Monday, October 29, 2007

All Onboard DOULOS..

Belated birthday present from Roger.. so cute and nice lor.. TQ!!

I became a driving teacher.. *smirk* I taught my brother, Patterson to drive yesterday.. We woke up early morning.. I didn't want to wake up (I sleep at 3.30am) but I have to kick myself out of bed as I promise my brother that we are going driving.. It's his first time handling a car.. We drove my dad heavy Toyota.. so that he gets torture.. haha... It feels good to teacher somebody to drive.. Makes me feel HAPPY.. wtf.. =p

Me with my RED sofa bed.. I'm loving it..

And now I can finally present to you my lovely, pretty, NEW sofa bed which arrives on Saturday from Courts Furniture.. In my room facing my TV and It's RED.. *I feel good~~* wtf.. Clemence's BLUE, Patricia's RED..

I spend my Sunday afternoon at the Muara Port with Winnie.. We went for STAR cruise can.. =p Ok, We went Onboard on the 2years younger from Titanic ship called MV DOULOS..

Such a long queue already when we arrived, we waited for 1 and a half hour to get onboard.. And lucky for us when we get onboard it starts to rain.. and when we left still abit of shower.. Another Luck of us we get parking damn NEAR to the entrance of the port.. =D

Believe me I went to Korea on DOULOS lar.. haha.. I look pretty hor? hehe.. =p (Traditional Korea Costume to try out Onboard..)

Aboard Doulos has a book fair, and I bought 2kiddie books for my friend and just a keychain for myself as a souvenir.. I wanted to buy the Mug but B$6.00.. I gave up on that.. so broke at the end of the month ok.. By the way, a Korean lady ask whether I'm from Taiwan.. hehe.. =p It's a great experience to go onboard DOULOS..

Winnie and Patricia Onboard DOULOS.. =D

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Hmmm.. Currently blogging from KTM, came to have dinner here.. As Steven and Jason are here so I just came.. =p I ate their nice Kueh Teow Sup with fish cake.. I wanted Fishball but don't have tonight.. popular with Fishball I guess.. =p
* * *

It's Saturday and I don't feel like going out for fun.. I just want to curl up in my NEW chair (post on that some other day =p) and cuddle "cow cow".. *sigh* EMO mood this few weeks.. ........boringggg.........
* * *
Mike, Jason and Me.. =)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I wanna poke my friends.. *wicked*

I'm hearing firecracker outside the house.. ahh.. the Malays are Happy happy beraya.. Anyway.. One of my teacher from secondary school invites me and my classmates to her house tomorrow night.. Open house with many foods again.. But I'm not sure I will be going or not.. Busy bah.. =p

I bought new shampoo last weekend and the outcome was soft hair.. BUT still few parts of the burnt hair feels dried and ugly la.. *sigh* The hairstylist trim my hair alot already.. So much lengths been chop off.. I stop her before I have short hair.. *sob sob* I have killed my precious hair.. bad me.. =( Fast hair GROW.. GROW quickly please..

me and my new toy MOJO from Evon

I miss my friends in Miri.. College and house mates I miss you all lor..

Anyway.. I'm in the mood for Christmas holiday already.. walao still two months to go and I'm already planning to get out from Brunei.. I really want to travel.. If only I have a plant which grows money.. *sigh*

Gift from Steven and Jason which I named it "cow cow" and plz steven say look like me? wtf..

I was wondering have my looks change alot after primary school? How come I remember must of my friends back in primary school while they don't remember me.. Even those I played with forget about me.. I admit that I don't remember names but I remember their faces, their looks.. Pity me.. Take Angel for example.. I need to hit Angel head so much then she remember me.. *sigh* so sadddddddd cannnnnnnnn..

During my b-day at Pizza Hut..

FACEBOOK.. Most of my friends are hooked up with it.. I still finds it complicated but I love the application and stuff.. FUN especially when I get to poke, poke, poke, poke and poke my friends.. Send Ice-cream, drinks and buy stuff for my room (on facebook ok).. and I like bummer sticker too.. I save lots of nice graphics from there, too bad the size of the file is so small that it spoil the picture if I enlarge them.. I don't like vampires, warewolfs thingy lor.. quite annoying when I don't know how to play with it.. wtf.. haha..

who else..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Random post..

