Monday, December 25, 2006

Thursday, December 14, 2006

bad day..

Bad day at work.. Everything I do seem to be all wrong.. So pressure!! haiz.. Lucky tomorrow I'm going to Sibu, Sarawak with my mum and brothers.. Going there to attend my cousin wedding.. *sigh* and I haven't even start packing.. see ya..

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Congrats Jeffrey

He is getting married.. He define as Jeffrey Tang.. My ex-boyfriend.. My FIRST boyfriend.. Getting married with a high school girl.. My God, he is just 20 years old.. Why getting married.. He gotten his girlfriend pregnant of course.. I'm so disappointed by knowing this news.. Not because I haven't get over him but because I feel he still as useless as before.. For me he always doesn't have the brain to think properly.. Until today, to me he is still like that.. Hopeless one.. Anyway, all the best to him.. Congrats Jeffrey (for making your gf pregnant)~

Monday, December 11, 2006

stupid being follow and spoiled our fun

Something is bothering me.. My mind wonders by itself again.. Questions with unavailable answer haunt me again..

I had a good weekend.. Friday night had dinner with Nicole, Zhi Ling and Jita.. Then Saturday evening went to the Empire hotel for a walk and sight seeing.. then when night falls after sendingNicole back, Zhi Ling and I went to meet up with Jita for dinner.. Nicole left us early to accompany her parent.. So that night we ate a very full Japanese dinner and it's on Jita because that lady got a big fat commission.. hehe..

After dinner we went to Jerudong park as Zhi Ling wanted to see the place.. So we went there happily and has so excited as there were alot of people and some rides are open.. We were surprise as only need to pay B$5 to play the rides.. We rush to the Merry-go-Round ride.. Feels great as we remembered our time as kids.. But the music they play spoiled the atmosphere.. what the stupid them play Malay rock music? Should play musical music wa..

I notice mostly are Malay people.. and immature kids.. Look at the way they date you sure laugh.. An incident happen to us that night.. It has raining too but just shower type.. We were making our way to the water boat ride.. Soon we each notice an Indian guy walking behind us.. At first we thought we were going the same way.. Sekali I start to notice it's not right so I ask Jita and Zhi Ling to stop and the Indian men stop too.. So to double confirm we start to walk again, and he follow too.. and we three turn back and forth and he still follow.. We started to head back to get help and he also follow.. Luckily I saw a Tourist information room and I suggest we went in there.. I was feeling abit panic but luckily we were with the security after the incident.. and we didn't see the Indian man anymore.. So now whenever I see an Indian man I feel uncomfortable..

A friend of mine appear first thing in my mind when we were heading back to the front gate for help.. I directly call him.. and I never expected him to rush down to Jerudong.. I was very grateful for him rushing there like that.. hehe.. Anyway still have to thank him.. and Thank GOD we are safe..

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I have been wondering..

I have been thinking about my Christmas and New Year holidays.. *sigh* how am I gonna spend my holidays? How great it will be if I don't have to worry about air ticket and expenses like Kenny Sia and Xia Xue who always seem to be like flying here and there.. hehe..

I just finish chatting with Nicole.. and viewing her over there through web cam.. Aduh.. I have outdated la.. I forgot there is such thing as web cam liao.. and it's not lagging that much anymore.. Haha.. I didn't even bother to re-install my web cam since my computer reformat like months ago.. haha.. Forgive me.. so where is the heck is that web cam installer software again.. Hehe.. need to dig up my stuff to find it..

Kelik my Indonesia colleague is out from the hospital already.. Hurray.. That mean he soon to be recover in no time.. But he still have problem with walking.. but at least he feel comfortable at home rather than staying in the hospital.. May he recover soon..

I have keep the phrase "stress is a motivation" in my head.. and I'm doing fine nowadays.. Hehe.. Well, I'm doing the graphics thing.. I do all cutting of sticker.. and Recently I hand in a letter.. Not resignation.. Letter of transfer work post.. I have been thinking for quite sometime, ever since I feel that I have lose interest on my job now.. I want to get back doing paper works.. Well, I know it might be boring but I have got to keep myself at that line.. Not doing paper works for quite awhile going to be an disadvantages when I'm planning to switch Job the next time.. Not good.. So I finally decide to get back to paper works thingy.. At the moment I wouldn't transfer as my department currently have only Me, Myself and I.. My boss say he will arrange my work went he finds a replacement.. So, I hope I won't be regretting on making such decision.. Why I think that way? Hehe.. It's because doing the Admin side means facing more of Boss and being under him.. Currently, I'm under my supervisor who spoiled me, I'm not gonna be spoiled by him anymore if I switch department.. *sigh* No choice, for the sake of my future I must need to face the Boss.. I got to have confident in myself..

Me and my pet Mickey.. haha.. cute huh? =P

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Holiday month.. X'mas!!

December.. the month of holiday spirit due to Christmas season.. I love the feel of Christmas.. hehe.. seem like I enjoy Christmas more than Chinese New Year.. Anyway, I love celebrating both..

