Sunday, November 30, 2008

Aloha.. Aloha.. Aloha..

Annual dinner has end.. All has end.. hehe.. The annual dinner was alright.. It was held at the Sheraton Hotel's ballroom.. Lots of foods!! But I didn't manage to try it all because had to get change and get ready for the performance..

Aloha from me and Angel.. =D

The muffins girls won third place in the dance performance.. What did we won? Only B$150 which we are going to use it for a big feast..

Me and Blu in our outfit.. I love our tie *grins*

At the beginning the dinner was bored, and everything was in a rush.. Luckily it turns out fun after a few hours..

This ladies are hot I tell you.. Men turns women..!! haha..

And this lady here is the best looking one that night.. haha..!! I wonder where did he get his clothes from.. =p

There few quite a few good prizes for the lucky draw.. Big gifts are out of my reach.. I got myself a SPA bath therapy which I'm going to keep it in my travelling bag~~ hehe.. well, my gift is better than some other colleague who gotten a STAPLE...!!! I have no idea why the heck they give staple as a lucky draw.. Who ever got it must be very pissed off lor~~ hehe..

If I can go to Hawaii.. =)

Wonder how will next year Annual Dinner be like.. I hope it will be fun.. hehe.. =)

I had my second slow dance.. kinda sweet but not with the right person..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Go Muffins Girls =D

Tonight is the company annual dinner.. Finally it has comes.. I'm feeling quite nervous, so my eyes are still wide awake now.. I hope our dance will go well..

I still don't know what to wear for tonight.. I have been busy preparing my dancing outfit instead.. haha.. I was going to wear my flower looking dress from CNY this year..

Who knows last night I went to Denise shop with Siew and Simi, Denise mom show me a long dress which suits me and my Hawaiian theme quite well.. haha.. And so I have a dress which I hope will look nice.. =)

Anyway.. Go Muffins Girls..!! (our team name) =D I hope tonight will be fun..

*back to my Meteor Garden 1 before sleep* I re-watch this drama again.. Still loving it like few years back.. =)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I won't hope if I didn't know

I'm feeling confuse lorrrrr *sighs*.. This few days, I think to myself.. "WHY? If only I didn't know......." Make me Emo sometime..

By knowing then the word HOPE keep appearing in my head making me go ARGGGHHHH....!!! And so I shall now dig a deep hole in my heart and bury it because there is a word known as impossible.. Goodbye~

Monday, November 24, 2008


The contract is sealed today.. I wish for better benefits like $$$$$$..!!! =p

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Simi being Angel for a night

Things are turning weird.. Things happen from what I see is different from those I heard.. how come some people can be so fake and drama? -____-

* * * * *

Last night the Fifteen of us gave Devil Simi a surprise birthday dinner at Savy in Bandar.. We gave her a chance to turn Angel for the night.. so during the dinner we al turn up dress in black and Simi was so surprise that she was the only one in white.. haha..

Chu chu got her very cute looking cupcake as her cake.. Jolin made her a pair of wings and we got her a halo too.. haha.. It was a great a dinner..

After that we went to a opening party at Nails & Wax, open by Simi's friend.. A place for women.. Hehe.. The place look good and feel comfortable.. I'm not that into nail design thingy yet, so I don't know when I will go and try out and comment.. Hehe.. For those who knows the place, go try it.. =)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Blame Sensei Mojojo and Cookie Monster.... =D

At first I couldn't sleep, well.. Sensei Mojojo and Cookie Monster brainwash me.. Making me think of stuffs.. Think also no use.. Make myself sad only..~~ And so I edit some pictures to post.. My blog looks empty without pictures.. So here so out-dated pictures.. Good night all.. =)

Been to the new Excapade at Serusop yet? The tea- self service.. Hehe.. The place very small.. I don't like.. I still prefer Gadong branch..

Ahh.. Kimchi fried rice.. thanks..

