Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just an old fashion kind

Nicole my babe was in Brunei this weekend.. I was only able to meet her up today.. As Last night I attend Lee's casual additional wedding dinner at Shikai Restaurant.. Once again, congrats to Lee and his wife.. Have a blessed lifetime together..

Nicole with her new hair and ME

After the dinner, I ends up going to Jerudong park for a walk.. And I was shock.. Almost all of those high ride games sold off.. and was remove from the ground leaving big empty big holes.. So pity to see the once beautiful place in such states.. tsk tsk tsk..

Alright back to being with Nicole.. We had lunch with her friends who I was first introduce today.. Both guys has good sense of humour..

We end up watching the movie Sex In The City at The Mall.. So pissed off that they cut and censor alot of ehem ehem Sex?? even the part gay kiss was cut off.. -____-"'

Well, the movie was alright.. Labels and Love.. The designer clothing in the movie all look beautiful.. indeed gorgeous.. I love the walk in closet Mr.Big renovate for Carrie, so pretty.. Love, Right Love is hard to find and hold.. Marriage really needs communication and hard work..

The great friends..

Friendship is also important.. Seeing Carrie's gurls by her side when she was torn by Love really touch my heart.. I remember how my hostel family was by my side cheering me up when I was heartbroken.. Really appreciate for what they have done for me..

Gentleman are getting less nowadays.. Yes, I do prefer guys who are gentleman.. who don't huh? Maybe I'm more into an old fashion innocent relationship.. Sweet, romantic, humour, caring, gentle is what I have always wish for in a guy.. But no one is perfect.. I'm not perfect myself.. Jeffrey thanks for putting me as perfect one in your book.. You really made my day.. =D

* * * * *

The set of Ambuyat

Anyway.. I had AMBUYAT for lunch yesterday
with Angel, Rueburn and a friend of his at Kiulap.. I don't remember the restaurant name.. how to introduce like this, never mind send me an email as I can always draw it for you.. wth..

Angel and yours truly with the Ambuyat

Lots of twisting need to be done

It taste alright lo.. I ever ate it before but I don't remember the taste of it anymore, as it was like five years ago and I only had one bite.. wth.. =p Ambuyat really didn't taste that bad.. By the way, Ambuyat is the best known local dish in Brunei..

Look at him, so happy coz he finally can proudly call himself one of Bruneian.. Rueburn's first try!!

* * * * *

Remember I said I was going to watch Red Cliff? Seng seng ends up joining us and about the movie.. Honestly it really bored me out at first.. Until when they start to have strategic fighting ways.. The way they attack their enemy is really good.. This is a movie good for those who love to watch battle and political thingy.. hehe.. =p

I like watching Zhao Wei act, she is pretty

* * * * *

It's very late I need to be in bed now.. To end my post with a picture of yours truly ofcourse.. wth..

OMG.. I feel like Paris Hilton.. wth.. -___-"' Goodnight all..

Friday, July 25, 2008

It was the best decision for me

Lei Ang's dog.. Cute one.. BUT I still prefer BAM BAM.. did u hear me Jenn? haha.. =p

I have been going out this few nights.. Miss spending my time with my baby lappy.. Miss blogging too.. =p Thomas was nice enough to treat me to Korean food last night.. Finally!! Kimchi babe.. hehe.. wth.. I ate so much like it's been days I have not eat.. hehe.. Thomas is flying soon.. Not to worry dear Thomas.. Zaw will gather us up for tea before you runs off.. =D

Thanks Thomas..!! =D

* * * * *

I'm still struggling at work ofcourse.. I'm going to start handle more specify things.. Each of us in my team has our own job responsibility starting next month.. IT'S TIME FOR WAR..!! wth..

There was this time I was so stress out, I turn to this drink to cool myself..

* * * * *

Tze, Jenn and Shirley with the guys are heading up to Kota Kinabalu soon.. Wish I could join you guys.. Have fun all.. I will have fun in Brunei too.. like eat and eat? wth.. =p

Did I mention Nicole cut her hair? OMG.. I was so shocked..!! She always tells me about long hair thingy.. Who knows now she try short hair.. I couldn't believe my eyes at first.. BUT still you look great babe.. No more cute style for that hair.. =D

* * * * *

I had a blast last weekend with my favourite people.. Ends up at Balcony.. I was longing to go singing but that Mr. Chai force me to go Balcony.. -___-

People I love.. The group who knows how to have fun.. wth.. haha..