Last month happen quite a few incident.. Kelik( an Indonesia colleague of mine) broke his right leg.. He is doing better now.. I was so sad when I know what had happen to him.. layers of aluminiunm broke his leg.. I was there at the hospital on the day of his operation.. I did also visited him a few days ago.. He still feel pain.. As his leg is now joint by a screw.. When he is feeling cold, his leg sure get really pain.. It's gonna be hard for him.. I'm really worried about him as he is one of the people who treat me well in the office.. He was suppose to be going back to his hometown this month to see his wife and son.. but unluckily, such incident happen.. May he get well soon and fly back to see his family soon.. Lord, bless Kelik and give him strength to overcome the pain and get well soon..

My dad also got hit by some heavy object on his shoulder.. Luckily he is fine now.. Clemence got hit on the head in a car accident.. She say there wasn't any bleeding and so I'm worried about her.. May she can go for a proper head check up soon.. May GOD bless everyone be in good health..

Last Sunday, Nicole finally call me to meet me up.. She came to Brunei.. So happy to be able to talk so freely.. hehe.. She reminded this phrase, "Stress is a Motivation".. I already forgotten about this advice.. Why now I couldn't cope with stress anymore.. Now I'm keeping that "Stress is an Motivation" in my head.. Thanks to her for waking me up to about stress.. Now she is back in Miri.. *sigh* make me miss her again.. hehe..

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm so sleepy.. and feeling lazy.. So I didn't do much on my work today.. *sighz* really don't feel like working.. and seem like there is something uncomfortable thing gonna happen.. Because I feel kinda bad mood.. Geeze.. what's happening to me? =x

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Me lazy with exercise

I wanna swim like you kitty cat.. *miaow*

Well well, I went swimming with Clemence, Lee Ang and his brother.. And I have finally realise the actual way of breathing during swimming.. (Plz I'm still a beginner ok.. hehe..)Thanks to Clemence.. I'm so happy that I finally did improve and I'm not afraid to held my head onto the surface of the water while swimming.. Hehe.. By problem was actually that I was afraid to bring my head up the water.. I have found a great teacher who knows my problem without me explaining.. I guess that's what best friend are for.. hehe..

Clemence ask me to go hiking tomorrow.. what the heck.. nO No NO.. I cannot do hiking.. hehe.. I couldn't breath and walk during hiking.. hehe.. due to the result of no exercise being done.. hehe.. I'm so lazy at doing exercise.. Hehe.. I know, must change this habit as exercise is good for health.. I will try my best to exercise more.. hiak hiak.. Will tryyyyyyyyy.... =p

Friday, November 17, 2006

My mood feels like rainy days

I'm in a sad mood.. I didn't slept well last night.. After I reached home from work I automatically switch on my computer.. I slept around 3am.. Luckily, I have my mum to wake me up.. I did switch on my alarm just that it doesn't work when I'm too lazy to get my butt out of my comfy bed..

I guess I'm being stress out by work again.. No matter how much I eat, I'm still hungry.. No matter how long I sleep, I'm still sleepy.. No matter how long I spend my time with Dodo, I'm still not satisfy.. I think I really need a holiday.. I need it very badly..

My baby car when for it's first time servicing yesterday.. and It's my first time there too.. Hehe.. First and second time service are free, except I got to pay for the oil filter charges only.. Lee was very helpful to pick me up from NBT Toyota.. and My dearest Clemence send me there to pick up my baby car.. So thankful to them.. hehe.. but then don't expect to buy lunch to repay haha.. I'm so broke now..

My friend told me about how her boyfriend neglect her when she wanted to lend on his shoulder after a long tired day.. I was thinking what that is actually thinking? Pushing his girlfriend away when all she wanted is to lend on him? to hug him? Doesn't he know girls feel hurt too? It's just like when guys ask for sex and get rejected my their girlfriend.. walau.. I was so pissed of by the guy attitude when my friend share her thoughts with me.. But then come to think again.. Could the problem comes from the guy? I guess he might in the past had some thingy happen.. If not couldn't then why he will push his girlfriend away from him? Well, he is not gay.. as I know him well too.. hehe.. So I just can't understand why is he this way? If it happens his girlfriend is me,I wouldn't stand it any longer.. hehe.. Luckily I always get to hold my boo's hands and lend on their shoulder.. ^^

Opos.. it's almost 7pm.. and I got to go home.. and rush back to this bloody office again.. =(

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Clean house waiting for me to visit.. =p

Busy busy busy.. Being busy make me stress.. Well, eventhough I don't have soooo much work on hand, I still feel stress due to bcoz I'm still sitting in the office and face those people I dislike to see..

Since last week we have been working until 12am.. Gonna be like this until 21/11/06.. I'm so use to it liao.. My frenz pity me but I don't feel pity at all.. Unless I'm feeling lonely.. hehe..

I'm glad to know that my God brother and Sister has move out form their dirty house and have moved in a nice clean house with Nicole.. Ahhh.. Now I will feel great staying overnight at their place when I'm in Miri to visit them.. hehe.. Well, I better stop here.. Have to start work now.. hehe..

