Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We change as we aged

At the age of..

20; you receive your first hard pay after graduate and buy that camera/phones you been aiming at to reward yourself..

21; you want to get your first car..

22; you set to travel as much as you can in a year..

23; you move your family priority from spot number three to spot number one..

24; you want to change your career, to a job which you love doing.. or you realise your expenses has increase but not your salary so you tend to switch job.. or even start to save and be your own boss..

25; you start to realise health is actually very important to you and not all those luxuries life or goods..

30; having a family of your own and you will want nothing but the best for your children..

We changed as we grow and through experience in life.. wants/views/goal/dreams will continue changing.. Life~

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

chienz polar bear is back

Current location: Chienz's room

hohoho.. my Chienz is back! She is going to be free for the next 4 months because her boyfriend is now at this far far away country name Melbourne.. =P
haha.. joking~~ Anyway, eventhough she is free I don't think we will hang out much unless I feel super energetic or very in the mood to drive all the way down to her house after work, when my office and home is only 5 minutes away.. to her house need 15 minutes ok (I think).. hiak hiak.. =P

Lucky for her to see me today because I went to Kiulap area to survey some stuff so I follow her home to use her internet connection.. wth =P

Yeah~~ I can't wait for weekend to comeeeeeee, de-stress time.. I will be at Miri TO see baby Annabelle & ALL the Hot Mama.. Also TO clubbbbbb~~ Anyone I know going to be in Miri this weekend? Have fun everyone! =D

Saturday, August 21, 2010

celebrity, casual, costume?

Wuuu~ I receive a wedding dinner invitation for next month- Daphne and Khang Wei

Bride's dinner will be held in Brunei, the wedding ceremony will be held in Limbang.. and YES, that mean I have to drag myself down to Limbang to be 'ji mui'.. =.=
I want to faint when I read the theme for this wedding dinner.. Theme: Celebrity, Casual, Costume wear.. this bride-to-be really alot of pattern, tak boleh tahan her.. lol

sighs~~ what to wear le.................

I need to think for another wedding dinner too actually, which is also next month.. du du du du Two wedding to attend in September.. du du du du

Friday, August 20, 2010

Queen at Sungkai Buffet

ahhh~ My Queen's birthday today.. I treat the whole family to buffet.. Sungkai buffet! hehe

The Puasa month, almost all of the resaturant in Brunei have 'Sungkai Buffet'.. so popular in Brunei, it's a yes yes to spend on having buffet because 'all you can eat'.. but no no to getting fat.. hahaha.. =P

Happy that both of my brothers are back at home for my mum's birthday, and also I'm happy to see changes in the eldest prince after of not seeing him for months.. =)

Happy Birthday Mama, we love you~

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Carrie- in the movie part 2

It's now 2.15am and I just finished watching the movie 'Sex and the City 2'..

Can marriage be complete without having children?
In this movie, Carrie and her husband both agree to have a 'no baby' marriage.. and it got me thinking, will this kind of marriage be happy~

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the song name billionaire

Current weather in Brunei: Heavy Rain!

It's 18/8 already, the month of August seem to pass faster then last month.. Well, it's a good thing for me, I'm patiently counting the days and wishing October to come soon.. I'm not looking forward to my favourite month because it's my *ehemmmm* birthday but because I can see the bf.. COME BACK SOON!! hehe..

Poor bf been awfully stress for this semester, stress until I find him scary.. haha.. No la, he is still the same blur guy I'm in love with.. =) Sad that I don't own a plane so I can fly over to him anytime I want nor the bf is a billionaire who can sponsor me air ticket every weekend~ lol

Ohhhh, now a song appear in my head.. 'Billionaire by Travie Mccoy feat Bruno Mars'

*pat start singing in emo voice* "I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad, buy all the things I never had" blah blah blah.. =P

* * * * *

I watched 'The legend is born: IP MAN' few weeks ago, I love all the IP MAN movie.. 'wing chun' kungfu!! Too bad the character of Ip Man for this movie is not Donnie Yen, BUT it's still a good movie.. Highly recommend to watch~ =D

* * * * *

Yeah, tomorrow dinner at Misato for Ling Chi's birthday~~ SUSHI!! =) goodbye

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Personal Taste

I have been very busy.. super busy.. watching LEE MIN HO in "Personal Taste"
A korean romantic comedy~~ LEE MIN HO super good looking!
LEE MIN HO- center
I love his smile~~ Lee Min Ho is also from the popular korean drama "Boys over Flowers"
In this drama, he is a very sweet guy.. and inside my head "I want my bf to be like this too" jeng jeng jeng~ Girls shouldn't watch too much of this romantic drama, it's bad for our mind because we think and expect our bf to be like those guys in the drama.. wakaka~ *back to reality*
To me "Personal Taste" it's worth to watch~ not just because it's Lee Min Ho, but the story is funny and sweet.. =)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today it's a public holiday for beloved Brunei, first day of Puasa, the start of Ramandan.. And no! today, I did not spend my holiday hiding myself in my room.. lol

1) Morning: Erick salon - RE-PERM my HAIR

Whenever I perm my hair, I get to use different looking kind of curling machine.. I don't like the machine from Erick Salon because they use this grey thing cover my head (picture below) and 'press start button' you can feel warm air start blowing inside the cover.. I feel like a hot air balloon there, the air blowing inside the cover make me dizzy.. felt like alot of air went into my scalp? DISLIKE! but thank god the outcome was acceptable =)
2) Then after I'm done with my hair, went for late lunch at McD with Joan and Daniel..

