Wednesday, September 29, 2010

7 days to go!!!

yessss September is ending.. After tomorrow and it's Hello October.. lalalalalalalalalala.. and October is a good month for ME.. lalalalalala.. wth

Ignore me, I think my work and stress have make me crazy.. T.T

Monday, September 27, 2010

Go Mi Nam

I'm in LOVE with this Korean drama.. "You're Beautiful" It's funny, cute and sweet =)
Four of them are a band in this drama~ great singers
Jang Geun Suk in this drama is very cool but sweet!!!! He turn the rabbit doll into pig rabbit..
Park Shin Hye is holding the pig rabbit doll.. She is the popular for Go Mi Nam in this drama (she temporarily disguise herself as her twin brother to join the band and fell in love with the cool Jang Geun Suk)
Park Shin Hye is one of the ambassador with Lee Min Ho for the cosmetic 'Etude House' which just open in Brunei!! I likeeeee and I can't wait to do some shopping =D
All three guys from the band fell for her.. awwwwww =)
love love love

I think I can re-watch it over and over again wth

* * * * *

"You and I" by 2NE1

Important decisions in life are always difficult to make

I finally went to watch Step Up 3 last night.. Awesome!
I love watching all their dance moves~~ Especially this part (link below) of the movie where Moose and the rest of the dancer dance on water.. the water effect they create is really nice!

and I love this song! "club can't handle" by Flo Rida ft David Guetta.. *dance away*

-Important decisions in life are always difficult to make- from Step up 3 =)

Friday, September 24, 2010

I believe it's an unforgettable pain

How can she continue to love and be with her boyfriend when his ex-girlfriend is pregnant with his child? watching him stand by her side when she give birth.. gosh how strong is her heart =(

In his house everyone was happily celebrating but not her because sitting opposite of her is the women pregnant with his child, causing her heart to race fast and slowly turning into pain.. She couldn't sit there anymore longer and excuse to take an early leave, she quickly get in her car with tears about to form.. As she pull away from the noisy place she burst out crying even with blurry eye sight she continue to drive back home..

-Ugly Betty-

Four leaf clover pendent

Who is this? Me!! haha.. Taken by my colleague during our last day at the old office.. We were all busy cleaning, packing and moving our own belonging.. Below picture is at the front entrance of our new office.. We all waiting to get in.. what a hot day! It was really too hot and I don't even bother to pose for the camera.. =X

* * * * *

Above is such a random post right?
Actually the real reason for this post is to show two pictures of FOUR LEAF CLOVER PENDENT I found on Google.. wth.. So yea, just want to show how pretty there are..
and EHEM.. I want a four leaf clover pendent! I wanttttttttt


wth Goodbye

Thursday, September 23, 2010

For September 2010

This is last Saturday at Grace and Alvin's wedding banquet at the Jerudong Polo Club.. Grand~

With Tze~
Grace gave us this silver colour material for us to make sister dress
And this is our outcome.. hehe
Thank you door gift from Grace and Alvin We with Grace the bride on Sunday morning
Toothbrush with wasabi and mix drinks for the brothers.. haha
with Tze and Yvonne
Grace's pretty friends =P
I LOVE their bedsheets!! Prince and Princess.. so cute and pretty!!!
Full page in the newspaper~ love

* * * * *

I saw LEE MIN HO!!!

fake one.. so sad.. We have Times Square in Brunei~ and Etude House cosmetic have a shop in there..
The shop is pretty because it's pink.. lol

Mooncakesssss.. yam, red bean and lotus flavour

This is breakfast set from Country patch which cost B$5.. I'm a pancake fan..

OLYMPUS this is the camera I saw from Xia Xue blog, and this belong to Tze Wei.. After testing it myself, I think I prefer Canon =)
Hello, this cute little one is POODY.. Pei Yong's doggie.. ahh so cute and it look like a carpet when he lay on the floor.. haha.. and why is Poody sitting so still?
because Chienz is taking his picture.. such a poser- when there is food.. hehe

The End

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just thinking

This was taken last year at SY's office for Chinese New Year open office function.. A picture with smiles, good memories..

Friday, September 17, 2010

20 days to go

It's a busy and tiring month.. I keep feeling unwell.. I'm going to blame my work place because no windows! no fresh air.. T.T I'm taking as much Vitamin C as I can~

hmmm what to update..

