Friday, August 31, 2007

Malaysia turns 50.. Merdeka! Merdeka!

Picture from The Strait Times

Malaysia Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Today Malaysia celebrate it's Independent day.. Even though I in Brunei, I still cheer in my heart for Malaysia.. I'm a Malaysia Kid ok.. hehe.. Partly all my friends thought I'm a Bruneian as I grew up here, school here, family here.. but NO I'm Malaysian.. =D

I have got Keyboard and Mouse in the office.. yeah yeah yeah.. Finally changed it.. I beg for it ok.. Kind of ROMMEL to pity me and let me have new ones.. *sob sob* Thanks Rommel!!! hehe..

You have no idea how old and dirty are my Keyboard ok.. *pop pop* time to celebrate.. what the.. hehe.. I can't help myself.. I'm so overjoyed here.. *jump jump around*

This month happens to be the season for King of Fruits oh.. DURIAN.. I ate it at Clemence place because Lei Ang brought there and I was there and so I EAT.. haha.. My mum also bought and I have them as my dinner.. What the.. =p I'm one of the Durian lover ok.. I laugh of head off when Masaki(Tze) told me she hate Durian.. worst to it her whole house is smell of Durian this month.. aww.. pity Tze.. =p

It's Lunchy time.. yippie.. Waiting for Jita to pick me up for lunch.. ahh.. Finally I manage my time to meet her up.. I'm a very busy lady with big business to look after you know.. what the.. okok! I lie.. haha.. Good day to all.. =D

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I found the moon... @_@!!

Guess what I saw on today's The Brunei Times...

I found the moon.. but in the paper not in the sky.. wt.. Well the Eclipse happen last night around 7pm plus plus.. *sigh* Not on the 27/8/2007!! and SO my friends and I were fooled.. bah go ahead and laugh.. *sob sob*

Arrggghhhhh the moon..............

Anyway.. I ate a delicious 'poh pia' the other night.. Nice of ah Bin to bring it from home for us in the office.. His mom made it oh.. so nice.. I bet his mom is a good cook.. Envy my friends who have a mom who cook so many good food.. hehe.. Oops sorry mummy.. Even though you don't cook well I will still finish my food.. For your info my mum is a full time working women..

I read quite a few blog where blogger show the finger step to camwhore.. haha.. and I like Boss Stewie's the best.. and now I being a *cough cough* copycat.. here I present to you.. ME!! wuhahaha...






My Six

My Seven


Monday, August 27, 2007

wtheck.. no two moon..

My friends received some forward email saying there will be two moon appearing on the 27/8/07 at around 12.30am.. So Jessica and Lei Ang said let's go and see.. Please don't laugh at us.. We were just curious people.. hehe..

So we all went to the beach last night.. Cold night.. there is no two moon appearing ok.. but I had a good time.. miss hanging out with lots of friends.. Ting ting and Kok how introduce me to a friend name Jason.. His family own a Thai restaurant here in Brunei called KTM.. He can play the piano.. He even place a piano in the restaurant.. We went there for a drink and ting ting asked him to play for me because I'm new to him.. so he played.. He is great.. remind me of Jita.. ahh have not seen Jita for quite sometime.. Missing her already..

I'm down with the blue feeling.. I guess it's because of not having sleep.. I reached home by 2am.. Then I go clear some of my stuff.. Old undergarment.. All Clemence fault.. I been to her house in the evening and she was clearing her old clothes and stuff.. Seeing her makes me clear up some of mine.. I end up sleeping at 3am.. terrible.. I end up shopping after coming out from Clemence place and bought a pretty white heels at the Mall.. Love it.. I miss miss miss miss miss miss alot of thing right now.. =(

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I sneeze and sneeze the whole night..

I didn't sleep well last night.. When I reached home it's almost midnight.. I woke up almost every hour from 3am.. Feel abit stress and wants to cry to sleep like bubble.. Anyway I woke up isn't because of stress (I did cried in the car..badly.. something happen la..).. I sneeze the whole night! feel so terrible you know.. *sigh* Me bad mood now.. Better cheer me up oh! =p

I was hugging my tissue to sleep.. *sigh* Really getting sick soon.. I sneeze until I fed up and sit up on my bed around 5.30am.. Gather my towel and went off to shower.. So cold water even though I was using the heater.. Cool air bah.. I was particularly shivering..
After shower I switch on my DVD to watch.. I hate my DVD player again I tell you.. Pirated (oops) disc cannot play well.. *sigh* Got to hunt for a DVD player again.. But then I have to purchase back the rice cooker from Philips first.. Promise my mum I will buy one.. Home's rice cooker currently not working well from it's owner.. hehe.. Walau.. I just received an SMS from the fitness zone (yaya.. I go to gym one you know.. and opened by Brunei one and only famous actor in Taiwan oh.. Wu Zhun.. neh.. I don't bother..) to remind me payment is nearly due.. Mood already bad, receive such SMS early in the morning really doesn't help oh.. *gloom gloom*

Friday, August 24, 2007

down with sore throat......

I'm suffering with a bad sore throat now.. bad bad.. and I my lunch is not nice too.. and My mood isn't that well..

Have the urge to quickly go for a job hunt.. I keep saying want to switch job but I don't take any action at finding.. *sigh* I can't bear to leave.. also have the urge to go overseas.. for holiday, for work can do.. *sigh*

I want to go Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bali.. *sigh* lots more on the list.. Can anyone tell me how to earn more.. I asked Thomas and he replied 'Investment'.. Alright I should look out more on Investment.. *sigh* not to forget Thomas also said 'you need a large amount of capital'... *run to the corner*

It's now the season of Ghost Festival month in Chinese.. I guess that's why I do stuff also not well.. *knock my head* I cannot be too superstitious..