Friday, November 10, 2006

One of the reason of me being stress

Today one of our company staff, who is from my department has been terminate.. He is Caesar.. Caesar took the company's property outside and sell it to other people.. He is Boss relatives.. Boss treat him well.. I just don't understand what makes him do such thing.. Which will destroy his future.. Don't he pity his dad? If it wasn't for his dad being a royal employee to the company boss sure have thrown Caesar to jail.. And know you know where he will be working? Our enemy-his relative too-boss's brother company.. People say he betray company to get fast money.. But he told boss that our enemy taught him to do so.. What the heck was he thinking?? And guess what? I'm the one who have evidence of him stealing.. *sigh* I'm not sure whether he knows I'm the one who took those photos of him.. Actually it's becoz my supervisor found out what Caesar have been doing and ask me to watch over him.. That's how I ended up helping the company.. This case taught me even your relatives will betray you..

Seem like our department is quite unlucky.. So many unhappy things seem to be happening to us.. Now left me incharge of the stickers and another Indon guy incharge of the printing.. I'm so tired.. One of the reason why I'm so stress out about.. I want holiday~

Monday, November 06, 2006

very moody

I have lost my way.. I feel so moodless.. I feel tired.. I feel sad.. I just wanna break down and cry.. Why am I feeling this way? May God kep me safe.. I'm scare.. *sobs* =(

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Missing Dodo

Dodo is flying tonight.. Dodo is going away for a week.. *sigh* Im gonna miss Dodo so much.. I'm missing Dodo right now already.. *sobs* =(

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Marry me.. My blog is sort of my diary..

This few days I'm busy sticking myself to my TV because I have just started watching this Taiwan Drama Series.. It's call Marry me..
A very sweet movie.. Quite funny too.. And I love the songs from this movie..

Yesterday was my daddy's birthday.. This year I didn't buy anything.. Hmm.. I wonder what else my dad need other than money.. Hehe.. At the moment my wallet is dry as the desert.. Hehe.. So any clue on what I should buy? Oh.. Maybe I can bring his car for a wash.. Neh.. I will try to think again.. Was going to celebrate for him tonight as my mum has work last night.. But this morning he told me he has function liao.. So woppie, it's cancelled = =".. Hmm.. My daddy is getting old.. I really wants to bring him and my mum for a holiday.. I wonder when can I do it?

October is coming to an end.. November is coming.. I'm gonna install car alarm for my car next month.. And some accessories too.. wuuu.. gonna cost me lots of money.. And I need to save some money for my Christmas trip.. Planning to go to Kuching with Jita.. Hmm.. donno Nicole wanna go or not.. Must find people to go.. Then our expenses will be lesser.. hehe..

One of my favourite blogger Mamoyo is closing down her current blog and gonna moved.. geeze.. Seem like she couldn't blog in peace as people always comments about her writing and agaisnt her.. She doesn't care about what those mean people are saying.. But still she is a human being.. She gets tired of all those comments too.. If you were in her shoes, I bet you get tired and stress out too.. If those mean people don't like what she blog then why still read her blog all the time? duh..

My blog is sort of my diary.. I used to wrote my daily happening in my Diary.. But now I stopped.. I lost my feelings for keeping a diary ever since when I broke up with one of my ex-boyfriend two years ago.. He stupidly complained that I always keep everything to myself and to my diary and not bother telling him.. duh.. He is just being childish.. But then his words makes me stop writing.. And soon after that I discovered blogs.. So now I'm here.. I'm treating this as a diary.. I'm happy that I can have a place where I can express myself again.. eventhough I don't post entry everyday.. I still treat my blog as my diary.. You get what I mean? hehe.. I know it's boring.. But it's my blog and I love it the way it is.. =)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya~

colorful lights at NBT (Toyota), Brunei

Selamat Hari Raya..
Today is the first day of Hari Raya.. Which is celebrated by Muslim people.. Know as a brand New Year..
Today and tomorrow is public holiday.. haha.. 2days of holidays.. No work.. I'm so bloody happy.. Wish the holidays can be longer.. hehe..
Well, soon we will be celebrating Christmas.. And I must start counting my saving to go on Christmas holiday.. hohoho..

Monday, October 23, 2006

I Finally Found Someone by Barbra Streisand

I found this love song yesterday and immediately I was in love with it.. The lyrics are beautiful.. I can't have enough of it.. hehe.. I keep on repeating it over and over again.. I found it on some people's friendster profile.. So too bad I can't have any link here to share.. Enjoy~ =)

I Finally Found Someone
Barbra Streisand

I finally found someone,
that knocks me off my feet
I finally found the one,
that makes me feel complete

We started over coffee,
we started out as friends
It's funny how from simple things,
the best things begin

This time it's different,
It's all because of you,
It's better than it's ever been
'Cause we can talk it through

My favorite line was
"Can I call you sometime?"
It's all you had to say
To take my breath away

This is it, oh,
I finally found someone
Someone to share my life
I finally found the one,
to be with every night
'Cause whatever I do,
It's just got to be you
My life has just begun
I finally found someone,
ohhh Someone
I finally found someone

Did I keep you waiting,
I didn't mind
I apologize,
Baby, that's fine
I would wait forever
Just to know you were mine
You know I love your hair,
Are you sure it looks right?
I love what you wear,
Isn't it the time?

