Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy FAther's Day 18-6-06

I was suppose to blog about saying Happy Father's Day, but I fall asleepjust now, and it's 1.29am at the moment.. I also forget to msg my friend that I got to cancel our lim teh session due to I'm so tired..

So Father's Day once again.. I treat my dad to eat, Very full.. Until now I'm still feeling full.. Happy Father's Day to all dad.. Espcially my dad, eventhough he is stirct and fierce, I know he loves me and my brothers.. I understand how hard my dad has work to keep us well feed and living in comfort.. I'm not close with my dad, I'm trying my best to patch things up with him.. and I can see improvement.. for my dad: Papa, I Love You..

Sunday, June 11, 2006


I went to Miri this Morning.. My mum went to Sibu for my cousin wedding.. You me, my dad and brothers went to pick her at Miri Airport.. Before my mum arrive this happen.. chang chang deng deng.............


I arrived Miri, directly went to the saloon.. and had my hair straighten.. I so Love the feeling of straight hair.. I had my hair done at Claire for the price of RM200~ Quite a good budget for me..

I went to parkson and got myelf new earings.. Im loving it.. At Miri I hang out with Alice, lieh and Jennifer.. I ask chai yu to come out, she say tired and even ask whether I got her present or not, if yes then she meet me.. so pathetic her.. Haha.. time to bed.. Ciaozzz....

Lightning McQueen

Last Night... Suddenly me and Jita decided to catch a movie...Introduceing Lightning McQueeen from the CARS~~ Yippie.. Such a cute and funny cartoon.. We even got ourselfs stickers of it.. Cool~~
This picture shows the lovebirds, Sally and Lighthing McQueen.. Blog again soon.. Ciaozzzz

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bringing back my Confidence

I am very very tired.. Since Monday 5/6/06, My company have started working overtime until 11pm.. Due to getting perpare for Sultan's Birthday celebration.. So only have Sultan's birthday next month then I'm free..

Today there was a problem occur on a Job I had done.. Due to the sizes and outcome looks weird.. I donno why, after knoing about it might be a mistake make me bad mood.. Boss have warned us that whenever we did mistake on the Jobs handed to us will get deduct from salary.. I totally lost my confidence already.. I realise I seem to lost my confidence ever since this deducting salary rules appear.. Even Siao Min, my big head of department complain that I seem to be not the one he knows before.. The main reason I lost my confidence is because I already double check alot of times before I start my work, but then make me soo disappoint is eventhough I double confirm or double check still the outcome is not acceptable.. Sienzz.. My eyes are closing now.. I am getting to look like panda already.. Off to bed.. Gunite..