Tuesday, December 24, 2013


7.00pm.. I left the bookstore at the Mall.. don't feel like going home yet.. but I have no place in mind to go too.. I wanted to just sit in a cozy cafe alone, but I can't think any suitable cafe here.. and I thought of the cafes I visited at Korea during my trip there last October.. goshhh.. I'm wishing to be there, I miss Korea so so so much!
Wandering or siting at restaurant alone here seems awkward.. Eyes tend to be on me.. I don't like it.. I know I shouldn't mind.. but I can't, I mind because I don't feel comfortable ;(

At overseas I see alot of ladies being alone at places especially cafes without people eying with weird look.. At times I wish I'm living at other countries.. Sometime I still thought of it but I couldn't bring myself to leave home where my parents are.. the older they become the more I want to stay where they are, since both the twins are still studying overseas.. I'm hoping they graduate well, start work and settle at a place they are comfortable in living soon!

I'm good with going to public places alone but not always of course, who like it right? haha.. Especially when attending functions.. I'm wishing for that person who holds my hands appear fast.. fast fast! haha

Actually I  left office early today to retrieve my baby car from the car workshop where I dropped off this morning for some repair.. changed some new parts.. glad that my baby car is well now.. my wallet hurts but all good for safety purpose!:)

Friday, December 13, 2013


Because of thunderstorm heavy rain earlier, I got stuck at the office alone and almost freak out.. thunder lasted so long and loud until I put on my mp3 and blast the music.. and so I ended up skipping yoga.. huhuhu..

I didn't slept well for the past two nights, manage to slept early and well last night.. Even had a good dream about being with someone, to that person I'm just a comfortable good long old friend from school.. haha

Sharing a song by Kang Gary~~

Anyway, just received a great news! my babe, Joan gave birth to a healthy baby girl today! hehe.. ahhh.. another friend experiencing motherhood.. Allen and Hui Fen are becoming parents too next year.. Last week I attended Blu's baby girl, Beryl full moon lunch at Seasons Restaurant.. so who is going to get pregnant next? haha.. maybe Angel? Pei Yong? I'll just wait to attend full moon function then.. =) 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

wishing smiles are always bright

Today notice contact disappear from the list.. Wish to know if fine and well.. Felt uncertain about it, yet unreachable.. If its for real that its distant and gone like balloon fly away.. 
 Maybe someday reappear or maybe not.. Wishing smiles are always this bright..

Some oldies for the night to chill? Two good songs.. Songs linger in mind, songs about you, songs because of you, songs left sweet memories of you..


Bic Runga - Sway


Today's date- 11.12.13.. quite special~~

Didn't feel like going home yet earlier after work just now, so decided to had pedicure and went to Times Square for a cup of Ochado's roasted milk tea with aloe vera - my favorite to cheer myself up..

Sat alone drinking the Large size drink for quite a long while.. The longer I sat there, I had the feeling that people find me weird sitting alone.. haha.. not too sure if I think too much.. Actually, I was hoping a cute looking guy will come over to say hi.. hahaha.. Joking! Even if happen for real, I'm just too shy to look at him ;)

2 weeks to Christmas, Secret Santa event is on Christmas eve and since I'm there, I went around looking for suitable gift.. found stuff suitable for myself instead.. haha.. How I wish Brunei is full of Christmas decoration like Singapore or Korea or anywhere celebrating Christmas.. I love Christmas season!

Classic by Taecyeon, Wooyoung and Suzy.. Our classic love, Just like the classic music we keep listening to, it doesn't change even when the time passes..

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I love beautiful wedding photos

I came across the pre-wedding photo of Korean actor and actress, Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung who got married this year on the internet.. And I love the their first photo below.. Their Black and White photos are lovely.. I really like the feel of it :) Last photos below are taken during their actual wedding ceremony day.. beautiful bride..

Jay Chou's Opus World Concert Malaysia 2013

Jay Chou's Opus World concert 2013 at Hong Kong have different special guests each day.. One of the day, its Captain Jayden.. I didn't realize that he was actually a singer too until I hear him sang..

I'm jealous that the concert I attended at Kuala Lumpur in August this year have no special 'wow' guest.. but then its ok also, my point was to see Jay Chou.. His piano is really beautiful.. Its was my first Jay's concert.. I've always wanted to attend his concert, its one of my do to list and now I'm a happy girl..