Saturday, May 02, 2015

Everyday is a gift

I think I'm having a slight hangover now.. It wasn't in the plan to drank last night, but timing appeared and I needed some chill moment with friends.. I'm thankful for it..

I knew the news will come, I thought I was prepared for it because I already let go since it's like 4 freaking years.. But then I underestimate my heart and mind, they went weak on me! haha.. sighs.. ofcause It's a happy news.. but he found his fate, I haven't found mine.. all ex are married! hold on, left Nicholas I think.. lol

Raynal played the song 五月天-你不是真正的快樂 and shout out '拿得起放得下', in my head I answered; I already let go, I'm just a sentimental person and I'm alright.. :) Anyway, goods things are waiting ahead of me!! cheers~

Friday, May 01, 2015

Kill Me, Heal Me

Done with watching KILL ME, HEAL ME! I love the storyline.. I love Park Ji Sung's acting!! I love his smile and eyes that send sparks.. hehe
The drama is a mixture of laughs and cries.. but I was laughing most of the time to the personalities living inside of Cha Do Hyun..

My favourite personlity is Ahn Yo Na! haha.. and I like the twins siblings relationship of Oh Ri Jin and Oh Rin On.. Hey Sister! Yes Brother! :)

I love how Cha Do Hyun hand experssion to his mouth when he change into Yo Na... haha.. I'm gonna learn this too.. lol
Ahn Yo No crush to Oh Ri On was hilarious.. my favorite.. haha.. OPPAAAAA....

Below are cuts from the drama I found online worth sharing.. hehe

Favourite song from the drama! Jang Jae In - Hallucinations