Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday photo taking day

Sheau Tze and Jacinta came to Brunei..

I skip my presentation and went out with them.. so fun.. feels so good at the beach.. Before the beach we were shopping at The Mall, where I bought a pretty cheap, good dress and shoes..

I want to try thisss....

We watch the sunset at the Empire..

And I wish I can get an SLR camera.. so cool la.. Taking pictures is also one of my hobby..

Tze and Jacinta both have SLR and they both took my pictures.. After edit the outcome so pretty.. ehem ehem.. haha.. =p I had a great Sunday..

Friday, June 27, 2008

Money Plant

I woke up early today.. Sighs.. Yesterday after lunch I was hit by a very bad headache.. Then my headache tend to touture me by pain abit then pain again then more pain after awhile.. what a head I have.. -________-

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

A good freind sent me this today..

The chinese folks call it a plant which brings wealth.. $$$$$$$$$ If only it can grow money.. wth.. I was very shock when I received it actually, coz the florist came and gave it to me at my work place and the card has no sender.. I though "impossible this Wei Ru will play a prank on me".. haha.. Wei Ru la, always say say want to send things to me.. haha.. You better remember to buy my RAM I warn you.. =p

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I accompany Jita to buy stuff for her engagment thingy last night too.. After that went to a Not-Bad restaurant called Yappy at Kiulap.. What shock me is I saw Denise.. Almost half a year has pass since I last saw her still looking great.. =D

Once a month she head off for travelling, so damn nice ok.. so chatted wit her then was later join by Rueburn who came not so late la.. But coz I was with Jita and she was done with her food so I can't stay to chat..

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Tomorrow I was planning to head down to The Mall as there will be a LANEIGE roadshow.. With girlie stuff like what else, MAKE UP and FASHION SHOW thingy.. wth.. Not sure will I manage to catch the show as Office has a visit to the RTB (Radio Television Brunei).. hehe.. =p

Let's hope RTB will be fun.. I HOPE.. -___-


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Got to believe sometime

Wow.. Miracle do happens sometimes.. I was just telling Jita about impossible thingy and now I have to take back my words.. =D

I was out helping her pick her second dress for her engagement day.. Thank God she finally buy one.. She is very picky.. haha.. What ever I choose for her, she say No No No.. Then the last shop I have come to realise what type and colour she is looking for, and I pick out one, she went to try it on, looks good, paid then off to tea session.. Hehe..

* * * * *

And I notice something.. wth.. IBS vs Halo Cafe?? sure or not.. Oh my fellow Junior, good luck as Halo Cafe have our senior in it who is a champion lo.. haha..

I was so surprise when I saw the poster.. I believe IBS students are mostly all talented in singing.. During my years, every year the student council organize singing competition.. They are all great singer Ms. Kelly, Chai yu, Simon are one of them lo.. hehe..

If I were to organize one with prizes.. Guess what kind of prizes I shall be giving out as consolation prize? this..
hahahahaha... -_____-

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When will I see you again

My dear Nicole gave me a surprise call when I was about to step out for lunch just now..

Nicole: "We are so losing out"
Momo: "No lah.. Don't have to say like that mah"

Deep down I don't think it's a bad situation yet.. "Things happen for a reason".. I believe this phrase.. and I believe things will come to us when the time comes, when there is a reason..

* * * * * ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ * * * * *

There are things occupying my mind this few days.. I just don't understand why I even bother to think or remember it at all.. It's such a impossible situation.. There is totally no connection.. No chance for me to even get bother at all..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fat panda I like, I like

Watched Get Smart last night with Angel, Seng and Rueburn at The Mall.. A funny movie but the storyline was nothing interesting, it's just a comedy.. I did enjoy laughing, and Rueburn beside me was laughing even louder.. haha.. Guess he is too happy.. =p

Have u guys watch Kung Fu Panda? OMG.. the panda is so cute and the whole cartoon is so hilarious too.. I laugh so hard watching it.. I love to be able to hug the panda and lay on his big fat tummy.. hehe..

Before our movie last night, we headed to watch local snooker competition.. Angel and Seng's friend plays whom I just met him once last year.. He is quite a good player.. Don't know the result today.. Hopefully he wins..

I do like watching professional people plays snooker.. When I was young, I have always believe that if I ever learn to play snooker or pool I will be talented.. because my dad loves to play snooker.. wth.. I don't even know why I get such feeling.. hehe.. Ignore me please as I don't even know how to play.. -___-

Friday, June 20, 2008


Done with my presentation today.. Thank God I wasn't panic this time, so I can happily announce that no headache today.. wth.. haha.. sighs.. Next Friday need to cover three topics.. =( difficult..

* * * * *

Anyway.. Out with Jita for tea tonight.. Was suppose to meet she and her boyfriend looking for her engagement dress last night but my presentation preparation hasn't complete.. But good that she was able to find one dress..

