Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye year 2009~

Less than five hours and we are going to greet everyone 'Happy New Year!'

Yes, we are going to countdown and welcome the new year 2010.. gosh how time flies..

I shall leave all the unlucky things behind~ you won't believe, my ATM card got eat up by the ATM machine just now.. what the heck..... LOL.. I was like speechless O_o.. oh well.. like Ji Mui said let the 'soi-ness' be gone and look at the bright side to greet the new year!

The year 2009 was not a bad year for me.. I met love, fall out of love, met new friends, met un-friendly friend, family relation is still alright, got to travel, attend weddings, scratch my baby car, birthday celebration was good, xmas celebration was good too especially with all the pressies! =D

I'm looking forward for 2010.. May it be another good good year.. better ofcourse! I want increment!! lol.. Happy New Year people, may the new year be filled with lots of happiness, luck, love, laughs, party, lots of good thing, everything! *big hug and lots of love to all* =D

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It's so sudden, for my ears to receive such news.. but having to know your decision at last is good for me too.. Eventhough it's hurt but I will be fine.. It's been two months since I made up my decide to step out, to give up waiting AND I'm recovering.. I was emptying pieces of you out, yet you choose to throw back in.. what's the use? you have make your choice.. you can't be selfish..! you are really being a selfish jerk.. Please be happy with your decision.. stop making my emotion mess up, no more tears for you.. Goodbye Mr.. I'm looking forward, not backward.. =)

Monday, December 28, 2009


Sitting in the cafe enjoying being all my myself.. It's a working day but I'm not at work.. I'm on leave..

Thoughts of returning work tomorrow ain't a thing I'm looking forward to.. but still I have no choice..

Three more days and we are going to welcome the new year 2010.. I wonder how will a brand new year be for me.. I hope and wish.. I hope and wish.. I hope and wish.. =)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa is coming....! Christmas christmas christmas~

I'm now sitting infront of the computer, online in the dark.. It's 26/12/09 now.. Christmas day has passed.. Before at Jennifer's place, I use to online in the dark while she sleep.. this time again I'm online in the dark but with Shirley sleeping.. with Lih Ping and Ivy, we all sleep over at Shirley and CCH's house.. We went to singing together at Sport Cafe Karaoke.. We girls sit at the bar, while the guys sit at another table.. hehe.. and the guys left Sport cafe for their night out.. and Ah hao is not back yet and it's 3am.. jeng jeng jeng.. =P

Christmas eve celebration was fun.. countdown at balcony.. omg dance away for 4hours.. my feet hurtssssssss.. but those pain aren't anything as long as I'm happy.. =)

Usually at clubs I don't mind knowing guys as they introduce themselves or introduce by my friends.. But when they try to get close to me, I will move it~move it away~away..

On Christmas eve there is this one guy who I think is a cheapo, who get so close to you like head to head, cheek to cheek and with his hand on your waist moving to your lower back, talking like a gentlemen.. He can sound so interested in you yet he goes around other girls doing the same thing plus asking for numbers.. such a flirt! haha.. Becuase it's Christmas and I'm in a naughty mood so I flirt back buttttttttt he can have all the ladies number in the club but not mine.. lol.. =)

This christmas I'm with people I lub~ Stephy, Nicole, Jennifer, Lih Ping, Hao, Shirley, Ji Mui, seria bunch, met some collegemates and Jade.. hopfully I get to see Clemence before I head back home.. tze, chai yu, daph them all at other clubs & chienz, sy, py, jo them at KK but nvm I feel them in my heart.. =)

I had a great christmas and hopes the new year will be too! =D

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Santa Claus is coming to townnnnn!!!
I'm all set to welcome a jolly , happy and great Christmas.. This is a little Christmas tree given by Ji Mui.. very cute!! I likeyyy..
Merry Christmas Everyone! =D

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

tang yuan~

Happy Winter Solstice Festival is today.."冬至快樂" ate 'tang yuan' already? I had tang yuan for breakfast.. feeling happy and blessed after eating.. hehe..