Last Saturday, Jennifer gave birth to cute little princess Giselle~ Also it was the day I went to Limbang, had a small night out at the KTV for Daphne the bride.. THEN wake up early morning 5.30am on Sunday for 'Ji Mui' duty.. The 'Heng Tai- Groom's brothers' enjoy being torture by us.. hohoho..

It's a tiring Sunday! On the way back after Khang Wei & Daphne Wedding Lunch at one of the restaurant in Limbang, I slept the whole way back home in Seng's car.. tired!! Alright, here are some pictures~

Don't think only 4 brothers from the groom.. ALOT are not in the picture, too many brothers!!
The games- waiting for the brothers
Me happily apply blusher for the brothers..
the brothers love being make up because they get to pose for the camera. lol
pick out grapes from the flour with mouth while doing push up

ends up with face cover with flour

In Limbang with Xiaw Hui.. She is one hot mama I know, mother of two kids! =)

This is taken during Daphne and Khang Wei's wedding banquet at I-Lotus, Brunei.. I-Lotus function room is kinda small but the environment is nice and comfortable..

That night, I went on stage and sang the song 'I don't want to miss a thing' with Steven when only a few tables of guest left.. hehe.. and I continue another two songs- solo and with the lady DJ of the night..
Daphne's uncles applause when I sang 'Wonderful Tonight' and got praise for being a good singer by the MC.. How come I sang so well? maybe it's the alcohol effect.. lol

"You was in the audience.. No matter you remember or not, I did promise to let you listen to me sing if there was a chance.. And the opportunity came and I did it.. We will always be good friend tofu, take care"

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I think so

Why for some couple the guy or the girl will feel insecure in a long distance relationship?

Because it's easy for a person to develop feeling for someone who is near and took care of you..
It's easy to develop feeling for someone who stand by you when you have problems or feeling unhappy..

Sometime long distance relationship is risky but sometime not because it will shows and prove how strong your love is for each other..

Monday, September 06, 2010

Wake me up when September ends

It's another hectic day.. Monday summore! It's just the second week of September and I'm already feeling that this month is going to be super stressful at work..

Weekend went by fast but not weekdays! =(

Last weekend went alright, Saturday afternoon I stayed back in the office until 5pm without lunch.. It's either I'm hardworking or dumb.. =(
Later that night I attend Siew yii's birthday-BBQ and I stay there playing drinking games until 6am, not with the birthday girl who sleep but her funny and friendly colleagues.. HOT games ;o)

Sunday night, I was suppose to have sungkai buffet but didn't because chienz the beginner class driver need to drive at safe speed.. hehe! so by the time we arrive at the restaurant confirm no more food for us to eat so we went supermarket cheese-hunting for her cheesecake instead.. and bowling time!!

Alright lunch hour is over, back to mountain piles of work.. can wake me up when September ends? =X

Friday, September 03, 2010

liat yrallixa

I forgot when was the last time I cry so hard..
Feeling like a little girl once again with short fast breath and eyes turn puff puff red.. crying so loud that I think I scare my mum and brothers.. du du du~

After telling or more like screaming at my mum to stop making me worry and scare, I continue watching my Korean drama - Cinderella's Sister.. hehe =X

Suddenly I just wish to be in his arms feeling safe.. =(

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Kath's Fountain of Life

Hello September!

I feel like I need alot of good luck for this month.. oh bad luck go away plssssss...

Last weekend at Miri was fun..
Stephy look so energetic and she tell me that giving birth is no pain.. NOOOO, I'm not going to believe her!!! haha.. Annabelle is cute, I'm sure she is going to be one pretty lady.. =)

Later that night, I went to Balcony with Kath and Tyng to meet Patrick and his group of friends.. All guys and one of them try to hit on me.. aiyo, they are all so young.. =P
And we saw wonderful friends from Brunei and one of them pass me a bottle of Chivas to drink at the dance floor.. jeng jeng jeng..

The whole night I was at the dance floor and when I return to our table.. Me, Tyng and Patrick witness the 'Kath's Fountain of Life' over the balcony.. hohoho.. Wonderful name create by Patrick.. Image of the Merlion fountain in Singapore is in my head now.. lolssssss.. so yea, it was fun =D

Note to myself: next time do not look back at the dance floor after dancing and less standing on those speakers at the DJ stage!! the dance floor is freaking bright or was I too sober? hmmm~~