Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mini garden

Love Story (Pop Edit) - Taylor Swift

It's Saturday again.. I'm meeting up with the rest later for a gathering session.. And the theme for tonight is Pajamas~~ So it's going to be a Pajamas night..!! Wuhuuu...!!

Since last year after I read about Nuffnang's Pajamas party at Kuala Lumpur, I have always wanted to attend one.. so I can dress up looking nice in short silky PJ??? wth.. hohoho..

EHEM but anyway ours is just a mini one so we don't have to dress up looking pretty or what.. It's just the same bunch of people so no need look nice la.. So just now I run through my closet and look for my cute pink cotton bear Pajamas for tonight, put it in my bag together with my cute giffy pillow.. Shall upload pictures about it when I'm free.. hehe..

* * * * *

Before I went for my facial appointment this afternoon, I drop by this new cafe at Kiulap to meet Sy, Sim yang, Chu and Ray.. known as Bakerlyn cafe..

Garden look.. FAKE grapes hanging above..

The place look good like a mini garden.. but the feeling isn't that right or should I say not cozy enough..

Ordered by Chu and Ray

Then I look around.. and ahhh.. this place would be super nice if the view outside the window is an open space or green field instead of old building.. hehe..
It's still a nice cafe, definitely will going back there again..

Real flowers.. Real complain king..

Real chu chu enjoying his food

To end this post.. ofcoz we are real la..!! haha..

*** update on 2/3/09.. - when our pictures from Pajamas Night went on facebook, it's not the same bunch of people looking at us.. It's the whole network...!! omg.. haha.. A few friends came up to me and said "wow, your group of friends always have fun.. PJ's night some more.. by the way.. your PJ is so cuteeee..." And what I answer?? Just this " -_________- " ***

Friday, February 27, 2009

Wuuhuu GOLF~~

*sighs* I wonder where has my aim went.. I hate feeling this way.. I'm not looking forward to be there every morning.. stress out.. It's not easy.. =(

* * * * *

The first time I went to RBRC - 25/2/2008.. Last night went again.. to watch Ray and Dan play golf.. Last night was join by Jolin, Matt, Chu and Sy.. Sy seem to get addicted by golf already.. She hit once then hit hit hit and hit hit hit non-stop.. hehe..

Belong to Sir Rayburn

I never play golf before.. I have *ehem ehem* good teachers to teach me..!! Rayburn and his assistant Daniel.. hehe..

proof .. haha..

Sir Rayburn

and his assistant.. haha..

As per my teachers; I'm a fast learner, and the last ball I hit was the best.. haha.. I have problem swinging and hiting the ball..!! hehe..

ermmm... this is the only OK looking picture..

Nevermind, I need to practice more.. Thank God that I have patient teachers who don't scold me.. =D

show-off?? =D

* * * * *

I over ate for dinner last night.. >_<

First 'roti telur' with Jita.. Then Japanese food with Joan, Beng, Eve and her two Singaporean friends.. I think the Salmon Sashimi I ate haven't digest until now lo.. -____-

Eve friends share with us their life in Singapore.. By listening only, we can feel the big stress... hehe.. Then I think to myself, I need to appreciate my life in Brunei.. It's such a big difference comparing Brunei to the outside world.. I want to travel...!! hehe..

My Jita moving to Miri tomorrow.. sad sad.. Melvin better take good care of her.. hehe.. sad sad.. I have to go down Miri to visit her.. sad sad.. why Miri so far ah? eh.. Another place also far.. Far far some more.. -___-

Jita, all the best in your mini music school.. =)

* * * * *

It's been a week since the day my Qin tian wa wa flew.. Qin tian wa wa been very busy lo.. I hope he settle everything soon.. =(
-till yesterday it's a month *hugs*-

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

National day lights - 09

The building lights up

As I leave the office, on the way out the attractive lights from the National day celebration attracts me.. I stop my car and pull to the side and take out my camera.. The feeling of picture taking rush back at that moment as I focus on the pretty lights..

For National Day

I seldom touch my camera ever since friends around me always use their camera to take pictures.. hehe..

Towards Istana

After that one picture I took, I didn't feel like going home yet so I turn my car to the main road heading down the Istana road to look at the lights.. As I drive, 'if only qin tian wa wa is here' is what I had in mind..

Driving through

Effect.. colour colour.. lots of colours..

