Monday, May 29, 2006

He treats me well too

Ah how came to Brunei last Saturday night 27/5/06.. I was out talking with him until 2 in the morning.. Even get caught by polis.. Haha.. Those polis thought we are doing something else in the car.. I din even bring my IC with me.. Lucky that they let us go.. The polis even chatted with me happily, asking me a lot of question about myself.. he even ask when I'm gonna marry.. Terrible.. Ah how told me that my Ex bf, Kong is so caring towards his current galfren.. Like what ever she wants, he sure no matter how get it for her.. And they are going on a holiday to Kuala Lumpur this August.. I know what ah How is trying to say, he wants me to know that Kong treat her extremely good and treat me differently before..

But then I think to myself, asking myself whether Kong treat me badly before.. My answer is NO.. Kong treated me good.. He took care of me.. What ever I want he also did his best to give me.. Juz that I don't demand him to get me this and that.. Coz My theory is what ever I want I can afford to buy don't need to depend on my boyfren.. Am I wrong for being like this? Do guys like gals who demand more?? I told Rachael about this and Rac advice me that I'm not the demanding type, which makes me good too.. Rac said one day he sure will realize who is better.. Well, Kong and me have broke up quite long ago, and I had learnt not to feel the heartbreak already.. I took this news calmly, no pain but sure I still will think of it.. Never mind.. As long as he treat her well, and she treat him well then its ok.. Sure have my blessing..

Kong, the watch you bought me from Kuala Lumpur had already stopped.. The pain in my heart also have stopped.. Goodbye..

Got myself a new watch today.. butterflies.. =)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Get myself a Laptop? better dont.. hehe

Currently in the office.. Using ah Yap's laptop.. I suddenly have the urge feelings to get myself a laptop too.. but It gonna be a watse if I buy.. coz I wont be using it all the time.. and I find the keyboard not comfy to type with.. Laptop.. Sees like everyone is having it now.. Where ever cafes with wi-fi sure you can get to see packed with people with laptop and their eyes glued to it.. This people sit there for hours with just ordering a glass of drinks.. From what I know my friends tell me that most people sit there for hours coz they download movies, musics and stuff.. Now is not the right time for me to get a laptop and its not neccesary yet too..

By the way, I had lunch with Shirley and Ah Hao today.. They were in town to do some stuff and so they ask me out for lunch.. had a good talk with them, make me miss them so much.. Both still look the same.. Ah hao got his own car now.. Infact its a new one.. I forgot the model.. Ok la, I got to go home now.. its after 6pm oledi.. Ciaozzz...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's today.. Wishes all mummy happy mother's day.. You all are the greatest coz Mothers gone through pain to bring us into this world.. I will treat my family to dinner tonight.. and hope I can get to catch up with Nicole later in the afternoon after I finish work.. She is in town for straightening her hair.. hehe.. bah I got to get ready for work now.. Good Morning to all..

Pictures to talk about

On my way to work yesterday, I saw a car with a a butterfly icon caught my attention.. I so love the way it look so I quickly took out my camera and snap.. Hopefully the driver don't notice what am I doing.. HEhe.. I love butterfly and heart shape..

Ever seen a big big 3D picture? This can be found in my BIG head siao Ming's office.. If you know how to look at 3D pictures then you can see dinosaurs in this picture.. Siao Ming said not much people was able to see it.. I was unable to see too coz not enough concentration.. There is not only one dinosaur, but four.. If only I can bring it home.. hehe..

I was looking back my pictures folder , then I realized that I didn't upload the pictures I took in Kuching during Chinese New Year.. Nevermind, never too late.. I just upload some..

In Kuching, Marcus and his friend, brought me to the newly open garden/park.. There we found a wishing well.. Without hesitate we took out coins and make our wishes.. I made alot of wish.. haha.. coz I don't get the chance to come by this wishing well to make wish all the time.. See quite lots of coins can be see shining.. May all my wishes come true.. =)

Kuching's airport is huge.. It has the same design as Miri.. both design follow the KLIA, Kuala Lumpur's airport..

miri's look better? but Kuching's huge.. hehe..

During my stay there, Douglas drives me around doing some sight seeing.. and he shows me the places where night life entertainment can be found.. And there is this building still under construction, Douglas said it will a big big pub.. Upstair is for disco while downstair are for live band, bistro cafe and stuff.. Cool.. I think it should be finished by now, not sure when is the opening.. I sure would like to drop by this place when I visit Kuching again.. hehe..

Things gets old.. Human gets old.. why everything must get old huh? I bought this nice looking pouch in Kuching.. ONLY after TWO months plus, see what a big difference... HEhe.. Things around us gets old so cherish everything you have.. Cheers..

Saturday, May 13, 2006

What to blog about?

I don't know what to blog about.. All I can say is I'm extremly tired.. It's 2am now.. I still don't feel like sleeping.. Mother's Day is this sunday.. which is just around the corner and I haven't decide where to eat.. No idea which restaurant to go or what to eat.. I'm so blur.. I couln't decide..

I finally get my work pass chop and my IC done on Wednesday.. Luckily boss help me to arrange the office girls incharge to do quick quick.. If not sure I donno when they will do it and sure scold me if I keep on asking them..