I miss the beach.. This during Han Lie b-day at Berakas beach..

What am I holding?

Don't play play oh.. I really hold such big umbrella on the beach.. haha.. raining bah~ lalala.. =p

BBQ night at Rueburn's house.. Some of the ladies.. Sensei Mojojo is in it.. hehe..

ANDDD Meet Sui Mai...!! He is so cuteeee, his name also cute... His fur so thick and nice... I want to kidnap him home.. =p

Rueburn..! Proof a pic of me and sui mai.. I sense that he like me.. hohoho... =D

To end my post.... The famous Ruby Rueburn.. He got KO and was trembling.. and look at that Rue's blankie... awww... hehe..
At the back with the peace sign is Cookie Monster.. tsk tsk tsk.. =)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I just can't smile without you

The company's annual dinner is coming soon...!! Like next week..!! And my group who will be having performance have been working really hard this few nights..

I hope we are able to perform well.. I believe we must have some tiny dancing diva blood in us.. haha.. Preparing for this performance is so tired.. Luckily it's fun so atleast worth it.. hehe..

I miss heading down to the beach.. If I were to choose my favourite beach it will be at the Empire *so-call* beach.. =) There are bench to sit which face towards the sea.. When the nights comes, stars and moon will appear.. *heaven* =D

Anyway back to the up and coming annual dinner..!!

I have no idea where to look for my outfit...!! It's Hawaiian Theme.. -___- I wanted to wear shorts but Angel don't allow.. She warn me to wear dress so that our team has the feminine feel.. haha..!! So I'm still hunting for suitable dress.. If no choice I have to dig my wardrobe for something.. *hope there is something* O_o
* * * * *

Barry Manilow- Can't Smile Without You

You know I can't smile without you

I can't smile without you
I can't laugh and I can't sing
Im finding it hard to do anything

You see I feel sad when you're sad
I feel glad when you're glad
If you only knew what Im going through
I just can't smile without you

You came along just like a song
And brighten my day
Who would of believed that you where part of a dream
Now it all seems light years away

I just can't smile without you

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A good walkaton =)

I went for walkaton today! hehe.. I don't remember when was the last walkaton I went to, If I'm not wrong it was during the time I'm was in secondary 3 or 4.. hehe.. So long ago..

It was fun today.. I guess it's the matter of who we went together.. Because it's better if we talk and walk through out the whole walkaton.. Won't feel tired easily.. So it's better to walk with people who are crazy at camwhore and fun.. *ehem ehem* like the 5 of us this morning.. *wink* haha..!! =D

I really would prefer walkaton then hiking.. Hopefully it will be a trend for us to have walkaton session every Sunday morning.. hehe.. =p

Last night went to Jolin's house for Sotong ball and KTV session.. Jolin's mom sotong ball recipe really taste great.. I wonder when is the next Sotong ball session.. Hehe.. =)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I don't want to cry =(

Things isn't going smooth in the office.. Problems seem to jump out every minute and hour.. Stressful.. Sometime I do wish I don't have to work.. Honestly I wish I can throw in my resignation letter.. *take deep breath in and out* I know I shouldn't give up easily.. but it's really too stressful.. It's not that I can't handle stress but this job is making me feel disappoint.. I don't mind stress actually as stress helps to develop one self.. I just don't know how to describe how I feel at this moment.. I'm just sad.. so sad.. *tears* =( *I wish everything will be fine*..

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Around we go at the Diamond fountain

I have been thinking today.. Thought of why some things happen the way it is.. When we wanted it to be the way we thought or plan, but turns out to be the other way round.. I do appreciate good things, but sometime it's not that I don't want to.. Sometime it's because the feeling isn't right..
* * * * *
I miss out breakfast this morning with a few friends.. After tea at De'fountain last night, we all head home.. As I arrive home, Simz call me up and so I end up at Jerudong Park.. All we do there is walk around the diamond fountain once (to get money luck.. haha.. *wink wink*) then stand at the parking lot and talk for another hour.. haha.. We should have head to the beach instead.. Then atleast I can look at the stars..

