in the office. lol
I'm feeling the pain on my shoulder again, so I thought of going for a good massage.. Since I have been stressing about few stuff lately, massage would really help.. I try out this place called 'Intan Spa' which I found online, they provide 'Bali-ness' Massage..

The place is at this old building in Gadong area.. Might be old but the place is well kept.. Strong smell of wood which I don't really like, but great service.. Overall, I love their body scrub (yea, I end up trying out their body scrub lol).. massage was alright (I guess I still prefer Thai massage), if I were to go back again it's definitely for their body scrub.. =)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Back to December

Decided to had McDonald's burger for lunch today.. Hoping it will cheer me up a little.. Well, it did.. Just a little.. =)

This morning, I thought it's been awhile since I last wore my jeans so today it's pink and blue day.. Levi's and baby pink charles & keith heels! ~~ =) My big toe nail still looks ugly.. Arghhh.. Patient patient, it will grow and recover.. *.*
I'm loving Taylor Swift's 'Back to December'- I go back to December, for the love back then..


Our conversation keep repeating in my head..
It is you or me? Sighs.. When a couple, the one who get angry or disappoint.. I believe it's either you don't care or your thinking can go down deep negative or thinking can go way back to all the wrongs during the past..

But then, human being are almost all the same.. give them 5 to 10 minutes to explode/scream/cry.. After that just by saying sorry and making them smile back works all the time..
Repeating may get bored and yeah you think 'why always me giving in??' but then we would still continue doing it because we don't want to see our loves one sad and it's a win-win situation when our ears/heart get hurt.. - this apply for both male & female lol

**I hope next time, it's because you miss me and just want to spend sweet couple time together.. and not because I want you to..

Yesterday 17/2/2011

Alright, today is the last day of Chinese New Year! Our office arranged for Lion Dance troupe to give us blessing and fortune.. hehe..
Above picture, the lion dance at my table.. ohhhh good business and money come come =P

At night, my family went to Lucky Restaurant for dinner.. Guess what, we waited for more than an hour for our dishes to serve.. We were so starving already! So many people! and A few tables of people cancel their order and left the restaurant.. bad service? yieks.. I don't think my family will be heading there again for special occasion..
My night end with a teapot of nice fruit tea! =)
Happy Chap Goh Mei!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One become Two

How do you know..
if you want to include your other half in your future
or your relationship is stable and working towards a happy future..

It maybe because:
Both are happy in love
Both feel secure
Both feel loved
Both support each other
Both welcome each other into the family
Both praise each other to the parents
Both share problems
Both seek advice from each other
Both don't have breakdown communication
Both enjoy each other companion
Both will arrange for things to do together
Both make sure each other don't feel left out
Both sometime talk about the future
Both make compromise
Both misses each other
Both make each other feel important
Both appreciate and cherish each other
Both of you are in each other plans..

**When you are dating at teen age, of course you won't think far..
And you slowly enter twenties, you experience bumpy relationship.. so you choose to go with the flow and take things easy because you know you are still young..
By the time you reach between mid-twenties & thirty, your surrounding friends, start to tie the knot.. and if you are still single, you start looking for your Mr. or Mrs. Right.. but if you are in a relationship, you will want to make sure you are with the right person who you are going to spend the rest of your life with..
By thirties, you start to get serious with life.. career, marriage, future, children.. then you tend to settle down and just want to have a good family and career.. and early retirement to travel around the world......................
Love is in everyone..

**By the way, this is just my thoughts for cycle of love life.. lol Alright, the end of this post =)

My Best Friend Wedding


My best friend's wedding.. on Valentine's day..
This couple wants everyone to celebrate with them on this day.. or maybe it's a 'easy-to-remember-date' hehe
I slept over at Clemence house with Sally last night and we end up sleeping late because too much to catch up with *talk talk talk talk*.. Summore the bride couldn't sleep.. hehehehe
A busy day today.. This time I wasn't busy torturing the Groom's brothers at the door games.. Instead I was busy being a bridesmaid! lol
Fetching things for Clemence.. Carried stuff for her, especially all her red packets.. *too bad, not mine lol* Anyway, Me in a white dress.. looking fat but I did tried to look thinner in PHOTOS.. haha.. Below picture is ugly but it's the only picture I have of me in full lol
**After a busy morning, I met Samuel for Lunch at Korean Restaurant with my youngest brother.. Thanks Samuel!
**Then went to meet up with Wei Ru, who flew all the way back from Singapore for Clemence's wedding.. hehe.. and some funny incident happen when I saw him.. I almost-crash my car rims.. not one but two.. oh my clumsiness.. Wei Ru felt abit guilty and summore its Valentine's day, he offer to buy me flowers.. Thanks Wei Ru! =)
**So comes the dinner banquet.. I decided to wear the grey dress Clemence gave me for my 21st birthday gift.. YES, 21st and it's still new because I never wore it lol.. I asked Nicole to join me as a replacement of Rue.. At the dinner I saw few familiar people.. I met Chai yu there, the middle one is Nicole..
Then Choon and his girlfriend Kelly..
Steven and Jeslyn.. I think I'm going to receive their red bomb news next year.. hehe
and this is Wei Ru with the newly weds.. hehe
The end~
Congrats again Gal.. I wish you and Raymond have a long happy and blessing marriage until old.. hugs!

The day after Valentine's day, after a full lunch with Ah Jun, Winnie, Nicole.. Me and Wei Ru left Miri.. and We stop by KB to EAT..
Met Hiang for late lunch haha, Wei Ru surrendered eating at the end haha.. and the waitress at Fratini's gave me their left over rose.. dududududu
**At night bf gave me the gifts which he brought from Taiwan.. One of the gifts: Hello Kitty waffle rolls.. CUTE and it taste super sweet, I think because of its Strawberry flavor.. then I was surprise that he suggest we catch a movie, felt like dating again..
So that's how I spent my Valentine's day this year =)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Daniel's Birthday

**Tomorrow is Clemence's wedding day! Later before noon I need to start my journey to Miri because tonight she have dinner buffet over at her house.. and I have lay out my bridesmaid's dress on my bed.. Need to pray that I don't look too fat in it tomorrow.. lol

The bf was suppose to join me, but too bad that last minute he have to join his family to Taiwan.. Clemence wanted to meet Rue and was abit disappointed when I informed he couldn't make it, but I told her not to worry.. there's always next time =)

**Yesterday was Daniel's birthday! Me and Chienz bought him a small piece of dark chocolate cake as a present lol and we surprise him by turning up outside his office..
Then at night, me & Chienz joined Daniel and Joan for dinner at Yacht Club.. Good food, red wine & companion=)
Once again, Happy Birthday Dan!