At the Immigartion waiting for my passport to make IC..

The malays working for the government get to have lunch for one and a half hour le.. So damn lucky and free.. Another stupid thing is that my pic in my IC is very ugly.. My face looks very round.. I hope it's not that bad.. hehe..

The other day I took pictures of Caesar working hard but have no energry to carry things..

Finally, I has able to see caesar help to do hard work..

Then he heard Ronaldo the tough guy calls him.. Caesar turn and look..

Ronaldo then said, "you hold hammer also no energry how to finish this work.. come I show you
.. Bang bang bang.. like this ba.. " Caeser is so weak..

Well, it's late.. Im gonna Sleep now.. nitezz..

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lady's sense

I was just trying to add Nicole a testimonial but it says ERROR! What the heck.. Even her comment in her blog is bullying me.. Coz I was again trying to add comment onto to her entry but ended but error too.. So my dear Nicole do let me know whether you get to receive both of it..

This few days I was thinking to go straighten my hair as soon as possible and get my
hair colour done too.. I guess I will do it next month or in July.. But who knows I will get it done this month.. Hehe.. I donno which to saloon to go for.. Hmm.. Decision again.. Thinking again.. Haiz.. Never ending decision in our everyday life..

I wasn't feeling well this morning.. Since last night I had this terrible headache, bloody hell it was bought towards today.. Luckily, I fell better before lunch.. My mummy paste the medicine plaster onto my neck, which really makes me feel better.. Supposed to accompany my mum for breakfast this morning, too bad my head was pumping like hell.. By the way I got a call from Thomas all the way from Australia the other day.. He sound good.. He is totally into his books coz he say UNI is very very difficult.. He should try to have fun there at his current age.. and also last night I went out lim teh with QS Lee.. I tend to find his attitude strange since last friday.. Donno.. I tend to sense that he is starting to like me and care about me and duh.. what am I talking about?? aduh.. Forget what I have just said.. hehe.. I'm tired so Im off to bed now.. Gudnite..

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Peaceful Sunday

Today is a peaceful Sunday.. I was able to get myself out of bed for Church this morning.. In the afternoon, not much work in the office so I went home early.. I get a compliment today, saying I look sexy today.. Haha.. Went out accompany my mum to buy some stuffs.. Then back home I spend my night with the TV.. Hehe..

Alvin organized a gathering for us IBS 6,7 and 8.. But I guess most people will show up from IBS 7.. He.. The date will be on 24 of June.. Which is next month..I had confirm with him that I will be going.. So that mean this month I won't be going to Miri.. As I have plan to go on the 20/5 coz its Miri City Day.. Now don't feel like going anymore.. So I just wait until next month for the gathering.. Nicole, you should be confirm going too rite? Hehe..

After reading one of the entry by Kennysia, regarding the car on FORD.. Damn, make me fall in Love with SUV type of car now.. How I wish I can purchase one SUV but stupid expensive man.. Especially the latest RAV 4 from Toyota.. Beautiful, it's price is also beautiful.. Cannot afford such big car.. I'm now still doing survey on cars.. Still not sure which model I would like and is affordable.. Too many models which make me blur blur.. HEhe.. Not like being in Malaysia, coz all you get to consider is Proton and Perodua.. Alright.. I will be ending here coz I got to get back to my TV hehe.. ciaozzzz..

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Thanks to Nicole for reminding me about upload pics onto my Blog.. I totally forget about it.. Hehe.. So Im here to show pics.. HEhe.. I juz random upload.. I know it looks bad.. Nevermind I sure will be good at it soon.. Practice makes perfect ba..

This is ,my desk.. This machines are used to cut Stickers..
This machine below is use to print posters, banners, so on and on.. Very useful..

This is the laminating machine..for posters and so on again..

My Ex colleagues say I seem to be fat.. what do you think? Shit man.. I really damn need to diet..

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Possibility of ME being transfer

Haha.. I read partners to parents on Nicole's comment the other day.. Terrible me.. Maybe I got excited for her and read it as Parent.. HAha.. She did call me today.. good to talk to her.. I complain to her that Im being stress with work which make me eat alot now.. that mean Im gaining weight.. I had dinner at pizza hut just now.. haizz.. Well people, I have got some news.. Which is I heard big possibility that I will be transfer to be the assistant of the HEADS downstairs.. Ohh.. I donno how to express my feelings.. no feeling actually.. Hehe.. I just hope it will be a good thing if Im really being transfer.. that shows that Siao ming like me helping him instead of Amy.. is that an advantage for me? huh?? hehe.. I seem to be worrying and think too much lately.. Work, Car, Love.. HEhe.. Humans, always bring worries and problem to think about..

What is my purpose of living huh? What am I gonna be like in the future? What kind of work I will want and like? Im like turning 21 this year but I still have no idea what kind of work I like to do.. I like my current job but slowly I realise its not what I truly like doing too.. Im wandering around too.. Still searching.. but then I really hope to work as HR but too a pity that most company in Brunei don't hire foreigner doing HR.. Then just now being a Photograher appear in my mind.. I like taking pictures but this course is damn expensive.. If my parent can effort I won't be studying business.. I guess I like being a freelancer.. Hope in the coming future I coem to my sense on what I want to persuade at.. GUdnite..