Monday, May 31, 2010

One and Half days Two nights

My trip to Kota Kinabalu sound like 3Days 2Nights.. but actually it's just ONE and HALF days 2nights!! hehe.. Totally not enough but luckily I was able to meet up Stephy, Rozzy and Kel, they are my favourite love at KK.. hehe..
At the Airport I bump into Thanis and Ivan =) On the plane I talk to a malay lady sitting with me who happen to be a secondary combine science teacher at Kampong Ayer, very friendly lady.. and I forget her name already, sound like Aztijah? =)

When me and Hiang reach KK Airport, Stephy welcome us with open arms.. lol.. Her tummy is big already, can't wait to see her baby in September!
Then the three of us join Ivan and ah Foo with their parents for Seafood dinner..
That night we went clubbing at 'The Bed', we join Hiang's friends who are from Brunei also.. There I bump into Kelly Ling, chienz's colleague =)
The next we three went to Little Italy for lunch..
The waiter introduce one of their pasta and I had it.. It was good!
After lunch, me and Stephy went to Megalong mall.. well, it's a new mall so nothing to see actually.. after that I accompany Stephy to shop for mattress.. Then she drop me off at Centrepoint.. I went it around 5pm plus.. I was about to start shopping when I saw a salon and had my hair colour since I wanted to colour anyway, and they were having promotion!
who knows when I'm done with my hair it's 8pm plus and shops closes at 9pm.. =(
that night after dinner me, Hiang, Ivan and ah Foo went to Firefly, I purposely want to go there so that I can meet up with Rozzy.. and Rozzy greet me with open arms.. hehe.. my sistah!!
who is so kind to send us all back.. hehe.. I drank too fast that night I think.. I was so dizzy and I puke.. Hangover the next day!
What a bad hangover.. Sleep at 5am need to force myself out of bed by 8am because I have breakfast appointment with Kel.. He bring me around and check out his office.. He offer me to work there summore.. Tempting, If I accept his offer I'm taking a big step.. a big step turning BACK..
He then bring me to Suria Sabah, another new mall which is way nicer than Megalong.. haha.. We had dessert and coffee there.. The view is awesome..
I love it very much.. Over looking the blue blue sea! wuuu..
Then went to Wisma merdeka for awhile before heading to the airport.. but then before the airport we went to Tanjung aru and Kel bought some fruits for me to eat on the plane.. so nice of him.. hehe.. And at the airport I bump into Doris.. bump into so many people..

There goes my short weekend!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Check in at counter A8

Check-in.. Boarding the plane in a short while.. =D Here comes my short getaway to KK~ Can't wait to see Stephy, Rozzy and KJ~

pstips psmisspts spppyoutsp

pack pack pack: my luggage.. I dislike doing packing.. Because I take long hours to pack eventhough it's just a weekend trip! hehe.. Yessss, Tomorrow it's Saturday and I'm going for a WEEKEND TRIP to Kota Kinabalu! I have been waiting for this trip to arrive since last month, I need a short break.. Actually this trip, I plan to head to the island there but can't because Stephy is pregnant, not allow to ride boat.. =) So we are going to visit other places instead.. hmmm I wonder where we should go~

Tomorrow me and my colleagues are going to be very very busy again.. This whole week other than being busy with our own work, we are all busy packing up our office stuffs.. Tomorrow is the day we are officially moving to our new office! =D

Ahhh.. the other pig has said Goodnight.. so GOODNIGHT! =)
Continue packing later in the morning.. hehe..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finally proper office.. hehe..

Last Saturday and yesterday, I went to see our new office.. Above picture is at our main building.. Well, WE ARE FINALLY MOVING.. By end of this week all our stuffs have to be move and starting of June we all will be working at our new office.. hehe..
And they install access card almost everywhere, can't be late anymore.. so sad.. =P
I hope with the new environment, I will feel better about my job.. Let's see then~ hehe.. We, the marketing department will be at the back of the main building.. We have the place all to ourselves.. hohoho.. And I will have a cubicle desk! yeaahhh~
There is my seat! hehe.. Welcome to visit me at my new work place next month! =D
Ahhhh~ Eat too much chocolate already.. =x
I think grocery shopping is fun with people you love.. =)

Friday, May 21, 2010

where is my sunshine?

Oh dear, why do I feel kinda depress today.. Everything I do at work doesn't seem right.. Friday is suppose to be a less-work and happy day, but today it's the opposite way.. sighs.. EMO-ness, please go away.. I want to smile..

It's 12.30pm, how many hours till 5pm? see I don't even have the mood to count.. yiekss.. Me and my colleagues are attending the Singapore Association's Annual Dinner at Rizqun tonight = FOOD! Ok, atleast I have something to look forward to.. off to lunch now..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

新不了情 =')

1. Purchase done! Made it this morning and I can't wait to start planning~ =)

2. My workload has increase and I hate it.. =(

3. How many days till I see a starving little lovely pig? =)

4. I love this song '
新不了情'-C'est La Vie, Mon Cheri* never fail to make me =') abit.. hehe.. It's an oldies and I like this version.. Alright, my arm feel kinda sore and hurt plus I'm sleepy so I'm heading to bed.. oh! not yet 12! haha.. Goodnight.. =)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A blue day

Today is Blu's last day at work and she just left the office.. gosh, my tears haven't stop since we hug each other goodbye.. *sniff sniff* EHHH, why suddenly the image of Rue leaving at the Airport appear? -____- hahaha..

Thank god they have arrange for Angel and Sher to take over temporary.. hehe.. Well, I can't wait for us to move into our new office next month.. I'm looking forward for a new environment.. =)

Monday, May 17, 2010


Tiring day at work, I need a good massage!

