Monday, July 27, 2009

27-7-2009: Bad day & 5 scoops of Ice Cream

I'm super full from so much of ice creams today..

You might not believe but I ate altogether 5 scoops..!! 2 scoops during lunch, 3 scoops before dinner.. I feel damn FAT now..

Thanks Daniel for the 2 scoops at Singapore Table.. Blaming Ray for the 3scoops at DQ because he wants me to get fat but have to say Thanks also because he paid for it.. hehe.. I was suppose to share my banana split with Eve at DQ, but she went to work.. Fatness..

Today is a bad day..

Morning.. customer shipment went wrong.. T_T
Afternoon.. my colleague beat me at taking leave on 10/10/2009..!! T_T
Night.. Accidentally scratch my baby car.. T_T

I'm working on with taking leave on 10/10 with my supervisor.. I'm begging at her for approving mine too, I'm willing to take it as an unpaid leave if that's the last choice, no matter what 10/10/2009 I have to take leave!!! T_T

Oh my baby car~~~ *my heart break seeing it hurt* all my fault.. T_T

Okie, I want to end my post now and sleep.. what a bad day.. Bye.. T_T

Saturday, July 25, 2009


The weekend is here..

I'm feeling hungry now in the office waiting for the clock to strike 1pm so that I can run out.. Use lots of thinking and talking at the meeting just now.. haha.. =p

No plans for this weekend, actually Saturday night plans has getting lesser and lesser for me since most of my so-call nice friends start getting attached/in relationships.. *Honeymoon period* Left the singles one.. hehe.. Before the others arrange stuff to do.. Now, it's the opposite way.. I have to scratch my head looking for stuff to do.. "Oh lovely people, please be kind to look up for me.." hehe.. =p

Getting to know new friends is a good thing.. Being single is like this.. You just can't fit into those couples plans.. but it also got to depends on the situation.. hehe.. *wink* =p

I will be off accompanying my favourite two soon-to-be-brides in Miri later.. Hope Jennifer finds a hot and sexy gown for her dream.. hehe.. I miss the bak kut teh in Miri, can't wait to eat it~~ hehe.. FOODS here I come..!!

*currently munching on the chocolate chips cookies from Marks & Spencer brought back by Blu from Singapore.. damn delicious..!! I love love LOVE the cookies from M & S..!!* =D

To all: enjoy your weekend.. =)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chocolate ice cream with Kit Kat

I really KO-ed last night.. After dinner at McD I don't even know how I get home.. I remember my eyes were close for a second on the road, and when I re-open my eyes I was in the middle of the way passed not one but two traffic lights without knowing.. Thank God it was 11 plus so there was only two or three cars on the road.. yieks.. Anyway, I had a good sleep.. =)

I discover a nice food last night.. *nice for me la.. hehe..*

An Ice Cream.. =p

Chocolate ice cream with Kit Kat..!! NICE~~
I don't know if it's new in the market or not.. But last night was the first time I saw this ice cream.. I plan to eat a second stick but decide to stop.. good think that I ate only one stick.. because the complain king laugh sounding so evil and said, "eat la.. eat more.. so fat FAT 'fei-shi-ni' ".. -____-!!! stupiak him..
Anyway.. go to your nearest mini mart or supermarket to get hold and try this Kit Kat ice cream.. hehe.. =p

Monday, July 20, 2009


It's afternoon.. And I'm getting ready to head over to complain king's office to help out.. Help him for three days already hor.. still haven't finish.. so many papers and dirty files..

I don't know why I'm helping him on my weekend and public holiday.. hmmm.. I guess it's because he sound pity and use food to attract me.. wth.. JOKE.. Real reason is just simple.. He is my friend and he call up for help.. If I can help, I will help.. I wan't to faint from seeing all his papers, OVERLOAD..!!

Complain King..!! I help you and gave up two function on Saturday hor.. spend half of my Sunday also.. You better don't bully me.. hehe.. Anyway, Thanks for the advice about my hair AND guess what last night I came to knew that I'm an ugly duckling to him when he first saw me two years ago.. *go kill yourself ray!* haha..

