Tuesday, September 29, 2009

black out black out.. I don't like black out!!

So sleepy..

Last nightI went to the petrol station at Gadong to feed my baby car, as soon as the pump head was put into my car tanker the whole petrol station went dark.. wth.. The whole of gadong area was in total darkness.. I quickly went off to find a petrol station with eletricity..

It was really a major black out.. Soooooo manyyyyy area in Brunei got affected.. I went driving around before heading home, listening to the radio.. The DJ from Kristal FM announce area like Gadong, Kiarong, Kiulap, some part of delima, mentiri, Tutong, Lumut, KB etc.. When I reach home, thanks god there is lights.. =)

I read just now.. seem like the citizen of Brunei are very very unhappy about it lo.. =S Explain that "Power supply in the Brunei-Muara, Tutong and Belait Districts were disrupted yesterday evening around half past seven following a massive shutdown of the turbine generators at the Gadong Power Station." so terrible yo.. =S no next time please..

Monday, September 28, 2009


Early morning I reach office, I kena -hit red bomb.. Our office CS Acting Manager's wedding dinner next month.. Luckily it's not the same day with Jenn or Shirley's.. phiewww.. hehe..

OMG.. Month of October is really a good month for wedding huh.. It's going to be a busy busy BUSY month for me.. I need to attend three wedding functions.. Other than wedding function there is also the Mooncake festival to look forward to, Jenn-Shirley-Tze's Hens night, my dad's birthday and ME ME ME birthday.. =D

* * * * *

Congrats to Kath & Joan's family on the opening of YouME restaurant at Menglait.. The Hii's family took over the restaurant, 100% good business all the time yo.. I went there for lunch yesterday, not much renovation done but ofcourse most importantly the food has to be good and it's good there.. by the way they have nasi lemak!! yeaaaa... =D

Yesterday Tze came to Bandar for shopping and to take picture at the nicely decorate NBT.. Tze seldom come to Bandar already.. I miss all the photo taking time with her.. hehe.. And I miss Ah B already.. She is soooooo cuteeeee, but naughty!! hehe..

Think back I feel like I have done alot of things this month.. Attend Elizabeth's wedding last Saturday, attend colleagues Hari Raya open house, went to one with Connie last night - her STRPI classmate, had a good lunch with Chien, Pei yong & Kah Wang treat by Tze Wei - best snow fish I had lo, went to Kota Kinabalu with Elaine and her colleagues, met more new friends and etc etc etc etc happening things in KK.. Shall blog about my KK trip soon I think.. =p ok.. good day everyone..

Friday, September 25, 2009

25 - 9 - 2009

I just feel like posting some random picture.. hehe..

My IQ result.. VERY GOOD.. feel so proud.. haha!

Not bad looking for? from Cleo magazine.. hehe..

Cute looking hor? ME.. haha.. chubby-ness.. =S


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today seem like a happy day~~ Doesn't feel rush at all.. pray pray my desk phone won't ring.. wth.. I just type this and the stupid phone rang.. *&%^#*$&%

OKok.. settle the customer already.. Anyway.. I pass my mum $$$ early this morning to pay for my baby car insurance which is due end of this month.. goodbye $$$.. I look at my baby car, "tsk tsk tsk, high maintance you!" then get in the car and drove to work.. late as usual.. =S

* * * * *

Yesterday I went to B.Bank to complain about my cash being debit twice thingy and good thing that the complain went smooth.. I actually didn't explain much.. The lady at the counter is good..

I told her "my-money-debit-twice".. She took my debit card, check check and explain to me.. fill form for me, I sign the form.. photocopy necessary stuff.. and it's done.. That's what I call good service!!! =D Since I'm there, I cancel off my Amex.. Better cancel before I start to use it.. bad bad card.. =S

* * * * *

Today is 15/9.. I can't wait for Hari Raya holidayssssss.. I'm excited about the moon sighting on 19/9.. PRAY PRAY that 1st day of Raya is on 21/9.. oh PLSSSS..

Sighs.. now only 10.40am.. can fast forward to 12pm or not.. sien.. but good thing is the boss is not in the office.. so I can slack.. wakakaka.. Anyway, I was plannig to stay home again tonight, but can't anymore.. sien.. I have to join my supervisor for dinner with client..

* * * * *

Oh ya.. My dad hang a "amulet"?? -I-don't-know-what's-it-call- in my baby car today.. It's something like protecing or blessing thingy.. Fengshui master gave him yesterday.. I look at the "amulet" then at the cross I hang.. Look at both of it and wonder, "wuu.. both blessing from Lord and Buddha in my baby car" hehe..