Feeling cold.. Cold weather since last night.. I need big warm hugs.. =p

Another 8days to go and October will end.. I love the month of October.. Maybe because of my birthday, or I just feel happy, or maybe I feel luckier.. *wink* Need to wait for 12months for it to October again.. Dad's birthday is coming.. Hmm.. Where to bring him for dinner?

I have the urge feeling for wanting to learn to cook.. Just simple easy to make type dishes would be fine.. nuff for me to learn as I'm just plain lazy to learn complicated dishes.. some other years for those complicated dishes.. =p Who and where should I learn from?

Almost every night of this week I have been at home.. Other reasons for not feeling well, I was catching up on a Taiwan drama series.. 'Why Why Love'.. By Rannie and Mike.. Damn funny and sweet.. There is a saying from the movie which I agreed at.. 'Eating with the right person we like is a feeling of happiness..'

My mum is at home now.. She called me just now, she isn't feeling well.. Sounds quite weak.. Hope she gets well soon..

My tummy still abit upset.. Feels better than last night lor.. I'm feeling quite week this week.. Maybe something happen upsets me.. hehe.. I just want to be happy.. I just want to go home and sleep.. =D
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I woke up quite early today.. I usually sleep late on a Sunday.. I couldn't sleep well last night.. I stay home last night after going to Siti house.. Too tired and I fall asleep quite early..

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

wait a minute.. I remembered now.. I had a bad dream last night and I woke up in the middle of the night.. Dreams.. Will it happen in real life? I dream of death.. A person so close to me died.. I cried.. When I woke up I was crying so badly.. Then without wiping my tears away I fall back to sleep.. I'm scared..

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

My plan today is to find a salon and get my hair trim.. My hair condition now is bad.. Badly burnt from the outcome of straightening.. *sigh* Should I blame the skill of the salon I went to? Or blame their product? Or blame my hair being too dry? My heart break feeling my hair now some part burnt some part still alright.. Don't want to trim it but no choice.. Break out will spread..

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Sometime I wonder.. Am I too naive? Naive in believing people.. Trust them so much that I might getting up hurt badly..

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Don't mind me.. EMO mood this few days..

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Eat Drink Gaming Session..

I'm SO sleepy in the office.. HELP me.. stop me from sleeping please.. =p

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Last night I reached home around 1.15am.. *sigh* Last night was fun.. I ate lots and drink abit.. the second cup my face start to red.. hehe.. After having dinner people start their PS2 gaming competition.. Tekken 3.. walau.. I thought what game pula.. Anyway fun watching them.. I did play but after the competition la.. I hate playing game as my little hands sore very quickly with the controller like after 2 match of Tekken.. Terrible of me.. but still FUN.. After a few more match I give up with the controller.. I win ok and lose too la.. haha.. I watch abit of people playing LAMI then off to Winnie room's to watch Hong Kong drama.. That's what happen last night.. =)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Today going to EAT again.. 2 of my colleagues having open house as they are Malays and still celebrating Hari Raya so they are inviting the office bunch to their house to EAT.. One during lunch another one after work.. *sigh* EAT EAT EAT.. and Today the company has a function on celebrating OCTOBER birthday which the name list includes having my name in it.. CAKE again.. I'm feeling such a pig today.. Plus my mum prepare macaroni for lunch and she prepare mine to bring to office.. OMG how am I going to finish it? *sigh* =p

Friday, October 19, 2007


I'm being a lazybum this few days.. Very very very very LAZY indeed.. *sigh* hehe.. AND I EAT very very very very much this few days.. including having supper!!! *whack myself* *sob sob*..

I'm being such a pig too.. After having lunch sure I feel like sleeping.. because of work I control my sleepiness until tea break at 3pm I take a 15mins nap.. wth.. *sigh* If I don't nap my eyes couldn't hold much longer ok.. I don't want people to see me close eyes with mouth wide open facing the computer.. no way.. hehe..

Opos I'm gonna be late.. Yap from office has birthday dinner tonight plus there will be a game competition so I got to go now..

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, October 15, 2007

I love my friends..

I had my first birthday celebration on the 6/10/2007 in Limbang with Sheau Tze, Chai Charng Hao, Shirley, Cindy and Siao hui.. They surprised me with a pretty little cake.. Thanks ah Hao for driving me down to Limbang and That night dinner was paid by ah Hao.. Jennifer couldn't make it but I got her present from Tze.. hehe..