I want to learn this song and sing for KTV session, but the words are kinda hard to memorize.. hehe.. 我不想忘記你~

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wisdom tooth: I have all four =_=

Yesterday I had to bring my mum down to Miri for her dental appointment.. and since I'm there, might as well have my teeth clean-up.. I ask the dentist how many wisdom tooth I have, she said I already have all four of my wisdom tooth out.. =_= walau, no wonder I have so many white hair and I feel oldddddd.. haha.. sighs.. According to the dentist I need to pull out two of my wisdom tooth.. I'm afraid of pain!! yieeksss..

* * * * *

I miss my babes..
Jenn, Joan, Shirley, Tze, Nicole, Kelly, Chai yu and Stephy~
year 2007! At KTV-FIRE, on Jenn's birthday.. we all look young~ lol
miss you all very much..

* * * * *

This is a nice song by Karen Mok,莫文蔚: '如果没有你'
*sing: Hey, I really miss you.. Look out of the window, It's starting to rain.. Tears have dry up, yet I still feel like crying.. There are words to tell you, but where should I start from.. I wonder if you miss me too*
I want to memorize this song!! =D

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blu's Farewell Dinner

I don't feel well~ @_@ blur blur de..

Me and a few of my colleagues organize a farewell dinner for Blu at Polo Club last night.. The environment was good, we book the open air space overlooking the beach.. The food was good,but small in portion.. not worth the price but worth the environment.. hoho..

After that some of us head for a drink with boss.. and boss seem to forget we have to work the next day! We all end our night before 2am.. gossshhh.. Thank god today is Saturday, I think I'm going to be sick.. @_@ Anyway, the night was great.. Full of laughter and most important of all, Blu had a great time.. =)

Later need to drive my mum down to Miri.. oh my bed, can I stay home instead? =S CANNOT.. snifffffff.. =P

Blu my lubla~ seeing and talking to her for almost everyday for the past two years minus the Sundays and Public holidays.. Blu my partner at work! gossshh I'm really going to miss her alot.. sniff.. She warn me not to cry on her last day of work~ I don't think I can control that.. hehe..

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pink cooler notepad

Pictures~~ ^^

This is Pandan Bao(Bun) which me and Chienz had at Phongmum Restaurant last weekend as our late lunch..

Then last Sunday, when I was waiting for Eve at her shop, Sopan Enterprise.. I play with the colour effect camera from my Nokia N97.. simple and nice right?? =P

* * * * *

Me and Chienz's niece, 66! hehe..

This is mine~~ My pink cooler infinite notepad! wuhuuu.. thanks to Chienz for helping me buy from Miri PC Fair! It's really really REALLY a good cooler notepad.. and it's PINK!! hehe.. Chienz comment the pink is ugly -____- but SY and PY both confirm I would love it.. =D

* * * * *

To end my post, here is a pretty tattoo design which I saw last night.. =)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Take down that mask of yours

Some people wear a mask to face their friends.. They laugh and joke with you but they talk bad about you with others.. You thought they knew you the best.. You protect them when others talk bad about them, yet in return you found out they don't treat you the way you treat them..
Because you have more friends? because you hang out with different people/groups? because you go out for dinner/dates without telling? because you are being secretive? Just because of these they find you annoying? This kind of friends are not worth for you to cherish..

* * * * *

Below are pictures- I took in the afternoon today on my way back home for lunch.. The weather is about to rain, the cloud is pitch black gloomy.. No wonder I fell asleep and because I overslept, I didn't had lunch.. =S

look kinda scray right? @_@

New layout ~ I'm a little bit lost without you

wuhuuuuu~ New layout.. I spend the whole night changing it.. hehe.. I still choose Pink.. ^^

How was your mother's day? I became my mama's driver from late morning until afternoon.. hoho.. =D

Sighs, the thought of going to work later in the Morning- SIEN.. 'Si Beh Sien'

Off to bed now.. goodnight!

-This ain't a Love Song by Scouting for Girls- 'I'm a little bit boy lost wiyhout you~

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2010

I'm staying home tonight.. Yeap staying home on a Saturday night.. Because I'm tired and lazy to go out.. hehe..

We celebrate Mother's day tonight.. hehe.. My mum request to eat at home so we order few dishes from Phongmum Restaurant..

Anyway, Happy Mother's day.. =)

Congrats to Ah hao and Shirley for their newborn son.. Jansen Chai! ^^

-A song for Mama by Boys 2 Men- Mama, you're the queen of my heart..

Friday, May 07, 2010


Currently at Matadoe having a glass of coke float.. I wanted to order two scoop of ice cream but finish already.. Only left a scoop, oh well better than none.. One scoop should be able to cheer up me up, I hope..

Well, I'm just worry about work stuff.. Work didn't went well today.. =S

**update: The Mud Cake here is good! =)

A song which make me think of you~ 下雨天 by 南拳媽媽(梁心頤)

kiss on forehead ♥

Today is my boss's birthday, we try to surprise him by celebrating with him.. But it didn't happen, because something came up and my boss had to be out of the office sorting some problems with meetings..

Looking at his stress out and unhappy face, I kinda pity him.. I hope he have a proper relax celebration with his girlfriend and family.. =)

* * * * *

Yesterday, I was feeling hungry in the office and I beg Blu for some food.. lol.. and she gave me her most favourite biscuit.. lalalalala.. and I like it very much! Mint flavour! yum yum..

* * * * *

I just reach home from Marcus's place.. Ah Soon called me over to drink.. Audrey bought a cute glass-board game to play.. It's the version of Plane board game..
I have no idea how many shots I have drank at losing, thank god I have Cindy as a team partner.. hehe.. My head is feeling abit dizzy now.. off to bed.. Goodnight~

-Disappointment can't get you down unless you let it, optimism is a surefire antidote for the blues-