Friday, February 27, 2015

No one has changed, We've merely got nearer to the real self of our partner

Feeling insecure, less prioritize is something I fear in a relationship.. Maybe because of past memory like Jane's character.. Since young, I usually felt that I receive less attention from my family and friends, hence I expected more attention and care from my partner..

And when I don't feel the expectation, I ended up throwing tantrum and feeling insecure because I feel that my partner do not understand me.. To me, I feel that showing attention and small gesture in caring the person you love is not difficult, it should be something you enjoy doing for your other half without reminding again and again..

Well, no one is perfect isn't it? hehe.. This flaw of mine which I myself dislike too, I'm hoping to improve with the next right person, holding my hands not letting go..

Advice to the future him: Be supportive and patiently communicate with me.. plus giving me that bear hug, I believe I'll be alright :)

"Sometimes, going away is only a short term solution, 
Forgetting is the long term relief, 
If you can't forget, you must learn to accept it. " 

"Many a time, after a couple has been in love for a long time,
both parties often feel that the other party has changed, 
He or She is no longer as thoughtful and caring as before, 
Actually, no one has changed, 
We've merely got nearer to the real self of our partner, 

When we are unable to forgive those who once hurt us in the past, 
We'll confine our hearts unconsciously, 
We may even resort to behavior that even we find detestable,
Unknowingly, you will repeat the actions that hurt yourself,
When the situation reaches a stage that's beyond salvation,
You naively want others to save you, 
Until you realise that something better doesn't actually exist in life, 

There's only one path in life, 
The path that you first chose, 
The moment you decide to be kind to yourself, 
You can finally free yourself from the deep-rooted vicious cycle, 

The day you let go of your paranoia, 
You will be able to proceed forward calmly and freely,
One day, you will realise that the paralysing fear,
Is just a tiny shadow of yours."

分手快乐- Let It Go, Episode 4.

If it was a movie - Taylor Swift

Thursday, February 26, 2015

You'll be greeted by a different world when you open the door

Sometime I do doubt myself if I have really let go of the past..
Even though it won't simply disappear, my answer is YES.. haha..
I'm looking forward to a new beginning..
There are times when I felt lonely and I wanted to turn back..
Thank God for giving me the strength to hold back and move forward..
I want to feel like the song 'Begin Again'.. 

"Someone says being softhearted is a kind of unfair kindness,
Many people have fed many heartless people with their kindness, 
You think you have done a good job,
But you've no idea no matter how good you are,
You may just be a supporting role in other people's world, 
So you avoid facing the cruelty and let your heart bleed,

The pain will be numb as time passes,
But it won't simply disappear, 
You've to find a way to face it squarely,
And give it a chance to recover.

The world is very small,
You've no idea who you'll meet, 
The world is very big too,
You've no idea who will disappear with a turn of your back,
Actually the only person who is always with you is your awesome self,

When you decide to leave the past in a dark room,
You'll be greeted by a different world when you open the door."

Quoted from the drama 分手快乐- Let It Go, Episode 3. 

Begin Again - Taylor Swift

Letting go with tears instead of smiles, ain't that bad =)

Currently I'm watching a Singapore drama series 'Let it go-分手快乐' by Jeanette Aw and Elvin Ng.... Below quoted from the drama, I find it meaningful and true..

"Someone says trust is like a piece of paper, 
Once it's crumpled, it can never return to it's original form, 

People in love give love because of trust, 
When trust is gone they love will trepidation, 
A love without trust will end up hurting eventually, 

A love wound is the most difficult wound to heal in the world, 
But nobody else can see it, but you can feel the pain all the time, 

Though love gives us tears and heartbreak, 
We won't be scared to cry because of this, 
Crying repeatedly means we used to smile repeatedly in the past too, 

When two people can no longer be in love, 
Break up with a smile instead of crying in each other's arms.
It's good to just let it go.."

It's not easy letting go with a smile, we face the hurt as a process to recovery, we cry alot..
I think crying is not wrong, its to release and express, cry out and you'll feel much better..
No matter how hurt it is, be strong and have positive thinking..
Short or long time, eventually the wound will heal..
Have hope, faith, love.

邱意淋 - 别太寂寞

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

7th day of CNY

Tonight went to Jin Liang's girlfriend house, Bee Bee's then lastly to Chung An's.. Pai Nian~~

New Flame - Chris Brown feat Usher and Rick Ross

Style - Taylor Swift

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Finished with watching the drama 'Healer'.. Seo Jung Hoo totally my style.. haha.. Full of cuddles between the actor and actress romance.. Especially my favorite back hug! haha

I love how he protect his love one.. especially his girl.. he love hugging and holding her hands.. awww~~ I'm hug struck! Yes, I love bear hug and hold hands ;)

Seo Jung Hoo/Park Bong Soo- "The things I like: high places (rooftop), first snow, small hands, white bedding and that hair..
The things I don't like: anything and everything that keeps me away from those."

Chae Young Shin- "The things I like: the sound of the camera shutter he makes, his big hands, smiling eyes and big embrace..
The things I don't like: anything and everything that keeps me away from those."


눈이 하는 말 (What the eyes say) - Tei

You - Ben

Friday, February 13, 2015


Had a nice dinner with the girls earlier for Sushi, feeling thankful to SYuan for the treat!!


Done watching the drama 'Pinocchio'.. the story of the drama is good, about reporters and how important news reporting the truth, as it revolves about how life's at stakes if lies are reported as news..

Park Shin Hye's character is a lady who can't lie.. I feel that she looks better pairing up with actor Lee Jung Suk rather than Lee Min Ho.. haha.. both are fair and cute looking.. I didn't cried the part when Choi Dal Po have to separate from his brother who was going to jail.. sad dao.. but anyway, it a happy ending story :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

3 days to Valentine's Day

Yesterday afternoon I received a surprise from a delivery man at my office! Pretty Valentine's day flowers.. I find it so pretty that I kept looking at it today.. I have always love receiving flowers.. haha

Its been almost 4 years since the last time I received Valentine's Day flowers.. I felt so grateful and happy.. I already forgot how it felt.. haha.. Thank You Grace!

We actually went to the same college and stayed at the same hostel on short term but never really kept in touch.. Then we met back in Brunei and there's one time I seek her help to teach me on baking cupcakes.. Then she got busy with life, career and only recent we start catching up again..

I'm always thankful to catch up with old friends.. no matter if we are close or not.. its always nice and grateful to see each other.. Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there!

林凡 Freya Lim&符致逸 Adrian Fu- 套不住

A-Lin - 罪惡感

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

9 days to chinese new year 2015~

I love all the songs below! not sure if I'll manage to memories all the lyrics for some karaoke session.. Chinese reading fail! T.T anyway, just a random title for this post.. hehe

周杰伦 & 陳奕迅 - 淘汰

Eason 陳奕迅 - 7

陳奕迅 + 王菲 - 因為愛情

張靚穎 - 好不容易