They suggest to head down to bandar town to hunt of something.. *ehem ehem* I end up going home first.. to sleep.. haha.. Then I was suppose to meet them for breakfast after their hunting session.. who knows, I set my alarm at the wrong time as I thought the coffee shop open at 6am which suppose is at 5am.. *sighs* We have to look for some entertainment in Brunei.. Then we won't always have to think what should we do.. any suggestion? hehe..

And so now I'm resting at home.. Jennifer was surprise to see me online from morning until now.. Keep questioning why I'm not out of the house.. hehe.. My reason will be lazy~~ hehe.. Tonight will be heading to Rueburn's house for BBQ and I bet we gonna be there until late so I better be good and stay home first.. =p I shall now return to my "miss no good" Taiwan drama.. BYE~~

* * * * *

Thursday, November 06, 2008

To stay awake~~

I slept for a few hours when I reach home from work just now.. I wasn't feeling well.. Having bad flu and being tired too.. My mum woke me up to force me to eat just now..

And now I'm wide awake.. Don't feel like going back to sleep.. I'm afraid that once I close my eyes I will start to dream.. I have been having bad dream this few nights.. *sighs* What is my dream telling me? I just hope it won't happen in real life.. =S

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

flu flu please go away

I'm having a heavy bad flu now and who should I blame? The weather ofcourse...!! hehe.. I have sneeze for countless of time already since morning.. Feeling cold too.. I hope the flu bug go away soon.. so difficult to do my work..

At this kind of weak moment, I really wish there were someone by my side..

* * * * *
Whenever you feel
Like dancing
You don't have
To dance alone

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Show me the money..?? *hint hint* =p

Last night I went for dancing class.. No No.. It's not my diet programme.. haha.. Our company will be having our annual dinner later this month and each department has to perform.. And so ours join the Local dept to dance~~ hehe..

The last time I perform on stage was in way back during College time.. I feel rusty now.. haha.. And so we hire a dance instructor to teach us.. Last night was our first class and today all of us has leg cramp.. wakao.. I can hardly walk and sit well.. haha..

But it has fun.. can't wait for the next class... =D

Sunday, November 02, 2008

A shooting stars =D

And so my weekend was tiring.. This afternoon I join my friends to....... "climb the hills" is this consider as hiking? oh well.. yea, went to climb the hills at Tasek Lama.. hehe..

Proper stairs and chairs

The pathway is nicely done already..

The modern playground

Tasek Lama have changed so much.. It's been a few years since I last went there.. I was amaze by how it looks now.. The parking lot has improve.. More people were there.. More Kids as now there's a proper playground.. Unlike before so quiet..

The old swing which I use to sit before has been replaced.. The swing which has memories for me..

familiar old feeling =)

I'm so weakkkk... I almost passed out.. *sobs* I'm not fit for such exercise.. *ehem ehem* I climb half way and my face turns so pale that others was worried but I insist then to go ahead without me..

The view from the spot I rest..

While I was resting, a kind heart lady help me out.. She advice me what to do, so I won't feel dizzy and when my face colour returns she continue up with her family.. I felt so happy and grateful.. God bless this kind lady..

* * * * *

Celebrate advance birthday for Eve and Denise at Cheezebox last night.. Both were so surprised that Eve thought the cake was for the next table.. Denise keep pushing the cake to Eve, coz she thought we celebrate Eve's b-day.. haha.. Mission success!!

After that we watched House Bunny.. Then tea session until 3am plus.. *woot* For a second we were looking and talking about stars.. Then I saw it...!!!!! A shooting star.. The first time I saw a shooting star!!! I was so excited and I really stop to make a wish.. haha.. Finally I saw one.. *big wet eyes* I love the stars and moon.. =D