♥ ♥ ♥

Then comes 11/10/2007.. I celebrated with my friends in Brunei at Pizza Hut.. There were Clemence, Micheal, Wei Ru, Angel, Johnny, Ting Ting, Ah lung, Wendy, Darren, Jason, Steven, Jeffery and Siew Yii.. Thanks all for the prezzie and I had a good time.. Pizza Hut's staff surprised me with a bowl of chocolate Ice cream with a candle lighted.. ahh.. and the whole staff sang Happy Birthday to me.. *so nice of them*

♥ ♥ ♥

On the 13/10/2007 I had dinner with Dodo.. Japanese Food.. hehe.. Had a great time..

♥ ♥ ♥

On the 14/10/2007.. Actual day of me birthday.. Breakfast with Nicole in Miri.. Then good thing that Ah Ko (Charng Lieh) came to Miri that day from Sibu for holiday too so I meet him up for Lunch.. Talk so much, non stop but has to say goodbye as Clemence, Xue Er, Jason and Steven came to pick me up and headed for McDonald for tea break.. As I have to get home early for dinner with my family so after eating we went to pick up Ting Ting then Wei Ru (the whole bunch went to Miri) then we say bye bye Miri.. hehe.. I bought myself a nice and pretty white gold ring!! Love it..

♥ ♥ ♥

I have a great 22nd Birthday.. Another year old.. My wishes are just family, me and friends to be in good health.. Career and Love life improves.. Happy always and lastly for my work stuff be solve as soon as possible..

♥ ♥ ♥

My presents from all the lovely people are DVD player, Dress, Bags, White gold bracelet, Patchi chocolate, Dinners treat, Spot light for my baby, Pink box with stars, Singlet, Soft toys, Books, Shaking monkey head with holder and lots of birthday wishes.. Thanks all again.. I miss everyone of you now..♥ Love you all.. *lots of hugs* (post pictures when I'm free.. hehe..)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

22nd Birthday..

Happy Birthday to ME..
Happy Birthday to ME..
Happy Birthday to PATRICIA..
Happy Birthday to ME..!! =)

Just arrived home from Miri.. Had a fun trip there.. Don't feel like being back in Brunei.. But no choice.. Tomorrow I have to work.. No holiday being replace if a public holiday on Sunday.. *sob sob* Anyway post up pictures when I resize and very free.. hehe.. Got to get ready for movie later.. Gonna go watch Balls of Fury.. Thanks all for the Presents, wishes, SMS wishes and wishes through my friendster comment box.. *touched* =)


Back from the cinema.. wakao.. Damn funny la the Balls of Fury.. I laughed till I cry at some part.. haha.. Couldn't help laughing.. Good that I went to watch as it helps me to laugh out loud.. Release stress from my body and mind.. Damn tired.. off to bed for now.. =)


Selamat Hari Raya to all my Malays friends..

Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend at Limbang

My weekend was great.. Me, Shirley and Ah Hao sleep over at Sheau Tze's house.. I didn't manage to take picture with her baby niece.. Because I was away at the salon.. I have straighten my hair again.. This time abit of damaged done to my hair but still fine lo no big problem.. hehe..

When we reached Limbang, we were straving already.. We had dinner at Maggie cafe.. The food are good.. and I call up Siao Hui and Cindy out.. Ahhh.. Finally I saw Siao Hui with her big tummy which is due soon.. hehe.. And Cindy, almost 2years I have not see her, TOTALLY no change still looking hot.. I miss them..

I ate alot, sleep late, cut queue on the way to Limbang custom.. so many cars returning back to Brunei.. Too much that we might have stuck there for 2hours waiting.. Tze has no choice but to cut queue as her car running out of petrol.. *eiks* At the end we are safe..

I just found out that one of my high school mates father just passed away yesterday.. May she be strong.. God bless her to go through such pain.. My hearts goes out to her.. *sob*

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Limbang here I come..