* * * * *

After talking to Jenn this morning.. helps clear my mind alot.. At the meantime I know what I should do.. I need time and ways to re-face this confuse feeling I'm having now.. Thanks babe..

Alright got to go.. and I still haven't sleep.. =S Going to KO-ed tonight..

I want to escape from this mess

It's Morning and I haven't sleep.. I wonder, I wonder and I wonder..

* * * * *

I have been told by the Complain King that it isn't easy to fall in love.. I don't know about that, but to me it do has to depend on our fate.. But then, I'm sure to agree that people fall out of love easily, FAST..

Randomly talk about someone today.. Someone who once said to me that I was one of his priority.. I have been asked if I still have feelings for him.. I don't know what my heart feels, but I answered "No" because I won't like a person if he do not like me anymore.. but one thing for sure when talked about him today, I still miss him..

My point for this post is actually, It's not wrong liking someone who won't like you back or missing someone who won't miss you back.. Not everyone think it's something foolish.. Yes, although it might makes us crazy or hurt deep down but it's all depend on how you take it, manage it or decide it.. And I know what I'm doing, so stop judging big mouth..

Anyway this isn't important at all.. I have wanted to blog about my point since last week or so, this is just a random post with no hard feelings..

* * * * *

Something..~~ I want to stop all of it yet I don't bear to lose it.. I just wish to stop waiting for the story to continue.. I'm tired already.. How do I clear this mess?? *scream out loud* =S

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fish Noodle & Pokes

poke poke poke.. =D

Fish noodle taste like fishball.. hehe.. fish meat to make noodle.. hmm.. fishball taste better.. hehe..

I don't know why, but few days back I have been terribly.. EMO.. Maybe it's because of work or by friends or abit by something else..

But someone told me last night that today I will feel better.. feel happier.. and I didn't believe but it was true..!! I felt much better today.. Maybe it's the fish noodle effect, wth.. haha.. or it's those laughs and pokes.. hehe.. =)

poke poke poke.. =D

before I end my post.. OMGGGGG I have gain weight!!! TERRIBLE TERRIBLE..... Gain 2kg!!! what surprise me is Chien, Joan and Daniel all also gain 2kg at the same time.. hehe.. =p
It's weekend people..!! Muhahahahaha~~ Have a blast one.. =D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Love in life~

Just like how a song is written, just like how a song is sang..

Songs for those broken hearts,

Songs for those are in love,

Songs for those who are in dilemma,

Songs for those who misses the other half,

Songs for those who can't be together,

Songs for those soul mates,

Songs for those wedding couples..

Meaningful lyrics, the way how songs are express really can touch ones heart.. =)

* * * * *

It's Brunei's beloved His Majesty's birthday today.. A holiday~~

And also my dear Tze's birthday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TZE~~ *hugs&muaks!*

Can the day not end? I don't want to work tomorrow.. =p

* * * * *

Have you ever found the one
You've dreamed of all of your life
You'd do just about anything to look into their eyes
Have you finally found the one you've given your heart to
Only to find that one won't give their heart to you
Have you ever closed your eyes and
Dreamed that they were there
And all you can do is wait for the day when they will care

Have you ever loved somebody so much
It makes you cry
Have you ever needed something so bad
You can't sleep at night
Have you ever tried to find the words
But they don't come out right
Have you ever, have you ever

-Have you ever? by Brandy-

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The new talk in town

*click to view* from (The Brunei Times)

*claps claps* I love love LOVE HM's Titah which is announce last night and the headline on papers today.. This will be the hottest topic in town now.. I don't think it's too late for our beloved HM to start noticing and voice out.. With this, I think the public would be much daring to voice out their opinion.. I hope.. =D

Friday, July 10, 2009


Current status: HUNGRY.. hehe.. I'm waiting to leave the office for lunch.. so blog abit.. hehe..