My leave for Christmas has approved, I didn't thought of applying for leave actually.. Our company only allow we staff to brought forward five days of leave for the new year.. Since I still got a few days leave, better don't waste it.. hehe.. I'm trying to clear my work but work keep piling up.. making me stress..

I thought of the YJ group today, tang yuan never fail to remind me about them .. I thought of the idiot today.. sighs

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Orienteering Challenge 2009

On a fine PUBLIC HOLIDAY.. I repeat PUBLIC HOLIDAY 18/12/2009..
It was so fine and HOT and SUNNY early Morning..
so hot that even camp doesn't help to keep us cool..
Shelter also don't help keep the sun heat out..
Happy lo the VIP stay under the built in ceiling fan shelter..
Our company have a team building programme called Orienteering Challenge.. team building on a fine, hot and sunny public holiday.. ahhh..
Me number 028.. hehe.. I was so ready and gear up for the games my colleagues prepare (I have been told no hiking).. WHO KNOWS.. the first challenge was HIKING.. OMG.. I hate hiking.. My asthma came, I can feel my blood pressure drop.. I gave up half way so that my colleagues can continue on without me, in order for us to obtain points and reach the finish line in an hour.. oh well, we won 3rd prize!! yippieee... B$ 300 cash money divide among ourselves (8 of us in a group.. -___- but better than nothing).. 1st prize was B$ 700.. -_-

Proof nah.. say no hiking sekali got hiking.. tipu saya this people.. hmmmpffff...

the map.. the route.. the stupid hiking thing..

Thank god the team building ends at 12pm.. and I lock myself in my room with the air-con at full blast, HongKong Drama playing whole afternoon.. oh well, the team building was fine.. I like all the other games being prepare except hiking.. no hiking please.. hehe..

My day ends with BBQ chicken wings, one stick of lamb meat, stingray with sambal, taiwan sausage, lots of tofusssss and a bottle of Carlsberg.. last but not least a nestle crunchy chocolate ice cream!! so niceeeeeee... =D

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


At the end, I submit my report happily.. I was so stress out about it that I make the report so difficult to understand and to write.. and I even feel emo about it after drinking on Saturday night at Jason's birthday gathering.. emo = cry all the sudden.. haha.. re-think about it.. OMG, I have to laugh at myself for being a panic freak.. haha.. =P

Thanks alot to Rueburn for helping me to realize that it's actually an easy thing.. *if you were in Brunei I might give you a BIG THANK YOU HUG.. haha..* =D
Ji Mui was helpful anough trying to cheer me up by joking "type a resignation letter instead" so lame lo.. but I was laughing about it.. =D

My headache hasn't vanish from last night.. I had meeting with my colleagues until 8pm, brain storm for our sales plan next year.. Later meeting again.. meeting meeting boring.. hehe.. =P

I'm now struggling to get the enquiry case I mention LAST Friday done by THIS Friday.. I manage to close the deal last Friday itself, I thought I won't have to worry about it anymore.. I was wrong, there are other tiny matter needed to be sort out.. *finger cross for delivery and EVERYTHING to be smooth* I want the case to close fileeee... urghhhh..

I'm having Two freaking big red pimples on my cute face.. freaking annoying and ugly.. sighs..

Anyway, that's not important than the news I received yesterday from my Ko (Lieh), a baby boy was born on 5/12/2009!! wonderful news!! Congrats to Lieh & Alice.. wooopieeee I can't wait to see their baby boy.. 5/12 has become a big meaningful date to them, it's the date when they both started dating and now it's the date of birth for their first child.. LOVE~ =) *missing them so much*

wawawa.. Christmas is coming!!! It's next fridayyyyy... I love CHRISTMAS~~ how to celebrate?? hmmm.. =D

Saturday, December 12, 2009


ahhhhhh I'm so death meat!!! My mind is SO blank now.. I keep on thinking and thinking... I can't write anything out.. NOTHING.. I'm actually writing a report on my work performance appraisal.. for my supervisor and boss.. and I haven't submit.. becuase there is two part which I don't know what can I write about.. STRESS..

