Tuesday, April 05, 2011

new modem =X

Gina invited me and few, over to her house for steamboat dinner tonight.. I just got back from there.. gosh feel too full now.. We ate dessert after steamboat.. Gina shared one of her dad's favourite ice cream with us.. hehe

* * * * *

Internet modem suddenly died last night.. I call and made report at 1am.. lucky for us that they manage to come over and check before 5pm today.. so now its replaced and 'ta daaaaa'.. new modem.. wuhuuuu~~
ok! Goodnight! :)

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Joan's surprise birthday celebration

Daniel organize a surprise advance birthday celebration for Joan yesterday.. In Miri.. Far isn't it? hehe
Cake above was Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe.. Luckily the cake surface was large enough for all our names.. yeah! lol
Daniel booked the VIP room at Sport Cafe.. The birthday girl got tipsy at the end so we all quickly left and went up the hill for the fireworks as planned by Daniel.. Mission complete lol

wuuu~~ I woke up this morning for breakfast looking like a zombie.. But sawing someone at the restaurant make me wide awake.. The crazy woman who accused me for going after her boyfriend.. Thanks to my so-called friend who set me up.. She is one woman who talk and scream without using her brain~~ lol Anyway, it's the past.. She stop making up story at the end, after my friends help me talk it out with her.. bless them!

Anyway, let me share a meaningful song by Tiger Huang :)

如果能重來 誠實的去對待
彼此都沒疑猜 就沒有理由分開
如果能重來 回憶當作塵埃
心不曾被傷害 就能無瑕疵的愛
但是重來 卻不能保證愛的成功或失敗

* * * * * * * * * *

Friday, April 01, 2011

First potluck? :)

Ray organize potluck at his house last night.. I made and brought fruit cocktail over.. Ray suspiciously asked if I bought it.. sighs lol
So much food.. I like Shereen's spring roll the best.. yum yum *not in the picture because they came late

Whenever someone bring out the camera, here comes the ladies group photo.. hehe
* * * * * * * * * *