3) After McD, the three of us went to GK salon.. ME = pedicure, Joan = menicure, Daniel = Hair wash..
My poor injure toe need some pedicure love~~

4) In the evening: I went to visit ah Jun and Winnie.. Eason already one year old~~

5) At night: Chit chat over a cup of hot chocolate with Kath, Tynn, Clarisse, Izan, Joanna..

ahh see, I spend my holiday well.. so Goodbyeeeeeeee

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Eight Eight day- 8/8

Emo week and it's all about food.. Thanks to Hiang for feeding me pizza and more pizza wth and Chienz too for the chicken soup and nuggets, chicken wings...............T_T FATNESSSSSSSSSS
but I'm happy so it's alright (lying to myself)

Lazy afternoon with a pancake and vanilla ice cream.. I love pancake!! The pancake at Aulait is great~~ Hiang force me to finish up the fries (you see there the fries T_T) treat me like a vaccum!! *sobs* FATNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS but I'm happy so it's alright too (continue lying to myself.. goodbye)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Chetty's birthday

I went to Kuala Lurah after work just now for Chetty's birthday! Above Cheesecake for ah chet is made by Lih Ping herself! =)

Chet didn't know me, hiang and guo zhang will be there.. His red face with eyes open wide wide when he saw the three of us appear from behind him.. lol.. He was really happy.. =D

Then I didn't expect to met back an old classmate from Primary school there! Next table summore.. Hiang saw a good looking guy, and he being daring took his drink and went to the guy while pointing at me and I heard him said "My friend finds you good looking and she want to drink with you".. I was like WHAT?? si beh pai seh!!! haha

Well, who knows the guy replied him, "oh I know her, we were schoolmate before" and look at me "Patricia right? I'm Sean.. Sean Yup".. My head went blank for a second then I remembered the one and only Sean Yup from school! lol =)

* * * * * * * * * *

This is Hungri-O~~ Hungri-O does not eat to live, he lives to eat. He is hungry 24-7 and will eat anything in sight.. hmmm.. sound like my BF.. =X

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Am I being sensitive?

Am I being sensitive?
Why do I feel hurt by the words you said?
For the first time, you talk to me with that cold voice..
Which I never expect to hear it from you..
Is it me who make you upset?
You might be teasing me..
but why I didn't laugh with you..
They are right, why should I care?
I care and I make myself unhappy..
but I can't help to care, because it's in my personality..
I dislike this feeling..
My friend, Is the real you so much different?
I hope not..

* * * * *

I love volcano roll from Misato Japanese Restaurant! Had it last night~ yummy =)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My first ambition

I came across this vacant post on RBA facebook link and I thought of Wendy..
I met an old friend from primary school name Wendy, last two months.. I can't recognize her until she speaks and remind me that we were schoolmates from primary school.. Then ahhh I remembered her voice and her name with her image back in school pop in my head!! Goshhhh.. hehe

Wendy is a Stewardess.. And guess what, she encourage me to apply for Stewardess! lol
I thought to myself, 'OMG, I'm going to fail the first interview' =P
Wendy pulled up my confident level, she said my height is acceptable, my look is just fine and insist I must apply.. lol
Well, I didn't apply ofcourse! =P

Honestly, back in primary school, my very first ambition was to become a Stewardess.. I gave up that ambition in Primary 3.. why?
BECAUSE my crazy friends back then said it's a risky job where airplane might clash.. I chicken out so I changed my ambition.. haha
Do you remember your first ambition? ;o)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Congrats Stephy

Last year, I was introduce to a lady at Miri, who I have no idea how we end up being so close after that one trip I had to KK last September =)
She is one brave, independent, strong, sexy lady I ever met and I salute her for the path she choose..
She understand the same hurt and jealously =)
Congrats dear Stephy, welcome little baby Annabelle on this blissful Sunday..
May little Annabelle be shower with lots of love from everyone =)
I can't wait to see the little one next month..

Last night-Martel but I drank COKE^^

Pictures for this whole week, from last Sunday~

BBQ at Muara Beach

After the beach, 'Pisang Goreng' at Ray's house.. yum yum! very good!

The night I first drank Guinness.. ok when it's chill, not ok when not chill! Royce say VERY NICE DE.. =X hehe

Drop by to visit Mothercare store for Jennifer.. =X

Black Label night-PURE- 5 of us *bad hangover*

Eve gave me 'Ipoh Pan Mee' to try.. yummy! =D

Visit Consumer fair at Bridex! Yes, I drop by RBA booth~~ =)

Ahhh tomorrow is Monday!!! but oh well, welcome August!!! =)