I can't say no to my dad for hanging the "amulet", my dad is being caring.. ahhh so happy neh.. hehe.. Luckily I'm a free-thinker.. hohohoz.. =D

* * * * *

I found this peice of news.. wakao this Kanye West.. not good, no respect all.. Interrupt Taylor Swift when she gave her speech on receiving an award for Best Female Music Video with her song "you belong with me".. Taylor Swift is talented like the other artists, she deserve to win an award too.. I support Taylor Swift..

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Is it always unfair?

* * * * *

Anyway.. I was checking my ATM receipt late last night.. and stupid B. Bank deduct from my account twice again when I use my debit card to pay my phone bill.. stupid.. I direct call up my friend, sorry to bother people so late.. I was panic bah.. and my friend say will check, pray pray they give me a good explanation and my money back.. =S

* * * * *

Jenn, thanks for repeating all over again with what you always remind and said to me.. hahaha.. Pray pray you are not annoyed with this princess of yours.. haha.. I know you love me like I love you to the max... hahaha.. *wink wink* =p

Saturday, September 12, 2009

next to me isn't the one

Gerard Butler - Mike & Katherine Heigl - Abby

I watched "The Ugly Truth" movie this afternoon.. Ahhhh.. It's a good movie!! Very good.. hehe.. I like I like.. I think I'm going to get it's DVD.. hehe.. I like the scene where the couple, Abby & Mike dance.. and the part where they ride the hot air balloon..!! I want to ride the hot air balloon..!! the view from up high high above is so pretty.. =D

I cry at this one part where Mike wanted to tell Abby that he likes her and went to find her but because he saw her boyfriend so he back off.. but Abby runs after him and gave him a chance to tell her his feeling, but Mike didn't.. so sad...........

It's like I can just feel Abby's disappointment.. and I thought to myself, guys and their ego.. duh.. never mind.. at last it's a happy ending story.. =)

When the movie ends, the song "Right Round" by Flo rida plays and I thought of Jenn directly.. haha.. She actually wanted that song as her wedding song entrance.. Thank God she was justtttttttt joking.. hehe..

Friday, September 11, 2009

11-9-2009.. (911, God bless all families who lost their love one 8 years ago)

As I type this post it's 4.16am.. I did sleep but just for that few minutes just now then wake up and have been on FB until now.. yieks.. Since I'm awake so I decide to change my FB profile picture.. haha..

I'm still feeling kinda bloated from the buffet last night.. Had this Sungkai buffet at Orchid Garden Hotel with Kath, Chien, Ling, Elaine and Elwin.. oh well, nothing VERY special actually.. I thought it was SUPER good but nope.. Should have go to ilotus instead.. but cannot, one buffet is enough already.. This is the first Sungkai buffet I went to this year.. should be enough.. =p

Then after dropping Chien home I went to meet Clemence.. She reach town late evening last night and will be back Miri today.. =( Just talk for few hour only.. not enough lorrr..
"Girl, I'm glad you are slowly achieving your dream =)"..

She can always help me clear my mind just like Jenn whenever I pour out my problem.. Difference is that she tend to give me hint on decision which I should make.. I'm really bad at making decision.. She remind me not to make the same mistake again which I know and that's what I have been worrying about sometime.. *sighs*

I know I should stand firm on my decision now which from the start have been on my mind.. as she is right.. I know what I should do, It's just that I can't bear to lose it.. Nowadays I have this feeling making me afraid.. I'm afraid the eager I want, I'm going to end up feeling regret and back off at the last minute.. *sighs* A year ago, I gave up.. Sorry, this time I think I'm giving up again.. =S

* * * * *

I have been looking for this song for so long.. years maybe.. hehe.. I love this song, it's from a Singapore drama which I watched years ago.. Finally found it, how? In FB posted by Gina.. hehe.. I think we have the same taste for nice songs.. =D

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I thought of you and I wonder how are you lately..
* * * * * * *

I received a big big surprise news late evening yesterday.. CHUA SHEAU TZE is MARRIED too!!! wakaoo this chabo ah.. give me heart attack.. Luckily Angel, my colleagu said to me, "Pat, I saw your friend Masaki in the newspaper today on the wedding column.." I terus.. O_O whatttt.. Rupanya this chabo with Alvin, diam diam register without telling us.. haha..

HAHA.. Really a big surprise Tze.. please don't surprise me too much ok.. haha.. I'm really happy for her.. May she be bless with happiness 090909.. CONGRATS to Tze and Alvin..!! Hello Mrs. Lim.. Can't wait for your wedding photos and wedding day!!Love you!! *muaks* =)

Love you all --> Mrs. Lim, Mrs. Ong & Mrs. Chai.. yieksss.. I feel the pressureeeee already.. omg omg.. haha.. ~ oh my happiness where are you?~ *wink* =p

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

0909090909 <3 <3

It's 090909 day!! and I purposely save this post at 0909090909 too.. hehe.. ^^

I think I'm going to start publishing my post soon.. hehe..