You're exceptional,
I can't wait for the rest of my life
This is it, oh,
I finally found someone
Someone to share my life
I finally found the one,
to be with every night

'Cause whatever I do,
It's just got to be you

My life has just begun
I finally found someone,

'Cause whatever I do,
It's just got to be you
My life has just begun
I finally found someone

Saturday, October 21, 2006


I achieved some goals before turning 21.. One of my goals is to get my very first car.. mind you, it not some sort of second hand car.. It's brand new.. *sobs* I'm so proud of myself.. haha.. aduh.. now I have to spend less on shopping becoz starting now I have car installment to take care of.. Other than feeding myself, I have my precious car to feed.. hehe.. Even though it's not what ever kind of expensive luxury car but I'm proud that I bought it with my own hard earn money.. Ahh.. should give myself a praise.. Hehe.. I love my baby car so much.. *okok I stop being a show off =p* hahaha..

Nowadays I have been wondering why some couple get married happily at first and who knows at the end get divorce.. Walau, why everything changes so much in the 21st century.. Happily ever after doesn't seem to exist anymore.. It's scary to feel Marriage doesn't seem to work out smoothly anymore.. Some of my friends encounter this problem, I read it in article online and in the magazines, magazines topic like how to survive marriage, it's showing in movies and dramas on TV.. All this effect my thinking, seem like I'm losing faith towards marriage and true love.. People explained to me that it actually depends on our luck and fate.. Quite true huh.. My theory of living happily ever after-fairy tales seem to be fading away.. Can I still believe in my fairy tales dreams? Aduh, it's still a long way to go( years maybe) before I decide to tie the knot.. so I should start praying to God for a good marriage in the future.. hehe..

Tomorrow is Sunday, don't know I need to go to the office or not.. Hope don't need to as I'm waiting for Jennifer to tell me that she and Alvin will come Brunei and bring me along to Limbang then I get to see Sheau Tze again.. Oh, suddenly I taught of vegetarian cuisine.. ahh must date Jita to go eat.. and another thing.. Yyyyyy I can't eat and still stay skinny like some people huh? Aduh, why I must bring up this topic whenever I thought of foodzzz.. hehe.. ok ok I should stop complaining and remind myself that skinny is not good, being chubby is.. hmm.. what do the Feng Sui master call it.. ahh.. Being chubby is a fu qi.. hehe.. How do you say fu qi in English huh? Enjoy food and plz don't get worry about getting fat like I do.. haha.. Juz joking.. Take care.. cheers =)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Went to renew my driving license.. Goodbye 'P' license..

I just reach office.. It's lunch time now.. Well, not because I was late.. It was because I went to Limbang, Sarawak to renew my driving license.. I drove all the way down alone.. Took an hour to get there and another hour to get back Brunei (I drove extremely fast).. Luckily not that traffic jam at the custom..

Renewing driving license is very fast at Limbang.. It just took me not even 30 minutes to get my new driving license.. If I went to Miri, Sarawak to renew, it's gonna takes the whole week.. Well, this is also because Limbang population is small that's way not everyday there will be people.. While for Miri, population is big, and other thing is those people in the rural (lives far far from the city) all headed there so it's like almost everyday packed with people.. Luckily, I'm living in Brunei as Brunei is between Limbang and Miri.. So it's easy for me to travel around by car ofcoz..

I went to Sheau Tze place(her family workshop) and she bring me around.. Her office is so packed of stuffs.. Hehe.. And I saw someone.. Cindy, my housemate and ex-college mate.. I miss seeing her.. I bet S sure told her untruth stuff about me.. I'm afraid to know, and I don't want to know.. I know I'm not wrong, I'm feeling this way because I was really badly hurt by her.. All because of a stupid GUY she betrayed me and broke our friendship..

Anyway.. Lunch time has end.. I will upload more photos as I can soon.. =)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Baby Vios..

This news is for you my babe Nicole.. I have finally own my very first car.. Yeah.. and I did manage to do it by the age of 21 years old.. I got the car last sunday.. Jita get to ride in my baby liao o.. I wanna drive you around too.. hehe.. Remember the time when you just get your car.. I was lucky to be there to ride le.. hehe.. Actually I wanna share this news with you tonight when I see you.. but since you couldn't make it to the dinner.. So here is my good news for ya.. I so love my baby.. hehe.. by the way it's white.. Super duper white..

ME Birthday~~

Today is ME birthday.. Happy Birthday to ME..^^,

Monday, October 09, 2006


Being sick is very torturing.. I cough so badly, it makes me sound like a granny.. And I don't know why ah.. Whenever I'm being sick sick I tend to crave for foods which is not good for my cough.. Terrible.. When I'm being healthy I won't think of eating oily-spicy-fired food.. Instead those oily-spicy-fired food look very very delicious when I'm not allow to eat.. Make me very very angry ho.. sienz..

