Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's almost 5am.. I forgot what time did I wake up.. All I know is I fell asleep feeling super full from dinner at RBC once I reached home.. Then suddenly wake up around 3am.. I look at my luggage bag, empty.. shiftttzz.. faster start to pack abit.. Most importantly, dresses-check ready for ling sing's wedding.. =)

Later today I will be heading off to Miri.. I will be at Miri until Monday.. wuhuuu.. going to spend some quality time with my babes, best bud CCH, hopefully meet Nicole and Clemence.. hehe.. I can't wait to see everyone at the open house at CCH & Shirley's.. can't wait to dance all night with Chienz, SY the birthday girl, PY, Jo, Denise and the others.. can't wait to attend Ling Sing's big day.. can't wait!! =)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Let's hear it for New York!!

On the way to work with the radio on, the DJ plays the song 'Empire State of Mind' by Jay-Z feat Alicia Keys.. wuuu I love that song.. Ever since I heard it around last month, I have try to memories and rap like Jay-Z.. BUT faillllllllllll deeply.. T_T it's so difficult.. BUT I can sing Alicia Keys's part.. yesssshhhh.. few sentence only.. haha.. =P

New York!!!!
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
There's nothing you can’t do,
Now you're in New York!!!
These streets will make you feel brand new,
the lights will inspire you,
Let's hear it for New York, New York, New York!!!!!

It wednesday.. and I can't wait for weekend to come, Saturday is a public holiday..!! yeaaaahhh..

and somone in this terrible place won't be around.. ^^ hopefully won't have much to do.. hopefully a less-stress week till weekend.. *finger cross* =)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Bounce and get Bruises

Saturday night was great.. Awesomeeee!!! wuuu.. Chienz and Terry celebrated their birthday..

Highlights of the night:
Water Bouncer, popular Jelly-shots, Jelly cake, bruises, pain, laughs, cold & it was rainingggg.. =D It was a great night..

And so I'm now at home resting.. I got some bruises on my hips and legs.. plus mosquito bites.. hehe.. but can't rest long, I'm meeting up my dear Nicole for tea later before she head back to Miri.. miss you my dear! =)


The distance is right.. We shouldn't hurt the other one.. All the best to you two..

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Tiring~ I spend the whole afternoon with the birthday girl, Chienzz.. by driving her around.. =) Before we went around collecting and transferring stuff, we had lunch at Singapore Table with Ray, Daniel and Joan.. accompany by a 3D shape durian birthday cake (from Ray, Eve, Daniel, Joan, Kath, Siew and ME).. which taste excatly like durian and I had two rounds.. =P

Today is also another babe of mine's birthday.. CONNIE..!! I had dinner with her last night at Swensen.. When ever we had ice cream there, she never fail to order sticky chewy choco flavour.. hehe..

Ok.. I better get some sleep first, later I will be heading over to Terry's for bouncer.. yeap.. bouncer.. BOUNCER.. yieksss.. =D

I came to know something today.. I can't blame you, you have the rights.. You can't blame me, I'm not wrong to feel abit sad.. I'm keeping in mind of what my babes said, you are an idiot..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

One glass on a late Wednesday night

Can that one glass help? I wonder..

Maybe, because I had a good sleep..

Actually I didn't want to go out.. but something came up, went to save another emo lady..

We went for a normal drink then I saw Mr. Cute's car..

I called him up, and was being ask to join him, photographer, hairstylist, model and a new friend for an un-normal drink..

So I ends up having that one glass, with great jokes from them.. which makes me feel abit happier.. =)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Books I read, I cry..

Movies I watch, I cry..

Songs I hear, I cry..

I feel pain as my heart thinks.. I feel stress as my head thinks..

I want to cry out loud..

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I woke up early on a Sunday, today.. Now spending some quality time blogging, trying to upload my long long pictures from KK trip, chat on MSN, watch drama and being a pig still in bed.. I'm multi-tasking yo~ =p

Manage to meet Samuel yesterday.. together with Shirley and Hao.. This cute couple hide and surprise me.. haha.. very happy to see them.. We went off to Swensen for late lunch.. super full!! Thanks for coming up guys.. =)

I was so full that dinner at Kimchi Restaurant I manage to ate abit of kimchi only.. I went there for Denise's surprise *belated* birthday dinner.. ^^

I'm starting to feel hungry already.. will be heading to country patch later.. then re-watch the movie 2012 tonight.. it's a good & great movie.. =)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


This morning at work I just realise today is Thursday already.. For the past few days I have been busy with work only.. leave office about 7.30 to 8pm.. work work work.. then nowadays all I want to go after work is back home.. home to hug my tv, lappie, and be with my bed.. haha..