Me off to Limbang later with ah Hao and Shirley.. We are going to eat SEAFOOD.. OMG!!! I can feel my weight increase now just thinking about dinner later.. Should call it our dinner-supper.. As I bet we are going to reached there SO late as ah Hao and Shirley drive down from Seria around 6pm.. Then they going to pick me up at Bandar then off we go to Limbang.. Ahh Can't wait to see Sheau Tze, Siao Hui the pregnant mummy and hopfully Cindy.. We are going to overnight so I'm back to Brunei tomorrow afternoon.. =) =) =) =) I'm feeling HAPPY~~~~ woooooo....

Friday, October 05, 2007

Bean bag and my Lahes..

Darren's birthday was good.. He treat us at Excapade Sushi.. and I ate alot.. hoho.. Good thing that me and Clemence bought him a bean bag.. I remember he was looking for two seater sofa or small chair for his room and so Clemence suggest bean bag and so we buy bean bag.. He has a board smile on his face when he receive his bean bag.. =) Hope you like it Darren!!

Johnny & Darren.. not to forget the bean bag.. =p

Wendy & Darren

Me like the bean bag too..

Two days ago I went for facial and at the same time I get my eye lashes perm.. hehe.. looks pretty lo.. Wanna look and feel good as my BIRTHDAY is coming.. too bad my office uniform is ugly so I don't have the mood to doll my face up.. *yieks* I guess I'm just plain lazy.. =p

Not so clear huh.. hehe..

I bought a whole set of Murad skin cares ( ).. From Cleanser to Sunblock.. Before this I was using Dermalogical skin cares which Jennifer introduce me.. I spend a bomb on Dermalogical but too bad (Murad also cost me a bomb.. in B$$ le.. WTH..) It doesn't suit me well..

Ting ting, my therapist gave me sample of their beauty center's product Murad and I find it OK.. Way better than Dermalogical.. Luckily I have almost finish using Dermalogical.. Now left with Scrub and Mask which I still keep to it as the mask is good.. My face so fuzzy, this cannot that cannot.. *sigh* I invest so much and always ends up wasting money.. Girls..

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Simon and Darren's b-day!!

Today is Simon Su and Darren's Birthday.. Happy Birthday to both.. Both of them are my senior.. Simon Su is someone who is cheerful and a person who took care of me like a big brother during my college time..

While Darren on the other hand.. We were not close but we usually meet back outside after being graduate from college.. and what a small world.. I bump into him in Brunei.. and he ends up to be my friend's boyfriend.. hehe.. (Wendy and Darren) ALSO ends up Clemence and Ting Ting know him because Wendy is one of their good friend.. Small world or not? So tonight Darren is treating us to dinner.. hohoho.. Foods makes me happy.. =p I'm heading off to the salon, need to wash off the curls.. what B$6 per wash for today oh.. ; )

Monday, October 01, 2007

Me with Curls..

Sunday such a time when we spend most of our time spending money.. I went to the saloon and get my hair done with temporary curls.. I still prefer and love straight hair eventhough people say I look good with curls too.. While I get my hair curl, Clemence get her hair straight for the day.. hehe..

Me & Clemence

We starve through lunch as we both woke up almost 12pm and straight to the salon.. So after the salon, hungry ladies when for lunch with Jason and Steven at 'se hai ting'.. and I have my favorite 'char kueh teow'..

Char kueh teow..

After our food we headed to Seng Hoe Huat at the serusop branch, a huge car accessories in Brunei.. Steven wanted to check out a Car DVD player which is on offer.. and makes me want it too.. B$500.. damn.. DVD, VCD, MP3, touch screen.. hmm what else.. I forgot, hehe.. While checking out the DVD player we all went to test the Demo Station.. Where they display all the player and speaker brand and we get to test each of them.. *cool* If I'm rich I'm sure to install alot of electronics stuff.. =p

The DVD play which Steven has his eyes on.. and mine too.. *aiks*

Me & Jason..

In the evening, me and Clemence went for shopping.. I bought myself a eye linear from the Face Shop.. *damn* I'm going to the Body Shop to buy their's eye linear.. Don't like the effect from the Face Shop.. Face Shop products are from Korea and this is the first shop in Brunei which is located in The Mall..

Korean actor who is the spokesperson for The Face Shop..

I went for a drink with Angel at night at the Taurean 3.. We both shared Fired Banana with Ice cream topping.. hehe.. and we talk so much that it was 11pm by the time we realize.. Conclusion I had a fun Sunday.. =p

Fired Banana with Ice cream topping..