Thursday, November 29, 2007

13.5 my REAL age?

Above a sort of quiz I played today.. Saw it in nadnut's blog so I decide to have a try too.. and what do you.. I laugh seeing my REAL AGE.. 13.5 years old? wth.. AND OMG!! I I just realized I did a pai seh (embarrass) thing lor.. I'm 22 already yet I type 21 above.. *sighs*.. That shows how much I wanna stay as 21 Forever.. O_o.. Very surprise lor.. =p


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lagging Y.Tube =p

Sighs.. I'm trying to watch a Taiwan drama Romantic Princess on!! wth.. It's so lagging.. Is it the problem with the connection here in Brunei? So terrible couldn't watch it.. Guess I have to buy it's DVD to watch then.. Angela Chang look so pretty lor.. Wu Zun of course look good too.. =p Seems like a good and funny drama, definitely I'm going to watch it.. =)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Mango Cheesecake I like..

Wasn't in the mood today.. craving for the ice creams I saw yesterday.. So colorful yet so expensive B$2.80 per scoop.. Expensive for me ok.. Don't care I'm gonna try it next time I see it again.. hehe..

I had lunch at Excapade sushi with Amie and her hubby Teck.. Ate so much again.. My lunch was on them.. hehe.. In the afternoon, I met up with Clemence and Jason and we end up eating cakes.. Mango Cheesecakes and Chocolate.. I love Mango cake so much.. I feel so fat yesterday..

I told you I look like an Indian girl.. see the visible dot on my forehead.. wth.. =p

Luckily, I went swimming in the evening.. haha.. but only for an hour.. =p Christmas is coming.. The Christmas tree from the bee movie so pretty.. I'm off to bed.. Tired already.. I'm starting to think too much again.. Not in the mood people.. =(

Friday, November 23, 2007

feeling illegal..

I drove down to Miri on Wednesday.. Well, I was on an important mission.. To pick up the Queen and the eldest prince at the Airport.. wth.. My Mum and my brother ok..

Both of them went to Kuching to get the older twin into college there.. Thank God they accepted him and so he will be starting his course by January 2008.. I hope he was a bright future ahead of him.. May he learn well and not to get in trouble..

And so Me and the younger twin drove down to Miri.. It's was raining the whole journey.. Rain, stop, Rain, stop... Even in Miri the weather was like that.. Terrible.. Do you know how dirty my car is?? sien.. Even back home in the evening still rain abit.. sighs..

And so back to my trip.. I went to OPI to get a facial and ends up now my forehead having a visible red spot oh! I'm offically looking like an Indian girl.. O_o..

Then I bought SHOES!! SHOES!! I couldn't stop myself.. I was so happy buying, who knows my heart bleeds looking at the receipt when I was home.. wth.. o_O..

Then I was so tired from driving the whole day.. I wasn't allowed to rest.. Steven and Mike called asking me to go out.. No choice ok.. they blackmail me.. wth.. and so we went out after I reached home from MIRI..!! We went to Ideal Restaurant to eat then hang around abit in Gadong, checking out CDs.. Me hands being itchy bought one CD when I keep telling myself NO NO.. Lucky it's cheap.. =p

Something came up in office today.. Makes me worry and moody.. sighs.. I hope my matters solve soon.. May God Bless Me.. TQ..

Saturday, November 17, 2007

How mention that HE knows 9898.. O_o!!

I only slept for 4hours last night... O_O.. My eyes are closing..!! Anyway.. Ah how was in Brunei last night that why I have to meet him up.. It feels nice talking to him.. sigh.. 'How, time really flies lar.. we know each other quite a few years already.. from the first time we meet I don't talk at all.. Who knows now I talk SO much.. you have become a precious friend who lends me your ears when I'm not happy.. you can make me laugh to forget my worries.. AND I want to say NO THANK YOU.. haha.. Bcoz you always scold me for saying Thanks to you.. haha.. =D'


Anyway... before meeting up with ah how I went to the Mall with Wei Ru.. Buy junk food to stuff myself.. what to do, I'm trying release stress ok.. let me hug cheese.. haha.. We did ate cheesy nachos.. very nice.. Then me being a hungry person went off to get myself Crispy Crepe-chocolate chips flavour..


After those junk food we head to KTM.. Poor Steven being sick.. and that Wei Ru keep on playing with Jason piano makes Steven much more sick lor.. so pity.. haha.. By the way.. you people out there should try out KTM's BBQ Fish Stick.. very good I tell you.. B$1 three sticks.. Spicyyyyy... =p


And I forgot to post pictures of Chocolate Fountain.. haha.. I took it when Tze came down Brunei during 4/11/07.. And lots more overdue pictures.. =p

This ice cream taste great BUT it's so expensive lor.. They charge by grams.. O_o!

I finally get my hands on Chipster.. I have not seen it in Brunei yet.. I bought from Miri.. Loving it..

I went for Dinner with Jita at Capers Italian Restaurant last Wednesday.. They had this ALL YOU CAN EAT Promo going on.. I ate till I can't move or breath.. I'm so greedy.. =p


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Forgive me.. I don't know why is this happening in Malaysia..

Please note: All photos are copy from and

I was shocked after reading news regarding on Barisan National.. Malaysian wearing yellow on 10/11/2007 protesting at Kuala Lumpur.. I found such news after reading it from Kennysia's blog, IngHui's blog and suet lee's blog..