It was hot and the song sucks at first.. Then people ran off because some police car going around.. Ends up we have the space all to ourselves and start getting cold and the songs turns groovy.. ahh.. That is fun ok.. and not to forget we camwhore alotssss... Good pictures with my lovely babes.. =D

Yea, Me being cute with that T-shirt at Balcony with my Shirley..

Part of my life

* * * * *

Later heading out for a movie with Rueburn, Angel and Wee.. Red Cliff?? Rueburn I hope it's nice.. I give you face to go ok.. wth.. =p Tomorrow's lunch your treat..!! yeaaaa...!! hehe..

Guess this? hehe.. at Lei Ang's house.. damn big.. I took this during the BBQ night..

Fishes..!! Rich big fishes.. So many.. I got to feed them too.. nice -___-"'

I know I have hurt you.. But I have no choice to look for happiness.. Please understand I need care..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

If only things will be better

I was so moody last night that I end up quarrel with my mama.. After that I cry out loud.. I just feel so tense and stress after work.. Ever since this month when jobs all pass over to me, almost everyday I leave work after 7pm.. When I reach home I just wished to have a quiet moment of my own like hmm lock myself up from everyone..

I totally salute my mama.. She has been working so hard and her office hour are even longer and she still manage to wake up early to prepare food and do abit of cleaning.. I wish I can afford to provide the best luxury for her.. So that she won't have to get tired and fall sick.. I fail to be the best daughter for her.. I'm sorry mama.. =(

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hot looking Bruce.. I like.. I like.. =p

Me so damn sleepy.. I went to catch the midnight show of Batman, The Dark Knight.. Kiasu bah.. Wants to watch it on the first day eventhough it's so late.. haha.. But what I didn't know is that the movie last for two and a half hour.. Bloody man.. If I know the movie were that long I won't bother to watch at midnight.. -___-"' I have learnt my lesson, the next time I want to watch a midnight show I have to check the duration of the movie..

Guess what eventhough the movie is good at some part my eyes actually closed.. *sighs* long movie + tired me = dum di dum di dum.. wth.. There is one thing for sure, my eyes were so wide open when I see Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale).. so handsome can die ok.. *phiewwwttt* *melt some more* wth..

Joker is like so crazy type.. He can plant bom anywhere and like everywhere.. All he do is push a button and things go *bommmm* and gone.. He do look ugly but I like his poster.. damn cool.. hehe..

* * * * *

I still don't feel confident at handling things my way yet.. I still need help at.. Yea, I know I must be fast.. But still I need guidance.. I get stress out when I don't know how to handle my stuffs.. Everything is pushed towards me.. And I have so little time to complete.. Not totally my fault.. Guess I'm not up to that level yet.. =(

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tze Big day

It's Tze's aka Masaki birthday..!! Happy Birthday my dear.. I know you sure have a great time celebrating with Alvin, Jenn, Hao and Shirley this year.. Too bad I can't be there to share the happiness.. BUT I did bought u a slice of cake in advance and hide your first present this year from me.. =D Wish you the best in life and happiness my dear.. *big hugssss*

* * * * *

I ate KIMCHI for dinner tonight.. *sobs happy* Mr.Lim was so kind to bring me for dinner.. =p Anyway during this big day Birthday of his majesty, Sultan of Brunei there sure be fireworks at night.. And I did manage to watch tonight..

* * * * *

Last night, I went to Lei Ang's house for BBQ session with Angel.. Simple food, friends gather, drink beer.. I was offer to drink beer but reject and people thought I'm acting innocent.. wth.. hehe.. I just hate drinking beer.. haha.. and I'm not good in drinking too, since I was driving so It's better I do not drink at all.. =p but still it was a good gathering..

Went to the dentist last Saturday.. Pain and expensive.. Never mind it's clean.. wth..

It feels like a Sunday today.. Guess I sleep too much.. wth.. More work to face tomorrow.. God bless me and everyone.. =D

Monday, July 14, 2008

Can I compare with the past?