I did some minor mistake at work today.. I should be concentrating.. so ciao people..
*Boss post out memo that we have to Overtime until 11pm again starting from today.. so pissed off bleh..*

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


These are the many types of my favourite.. Never ending favourites.. still have a whole bunch lots.. hehe..

Monday, August 20, 2007


Damn unlucky today.. this day 19/8/2007.. My baby got hurt.. my heart bleed.. =(

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Miri trip for blood test

One morning last week.. I came to office and found my office slipper somewhere..


I took leave from work yesterday and went off to Miri with my mum and Aunt June.. We all went for blood test.. and what the.. nurse take blood from me and say my left hand blood flow to slow.. and so she go to the right one.. walau.. damn hurt.. I'm scare of PAIN.. she couldn't find my vein correctly and see me suffering so she stop and went to ask whether my left's hand blood which she taken enough or not.. phewwww.. Luckily they say OK!

In the afternoon we drop by Boulevard shopping centre and there I found a booth store which sell sticker.. Hmm.. should be known as Name Label sticker.. RM10 for 99pcs.. Don't ask why it's not 100pcs.. Coz I didn't ask la.. and so.. I eagerly choose one with Disney Princess.. ah I love Disney Princess.. then I saw Naruto.. being a good sister I bought for my brothers too.. ah.. both of them were so happy..

Before we head back home I ate 'KOLO MEE' for dinner.. ahh.. I miss Miri's Kolo mee plus wantan.. Hmm.. not that very delicious to intro but almost everywhere the same for me.. as long as I get to eat.. I'm HAPPY.. hehe..

I broke my record last night.. I drove all the way forth and back to Brunei without falling asleep.. Such a miracle.. I deserve a good meal.. hehe.. Talking about meal.. I was so bad mood this morning that I was craving for cheese.. so I beg Clemence to accompany me lunch and we went to IDEAL Cafe.. I order everything in cheese.. I'm satisfy.. Clemence look very mature with her hair curl now.. Find a time to take pic with her.. hehe..

I cried to sleep last night.. someone hurt me I had a bad dream.. =(

Monday, August 13, 2007

Kohjisha Japan

I spend my Sunday in Miri.. I arrived Miri by 9.30pm, I followed Winnie and Junn car.. When we arrived we went for Dinner-Supper at 'xin fong ling'.. I was so hungry.. hehe..
Patricia & Nicole

Early in the Morning, I call up Nicole for breakfast but got rejected because she already have plans for breakfast with her parents at Grand Palace Hotel.. So I call up ah Peng(soon li).. don't wanna outbid by Nicole.. and so we have our breakfast at Dynasty Hotel..hehe..

So after Nicole finished her breakfast she came to pick me up.. and soon to pick up her dad again.. Uncle introduced to me a cool gadget call PC tablet Kohjisha.. walau.. so light and the screen so small.. Nicole's brother is selling it at B$1300++.. She told me to get one too as it's so gud to be carried around and there's white in colour.. I was thinking.. "I wantttttttttt........" but I have to think about it again.. I know small screen are good but I'm not actually too comfortable with it.. I much prefer screen with 12" to 13".. and I have to check it out more to understand whether it's worth or not..

Uncle wanna look for place with wi-fi so we can play and test his Kohjisha gadget from Japan.. hehe.. So we ended up at Mega Hotel's Lobby.. ahh.. free wi-fi without ordering drinks.. hehe..

After Mega hotel we went to pick up Nicole's mum from Kevin Salon.. and so we were off for lunch.. yummy "bak ku teh" .. Been quite awhile since I the last time I ate it.. After the yummy lunch.. I went off to Opi de beaute for facial treatment.. My first time going to this beauty center.. the environment is good.. very nice.. ahh.. and so relaxing le.. I fall asleep through the treatment.. woke up once awhile.. and my therapist took me that I didn't had a good nap as I keep on shaking while napping.. strange.. stress I guess.. My treatment cost me RM133.20 after member discount.. and I end up using my credit card as I haven't exchange for any Ringgit that day.. The cashier swipe my card and couldn't get through.. I panicked.. Luckily my driver came and I ask for help so I paid by cash.. A lesson learnt.. Be prepared by CASH all time!!

I reached back home around 7.30pm.. and I slept early.. still I feel sleepy in the office.. what the heck!! hope my boss or colleagues don't find my eyes closed.. hehe..

Thursday, August 09, 2007

No parking!!

I was late this morning.. My mum lo.. Insist that we go for breakfast.. and so when I arrived office.. Holly Cow!! no parking.. Guess where I end up with my baby.. a place that is not allowed to park.. I hope I don't end up in the idiot parking of Brunei blog.. No choice ba.. forgive me pls.. hehe..Right beside our company polyn sign.. opos..

Below are pictures during last Sunday when Shirley and Ah hao came..My baby at Car wash.. cost me B$8!!

This is a cool gadget from ah hao's car which I love to have.. a TV screen.. and when u hit reverse on ur gear.. it's turns out.. tada!!
It shows a look of the back of the car... so cool...

I love Harry Potter.. *muaks* =p

Pictures during the Float Parade

Me & the Royal Crown hand made by people from the company.. I help to paint ho! hehe..

Pictures during the Float Parade 4/8/2007Me & Terry (Mei tee's son)

Me & Claude

me & Kelvin

Me & Winnie

Me & ah Junn

The float that gotten number 1

The float that gotten number 2

This is one of the float done by us which gotten number 3

After the function we all head to the nearest mamak stall.. On our boss ofcoz..

Below are the floats done by us..
Number 5

Number 9

and Number 10
the rest below din manage to get in top 10

This is my favourite.. it gotten the highest score of all that night but end up being disqualified.. what a pity.. Some rules say not allow to use Royal things..