For the last two days, I had a bad tummy cramp.. luckily I'm feeling better today.. and I know Joseph is going to kill me for not showing up the other day for tea.. Yesterday was his birthday oh! Happy Birthday to you boss.. hehe.. =)

I guess alot of people who knows AirAsia has this free seats promotion going on starting yesterday are busy logging into the website, trying out luck to spot for free seats and cheap fares.. The website so super lag!! I wonder who of my friends manage to book cheap tickets.. hehe..

I manage to book for my mum and the twins.. A gift for them.. muhahahahaha.. They will be off to Kuala Lumpur next year, it's been like years since their last visit to Kuala Lumpur.. Unlike me almost once a year sure I say "Hello! KL!" hehe.. I'm so proud that I finally afford to buy them air tickets, because thank god the tickets are cheap!! =) =) =) seriously I really feel proud of myself.. not everyone can do this ok.. *sobs*

Oh well.. I will be looking forward to my holidays next year!!

Monday, November 09, 2009


"Ji mui" ask me not to work past 6pm.. now already 5.52pm and my work still not done.. yieks.. nvm he will forgive me.. hehe.. =p

I want to go home ohhh...... by the way, I drank GINA MANGO JUICE for lunch.. I miss drinking it.. It still taste good!! =)

Yesterday I was home the whole day resting.. I use too much energy on Saturday.. I went to Kah Wang's surprise birthday party late at night.. Kah Wang was hit by whip cream.. It remind me of how Ray & Rue was hit by whip cream too last year at holiday lodge.. hehe..

The party is great, for a second I felt like I was at Thai bar, because freaking hot.. haha.. and I drank quite alot.. =S

My arm use to appear this big red hot itchy patch everytime I over drink, It's been awhile I haven't got it, yesterday appear again.. yieksss.. bad sign.. sighs.. Conclusion: over drink bad, but I had fun~ =D

Saturday, November 07, 2009


I think I ate too much lamb last night.. feeling dizzy now plus headache.. I have to control the intake of lamb next time.. The last time I ate too much also I feel sick.. I think I'm sick.. =(

sighs got metting again later..


I took a nap after lunch.. feeling much better.. can fly now.. =D

Thursday, November 05, 2009

5/11/2009 - I want new phone =S

"you are everything and everything is you.. ohhh you are everything.." playing on the radio now.. I wonder what's the title of this song..

hmm.. what can I blog about? what have I been up to?

Busy eating DURIAN.. until I feel the heatness & fatness from it.. hehe..

Margaret, my colleague bought chocolates back from her holiday trip.. I'm eating it now.. Beryl's!! niceeee!! =D

I'm happy because my supervisor saw my passport pic one and half year ago and say my face look smaller now.. and laugh at my old passport pic.. >_<

Nowadays friends and people around have iphone.. eeeee... almost everyone I see holds an iphone.. make me want to have one too.. but I'm eyeing on Nokia E75.. I love it la.. I want phone which slide out with QWERTY keyboard!! Nokia or iphone? hmm..

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


sighs.. I'm still feeling FULL from dinner last night.. Had steambot at Berrywan~ with Chui Ling & Elaine.. It's a belated birthday for Chui Ling.. hehe.. Well, I haven't been to Berrywan for almost a year.. hehe.. The last time I went there last year was with my family.. used to go there with sy & chu.. =)

ok.. I have nothing more to say.. goodbye everyone.. wait wait, I want to say again, I'm still full from the heavy intake of steambot last night.. hehe.. =p

Monday, November 02, 2009

our 31/10/09 - Eve's advance birthday dinner

I'm having this lazyness mode since I don't know when..

Totally not into doing my work.. but Thank God I only have one pending work.. The others have been arranged.. but enquiries keep flooding in.. emailsssssss.. T_T

My weekend was slow.. It was halloween but didn't do anything happening.. But I did have a good dinner celebrating Eve's advance birthday.. =)

We had dinner at Le Taj (north indian food) and surprise her by getting Ray (late comer) to bring out the birthday cake.. oh boy, Eve was really surprise..

We fill up the cake with small candles and it look pretty!! The cake was topped with strawberries, Eve's favourite.. I love strawberries too.. ^^ The cake may look good but the one Joan bought on my birthday taste better.. hehe.. =p

Chien, Me with Eve =)

muhahaha.. =p

with Chien & Wendy

Missing people in the pic: JoLin, Matt, Chu, Kath & Stephen.. hehe..

It's November already.. gosh.. another month to go and it's December.. I hope this month will be better extra BETTER for me.. October has been a great, lovely, happening, full of love & laughs month.. =D

Okie.. Lunchie time.. I'm hungry.. bye!