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Oh my.. I just realise that I have not blog for a month already.. hehe.. My baby which I bought last month.. I love it so much.. hhehe..

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sam and Connie

Today an Article I read online caught my attention.. Is it ok to have a relationship with a married guy?.. This articles tells about Sam married at a young age.. He got married to his wife because accident happens.. His wife got pregnant.. So no choice he has to marry her.. He doesn't really love his wife at first.. He gets to be with his wife because he and his friends bet him on chasing his wife.. So he chase his wife and she like him very much until finding him everyday at his house..

It's been three years plus already since they gotten married.. They had a daughter and Sam love his daughter very much.. One day, Sam meet Connie.. Without knowing, he falls for Connie.. And after three months of knowing her.. Sam decided to confess to Connie about his feelings for her.. Connie has surprised ofcoz.. And Sam give her time to think.. Connie knows that there wouldn't be any happiness, if she falls for Sam.. One night, Sam said He loves her but at the same time he doesn't want to hurt her.. But he couldn't control his feelings.. Sam tend to start to love her more.. Connie remind him that he has a wife.. His wife would be really sad if she ever finds out.. Sam told Connie that he did thought of it, but he juz couldn't hide his feelings for Connie..

At the end, Connie tells Sam that it's impossible.. She can't be with him.. She can't falls for him.. Sam accept her decision, but he said to Connie.. "You can't stop me from loving you.. I love you" he continue "Even if you don't love or miss me.. I love and miss you is enough already".. Connie was touched by his words.. Connie just replied him.. "It's enough knowing that you care for me"..

I was curious, if I was Connie, what will my decision be? haha.. What you think huh? If it happens on you, what will u do too? For me, Having such relationship really won't have happiness.. Yea, there will be happy time.. But when that guy returns to his wife side? Who will get hurt in the end? Just like what we always see on movie dramas.. At the end, the guy sure will return back to his wife.. Well, some people do accept this kind of relationships.. Everyone has their own way of thinking.. It's not wrong, it's just a person fate on who they love and who they decide to be with.. Human being thinking and feelings are really complicated..

Monday, August 28, 2006

I met a Fortune teller from China..

Today I was late for work again.. When I arrive, I bump into Uncle * the boss* and he said.. ah Late again.. I quickly greet 'Morning'.. then quickly run away.. Well, I was late not because I woke up late.. It's bcoz I went for breakfast with my mummy and brother.. and the service so damn slow.. Next time have to go extra extra early..

I miss Nicole.. How are you babe? Doing extremly fine I guess.. hehe.. Feels quite lonely witout you reading and comment on my blog..

Songs have memories in it.. I cried each time when I happens to listen to songs which brought back memories flash back in my head.. Well, no worries as it's a very common things happen to human.. Especially emotional one like myself.. I'm not feeling sad or anything in paticular.. It's just memories which are kept in my heart..

A lady fortune teller from China approach me yesterday evening when I was leaving Hua Ho shopping complex.. I was about to drive away then she stop me.. She ask weather I want to have my life tells.. I was curious at what she is trying to say.. and scare at the same time who knows she might try to rob me if I allow her to get in my car.. hehe.. At the end.. I let her in.. hehe.. she told me my problem in life and offers to clear my bad luck away.. By paying B$128.. I was like huh.. I don't wanna pay le.. I said to her that my cash is not enought with me as I have spend.. She look at my bag and said.. "Impossible that only $128 you also don't have".. She even suggest me to take cash out from my ATM!! than I'm starting to feel things aren't right.. So I keep on rejecting her.. Lastly, she gave up and I juz pay for her service.. B$10.. and again she persude me in donating for a blessing.. She said "10 or 20 can already".. I'm like ok ok.. B$10 then.. but what the she say again "miss born in the year of Cow is better to buy in even number, so B$20 is good".. I'm like "shit, she is asking more".. So I quickly said I only have B$10 left and have some malaysia rinngit.. what the then she say ringgit also accept.. but RM20 and B$10.. Walau this woman is good at asking huh.. I say really dont have anymore.. RM10 and B$10 only.. At last she accept and say goodbye and blessing words.. Finally I got rid of her..

I told my dad about it.. Then only I know that newspaper have post about such cases and warn us to avoid this people.. walau.. If only I read the newspaper.. haha.. Nevermind.. Next time, I won't be that soft hearted anymore.. I know they are just looking for cash to live.. but I don't wanna to get cheated.. hehe.. back to work.. ciaozz..

Sunday, August 27, 2006

random pictures

Your Ideal Relationship is Serious Dating
You're not ready to go walking down the aisle.But you may be ready in a couple of years.You prefer to date one on one, with a commitment.And while chemistry is important, so is compatibility.

I took the test above and well, it does describe me.. hehe..

When shopping today after having lunch with *shorty*.. I'm now doing mask to refresh my face.. hehe.. D-I-Y facial mask feels cool and good..