*sighs* Tomorrow is a public holiday and I feel real lazy to work.. Tomorrow is the day the people of Brunei celebrates the 62th Birthday of His Majesty, The Sultan of Brunei.. *sobs* This time last year I would be working until like hmm 11pm, and tomorrow I have to work.. and now.. *sobs sobs* can you feel my happiness? Leaving the previous company really proves how happy I am now.. wth.. =p

* * * * *

Yesterday was hmmm... Busy day? In the morning, Tze came so I bring her to Bandar to take pictures of some decorations.. *woot* I was sweating so much that I was wondering "when was the last time I sweat this much?" =D

Meet up with Mr. Leong for lunch.. He was having a hangover.. haha.. Good that he still manage to meet us up and STILL able to talk that much.. =p

Then my baby went for a wash.. Looking clean from dirts, who knows it rain at night.. *sighs* Never mind atleast my baby is clean.. Did accompany Mr.Lim to buy his shoes.. Aduh.. Never know there is a guy who love shoes so much.. -___-"'

Connie my babe is BACK.. yippieee... Meet up with her last night and Saturday night for dinner.. So glad to see her again.. *sobs sobs* hehe.. Connie stop bullying me..!! haha.. =p

* * * * *

I watched Hellboy on Saturday.. Hmm.. I don't like the movie lo.. Quite boring and there are parts where I almost fell asleep.. Not recommended.. =p

O'well, it's a holiday tomorrow.. really brights up my mood.. Enjoy Brunei..

Friday, July 11, 2008

Who like KIMCHI?

Had a busy day at work today.. Seem like time isn't enough for me to finish the jobs I had on hand.. Not even a spare time to stop and smell the foods.. ehem I mean flowers.. =p

Luckily weekend is here.. BUT still not enough for me.. wth.. How nice if work are always easy without bother using the brains and enegry.. wth.. Ignore me talking crap here.. Stress people usually talk this way.. wth..

I'm craving for McD fries.. Fries Fries Fries Fries.. Hmm.. Nonono.. I'm craving to eat KIMCHI..!!! haha.. No ones want to enjoy KIMCHI with me.. *sighs* So hard to find friends who WILL like KIMCHI.. Clemence in KL, Joan still in Aussie, Thomas you are the last choice at the moment as you are back for holiday.. haha.. Joan babe, shall wait for your return.. =p Nite..

Monday, July 07, 2008

Jita and Jenn big day..

Now I'm feeling full from the Fries and ice cream at McDonald.. Thomas brought me and Irwan there.. *sighs* feeling fat.. wth.. haha.. Before McD, we were at The Arch with Zaw and her BF.. and I also ate fries there.. I loveeee French Fries.. <3 After McD, off we go to Arena and both of them bully me at pool.. haha.. I don't know how to play bah.. =p but I had fun..

* * * * *

Last night, when to The Mall with Thomas and we ends up seeing Rozaini and his GF.. and also Zul with Viviana.. Zul and GF just recently got engage too.. They been long together~~

Rozaini suggest we go eat Satay.. The satay at this particular restaurant in Batu Bersurat really taste great.. Various types of meat to order from.. I want to go back there again.. And Rueburn this restaurant has Ambuyat..!! ehem ehem.. wait u treat me ya.. haha.. =p

* * * *

So fast Sunday has passed.. It seem like only yesterday Tze and Jacinta were here in Brunei.. It's time to work again.. busy busy busy.. Have you guys watch Hancock? I watch it on the first day it shows in Brunei, last Thursday 3.7.08.. The story is quite intresting, funny and good.. I'm waiting for Batman and The Mummy next..

Look MAN.. wth..

* * * * *

Today is Jita engagement day.. I shall head down to Limbang after work to attend her dinner.. Talk about Jita, a few days ago I went with her to this newly open restaurant inside Kiulap Plaza Hotel.. I forget the restaurant name.. Something like hmm, Hong Kong wok thingy.. hehe.. not bad the food.. smell and taste good..

Good looking rice pot.. hehe..

Jita and her food..

Mine.. Fish fillet wrap with eggs.. yumm

* * * * *

Alrite off to bed now.. Hold on before that.. Jennifer Tiew my dear.. Happy Birthday babe.. Wish you happiness, sexy all the time and Mr. Right to get marry.. =p *muaks and huggies*

Guess my supper should digest some by now.. wth.. Goodnight all..