Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rainbow after the Rain

What a stress stress day!!
Feeling stress but no choice we still have to work and get things done for some sarcastic customer.. have to show them that we ARE doing our job.. but after we get it solve, will anyone know? will they praise us? will we be appreciate? NO.. such a cruel cruel world~~

Monkey Allen was trying to comfort me, he said "Patient! Some problem may be a blessing in disguise.. Keep in mind that there is always Rainbow after the Rain.. problems can be solve slowly~"

Rainbow after the Rain, I like this very much =)

This Song is Beautiful...Because of You

This Song is Beautiful...Because of You

"When you turn on this song,
I may not be there beside you,
Not there to see the look in your eyes when you first hear it,
and how you feel about it,
There is one verse in this song,
I really want you to hear,
And that is I love you with all my heart,
I've kept it inside, afraid to tell you for the longest time."

This is a Thai song! yup Thai.. I get to know this song through Kalun in FB, gossshhhh The song, it's lyrics is good and the MV is touching.. A very nice song indeed! =)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dislike sudden black out

Wuhuuu.. I manage to reach office early today.. Angel even asked, "What's wrong Pat, why so early?" LOL

I hate black out.. Last night heavy raining plus super loud thunderstorm.. I quickly disconnect my internet and before I can turn off my laptop, black out happen.. Everything pitch black, I hate it becuase I'm scareeeeeeeee.. hehe..
My mum and I wanted to check the switch-fuse box, who knows our one and only touch light run out of battery.. =S So we gave up and wait for my dad to check..

I quickly hide under my blanket and fell asleep.. LOL =S
When I wake up, first thing appear in my head.. oh no! I put my QTWW airplane, I didn't online back.. du du du du~~
Anyway, Good Morning Everyone.. =)

Sushi by ME!!

Making Sushi.. may look easy but not for lazy people like me.. =X hehe..
The first time I learn making it was with Chienz at her house last month..
First try yo! Still acceptable.. LOL
Lack of vinegar, forgot sos, rice abit soggy? =P
I learn it with full of love ok.. =P Picture taken by Chienz..
This is the second time I make.. all by myself which took me many hours to get it done.. yieksss.. Sorry, my QTWW for waiting.. =X
Anyway, it's acceptable right? lol

Got sos in it, because I fry an egg separately and put ketchup.. =)
The best thing is.. He finished everything!! wuhuuu =D

Saturday, June 26, 2010

All you need is to hold my hand and lead me

Anyone of you ever watch the Taiwan series "It started with a kiss"?

Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin have very different personality..

Zhi Shu is the smart, high IQ, super cool, good-looking, decision maker..

Xiang Qin is the blur, careless, dreamer, cute, kind heart, naive..

Both fell in love.. Their relationship so simple that you find it too sweet, some too good to be true.. =)

There is one part of the movie which I deeply remember..

Someone asked Zhi Shu what he actually like about Xiang Qin.. He answered "I don't know, she has something which I, the smartest don't have.." He just want to protect her whenever she gets into trouble or hurt.. He can just smile by her blur-silly-ness..

Can everyone's relationship be that simple, pure and happy? =)

* * *
All you need is to hold my hand and lead me..
Can tomorrow not come? gosshhhh..

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Together till white hair don't look ugly

This cute little cartoon thing belong to Angel~ Cute isn't it? I found it on her desk the other day.. Well other than cute, kinda meaningful too..

An old couple travel together in a plane, not a car yo.. hehe..

Traveling/holidays with our love ones is one of a great moment, it's nice, sweet, memorable..

How many couple remain being in love, hand in hand, travel together until they are old?
How many couple will have this habit? How many will share such moment together?
How many couple will have such promise? How many can afford to do so?

