Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm into MDG...~~

MDG stands for Malaysian Dream Girl.. ( is Malaysia's first online reality model search show which I'm very into currently..

From the beginning of the show 12 girls were chosen during the audition.. and each week elimination will take place.. Elimination time is where I get nervous with the girls.. wth.. Because I'm afraid my favourite dream girl one will be sent home mah.. =p

There are only 8 girls left now in the dream house.. *Dream house is where the girls are sent to stay and live together until the shows complete..*

8 pretty girls left..








..Ringo aka Cheesie..

Who will be the next to say goodbye?

Which dream girl is my favourite? I'm a greedy type so I have 4 favourite dream girl..

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This reality shows isn't 100% perfect and sometime the filming and stuff aren't interesting but I faith that the shows will initially improve..! yea.. Malaysia boleh..! wth.. =p

I like episode 8 which is the latest one now.. This episode where the girls do advert recording in the studio.. They did very well with their idea and being creative.. This girls really shows alot of improvement from the first audition to all the photo shoots to catwalk on runway.. *phewff* they sure work hard..

May the best dream girl win.. with the highest votes ofcourse.. =D

Hmm.. I wonder if I join the audition sure I get rejected hard hard ah.. hurt some more.. disappointed some more..

How can a cutie like me be a professional sexy model to make Malaysia proud? wth.. =p

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nose mask =(


Forget to share with you guys my happiness.. ON...

hahahahahahaha.... my internet Espeed bill has decrease from B$98 to B$68 starting next month April.. so happy.. Now I can save the extra B$30 hmmmm SHOPPING.. wth.. I'm so helpless..

* * * * *

I went to Giant supermarket with my mama is afternoon.. It was the second time I have been there since it's opening.. The first time was on Friday with Roger.. Luckily both time I was there we were not stuck in heavy traffic.. At least both time we manage to find parkings which are not FAR away from the entrance..=p

I went to The Mall after Giant to get some face product.. and so I went to The Face Shop which I have been thinking to check out the product there since last week.. I got myself a nose mask, spot corrector and hydro serum..Not to forget I automatically register as a member for spending around B$70..

Not sure what the effect will be like but I'm going to start using them today.. I tried the nose mask peel off thingy already.. wth so damn pain when I was peeling off the mask.. I was particularly crying already.. haha.. The lady who introduce it were right.. really pain.. =(

No choice must go on using it.. *sighs*

Saturday, March 29, 2008

For my Ah Jie.. Alice

I was browse through some pictures just now, a lady caught my eyes.. Then I started to feel sad.. I SMS her telling her that I miss her alot.. Wish she were by my side.. It's been about 6 months since I last saw her.. =(

The lady who prepare my 21st birthday cake..

I miss you ah Jie.. See you in about 2weeks time with ah Ko..

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I will cross the ocean for you

It would be nice if I'm at the beach right now.. With friends who I can laugh and talk with..

Work was hell busy.. My head supervisor was in a bad mood and I step on his tail.. Work until 11pm every night.. Didn't get enough sleep.. Waking up late.. Eat supper every night.. Pimples problem.. *sighs*

Can we freeze the time and let me smell the flowers slowly? wth..

* * * * *

Anyway.. Let me show off my nephew picture.. I present to you, Elijah Hii..

Shirley my ah soh.. Is this Elijah's passport picture? haha..

Eeee... so damn cute ok.. I want to reach out and pinch his chubby cheeks.. My cute cute nephew is in Bintulu, Sarawak.. ahh.. I love my cute nephew.. Can he call me sister instead of yi yi (aunt)?? =p

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Which comes first?

As I listen to the radio today and I find something quite interesting so I take a note of it..

It was a short question which reflects the life of us..

And the question all like this,

Let's say you were at home all alone.. Then..

The baby cries suddenly..

The water over flows in the bathroom..

The clothes in the washing machine starts to 'beeps'..

The phone is ringing..

The door bell ring and ring..

Now.. Which one will you handle first? put it according to which steps would you do first..


For me I would go and close the water,
then switch off the washing machine,
then to the baby,
then pick up the phone,
then lastly answer the door..


What it really means is

1.Water tap = MONEY..
2.Washing machine = ROMANCE
3.Baby = FAMILY
4.Phone = CAREER

I find mine accurate actually.. Because at the moment money is really my top priority.. Then to find love, Family are more important to me than career, and I do spend more time on my work rather than my friends..

Is yours accurate? hehe.. =p

* * * * *

Alright, I'm going to post some overdue pictures I took at TANDOOR.COM restaurant.. a restaurant which serve Indian food.. The environment is good.. Class looking.. The foods are good.. The service are good.. Price abit expensive.. Conclusion if you don't mind about price, highly recommend to try.. =D Anyone kind enough to bring me there again? =p

Warm looking..

Mostly the place decorate with their musical instrument..

If only I know how to play it.. wth..

I went there with Angel..

