Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm being moody...

Nowadays I really wanna sit down to blog at home.. But whenever I'm back home my eyes tend to automatically close, which makes me blog now in the office.. I'm really getting tired and tired.. I'm really wandering what job I really wants to work for.. I don't want to work like this eventhough it's not bored. and my job is challenging.. I get tired too.. I'm no superwoman.. How long till I know what kind of job I'm really looking for?

Maybe becoz I'm in a country which isnt my place and they don't hire foreigner.. If I'm at places which I belong too then maybe things would be different.. Since coming back from Miri tat day, I really got myself to think alt of questions again..

Maybe bcoz of Love too.. all my frenz have love one beside them.. where is mine? It's not tat no one chase me.. Just tat this guys are not my type.. No feelings.. Am I being to chossy? Haiz... Maybe I'm tired tat why I'm thinking so much.. God bless me..

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Feels like a free Bird

Finally.. I'm going to Miri later in the morning at 6am.. I miss very damn so so much.. It's feels great to be away from work.. Away from endless work.. Away from bloody stress.. I feel like I'm finally set free from nightmare.. hehe.. sound serious.. But then it's really serious ba.. haha.. What I'm worrying right now is my panda eyes.. my eyebag is so thick.. and Jita say I look abit swollen.. strange.. I know my eyes very very swollen donno why my face is swollen too.. hehe.. So sweet of ah How to come Brunei to pick me.. Nicole dear, here I come.. Miri here I come..

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Missing u guys..

Today I miss all my friends in Miri so so much.. How I wish I can see them.. Im tired of working at this stupid peak season.. I msg Nicole telling how I miss them.. Nicole now is working in Miri, at Maybank.. Great for her.. She is free from Limbang.. Im sure she will be happy with her life now.. not lonely in limbang anymore.. Good Luck my dear Nicole.. Now me and pang huat is the far far away one.. Miss u all..

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Life is so Fragile..

Gilbert.. A philipino colleauge from our company passed away this afternoon.. He was sent to the hospital yesterday morning.. I was able to visit him at night, but he is still in coma.. The Doctor was not sure when he will come over.. Told by Doctor that the chances of him waking up is quite low.. But last night when I visit him, his body still have response as if he was trying to wake up but cant open his eyes.. I was praying for him that he will wake up soon and get well soon.. How I wish at that moment he can talk back to us.. Who knows this afternoon I was told that he have left us..

He pass away just like that.. I was hoping that he will get through but why he didn't? Doctor told that he had a tumor in his brain.. and he was sent late to the hospital.. No idea what kind of wife he had.. His wife had no idea that his husband is sick on the floor.. She thought he is just trying to sleep as he is not feeling well.. Until he puke white foam from his mouth then his wife gets panic and call for help.. what the heck?? Too late already.. In the afternoon his heart stop but doctor saved him back.. but still no hope.. doctor couldn't save him today..

I cried once I get to know that he has passed away.. I never talk much with him.. Juz a few words in a month.. and now there are no more chance for me to talk to him.. Life is so fragile.. You never know when the people around you are going to leave you tomorrow.. You never know when your life will end.. Live life everyday with a blast.. with a smile.. with happiness.. Most important thing people.. Cherish everyone around you.. Cherish yourself..