Friday, March 31, 2006


My eyebags are appearing.. Need to rush banners for the launching of TelBru (JTB).. Big ceremony.. hehe.. But before I went back working tonite.. I went shopping.. I had a gud dinner and went shopping at body shop.. and got myself a member card at the body shop.. I'm happy.. But money fly.. haha..

I received my first salary at Cityneon (my new work place).. So nervous and happy.. hehe.. I have decided (through head breaking thinking) to drop my Degree at the moment.. The reason? I really have no time to look at my books.. All I want is to sleep.. I need a good sleep badly.. My dear mummy say it's better for me to concentrate on work first.. When my time are stable in the future I still have the time for Degree.. Maybe I dont even need Degree by that time.. hehe.. My mum is right too.. Since I'm not working as what field I have study so having a Diploma is enough.. Im not doing stuff about printing and graphic.. NO connection with what I's gonna study.. So it's better to think twice before throwing all the money for Degree into the sea.. Get my piont? So my conclusion learn this new work.. and I think I have found what I like doing.. hehe..

The work place have alot of guys.. Mostly foreigner workers.. Few chinese.. Quite funny those chinese guys.. One of them keep on asking for number.. another one keep on asking my collegue question about me.. Another one like to ask my HEAD about me.. haha.. My collegue likes to show off about herself.. I never tell her that Boss is my Uncle.. Mummy's fren.. haha.. I just listen.. Gossip.. hehe.. I'm blogging from the Cyber cafe.. Hope I get my internet connection soon.. Ciaozz..

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


wa... I miss blogging.. Im in the office now.. Tonight having OT again.. Im now working for the new company.. Ever since I start working on the third or fourth day I start working Overtime already.. It's like almost everyday.. Luckily I get paid if not I won't work so hard.. Haha.. Got to go back to work so can go home early.. blog again.. take care all..

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bye Garnet

Today I received my last Salary from this current Company Im working with.. Hmm.. can buy that bag I had my eyes on.. haha.. My last today as a part of family here.. Gonna miss the place and the people here.. New challenges here I come..

I will be off to Miri later.. Now need to rush back home to do packing.. Yea.. My mummy not angry at me.. Im going for all the medical check up alone.. Big gal lo~So.. Blog again.. Ciaozzz..

Friday, March 10, 2006

What can I do?

Tonight I will be having dinner at my Boss house.. my ladyboss said treat it as a farewell dinner for me.. So tonight delicious food to eat again.. Some decision is bothering me right now.. The decision of going to Miri or not.. I need to go for medical check up at Miri too.. But I dont feel like staying in miri for few days la.. Not comfortable sleeping overnight there.. Im kinda frust that I don have enough time.. I have many things to do and places to go.. If only time can be more for me to use.. But Just like they say.. Time waits for no one..

I really want to go down and have fun.. seeing my Da Jie and her baby.. but then my fellow frenz all pair up to go to some LB seminar which if I follow them I have to spend $50 to get in.. I'm not interested sure wont happy spending that amount la.. If you tell me $50 juz to take some bloody picture or watever.. I sure will be happy to spend.. What you expect me to do then, while waiting for this bunch of LB suppoter? duh~~ so lame my question..

My mummy wanna accompany me to my medical check up.. and I have a feeling that I wanted her to be with me during my check up.. My dad say he is busy so cant drive me to Miri for check up.. so only left my mum.. My mum sure will be disappoint by my dad again.. duh.. so sienzzz.. I was thinking if I dont go Miri on saturday then me and my mum will drive by ourselves to Miri either on Monday or Tuesday.. A Mother and Daughter trip.. I know she will be happy.. I want her to be happy.. But can she understand her daughter wanna be happy too? T_T

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lazy bum of the G

Im boiling now.. no mater how cold the aircon is right now, jus WONT cool me down.. Stupid Government.. Early morning I get pissed off by thier working style.. You tell me la.. What kind of company need Briefing from 8.15am untill 11.30am? they don just stop here.. They will be continued closed untill 1.30pm.. &&*%%^$#$%&^* what the heck.. I just wanna make payment and I rushed all the way there and they tell me Sorry we are closed.. Im so pissed off.. You better dont offend me again you.. F***

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Will I have a cute doggie?

All I do today is clear and file all my paper work and document.. and not to forget eat eat.. I'm suppose to plan to go to Batu Niah this week to visit my 'Da Jie' (big sister who used to be my roommate, eat mate, chat mate, so on).. But cancel.. becoz Alice and charng lieh not going back this week and they are busy.. too bad.. I was looking forward to it.. I wont have the time to visit them anymore as the new company Im working for don't work half day on saturday.. So I will be busier..

Make me pissed off this frenster.. I wanna upload my picture but CANT!! Error keep on showing out.. duh.. izzit coz my picture size not small enough? tulan.. tonight need to compress again.. My collegue Peter ask me today at what age I plan to get marry.. He ask whether I have a fix age which I must get marry at.. hehe.. I never really think of it seriously.. Hmm.. All I know now is to find a guy who love me and marry thingy too early for me..

When I was young I really wanted to have a Dog as my pet.. Always dream of it.. I love dog.. But at the same time scare of dog.. Scare it bite me.. hehe.. Maybe in the future I will get a doggie of my own.. If I'm not lazy la.. haha.. you know.. need alot of time to spend on taking care of it too.. I wanna name my dog snowy or babe or ?? hehe.. I want cute doggie.. I wanna hug hug it.. haha.. Pathetic me.. start day dream already..

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wedding Photographer

Hmm.. I came across this wedding photographer Mr. Kid Chan.. His name caught my attension.. such an attractive name for a 28 years old father-guy.. Then I went to view his website the pictures he takes is just so attractive.. Nice.. kinda inspire me to takes beautiful pictures too.. inspire me to quit my office Job and become a wedding photograher too.. eh, I just realise that wedding photograher are all men izzit? Hmm.. strange.. Then can I become a wedding photograher too? If cannot T_T then wedding planner can eh? hehe.. Wedding can be beautiful like fairy tales, but the most important point is a wedding should have LOVE so it will last.. what is the use to have perfect wedding but no true LOVE? both bride and groom must commit in preparing a wedding together.. That's what I call perfect wedding.. If can I want him to be my wedding photograher.. His package must cost a bomb huh.. Famous photograher le.. hehe..

Monday, March 06, 2006

welcome me back

I totally forget about my blog in here.. Register last year and continue again today.. Monday blues today.. Feel so lazy to work.. but need to finish this task by today.. boring~~ I have another blog with xanga.. now I continue blogging here lo.. xanga seem to be so 'ma fan' coz if leave comment need to sign in as member bla bla.. complicated..

Yesterday went shopping with Sheau Tze and Nicole.. They came on saturday.. we went Emipre to walk walk.. we were lucky to see people having dinner there by the beach.. Nicole so into it.. Make me addicted to it too.. Very nice if wedding dinner is held that way by the beach.. seeing people dancing make me smile.. I wanna dance that way too.. ^^

After the emipre hotel we went back to my place to bath and get ready for dinner.. We had dinner at a Thai resturant, which Nicole keep on complaining that the place is so different from the one near to her house.. I guess the cook is so different.. As the restaurant have the same name as the one near to NIcole's house.. After dinner, we headed to Dome for chit chat over cups of tea.. We chat quite long.. Gurls just like to talk talk talk.. hehe.. Sheau Tze stay over at my place.. too bad Nicole didn't sleep over.. if not we gonna talk talk talk again untill morning.. Now both of them are back to Limbang.. I miss them already.. hehe.. I will post more later.. Now it's lunchy time and Im hungry already.. Ciaoz..