I was asking myself, what's going on? What happen? Well I'm a Malaysian but I grew up in Brunei.. Honestly to say I have no idea what's going on and why is this happening.. I have no idea what's our people is disappointed about.. All I can say is my heart hurts seeing the news on youtube.. It's hurt seeing the people protests being hurt by the police.. why the heck they use tear gas and chemical-lace water? Is our people damaging or hurting people while protesting? Is that the way to reply the people? Malaysian being hurt..!

That's what we always saw on TV happening to others country.. I have never bother this happening in other country but now it bothers because It's happening in Malaysia..

Monday, November 12, 2007

Dance the night away..

So tired.. I reach home 11pm last night from Miri.. I went to Miri to spend my weekend.. When I arrived in Miri, I directly went to meet up with Tze, Jennifer, Ah Hao, Shirley and Kelly at 'Hai Ba Wang seafood restaurant', I only have appetite for Prawns and veggie.. I was rushing for the food all the way from Brunei le.. Lucky there are still food.. but this bunch of friends left me no SOUP to drink.. *sigh* haha.. =p


Then after dinner we decide between SINGING or CLUBBING and so CLUBBING we go.. We end up at Balcony.. Had a very great time with the girls.. I haven't dance for ages.. and It feels good to move, move, move.. Honestly, I'm not a very good dancer but I love to dance.. so let me be people.. *wink* We left balcony at 3am.. *sigh* Pathetic us.. I was hmm.. so call drunk.. =p

Kelly, Shirley, Patricia, Jennifer and Masaki (Tze)


Our Sunday wasn't a sunny day.. In fact It was pouring the whole day.. Spoil our plans.. But still I have a great day.. Me, Tze and Jennifer got out from the house around 11am.. hehe.. Jennifer and Me were lazying around so that's why we were out late.. and Also to take pictures of Bam Bam.. her totally CUTE dog..

After lunch at New Hong Kong Duck Restaurant, We girls get crazy without Kelly and went to Boulevard shopping mall to take Neoprints photo.. hehe.. We totally have no ideas how to pose, how to act cute blah blah.. haha.. We totally laughed at ourselves.. Please we are not those Kawaii (cute cute) type anymore.. We are bunch of Sexy ladies.. WTH.. *wink*

Taken at Boulevard.. I Love this ladies..


After Shirley and ah Hao left for Brunei.. Me, Tze and Jennifer went shopping.. I spend and spend.. *sigh* Was telling myself not to buy much.. WTH ends up with goodies in my hand but then I really control oh.. I bought FEW things only to make me a happy lady.. =p Our last stop was Parkson and there we head to McDonald and wait for Kelly to turn up.. And I bump into Simon, and met Aaron.. I didn't meet up with Nicole, she was with her family so I meet up with you next time babe..

I received a Rose from my guy friend that Saturday night.. I gotta admit I love receiving flowers..

Relationship turns sour and ends for a reasons.. As long as both party knows what happen, As long as both know they were once in Love, As long as both party give time and they will still be friends, the one who gave up the relationship will be forgiven in the end.. I hope Tze finds her Happiness and live happily ever after, that includes for me too and my lovely buddies.. God will lead us.. Cheers girls..

Friday, November 09, 2007

what unlucky day...

Damn.. I'm feeling so angry at myself.. very unlucky lor.. *sigh* I made mistake at work.. BIG MISTAKE.. I'm wondering whether it's my fault or not? I just follow what the design gave me.. NO ONE mention to me regarding it.. I set up the file myself as some kick ass say it wasn't *** job and so I don't want to argue SO I done my part by following *** drawing.. and now WTH I have been told the sizes are wrong.. and the project already almost complete.. It's not big but LONG.. *sigh* Feeling so bad now..

This post is written in a very moody circumstances.. and so the writer has no intension to blame or curse or offence anyone at all.. TQ..

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


How I wish I know what is going to happen at the next moment..

When I was a little girl I wish and dream to be a witch.. A witch with power but good heart.. I wanted to have magic.. Magic which can bring things I always wanted, Magic to turn back times, Magic to travel around, Magic to be able to do what I wants.. Until now I still do wish sometime I have magic power.. I love watching and reading regarding witches and magic.. So that's why I'm so into Harry Potter.. So totally out of the world story.. *bleh* =p

I'm not good at making decision.. I wish to know which path am I going to in the future.. I feel tired.. very tired and worry.. I guess I think too much here.. Couldn't help it.. I wish I have a remote to control my brain or MYSELF.. *sigh* Today is a very very cold day.. From Morning until now.. I can't wait to go home and cover up myself under my blanket.. Under my blanket, away from everyone.. Away from troubles, away from worries..

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Life's unfair..

Life isn't perfect as we all want it to be.. Ups and downs we go.. We can fly up high and fall deeply.. We can be happy at one moment and cry at another moment.. Goals sometime seems so far for certain people.. No matter how hard they try, how much they work, they just couldn't achieve it, couldn't reach it.. It's easy to have secrets yet hard to hide secrets.. Secrets slips out without knowing, people ends up feeling betrayed.. Being the goody shoes person is not a smart move.. At the end, you wish to help others while others just wish to push you down, stab you from the back, blame it all on you.. Life isn't fair at all..

♥ ♥ ♥