Friday, January 29, 2010


Friday already.. I have a wedding dinner to attend tomorrow at Miri.. gosh.. It's like half of my female college mates are married!! I wonder who is next~

What a nothing-so-interesting day today.. I had quick lunch just now with Ray, Jolin, Kel, Zhe mei and Gina nearby my office area.. We had vegetarian food.. =)
And still the same, I have alot of work............ and 1/2/2010.. Starting of our department plan.. 100% overload with work.. I can just feel my nightmare is about to start soon..

Anyway I like Gina's quote in her FB~

*the road ahead might be tough and it might get bumpy with unforeseen circumstances. but when u know u have someone walking it with u, u'd know everything's gonna be alright*

I was playing this game on FB yesterday.. WTH! Tommy Chai..!! Shirley dear please don't kill me, it's FB fault.. The game is stupid.. lol..

**"Are you happy?"

**Not yet =)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last year today 26/1

I just realize the date today 26/1..

Last year today was the first day of Chinese New Year..

I read back my post for that day, it was a fun and happy day..

I wonder how will the coming Chinese New Year be like..

I guess it's going to be a special and double celebration because this year, Chinese New Year falls on the same day as Valentine's Day~ =)

Anddddddddd I'm not going to read back my post for valentine last year.. =P

*Time flies.. A year has passed~

Monday, January 25, 2010


Today feel kinda EMO.. I think I should buy a T-shirt like Ray's which say EMO GIRL.. hehe.. Feel something is missing~

I miss my overseas buddiessssssss.. T_T

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Emblem Night

I'm currently at napz fo (LIH PING) company's annual dinner at The Empire Grand Hall with pretty hairdo and fake eyelashes on.. I manage to success at putting on my fake eyelashes!! eventhough not perfect but I did it.. so proud of myself.. *beaming* LOL! It's really grand here, each of the staff are allowed to bring a partner..

Lih Ping's boss hire a DJ for an hour plus and now most of them are on the dance floor dancing away.. Me? blogging away.. LOL.. well I wanted to join them ofcourse but the songs the DJ spin are trance~ I don't have the mood to dance with trance.. hopefully he play abit of R&B later..

Anyway, performance by their own staff is quite good.. the food isn't that good.. but still acceptable.. The atmosphere GOOD! the place GOOD! the grand hall is BIG with two huge projector which show the far away stage GOOD! I wonder if any vacancy available for me to apply.. *wink* =P

Friday, January 22, 2010


Today back work lu.. what I feel? mood-less.. wakaka.. I feel like I haven't shop enough, haven't eat enough, haven't play enough.. eventhough becoming broke but nevermind because I manage to SHOPPPP AWAYYYY, really until I drop.. lol.. but then it's good to be back home.. Overall the trip was good.. I had a good time, bits of funny story happen.. with the LRT there.. =D Anyway, Chienz friends are all friendly and funny.. full of warmth especially with Kuan, Steven, Fang, Dexter and Sen yang.. Great knowing them.. =)

Monday, January 18, 2010


It's 3am.. and I'm typing in the dark again.. chienz and Kuan and ka ling are sleeping soundly.. and I know I got to sleep too.. It just started raining now.. KL weather is HOT and HUMID.. I wonder how's the weather back home?
for the past few days, it's eat and shop and I'm almost brokeeee.. things are getting expensive nowadays.. I'm starting to miss home, my bed, my baby car but not WORK.. lol.. the traffic is so terrible here.. hate it.. alright I better sleep.. Later in the morning it's another shopping day.. wuuu my poor feet and wallet.. lol.. =P

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Sooooo angry at work today!! some people just isn't responsible enough to handle their work.. can't solve then pass over to me to settle?? and turns out the client puts his anger at me like that?? walauuuu... the client scold people like shit le.. and I have to cover and solve it.. DAMN.. AND THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME PROBLEM FROM OTHER DEPARTMENT PASS OVER TO ME TO SOLVE.. SO PISSED!! AAARRGGGHHH...

Anyway.. it's settle now, and I'm feeling much better.. but still DAMN.. make me angry.. make me EMO..

NVM, I can't wait to de-stress.. I'm flying off tomorrow! to Kuala Lumpur with Chienz! yeaaaa.. I can't wait to enjoy my holiday.. stupid work.. always give me headache only.. EEEeeee.. *take deep breath* oh well, I'm so looking forward to my trip.. It's nowhere special, but I'm happy as long as I'm out of Brunei.. =D I hope this time my KL trip will be happier than last year.. Last year I was trying so hard to cheer myself up due to some circumstance.. namely R?? LOL.. =P

Anyway again, I'm flying tomorrow! cheers! =)

**It's been raining the whole day.. plus yesterday.. scary.. plsssss no floods! =/

I have recover~

I kinda lost my motivation to blog.. not to worry, I shall be getting it back.. soon I hope..

I'm surprise to know that my blog is being read by quite a few people out there who I'm not close to, or who I do not know at all.. It's uncomfortable for me to know some people who I never expect, to read my blog.. should I be proud about it? I don't know, I kinda feel weird.. but no complains though.. because I choose to open my blog to public..

Something happen last week, which make me experience and believe what he told me about Our personality is really kinda similiar.. I didn't really believe it at first, but the way she wants to understand the situation before she make any further decision calmly.. reminded me of myself.. and I remembered that's what I did too to Nicholas's case back in college.. =)

I got to admit, when our story happen in 2008 I have my reason to back off.. and I'm grateful that when our story re-happen unexpectedly in 2009, we still ends up going no where, nothing.. and I'm glad things turns out this way, I made the right choice before and now I still believe I did.. Everything happen for a reason.. =)

Saturday, January 09, 2010


It's a gloomy Saturday Morning, as I look out the door from my work desk, I see rain.. It's raining~

Thank God for my colleague, Blu is back at work from her MC, she hasn't been well for the past three days.. I have been running between our tables doing both side's work.. =/

Thrusday I watched the movie, 'Alvin and The chipmunks 2'.. It's good and funny.. and awwwww... Theodore is so so so so so so cuteeeeee.. haha..

Last night I watched the movie 'Old Dogs'.. omg.. such a funny movie!! I laugh so much and so hard in the Cinema.. =)

I love comedy movies~

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Bits and pieces to share.. =D

There's a day the company's team building story was publish in The Brunei Times..

have a close up look people.. do you spot me?? lol.. =P

There's a day I went window shopping~ for sofa..

There's a day I send my brother to Miri Airport..

There's a say I drop by Bintang Mall for dinner.. and found the new parking card in good quality.. HARD CARD TYPE YO.. and couldn't resist to take a picture of it..

There's a day I first tried out food from Marrybrown, Miri.. I ain't happy about the fries.. BUT..

I was happy I saw there are tables with swings! (sadly two tables with swings only) I wait patiently for one to be available.. and immediately ask my youngest brother to rush over and occupy before other kids or mothers there.. wuhuuuu we won, feel so proud~ wth.. =P

There's a day I was introduce to Durian puff by Ji mui.. damn NICE! available at Parkson, Miri guys, somewhere around sushi king and secret recipe..

There's a day I follow friends to join a good company's annual dinner.. what an experience~ new people there.. lols..

Then there's a day I went to Gary's house for a slow and chill countdown to the new year 2010.. We sang butttttt I didn't get the chance to sing.. too many pro singer around.. lol..

We celebrated Gary's birthday at the same time and make him drunk.. Mission almost accomplish, that's Gary being half drunk with the hood.. wuhuuu.. =P

Friday, January 01, 2010


01012010~ A brand new year~

Countdown to the year 2010 was a slow and chill night.. good and well~ =)