Ahhh.. Being able to travel together with our love one is really a great and wonderful thing.. =D
I love to travel and I hope to share it ofcourse.. Cherish~ ^^

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vegetarian Glutinous Rice Dumpling

I want to sleepppppp.. My eyes today really look like panda.. @_@ It's 4pm now, hopefully I can leave office earlyyyyyy.. ZZZzzz~~

I realize hmmmmm.. My lovely pig is very tall!! -______- I don't like to talk to him when he is NOT sober and he like to break my back-bone............................. T_T hmmm me lack of calcium? T_T

And I love Vegetarian Glutinous Rice DUMPLING =D
especially its special delivered~ ^^

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wedding banquet and a lovely sober pig =P

Last Saturday night went to attend Sharon and Xavier's wedding banquet.. My lovely pig was being nice.. He offer to send me to the dinner.. hehe.. hmmm I hope next time he won't nag at me and ask me to drive on my own.. haha.. =X
with the newly weds =)
Group photo: brothers- half drunk
I like this picture~ Sarah, ME, Robyn, Sharon the bride, Blu, Wen Ya and Kelly =)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

And It's YOU

A brand new start with YOU.. Again~

Changes.. Efforts.. Care.. Smiles.. YOU make me want to share and spend my everyday with YOU.. =)

* * *

Sometimes you don't expect that friends
Can become lovers in the end
Only God knows what the future will bring
So now just hold me close and don't let go.. =)

Song: "Finally found by Honeyz"

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sharon and Xavier

Sharon and Xavier's big day-TODAY!
With the newly weds~ so many sisters and brothers
Their Wedding Car~
Congrats to Sharon and Xavier!! =)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Dumpling Festival 2010

Now its 9.45pm.. and I'm just about to leave office!!! ahhh so late and I'm all alone here.. =(

Today is what they call 'Happy Dumpling Festival' and yeah I ate two dumpling today.. =)wuuu Tomorrow is Sharon's wedding, need to wake up early to reach her house.. It's going to be a tired day.. hehe.. goodnight all~

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's the day


Yesterday in the morning my head was filled with doubts..
I don't know why did I get all emo, I tell Jenn maybe it's the soon pms hormone acting up.. haha..

Well, maybe God heard me and gave me the chance to answer YES.. And from then most of my doubts were answered and the feeling 'hope' returns.. =) Well.. I'm still scare of hurt and I'm not sure too if those words can be trust.. haha.. But this is what I choose and I hope my fragile heart will be handle with lots of special care and love.. =)

Monday, June 14, 2010


This is a good song~ such a classic eh? hehe.. Thin Ray sang it inside the car yesterday, on the way back from Seria.. hmmm.. Maybe because it's an Emo song, so as I listen to it.. I kinda start feeling Emo.. =S EMO-NESS.. =( I want to go to the beach!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Two Pat's Happy 21st Birthday~

My Brothers celebrates their 21st Birthday today~ so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Patterson and Patrick.. 21st!!!!!! But then, no they are not having any grand celebration because the eldest one is stuck having training at Kuching so he can't be home to celebrate.. Hope he find plans there.. Lucky Patrick going to have lots of food to eat.. lol.. =)

Anyway, I like this song.. "The only Exception by Paramore" YOU ARE THE ONLY EXCEPTION.. hehe..

Friday, June 11, 2010

An hour lunch break

You know you are happy in love when you have lunch with the right companion and you don't seem to care how bad the food taste..

You know you are happy in love
when that unexpected warm hug make you feel better, forgetting stress for awhile and you would wish that moment to last longer..

You know you are happy in love when you can smile easily just by holding that big hand without having to talk much..

Happy, sometime it can be just so simple~

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I love Bibimbap

Good Morning people!

I had Bibimbap and Kimchi Stew for dinner last night.. sighs.. SO FULL!! Feel like my food not digest yet during my sleep, because I still feel full and bloated now.. =S

And I feel like a fat pig now, I fell asleep with a full stomach! Thank God I didn't have nightmare.. hehe.. Sighs what a big pot of Bibimbap I ate.. I love Bibimbap~ I remember the first time I had it was with Thomas.. Thomas ordered and mix it for me, he was one of my few friends I know who love Korean food other than Clemence.. And now I found another dear friend who love Korean food too, Ms. Chienz! Both of us are very crazy for Korean thingy.. =P

The other day Allen came up from Seria for work purpose and we met up for dinner at Jade Crystal Cafe, which is next to my office.. According to him, the Ayam Penyet he ate is super good.. And I can't wait to had it next time I go over to Jade Crystal.. hehe..
Ever try this Breakfast Multigrain Bars? When I first saw it, my first impression was "Eeeee this doesn't look tasty~" Who knows once I ate it, it was surprisingly good! =D

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I want Facebook back, can?