Anyway.. Congrats to Jennifer and Shirley as it's their sealed the day.. Wish them happiness..

Their wedding ceremony is next month.. coming real soon.. I have found the purple dress which is needed on Jenn's wedding day in the morning, done too for Shirley's since she prepare the material for us "sisters".. Now hunting dress for dinner on both of their wedding night.. I have been pressure to look good.. =S the brides want to be matchmaker.. oh o.. haha..

Don't know why but this 090909 day kinda make me happy and excited.. It's such a nice date!! Lots of couple register on this special day.. ^^ It would be nice if everyday is like today.. =D

* * * * *

Last night was the small gathering Sungkai buffet night with my secondary ex-classmate.. I thought Sungkai - open fast was at 6.45pm.. who knows it was actually earlier then I thought and I wasn't been inform so I arrive at Detymz restaurant late and didn't get to eat.. haha.. =p

So happy to see them all..!! =) and yieks.. even Fadz ask why my blog no update.. =p

Friday, September 04, 2009


Watched 'Final Destination' last night with Kath, Beng, Steven, Wallace and their friends.. Bump into a few familiar people.. Thanis, Lily and this guy who is CCH friend.. A friend who once help us send drunk people like Eve, SY and Chu back to hotel in Miri.. hehe.. I think his name is Kevin..

Anyway.. the movie is yucky.. I don't like it.. I find it sick.. head flew off, eye got shot, body get cut off, and so on etc disgusting scene.. I make myself sleep at some part so I don't have to watch it.. haha.. I was sitting at the edge of my chair already, because Kath beside, her arm raise up wanting to grab me whenever she feel scare.. haha..

I enjoy the friends who I went with.. It's been awhile that I catch a new show movie with lots of people and seeing friends.. =)

After the movie me and Kath went off to Kim's house.. where we was going to give Siew a surprise birthday gathering.. ends up she discover this surprise.. boo.. haha.. Anyway.. great seeing everyone there early this morning.. The cake was great too.. And Siew was happy which is best for us.. =) So again Happy Birthday to dearest Siew.. =D

I'm now in the office, just got back from lunch.. Had the usual Friday kolo mee lunch at berangan with Chien.. Ray joined us too.. Kath left before me and Chien arrive..

I can't wait for tomorrow to come.. Saturday half day then it's the long weekend holiday!! YESSSHHHH.. Beloved boss send out memo last night announcing this good news.. yipeee... CCH and some are heading to club tomorrow night.. Eeee... I so want to go but I'm lazy to drive down myself.. go or no go? sighs..

Happy for Chien that she manage to negotiate to get half day on Saturday from now on.. congrats to this lucky lady lo.. now I have more Kaki to spend Saturday afternoon with.. Other than Elaine and those 'TAI-CE' rich kid like Ray abd Royce.. =p *wink*

Anyway.. off to work for now.. siennnn... work is so sienn... ciaoz..

P.S. Dream T.. make me feel guilty.. =S

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Clemence and Jie's birthday

Before I start typing.. I was looking at all my post which I have not publish.. wow.. One month!! I have not publish (or you consider blog) for a month.. wuuu... hehe..

Well I did not publish my few post becuase it's EMO post.. So I prefer not to post it.. I might get complain for blogging to much EMO post.. haha.. =p

Today is my best friend birthday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!! muaks muaks.. I miss you lots lots.. hope you like the pressie even though it's not as small as you want.. haha.. I'm sure Lei Ang will get you the small pressie you want..=p Thanks to Lei Ang for being the delivery man.. hehe..

Yesterday is ah Jie's birthdayyyyy... I miss her terribly too.. I wonder if her tummy is visible big now.. hehe..

I ate tasty maggie mee goreng last night.. Second time cook for me.. not bad not bad.. Eight to go.. I wonder if I can claim all ten.. *maybe*

I had tea with Elaine on Monday night, 1/9.. We went to Q-lap mall where I manage to find the purple dress I need for Jenn's big day.. I still need to bring it to the tailor to get it amend abit.. hmm.. Then off to tea where we had a long talk..We both share talks on our past relationship and guys who went after us..

She is one of the many people who scold me for losing alot of good opportunity.. Those relationship are good, but always it's either the career or personality which make me reject them.. yieks.. but she agrees with the reasons why I reject lorrr.. hehe.. lalalalala.. goodbye for now.. =D