I spend over a hundred plus buying bars and undies.. Shit.. that salegirl so damn good at selling stuff.. I'm the victim.. She introduce me into buying this lovely night gown.. After paying for it then I realise.. What the heck I buy it for? duh..

This is the gift for my mum.. A NINA Ricci perfume and a cute garfield cat which holds the words.. Best Mum..

Amy 'birthday cake.. suppose to be farewell cake.. hehe.. nvm.. as long as can eat liao is enough.. hehe.. Varities of cakes from Ah Khiong.. Not all taste good..

Me with the chocolate from Ah Khiong.. these stuff make me fat lo.. sienzz.. hehe..

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm me and only me..

It's going to be 4am soon.. I'm now sitting and typing here with my cozy blanket wrap around myself.. It's cold in my room.. hehe because I have been sitting under the Air-cond since 12.15am.. So I'm about to be frezze to death..

I wouldn't sleep.. I saw pictures which brings pain to my heart.. HE and his current galfren pics at KL.. He posted in his friendster.. My wound is still in my heart even though I have recover from the break up and have let go of him.. Seeing her, I tend to say to myself.. That was me before next to him.. but now it ain't me anymore.. Not me.. anymore.. I would stare at his pics and wonder, compare myself to her.. but I wake myself up.. I can't compare myself to her.. I'm patricia and not her.. All I can say is.. I would give up things to be the girl he wants.. but he never gave me that chance.. He was blind.. he coulnd't see the changes I have gone through.. I can't say anything.. coz it's over.. Pull urself together Patricia!! hehe..

I guess I'm starting to feel lonely again.. Wish to find myself a lover but I haven't meet one that suits me yet.. I donno when that day will come for me to meet a guy.. I juz hope its not gonna take long.. hmm.. Am I desprate to be in love now? YES!! hehe..

Well, Im starting to feel sleepy already.. Gosh, I'm gonna be a zombie in the office later.. Zombie with her eyes closed walking around.. hehe.. cheers..

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Our Number 1 Float~~!

After the Sultan's b-day 15/7/06 project.. We went busy with the float thingy which falls during the first of this month August.. My company gets to do 4 floats.. Very big and pretty.. On the day of the float function, I was the only girl who took part in joining with the floats from my company.. Not sure what others will think, as long as I'm happy.. We went to the place for stand by at 4pm.. and all the way untill 2am then I went home.. We went back happily bcoz our BLNG float got NUMBER 1!! Boss was very happy indeed.. he told as we must get 1 no 2.. haha.. Thank God we did it..

BLNG float which we got Number 1 for.. Big and beautiful..

It's turning dark.. Night is falling.. Pretty lights are switch on..

I find this float cute looking.. but too bad it didn't manage to get in the Top 10..

this float falls at Number 5..
And lastly.. I never thought this flaot will get any position.. who knows it gotten Number 6.. Happy coz I spend more time on this float..

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Never to judge a book by it's cover

I'm now currently in the office.. Have meeting with boss tonight so have to come back to the office.. This few days I don't work OT already.. Feels weird but I love it.. Coz I get to hug my tv the whole night and suft the net..

*geez* I cant help in but to admit Im looking fat now.. Bloody.. but u cant blame me for being happy.. Donno wats up, I din eat much.. but I kind of looking fat.. Jita say coz Im happy.. no reason.. haha.. izzit? I did go swimming le.. NOt that I din exercise.. hoho.. watever.. Im juz being happy.. *wait a minute* must be all those sweet food ah Khiong bought for me.. shit.. hehe..

Today something bothers me.. a question popping around my head.. Do guys get jealous at girls on work matter? and why are ppl so busybody when things isn't about them? Stupid eh some ppl.. Some ppl who I thought are mature but bloody.. who knows they are so childish on some typical matter.. Again to remind myself..Never to judge a book by its cover.. I will blog more later.. Gotta go meeting now.. Time's up.. ciaozzz..

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The song 'linger' (hope the spelling is rite) by the Canberries have been playing on the radio and I keep on thinking of my dear Nicole.. Wondering that she must be happy over there.. I wish to join them.. But I cant..

Went to the Mall with Jita juz now, went to see the PC fair.. Guess who we saw when we were looking for parking? hehe.. Nicole's parent.. I shout out 'auntie', and luckily her mum did saw me.. hiak hiak..

Amy has resign.. She said she is pregeant.. So I will be busy again from now on.. Im gonna handle more work from now on.. sienz.. There is already a replacement but has to wait for work pass to get approve then can work.. This new comer is a lady.. same age as me.. quite prety looking, tall.. most of the guys in the company is already attracted by her.. hoho.. hope her style is not bossy or fussy.. sighz.. no idea how to teach her as Im not patient with teaching ppl.. Hope I get it through.. *sighzz*

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm being moody...

Nowadays I really wanna sit down to blog at home.. But whenever I'm back home my eyes tend to automatically close, which makes me blog now in the office.. I'm really getting tired and tired.. I'm really wandering what job I really wants to work for.. I don't want to work like this eventhough it's not bored. and my job is challenging.. I get tired too.. I'm no superwoman.. How long till I know what kind of job I'm really looking for?

