Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009.. =D

T-Shirt (Main Version) - Shontelle -This is such a nice song~

What a right time to get flu and cough..!!!! It's been two days.. The medicine I ate isn't strong enough.. I'm still not feeling well.. Need stronger medicine.. -____- I hope I will feel better later.. *take note to buy 100 plus* hehe..

* * * * *

What's the plan for you people tonight? I guess alot of people will be heading to the Empire for fireworks and stuff.. I'm sure lot's of families having BBQ function at home.. hehe.. Wendy did invite some of us over to the Empire for some people birthday thingy, but we had decided to head over to Daniel's..

* * * * *

It's been years I have not celebrate New Year in Brunei.. I'm usually in Miri.. Countdown with my babes at (where else) Balcony.. I hope it won't be bored staying back in Brunei today..

2007 New Year Eve

Nicole is in Brunei so will be seeing her first later.. Hao and Shirley will be coming up tonight to bandar too, I sense they are up here for the Empire fireworks lo.. hehe.. Jenn, Tze, Clemence, Chris, Alice, Lieh, Huat and Kelly; wish you all were here.. Missing you guys..

* * * * *

I have been busy watching movies and dramas again.. I re-watch both "Meteor Garden 1 & 2".. Part 1 is still the best.. Just finished the new drama "Miss No Good".. wuhuuu.. Pan Wei Po is soooo handsomeeee!! hehe.. Finish up alot of DVDs.. Well,yeah.. I have been hugging my tv and laptop way too much.. =p

Pan Wei Bo

* * * * *

Lot of works to clear off today.. Better start working hard and get out from this office as early as I can.. hehe.. Sometime this job is bored lo...!! Sometime la~~ hehe.. May everyone has a blast time welcoming the year 2009 tonight where-ever we are.. Miracle may happen on this special day.. Let this brand new year be a better one.. Happy New Year Everyone.. Love you all.. *hugs* =)

Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 Resolutions

Two days to go.. Alot of people are looking forward to the year 2009.. I hope it's a good year.. For me, I would love looking forward to better pay and new love.. hehe..

Well, below taken from my post early this year..

Patricia's 2008 Resolutions..
1. Spend less.. *not improve*
2. Save more.. *totally not improve too*
3. Go travel.. (Anyway please..) *yeahh.. went to Sabah, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok*
4. Lose weight.. (like 1Kg or 2Kg..?) *nope*
5. Get a new hair style.. *yeahhh.. curly hair*
Get a laptop.. *yeahhh.. my baby Compaq*
7. Do self improvement.. (like I don't know what yet..) *hmm.. I got myself a new job with new position*
Meet happiness.. *nope*

And this coming 2009 my Resolutions wil be..
2) Travel again
3) Exercise more
4) Meet happiness

What is every one's
resolutions? hehe =p

When I See You Smile - Bad English

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My 2008 Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone.. =)

* * * * *

A few of us gather to have dinner at the Aranda Cafe..

Countdown at the Snow House..

Head over to Kim's place for chit chat, watch drunk Chu Chu do funny things then Me, Sim, Kim, Rue & Ray sing, challenge Karaoke until morning.. And the song 'Over the Rainbow' still playing in my head until now..!! haha.. I'm so proud with the highest score.. hohoho.. =p

Force the sleeping people up for Ray's 'Roti Kuning' carving at Jing Chiew..

Escape the walkaton at the Stadium for 3 hours of sleep..

It's 1 plus and I'm damn hungry, now waiting to head over to Dan's place for lunch..

My 2008 Christmas.. Enjoy everyone and have a blessed day.. =D

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonderland =D

Wuhuuuu... It's Christmas Eve......!! I'm fill with joy and happiness.. hehe.. Christmas songs are played on the radio.. People greet each other Merry Christmas!! Hearing that just make me smiles.. I love such feeling.. I love Christmas.. God bless everyone.. =D

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bless me with happiness

Thanks KEL for spreading my link.. and of course to those (you know who you are) dropping in to read and to listen to the song -___- (Valen Hsu - Nan Ren Nu Ren).. My readers from Brunei rank the highest lo.. haha..!!

I have change the song as per Siew it's kinda EMO.. But I'm great that you guys like the song too.. That song actually remind me of a friend in Miri.. I play that song almost everyday before, until now it's still one of my favourite song..

* * * * *

My modem was struck by lightning last night.. I quickly call up TelBru and lodge a report.. The TelBru technician came during lunch to change my modem.. SO LUCKY that my computer and laptops didn't get burn.. Only the network card has to change.. But I have to change my router.. $$ flies~~ Big thank to Dao Ming for helping me repair and install everything accordingly.. hehe..

* * * * *

I cry whenever I can't accept a person- as in rejecting them.. It almost happen today but I hold back my tears because he has found a nice girl and I'm happy for him, sorry if I was mean..

Well, I cry because I know I have hurt them, they are good but can't be with them, the feeling is just sad.. I remember once when I reject a guy on the phone, I suddenly cry, making him cry too.. *sighs* That was a hurtful memory.. I need to hit myself.. Sometime I do want to give people chances but I back out at the end.. Hope they didn't curse me -___-, please bless me with happiness..

B-day gift.. Thanks for everything.. =)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

We could be in love - lea salonga featuring christian bautista

I didn't know.. I really didn't know it happen that day.. I wasn't excepting any motive..


If I knew it earlier will it be different now.. Time have been wasted..

Few weeks ago, after knowing.. I then start to see clearly.. and "hope" appear.. I did think far.. Hoping it may work as long as effort are put in.. If thing work well I may leave to be there.. It won't work if one didn't believe, while the other believe..

I guess it's better to stay like this now.. unless there is this word "willing to try and see" appear.. hehe..

We Could Be In Love - Lea Salonga featuring Christian Bautista

I wouldn't mind having 14/2/2009 with you, because u still owe me dinner!! hehe.. and it will still be our gossip session.. deal?? =)