Thursday, February 28, 2008

See u in April, Ko and Jie..

My dear Ah Jie, Alice send ma a message.. Which brought smiles to my face.. I'm so happy for her and my Ah Ko, Lieh..

I can't wait to see you two on April.. and So happy for the both of you.. Miss you two.. *hugs* =)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy National Day Brunei -2008

It was a public holiday.. Brunei celebrate it's National Day..

I remember more on spending Brunei's National Day then Malaysia's Merdeka Day..

As a Malaysian I don't even know how to sing Malaysia's National Anthem.. As a matter of fact, I sing Brunei's very well..

I grew up in Brunei so I'm much familiar towards Brunei culture then Malaysia's..

I love this country but too bad.. Times and Chances are now rare and bad for us called Foreigner in Brunei..

Jobs were easy to find back then.. Now it's complicated..

Things aren't easy anymore..

Wish things aren't so complicated..

Anyway.. Happy National Day Brunei.. =)

I had a good holiday today.. been at home the WHOLE day.. yippieee... =p

Thursday, February 21, 2008

7.45am...!! wth

Ahhhh....... I'm gonna suffer....

From today onward no more 'clock-in-office-before-8am'.. I have to be in the office before 7.45am.....!! wth.. I'm such a late person.. LAZY person.. haha..

* * *

Wendy went to Miri last night already.. She will be flying off on the 25/2 to Singapore.. I thought I couldn't say bye as stupid we have meeting which took so long..

Luckily I drive like a mad woman -__- and manage to see her getting in her car.. pewhh.. Gave her a hug and good wishes and off she go.. She cried.. I'm sad..

Never mind she will be back after 6months plus la.. Don't worry Darren, times flies.. =)

* * *

Happy Chap Goh Mei..!!

It's the time to eat again.. I mean family being together to eat.. wth I'm talking about eat eat eat only.. -__-

Anyway.. It's Chap Goh Mei.. That's it.. Have fun everyone.. =D


Sunday, February 17, 2008

I need a Career

I wish to get a good career..

Few of my friends are heading over to Singapore to work..

I wish to join them.. really..

My reasons I can't bear to leave home.. leave my comfy bed.. Family and everything esle..

I admit it maybe be an excuses.. but then, I really can't bear to leave..

Roger told me that going out to strive, we think of money not family.. By that we can concentrate on our career.. He also told me, the time will come and still we will headed for home.. So right now is the best time to go out and experience life..

Yes, Indeed what Roger said was true.. He had me thinking for a good seconds..

I can go everywhere I want, it all depends whether I want to or not..

I don't know how to make myslef leave.. I feel like a fool sometime.. Such a fool to stay..

* * *

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Valentine..

You guys should go watch this movie.. Damn funny.. I laugh till the end.. haha.. I have watch Jay's Kung Fu Dunk too.. Just funny lo, nothing much actually.. Nothing special.. So basically I'm just into more of watching JAY only.. haha.. =p

* * *

How was my Valentine Day you ask?

It was alright.. hehe..

So kind of Mr.Liang asking me for dinner, if not I would be sleeping at home.. wth.. haha..

We went to Fratini's Portview at Bandar.. The environment was great.. Over looking the view of Kampong air.. The food was great too.. The only problem was the foods took quite long to arrive..

After dinner was thinking to head over to Joan's house.. but too bad, it's late and Joan is tired so I ended up going to Roger's house as he was having open house that night..

Mr.Liang wrap the chocolate himself.. Not bad looking you know.. Don't play play o, he is good.. =p

Thanks Mr.Liang for the lovely dinner.. hehe.. Mr.Liang is not old actually, I just wish to keep his identity private.. haha.. =p

Pictures below are taken on the Fourth day of CNY when I went to Miri..

At Jennifer's house

Cick to enlarge.. clockwise: Jennifer, Masaki, Connie and Kelly..

Click to enlarge.. clockwise: Yong Meng, Alvin, Chris and Dennis
Dinner at Dave Deli with Nicole before heading back Brunei..

Bam Bam with his new CNY T-Shirt.. T-shirt reads : I'm a Virgin.. wth.. haha..

King at Kelly's house so HUGE now.. I'm scared of King..

