Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl.. I started watching the series when it first broadcast in year 2009 and I'm loving it ever since but I stopped half away at Season 2.. And recently I started watching it again from Season 2.. I actually forgot much of Season 1 but its okay, after finishing all season I may re-watch Season 1.. haha
Last night I finished with Season 4, I'm too addicted with it! The dramas and conflict with the gang, their friendship, Chuck and Blair love war relationship, Who Serena will really end up with, the parties and fashion, how strong will Rufus and Lily marriage be.. I'm left with the last  two season now, can't wait to complete it.. I'm definitely a fan of Chuck and Blair, ever since the first season.. xoxo :)

The Pierces - We are stars

The Drums - Down by the water

Kendal Johansson - Blue Moon