* * * * *

Brunei has less entertainment around.. Let me show you Brunei's LEGAL karaoke place.. This place is locate in an Arcade.. yea.. Arcade -___- It's call K-BOX..

The screen

The first time I went there with Jason

Second time with my Nicole

The tiny room states only maximum of 3 people is allow in it..
BUT sometime you can see the room pack as sandwich trying to fit in and enjoy.. When I saw such situation I shall close my mouth up real hard to stop my laugh bursting out.. wth..

The buttons

Many choices

The song choices aren't bad.. Some of it are up to date.. and the sound system is quite fine too.. One thing that sucks is the microphone not working well..

The speakers.. in the tiny room.. wth

By the way peeps, you have to have exchange your money for token inorder to sing.. wth.. -___- haha.. so funny ok.. but quite fun too.. =p

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

It's Father's Day today.. Happy Father's Day to all Dad's on Earth.. =D I'm still thinking of where to go for dinner tonight.. My brothers are not around so we won't be having a big feast.. hehe..

* * * * *

*sighs* I have to worry about my presentation very Friday.. And EVERY Friday before my presentation I get so nervousssss and my headache appears.. and you won't know how I feel with my headache.. So pain until I want to break open my head.. =X Got to remind myself to RELAX~~~~...

* * * * *

Today I have been home catching up with my dramas again.. hehe.. and youtubing at the same time.. haha.. I suggest we all should have two days off instead of one day.. One day only where got enough to rest?? haha.. Totally not enough ok.. Well, for those workaholic one you can continue to work without off day.. We the non workaholics one need two days.. hohoho.. =p

* * * * *

and WHAT THE HECK things increase in Malaysia so seriously.. Price get double? I'm not living in Malaysia but my heart pity the people back home.. Did they not think of the outcome? Did they not think people will steal more? Did they not consider about the poor?

I KNOW that when fuel increase things and food stuff got to increase but WTH why double up? In such a short period of time things goes double up and how the people accept the fact? How the poor accept? Rice is human most important food.. The price increase so badly what will the poor eat? Not everyone afford expensive rice and other food stuffs.. The people salary does not even increase how to expect people to live to that pressure living standard? Malaysia please care for the people..

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Princes of my heart

Wa.. wa.. IBS's prom night is coming.. hehe.. I miss the old time spend at the prom night.. How time pass.. Hey babes.. Why not we get a table for us the senior huh? crash with the junior haha.. Like old times.. Let's consider girls.. *wink*

Jennifer.. I miss our office hour chatting session babe.. I'm totally not knowing what you have been up to.. My sense tell me there is a new love already lo.. hehe.. Not sure when we are going to meet to chat up.. I hope soon.. but then I have been down to Miri this month quite alot because of my brothers so I'm not sure if I will appear in Miri soon or not.. =D

Tze.. We both being bored in our own places.. but I know you dream of freedom the most.. hehe.. It's alright I know you curi go Miri happy one la.. haha.. Haven't see you for quite awhile too.. Even on MSN as I seldom log in this few nights.. Even if I log in it's very late.. Miss the both of you..

* * * *

I always hate the people who bully the weak one.. I hate hate hate seeing it.. I pity those especially in schools.. Why the heck some people like to play prank and laugh at those weak one.. Fun meh? stupid la.. They are human being also ok.. If you happen to dislike or annoy by a particular person you can just keep your mouth shut.. Who the hell ask you to disturb or talk to them? Did they ruin your life? You think they like being hate or dislike? wth.. Idiot people who think of themselves only not bother the other's being hurt by that they have done.. and NO I was never bully in school nor I bully others.. wth you think I'm that stupid to waste my time bully people? Use your head, you immature idiots..

* * * *

Anyway.. Enuf enuf Enough, Let me greet the twins of my heart (even they always give me headache, both of them are still important to me) "HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the both of You".. As your wicked sister all I wish is the both of you shall have a mature brain, take care well of yourself, take and understand things seriously from now on, study well for your own future, wish the both of you success in life and not stick to games all the time and please don't make me old by worrying too much of the both of you.. Is my request that difficult? haha.. Enjoy yourselves in Kuching..

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My idea of heavan

"You have to be patient for good things to happen" and a friend has prove this theory to me well.. I'm happy for her.. I guess it's her fate to meet a good one and now they are engage.. I guess that's how God wants her to meet her soulmate.. I wish her happiness..

I have been feeling lazy this few days.. =p The new job is still alright.. Sometime do get bored.. This is the path I'm going? I'm not sure too.. I don't even know what is my strength and what I actually love doing.. Quite confuse with myself.. -__-

I never thought I'd get here
I was so far away
I didn't believe in love
Thought it was just a game people play
Everything changed when I met you
I touched your hand
You took my heart
And you led me to a better place
Just the two of us in the dark

I never thought you'd get here
Why'd you make me wait?
But when I looked into your eyes
I recognized you were my fate
I'd been living in a lonely shell
With no windows to the world
How in God's name did you find
the lone star's loneliest girl?