* * *

At my House.. Thanks for coming people.. *hugs* Ah How if u want come, come la.. hehe..

Tze, Alvin and me..

It's late so goodnight all..

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Being Famous..?

Ching, Joan and Yours Truly turn famous on the first day of Chinese New Year, 7.2.2008.. why huh..??

We were on Borneo Bulletin (local Brunei newspaper) that day...!! *happy*

hehe.. Actually when we were there busying taking pictures then a photographer approach us and ask for our permission for him to post on newspaper.. We three think twice and wth it's not always we get such oppurtunity.. So we agree and voila.. Our Pretty face on Newspaper.. wth.. =p

Our first experience.. Full color type neh.. *snif snif.. so proud of us* wth.. =p

Who knows, Seng Seng and Angel appear too in the paper.. haha.. The photograher actually is one of Joan and Seng Seng's friend.. Pictures taken by Jason Leong.. --- Leong's relative.. -__- small world..

Angel and Seng Seng

* * *

Tomorrow is the day when roses rises double price, cafes & restaurant fully booked, gifts shop full of heart shape gifts.. It's Valentine's Day.. lots of LOVE in the air.. <3 <3

Took this at the Mall.. Short heart messages outside Swensens Restaurant..

Happy Valentine Day people.. To the couples have fun, To the singles have lots of fun too, What la also can celebrate pls.. single party la.. wth.. To the distance relationship love no fear there are always the internet, webcam, phone, so no worries, you are not lonely.. =D

Happy Valentine's Day.. xoxo <3

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ate alot for CNY?

Oh my.. It's been such a tiring Chinese New Year week.. How was the moussy celebration for you guys out there? Gotten rich with the 'ang pao' (red packets) already? Gamble untill morning and won alot? Ate super lots of sweet food and fizzy drinks?

That's are the traditional doing of Chinese New Year to us.. andddd not to forget lots of fireworksssss..... =D

I have not sleep early at all striaght from Chinese New Year Eve.. Alot of my friends have start working today, I start work on last Saturday.. So after work just now I took a one hour nap..

On Sunday, 10/2.. I was in Miri, send my brother Patteron down to the airport.. Then went for friends house to 'bai nain' (visit) also.. Patrick, my other brother follow me to every houses I went.. I bored him.. hehe.. *shall upload pictures soon ok*

Joan and Ching are coming over to my house to 'bai nian' (visit) soon.. Now I'm waiting for them.. After my house we shall head over to Ching's house.. *update- Leong came over to my house too*

I ate too much getting lots of unwanted fats already.. DIET soon la.. haha.. ahhh.. The girls has arrived.. bye.. *runs out*

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Chai..!!

Pictures taken at the NBT Toyota Brunei..

Trying to kiss the mouse huh Joan? haha..

Yours truly and Angel wishing everyone Gong Xi Fa Chai..!!

It's all about the money..

Ching and Me..

* * *

On the first day of Chinese New Year..

The Chinese New Year Eve dinner at Home.. It's been years since the last time My family
had CNY eve dinner in Brunei.. We used to be in Sibu at thie time of day..

I was being told to eat cheese as in Lunar calender this year is the year of the RAT..
I want more luck bah so I bought a cheesecake.. wth.. =p

Moussy hand drawn painting by Tze's friend.. Jacinta's house..

On the first day of CNY *Chu 1* I went down to Limbang.. The road pass the custom..
Still under process..

See how bad are the road condition..

Breakfast and Lunch.. hehe.. cooked by Tze's mum.. at their house..

Left to Right : Annie, Evelyn, Patricia, Nicole, Masaki (Tze) at Annie's house..

Lion dance perform at Evelyn house..

Left to right : Me, Tze, lion dance, Evelyn and Kai Yiaw

New friends I met at Limbang.. =D
Jacinta is the one in Blue-Green blouse..

Hand made, drawn background at Jacintah's house..

Jacinta's house view is great..

Nicole, me and Jita at Jita house's before I head back to Brunei..

Outside Annie's House..

Limbang girls are all pretty looking I tell you... Nice to meet you all.. =)

The wireless at home are up and running.. I install it all by myself.. So proud.. wth.. =p