Maybe becoz I'm in a country which isnt my place and they don't hire foreigner.. If I'm at places which I belong too then maybe things would be different.. Since coming back from Miri tat day, I really got myself to think alt of questions again..

Maybe bcoz of Love too.. all my frenz have love one beside them.. where is mine? It's not tat no one chase me.. Just tat this guys are not my type.. No feelings.. Am I being to chossy? Haiz... Maybe I'm tired tat why I'm thinking so much.. God bless me..

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Feels like a free Bird

Finally.. I'm going to Miri later in the morning at 6am.. I miss very damn so so much.. It's feels great to be away from work.. Away from endless work.. Away from bloody stress.. I feel like I'm finally set free from nightmare.. hehe.. sound serious.. But then it's really serious ba.. haha.. What I'm worrying right now is my panda eyes.. my eyebag is so thick.. and Jita say I look abit swollen.. strange.. I know my eyes very very swollen donno why my face is swollen too.. hehe.. So sweet of ah How to come Brunei to pick me.. Nicole dear, here I come.. Miri here I come..

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Missing u guys..

Today I miss all my friends in Miri so so much.. How I wish I can see them.. Im tired of working at this stupid peak season.. I msg Nicole telling how I miss them.. Nicole now is working in Miri, at Maybank.. Great for her.. She is free from Limbang.. Im sure she will be happy with her life now.. not lonely in limbang anymore.. Good Luck my dear Nicole.. Now me and pang huat is the far far away one.. Miss u all..

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Life is so Fragile..

Gilbert.. A philipino colleauge from our company passed away this afternoon.. He was sent to the hospital yesterday morning.. I was able to visit him at night, but he is still in coma.. The Doctor was not sure when he will come over.. Told by Doctor that the chances of him waking up is quite low.. But last night when I visit him, his body still have response as if he was trying to wake up but cant open his eyes.. I was praying for him that he will wake up soon and get well soon.. How I wish at that moment he can talk back to us.. Who knows this afternoon I was told that he have left us..

He pass away just like that.. I was hoping that he will get through but why he didn't? Doctor told that he had a tumor in his brain.. and he was sent late to the hospital.. No idea what kind of wife he had.. His wife had no idea that his husband is sick on the floor.. She thought he is just trying to sleep as he is not feeling well.. Until he puke white foam from his mouth then his wife gets panic and call for help.. what the heck?? Too late already.. In the afternoon his heart stop but doctor saved him back.. but still no hope.. doctor couldn't save him today..

I cried once I get to know that he has passed away.. I never talk much with him.. Juz a few words in a month.. and now there are no more chance for me to talk to him.. Life is so fragile.. You never know when the people around you are going to leave you tomorrow.. You never know when your life will end.. Live life everyday with a blast.. with a smile.. with happiness.. Most important thing people.. Cherish everyone around you.. Cherish yourself..

Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy FAther's Day 18-6-06

I was suppose to blog about saying Happy Father's Day, but I fall asleepjust now, and it's 1.29am at the moment.. I also forget to msg my friend that I got to cancel our lim teh session due to I'm so tired..

So Father's Day once again.. I treat my dad to eat, Very full.. Until now I'm still feeling full.. Happy Father's Day to all dad.. Espcially my dad, eventhough he is stirct and fierce, I know he loves me and my brothers.. I understand how hard my dad has work to keep us well feed and living in comfort.. I'm not close with my dad, I'm trying my best to patch things up with him.. and I can see improvement.. for my dad: Papa, I Love You..

Sunday, June 11, 2006


I went to Miri this Morning.. My mum went to Sibu for my cousin wedding.. You me, my dad and brothers went to pick her at Miri Airport.. Before my mum arrive this happen.. chang chang deng deng.............


I arrived Miri, directly went to the saloon.. and had my hair straighten.. I so Love the feeling of straight hair.. I had my hair done at Claire for the price of RM200~ Quite a good budget for me..

I went to parkson and got myelf new earings.. Im loving it.. At Miri I hang out with Alice, lieh and Jennifer.. I ask chai yu to come out, she say tired and even ask whether I got her present or not, if yes then she meet me.. so pathetic her.. Haha.. time to bed.. Ciaozzz....

Lightning McQueen

Last Night... Suddenly me and Jita decided to catch a movie...Introduceing Lightning McQueeen from the CARS~~ Yippie.. Such a cute and funny cartoon.. We even got ourselfs stickers of it.. Cool~~
This picture shows the lovebirds, Sally and Lighthing McQueen.. Blog again soon.. Ciaozzzz

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bringing back my Confidence

I am very very tired.. Since Monday 5/6/06, My company have started working overtime until 11pm.. Due to getting perpare for Sultan's Birthday celebration.. So only have Sultan's birthday next month then I'm free..