OK.. I shall close my draft book, save and head to dinner to enjoy myself.. I hope my supervisor won't kill me.. yieksss... *SOBS SOBS*

Friday, December 11, 2009


Today is such a troublesome dayyyyyy!!! There is this enquiry regarding equipment needed to be settle by today, it's making my head turn big.. *finger crossed for the case to close today*

I was waiting patiently for the emails at outlook, so I decided to stay back in the office and have Nasi Lemak from Yati for lunch..

I haven't been blogging well too.. I catch up with Wei Ru on Tuesday for dinner.. He arrives from Singapore on Monday and will head back next week.. We went to KTM as he wants to see Jason and Steven.. Who knows, both of them not around and not free.. Wei Ru and I talk talk talk until 11.30pm and Jason came and we continue until 12.30am.. Staying at KTM until the restaurant close make me remember how Wei Ru, Ting, Kok How use to stay at KTM until 1am plus with Jason and Steven.. hehe..

Wei Ru asked what happen to my blog.. Why I haven't been updating.. I can only look at him and smile.. haha..

I want to leave office early later.. If can I want to leave now.. haha..

Gosh, I just realise that I have been out every night.. Monday night dinner with Kath, Tuesday night dinner with Wei Ru, Last night tea with Amie, Tonight dinner with Ching, Tomorrow night dinner with Cindy then to Eileen's birthday.. walauuuu.. Next week I'm going to stay homeeeeeeee....................

I'm now wondering why Cindy and ah Soon wants me to attend dinner tomorrow.. Its Cindy's brother birthday dinner and I don't know his brother! I sense something fishy.. I think they are trying to play the matchmaker role.. =S

Ahhhh lunch time ends already, *sniff sniff, sobs sobs* goodbye..

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I went to watch New Moon with Connie last night and I'm in love with it!! New Moon is the new Twilight saga!!

I'm in love with it not because of Jacob, eventhough his body is hot and.. pretty? LOL.. It's because of Edward Cullen's love for Bella Swan.. Totally melts my heart!! I don't mind watching this movie all over again and again.. muhahaha..

My favourite part:

Edward: You're my only reason to stay alive..

Edward: Bella, I only tried to kill nyself because I didn't want to live in a world without you..

Bella: Jac, I love you.. But.. don't make me choose.. Because it's always been him..

AWWWW.. love love~ =)

I find the Vampires at Volturi very cool.. They have attractive red eyes.. very cool..
Warewolf size is big in the movie.. Not bad, but I still prefer vampires.. hehe..

In this New Moon movie, we won't see much of Edward and Bella spending time together.. But the image and feel of Edward appearing with Bella when ever she try something risky just make my heart pain.. wusehhhh.. =P

Bella spend more time with Jacob.. Well, Edward's fault.. He thought leaving Bella is the right thing, Bella got heart broken and Jacob was the one who stand by her.. No doubt Bella ends up having feelings for Jacob too at the end.. But her heart will always be Edward.. awww... yes, chick flick.. I LOVE IT.. hohohoz.. =)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

'kacang putih' - steam peanut

****UPDATE: It's known as Kacang putih!! hehe..

Anyone know this? hehe.. My mum bought and I'm eating it now..
It's been long since I last saw 'kacang putih' - steam peanut.. Seeing this make me remember the first time I hang out with the YJ group at the old sport cafe at Miri.. I was being call as ice-box.. -______-!!! They bought like 3 packets of this peanut thingy which taste abit spoil but we all ends up finishing by forcing, throwing, trick people.. hehe..

I wonder how is everyone doing.. hmmm.. =)