I'm feeling lazy! No mood to work wor.. I want holidays~

I want Facebook back in the office!! so boringggggg................. =(

Monday, June 07, 2010

I didn't lost my KOSE =)

I laugh so much because Ivan is with us for our trip to Miri.. I didn't know Ivan and Daniel knew each other and have been friends for many years already.. Me and Ivan seem to have clash personality because we always argue! He call me ah Moi, I call him ah Pek.. He is really one talkative ah Pek.. lol

I drop by Clemence's Academy yesterday to meet her for a quick lunch.. but then I didn't feel like eating much maybe because I had Maggie mee with Jenn earlier so I had BREAD at Ipohtown..

Well, we didn't really had a VERY happening weekend at Miri.. but Me, Joan and Daniel went to join Ivan at Balcony for awhile after the dinner at Hao & Shirley's house.. ahh Jansen Chai is looking more like his dad.. hehe.. I share a present with Sheau Tze for BB Jansen.. Above picture is what she bought, thanks Tze for buying~ hehe..

We saw so many youngsters at Balcony! We three were like tsk tsk tsk this youngster all wild and young.. lol.. Me and Joan had Bailey and I drank half only, couldn't finish! The bartender mix it kinda strong, no wonder Joan KO fast after a few glass.. hehe..

Yesterday I went to the Imperial mall with Jenn, to buy some facial product from KOSE after I left Nicole's house.. After KOSE we went to Blue Cafe for some Maggie mee as our breakfast.. Maggie mee is one of their popular order.. hehe.. I don't know how to explain what is so nice about it.. =P
and I want to end my post thanking the staff at Blue Cafe! because I FORGET and LEFT my KOSE products there.. and guess what I only remember it around 2pm! Luckily we haven't left Miri.. OMG why am I so blur~ So thank to the lovely staffs there for keeping and not selling off my KOSE.. Thank God~~ ^^

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Little Miss Shy =)

Gossshhh it's Saturday already.. so fast a week has pass and it seem like only yesterday I'm getting ready to fly to KK for my weekend holiday!

I'm Little Miss Shy! hehe.. I'm actually a shy person, I use to be SUPER DUPER SHY.. hehe.. Being shy is one of my weakness, which I kinda dislike and I can see myself improve over the years.. We all need to go through experience to improve and change.. =)
Tonight I'll be in Miri, going to attend Hao and Shirley's son full moon dinner.. Jansen Chai oh~ hehe.. Happy Weekend! =)

Friday, June 04, 2010

Pinky Pirate

Hello people.. say Hi back to my Pinky Pirate please! hehe.. Hiang bought this for me at KK airport, he bought a brown looking sleepy bear for Cheinz.. hehe..

cute right? Just like it's owner.. LOL.. =P

Oh well it's Friday and I can't wait to hug my starving little lovely pig next week! =D

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Old to New table

Main building

I just notice I have a Mr.Brown cup.. It remind me of SY.. Link bah.. lol..
I have this cup with me for like 2 years plus already.. =)

It's finally June.. Didn't realize 3 months have pass since February.. 3months! =S
It's my second day sitting here.. New environment, new table, new chair, new air-con.. hehe.. Well, hopefully I gain back my motivation here.. BUT access to Facebook has been block!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh.. no Facebook!!!! T_T what a sad sad thing.. Thank God that I can use my handphone to access it! hehe..

This is my table at our old office..
At the old office, our sitting are all group together and I have to face my Indian colleague everyday.. haha.. Now we are all separate according to our department.. hehe..

KK trip is still on my mind.. Oh my goshhhh.. I think I have been poison by KK.. I miss KK!!