Today there was a problem occur on a Job I had done.. Due to the sizes and outcome looks weird.. I donno why, after knoing about it might be a mistake make me bad mood.. Boss have warned us that whenever we did mistake on the Jobs handed to us will get deduct from salary.. I totally lost my confidence already.. I realise I seem to lost my confidence ever since this deducting salary rules appear.. Even Siao Min, my big head of department complain that I seem to be not the one he knows before.. The main reason I lost my confidence is because I already double check alot of times before I start my work, but then make me soo disappoint is eventhough I double confirm or double check still the outcome is not acceptable.. Sienzz.. My eyes are closing now.. I am getting to look like panda already.. Off to bed.. Gunite..

Monday, May 29, 2006

He treats me well too

Ah how came to Brunei last Saturday night 27/5/06.. I was out talking with him until 2 in the morning.. Even get caught by polis.. Haha.. Those polis thought we are doing something else in the car.. I din even bring my IC with me.. Lucky that they let us go.. The polis even chatted with me happily, asking me a lot of question about myself.. he even ask when I'm gonna marry.. Terrible.. Ah how told me that my Ex bf, Kong is so caring towards his current galfren.. Like what ever she wants, he sure no matter how get it for her.. And they are going on a holiday to Kuala Lumpur this August.. I know what ah How is trying to say, he wants me to know that Kong treat her extremely good and treat me differently before..

But then I think to myself, asking myself whether Kong treat me badly before.. My answer is NO.. Kong treated me good.. He took care of me.. What ever I want he also did his best to give me.. Juz that I don't demand him to get me this and that.. Coz My theory is what ever I want I can afford to buy don't need to depend on my boyfren.. Am I wrong for being like this? Do guys like gals who demand more?? I told Rachael about this and Rac advice me that I'm not the demanding type, which makes me good too.. Rac said one day he sure will realize who is better.. Well, Kong and me have broke up quite long ago, and I had learnt not to feel the heartbreak already.. I took this news calmly, no pain but sure I still will think of it.. Never mind.. As long as he treat her well, and she treat him well then its ok.. Sure have my blessing..

Kong, the watch you bought me from Kuala Lumpur had already stopped.. The pain in my heart also have stopped.. Goodbye..

Got myself a new watch today.. butterflies.. =)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Get myself a Laptop? better dont.. hehe

Currently in the office.. Using ah Yap's laptop.. I suddenly have the urge feelings to get myself a laptop too.. but It gonna be a watse if I buy.. coz I wont be using it all the time.. and I find the keyboard not comfy to type with.. Laptop.. Sees like everyone is having it now.. Where ever cafes with wi-fi sure you can get to see packed with people with laptop and their eyes glued to it.. This people sit there for hours with just ordering a glass of drinks.. From what I know my friends tell me that most people sit there for hours coz they download movies, musics and stuff.. Now is not the right time for me to get a laptop and its not neccesary yet too..

By the way, I had lunch with Shirley and Ah Hao today.. They were in town to do some stuff and so they ask me out for lunch.. had a good talk with them, make me miss them so much.. Both still look the same.. Ah hao got his own car now.. Infact its a new one.. I forgot the model.. Ok la, I got to go home now.. its after 6pm oledi.. Ciaozzz...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's today.. Wishes all mummy happy mother's day.. You all are the greatest coz Mothers gone through pain to bring us into this world.. I will treat my family to dinner tonight.. and hope I can get to catch up with Nicole later in the afternoon after I finish work.. She is in town for straightening her hair.. hehe.. bah I got to get ready for work now.. Good Morning to all..

Pictures to talk about

On my way to work yesterday, I saw a car with a a butterfly icon caught my attention.. I so love the way it look so I quickly took out my camera and snap.. Hopefully the driver don't notice what am I doing.. HEhe.. I love butterfly and heart shape..

Ever seen a big big 3D picture? This can be found in my BIG head siao Ming's office.. If you know how to look at 3D pictures then you can see dinosaurs in this picture.. Siao Ming said not much people was able to see it.. I was unable to see too coz not enough concentration.. There is not only one dinosaur, but four.. If only I can bring it home.. hehe..

I was looking back my pictures folder , then I realized that I didn't upload the pictures I took in Kuching during Chinese New Year.. Nevermind, never too late.. I just upload some..

In Kuching, Marcus and his friend, brought me to the newly open garden/park.. There we found a wishing well.. Without hesitate we took out coins and make our wishes.. I made alot of wish.. haha.. coz I don't get the chance to come by this wishing well to make wish all the time.. See quite lots of coins can be see shining.. May all my wishes come true.. =)

Kuching's airport is huge.. It has the same design as Miri.. both design follow the KLIA, Kuala Lumpur's airport..

miri's look better? but Kuching's huge.. hehe..

During my stay there, Douglas drives me around doing some sight seeing.. and he shows me the places where night life entertainment can be found.. And there is this building still under construction, Douglas said it will a big big pub.. Upstair is for disco while downstair are for live band, bistro cafe and stuff.. Cool.. I think it should be finished by now, not sure when is the opening.. I sure would like to drop by this place when I visit Kuching again.. hehe..

Things gets old.. Human gets old.. why everything must get old huh? I bought this nice looking pouch in Kuching.. ONLY after TWO months plus, see what a big difference... HEhe.. Things around us gets old so cherish everything you have.. Cheers..