In Heaven love is everywhere
There is no pain there are no tears
In Heaven love lasts forever
It doesn't disappear

This is my idea of Heaven lying here with you
This is my idea of Heaven nothing else I'd rather do
To feel you heart beating
To feel our lips meeting

This is my idea of Heaven lying here with you

-My idea of Heaven, Leigh Nash-
Love are everywhere in Heaven and it lasts.. Why not it lasts in this human world too? I do believe there will be.. It's somewhere out there..

Monday, June 09, 2008

Ain't right feeling..

*blurrrrrrrrr* Feeling so cold tonight.. It has been raining non-stop for about three hours by now.. I keep looking out the window.. Making sure I don't see floods.. *sighs*

The house is so quietttttt.... Both of my brothers are in Kuching right now, and when I return back from work, as I enter my house the feeling just ain't right.. I miss having my brothers around.. *sighs* This feeling isn't nice at all.. I no likeeeeeyyy... =( OMG how wil I cope when the youngest prince really leave home for studies too?? *sob sob* so saddddd... =(

* * * *

I had dinner with Rachael and her Family just now.. Albert caught alot of big and fresh fishes, so he always invite Ling and Rachael other colleagues for dinner.. I seldom eat fish at home.. Maybe due to my Queen cooking skill isn't so great like all my friend's mother..

Well, as a daugther what can I complain huh? My dad doesn't even cook.. And you can't except me to learn from my Queen le.. My mama is a working mum so that is why she do not have the time to cook more or learn other dishes.. Her office working hour are long.. and I know she is very very tired.. So sometime when I was having dinner at some of my friends house really makes me happy and feel warm.. I do bear in mind to find a guy who can cook.. wth.. haha.. =D

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Damn unlucky.. *sobs sobs* I made a very big mistake with my brothers air ticket to Kuching today.. I bought the wrong date.. -_______- Ends up they need to spend another total for both at RM608 for a new ticket to get on plane.. stupid MAS bloody money eater.. -____- I feel so bad with it.. haiz.. Why am I so careless? sadddd... -____- =( =( =( =( =( =(..........

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Presentation tomorrow

Sorry peeps.. I know I have been lost.. hehe.. What a busy week..

Last Friday 30/5/2008 the company has a gathering dinner.. It was fun but I don't like when the guys get drunk.. When this few guys get drunk they touch ladies...!!! wth O_o..!! I avoid the drunkies the whole night.. But all was good.. It was a great time for me to get along well with the other colleagues..

* * * * *

31/5/2008, I went shopping with Angel, and the Prince return for holiday again.. It was a public holiday..!! yippeeee.. I spend so much, wallet dry out again.. wth.. Last year, when I was still at the old company.. No holiday.. I work but have OT la.. so both has it's pros and cons.. One I relax and spend my money, One I stress out and earn money.. o_O

* * * * *

1/6/2008, Nicole was in Brunei.. So a meet up with her was a must.. hehe.. I spend my day at The Mall.. Nicole's brother has a booth set up there to promote his shop's laptop.. 7" tiny laptop.. Nicole was there to help out, and her outcome there she told me she didn't see much Chinese.. -___- I totally agree..

Later in the evening I went Swimming with Angel.. Wow, it's like more than half a year I have not step in the Stadium's Swimming pool.. And I was impress with myself.. My swimming skill DID FINALLY improve..!! I'm so happy.. *sob sob* I actually move around in the water so much that I kind of sense my body losing some fats.. wth.. haha..

But then I gain my fats as I went for dinner with my favourite Jun and Winnie.. Jun won a mini sport bike from the DST roadshow at KB and with I can't wait to see and sit on it..!! =)

* * * * *

2/6/2008, The women back for holiday from Kuala Lumpur..!! who else Wei Ru? Clemence la.. Just a few days she's back.. So from Monday onward until last night I have been out until late.. Why until last night huh? hehe.. Because the women went back Miri today already.. We did went to catch the movie FOOL's GOLD.. About treasure hunting but more towards the love and comedy.. So not bad, I know it's funny..

* * * * *

Tarot cards are such a fascinating thing to explore.. I have always been quite interest in Tarots card.. A women told me Tarot cards is more spiritual and I was surprise by my cards as they are much accurate.. It actually helps me to gain back some confident and hope.. The time has come, I'm ready to let it all go..

* * * * *

I took a nap just now after work.. Didn't realise I slept for more than an hour.. I was feeling sleepy the whole day, so torturing that I have to keep my eyes wide awake when my head is about to reach my table.. wth.. I pray that no one notice me..

And I have a presentation tomorrow.. I don't know will I survive it.. *sighs* Wish me luck.. bye peeps.. *off to prepare my notes now*