I really haven't been updating.. Sorry guys.. been busy with WATCHING DRAMAS.. Hongkong drama and Gossip Girls Season 2.. I love watching Gossip Girls.. =)

So like that lo.. catching up with movies only.. Speaking about movie, I watch Transformer 2 already.. with Chien, thanks Chien for re-watching it with me.. *hugs!* and guess what, the movie at first is good but slowly coming to the fighting scene.. I fell asleep.. I think I'm just too tired.. =p so no comment on the movie..

Lots of my friends are flying off for holidays.. so lucky this people.. Some off to
Bangkok- CCH & Elaine,
Indonesia- Joan,
Taipei/Taiwan- SY, Chu & Kel,
Singapore- Eve,
Kuala Lumpur- Tze and so on..
I don't remember anymore.. haha.. I want to fly off too.. but can't.. =( Actually this month is also one of my planning to visit Singapore but it was cancel few months ago due to some un-success relationship matter.. blame who? RUE.. haha.. *JOKE LA* =p

Well with this H1N1 virus going around.. Alot of people still went off travelling/business trip.. Strongly reminder to you all people, WEAR THOSE FACE MASK..!! hehe.. Better travel safe then get sick lo..

I'm planning some trip for year end.. I hope..!! To Kota Kinabalu also I'm satisfy already.. Let's see how things go then.. =) *off to lunch now*

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Believe and there is happily ever after =)

Wedding is in the air..

Nani, one of my close friend back in secondary school, called me up last week and surprise me with such a big news.. She is getting married!! And it's end of this month July.. Thank God that she found someone who cherish her well.. Nani, CONGRATS my dear!! I can't wait to see you and your big size hubby.. hehe.. I need to dig for "baju kurong" to wear~~ hehe..

Another babe of mine also gave me a shocking news..!! and it's none other than my sexy lips babe, JENNIFER TIEW..!! I was in total shock mode and in tears when I found out.. but found on FB loh~~ not good loh.. hehe.. I can't believe but it's true, Jenn is GETTING MARRIED.. wow~ CONGRATS my babe.. I can't wait to see this sexy one in wedding gown.. Enjoy every minute of planning this wonderful wedding of yours.. =)

Seeing my friends preparing for weddings and what attracts me the most is taking wedding pictures.. I find it a very sweet and wonderful thing.. I think photographer is really important, they got to understand and capture the right moment.. So 100% I'm going to look for the best photographer.. hehe.. =)

I feel like getting marry too.. but I haven't found the right one.. hehe.. You guys are right, I'm quite choosy but abit only larrrr.. Well, who won't turn choosy and slowly decide when you get hurts in every relationship?? REAL friends who REALLY know me, knows I'm not a lady looking for rich guys..

For me, the guy's HEART is most important.. Rich, so?? It's not like I don't have knowledge, career, brain.. Sometime we lady need to be smart to protect ourselves.. Money, maybe is everything but when it comes to love it isn't the number one on my list.. As long as there is proper job..!! If there is ever this issue, it can be solve together..

Well, I hope all my babes found their true love and live happily ever after.. hehe.. Believe and "happily ever after" do come true.. =)

~~muhahaha.. my office's computer current wallpaper.. I like I like =p~~

Friday, July 03, 2009

Things will be just the way it is

Went through 1 day of suffer-ness and I can't stand it...!!!

1/7/2009.. I decided to disappear..

2/7/2009.. Day one only.. and my mind almost went crazy.. My hand itches as I stare at my phone for incoming message.. and my heart beat so fast until I start to feel pain as the day slowly comes to an end..I reach for my phone, dialed a number and burst out crying..

3/7/2009.. Day two.. Another moody day.. Looking at my phone, my heart pause each time a message is received.. Until evening time, the message I have been waiting for finally came.. I have been given an answer.. There isn't any hope.. And my hope level went down and I start to smile..

I did not get the answer I want.. It's ok.. Things will remain the same.. Things will be just the way it is.. *until.. if the story continues* =)