The view from our table.. Looking at The Arch building..

Elephants everywhere..

Patricia and Angel with a baby elephant..

This is known as their mouth washer, in a lot of flavour... Some taste weird..

* * * * *

That's it.. Ending with a picture I took over the weekend with MASAKI, NICOLE and JENNIFER.. JENNIFER nah your face in here liao.. Because you give me face I shall post a picture of you.. hahaha.. =p love you girls..

And lastly a picture of a lady with her hair being wash.. The End..

Monday, March 24, 2008

..With You..

One of my favourite song at the moment.. Chris Brown - With you.. I'm loving this song.. =D

* * * * *

'Yu-Hee the Witch'.. is the korean drama I'm watching now.. One more episode and I'm done..

I find the movie funny and sweet.. Not romantic type but sweet.. =p I like watching the lead actress.. She is so pretty.. I just love her nose..!! haha.. Highly recommend to watch..

the Gorgeous one..

The actor in Yu-Hee the witch drama isn't the handsome type but when he smile.. OMG so cute ok.. I think the mix ang moh actor handsome lo.. hohoho..

the CUTE one..

the HANDSOME one..

* * * * *

'My lovely Sam Soon' which I watched last year is also one of my favourite.. The leading actress is very cute lor.. and the actor so handsome ok.. wth.. =p

She is Cute, HE is Cool..

This drama is also funny but more on romantic.. I was partically crying through most of the episode.. Too sad and I was touched ok.. wth.. and I got my MSN nick MOMO from this drama..

Basically I'm not the type who will write the whole story out from the movies.. All I can comment is GOOD or BAD or NOT BAD.. Too lazy ok.. and it's boring.. If you want to know more on what's the story is about.. Go watch it ok.. or else you can always 'GOOGLE' for it.. haha.. =p

'My Girl'.. This drama is so funny that I keep laughing non stop at every episode.. GOOD..! The actor so looking ok.. wth..

'Lovers in Paris' This is the romantic and crying type one lo.. I love it.. The actor so cool.. wth..

'Full House' This one no need to say la.. so FAMOUS ok.. why? Because RAIN la.. RAIN so HANDSOME ok.. I love him lo.. wth.. and by the way the actress damn gorgeous too..

Sighs.. Most of the Korean actress all look so gorgeous and fair and smooth and pretty and blah blah blah.. Nah now I wish I have Korea blood in me.. wth..

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Giant is HERE...!!

Today is the grand opening for Giant supermarket in Brunei..!! The first Giant in Brunei all the way from Malaysia ok..!! So excited.. wth..

Anyway.. I went to Giant last night ok.. Been in there before it open ok.. I'm so lucky.. wth no lah.. I just when in to same part.. Haven't been into the GIANT supermarket area.. I bet it's damn big.. From the outside it's so huge looking already..

So Giant..!!

I went to have a peak at the place with my colleagues, Winnie and the others.. They were there on work of course.. And I escape from OT tag along with them to have fun..

The place looks great.. The environment also feels great (maybe coz it's NEW).. Everything seem so nice in there.. I can't wait to actually to go in and shop and EAT..


A few variety of restaurant available.. KFC, Food courts, Rasa Ayam and most of all I can't wait to buy drinks from Teabox..!! Teabox look so attractive.. Makes me want to spend money lo.. sien.. haha..

Teabox drinks I want..

The Foodcourts there..

Mesti cuba! = Must try.. I can't wait to try.. wth.. =p

Other than Giant supermarket, there are other shops too.. From clothes to jewellery to accessories to bags to toys to shoes to blah blah blah..

Other shops and small stall outside of Giant area..

One of my favourite bags store in Brunei..

One of the shop which attracts me..

Even DST (Brunei's mobile network) want to join Giant..

They even prepare a nice looking playground for kids.. So colourful that I wish I was a kid again.. wth..

Playground for kids.. Not big for us but big for the kids.. wth..

Parts of the playground..

They have a huge parking lot which fits for 600 cars.. I read it from the papers la.. Not sure whether it's really 600 or not la.. but from what I see they do really have huge car park..

What a huge parking lot they have..

Me and other two colleagues ladies when and have a look at Giant during lunch today.. We were hoping that we will be able to get in to buy some CHEAP stuffs.. But who knows.. SO MANY CARS OK.. As is the whole Brunei population were there today.. Never I saw so much of cars.. not even The Mall can bet Giant today.. Some cars are even park so damn far away.. This people do anything for NEW OPEN supermarket and CHEAP stuffs.. =p

* * * * *

After Giant last night, me and Winnie went off to The Mall to look at our company's man setting up for the opening of World Water Day..

At The mall..

The two of us went there to disturb then later on when to have supper at Thiam Hock with Boss Ong and later join by my Boss.. After that very FULL supper, I went home to sleep.. wth.. =D

One of the item design by our Designers, done by our Production people..

* * * * *