Blue rain drop lights I like

Outside look - Istana Entrance

I feel happy as I take this pictures because I can't wait to post them up on my blog..

At the huge roundabout

lalalala... round I go~

Picture is something nice to share with everyone.. Especially to those who are not by my side.. <3>

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Long weekend at Miri

what a night.. what a night..

The first time I went around the balcony more than twice looking for my tipsy friends.. haha..

Laughs, tears, crazyness, dance, drink, ugly moments everything in a night.. FUN..!! =D

* * * * *

I drive down to Seria with Joan.. Meet Hao and Shirley, together off to Miri.. There was quite a long queue at the custom but it's ok, we weren't stuck for long.. At that moment Jennifer's impatient face appear in my head.. hehe..

Simz, Chu and Eve went down to Miri too.. We all reach the custom at the same time.. Lucky they manage to get a hotel room nearby the happening area.. "Easier for us to get back to the hotel if drunk"- accroding to the them.. =p

I was so hungry by the time we reach Jenn's house.. Quickly change and off we went to eat.. Finally our singing plan come true.. hehe.. We went to Rex Box to sing but then...... I don't think we will be going back there any time soon.. Few choice of songs only.. It wasn't like that before.. -____-

I miss you girls already..!! =) *the background is good* hehe..

After midnight, me and Joan lead S, C and E to the balcony first.. It's their first time to the Balcony and I was worry that they will feel bored.. then... who knows, the three of them with Joan were the most happening ones that night.. This people really know how to de-stress lo.. haha..!!

The most happening ones.. exclude ME.. hehe..

Eve the first to TOH.. Even our CCH-Hao who seldom KO, that night drink with Chu Chu and Simz, he himself almost KO.. Another KO one is our Shirley..!! Who the next morning have a wedding photo shoot.. >_< *clap clap* the first couple who I knew, after a bad KO session.. no problem for wedding photo shoot the next morning.. haha!!
My babe

Joan ends up being EMO again.. Simz super tipsy who keep on dancing.. Simz and Joan don't want to home..!! We even have to think of tricks and lies to get them home.. haha.. Sorry Jenn and Tze, didn't manage to spend more time with you two..

Dear Tze

Chu being the hero of the night- carry Eve out from the balcony into CCH friend's car.. But when we reach the hotel, we have to drag Eve out of the car and up to the room because Chu Chu ran out of energy.. haha.. what a night..!! Shirley like S, C and E alot lo.. Ask me when will the three be going to Miri again, she wants to de-stress with them again.. >_<
* * * * *

My next two days at Miri.. picturess...

By the way..*sighs* My old Malaysia number got terminate..!! After four months and I forgot to re-load it.. *sobs* I went to the Digi center trying out my luck whether I can get it back.. >_<>
Dim sum for Sunday morning

Me and Jenn look tired.. because we spend like more than 30 mins to push Joan to sleep in a proper position so we two can get some space to sleep.. >_<>

Sweet mango pudding

CCH.. so serious.. hehe..


Jenn: CCH you better pose properly later ah.. don't simply pose..
CCH: ya bah.. ya bah..

Gossip session at Secret Recipe for 2 hours..!!

Steamboat for dinner at Micheal, Miri

Had a short meet up session with Kevin =)

This is SNOW.. remind me of Siu mai.. hehe..

Snow and Bam Bam.. Don't worry Bam, I still like you then Snow.. hehe..

Breakfast on Monday morning

I like wanton

Busy choosing pictures for their precious wedding album

My fav pearl bubble milk tea before heading home <3 Great trip we had..

Friday, February 20, 2009

and the plane took off~~

Friends said to me:

C: Don't be sad o.. be strong..

J: How is your day?

B: Are you ok?

D: you ok? were you upset?

Sy: Don't be sad, must be happy.. B and S very near..

TT: Don't cry oh.. Cheer up..

Thanks guys *hugs!*.. =)

I really didn't went to the airport to send him off.. Here in the office my heart break abit already.. If I were to see him went in, my heart will break more.. and I really will cry badly.. Sorry.. =(

* * * * *

My Qin tian wa wa is not in Brunei, the sky outside look dark lo.. hehe..
Yesterday I mention about my boss being stress.. who knows today he starts going on leave.. wth.. I want holiday too..!! haha..

Lucky this coming Monday is a public holiday.. no work!! Long weekend..!! I'm going to spend and have fun in Miri.. Can't wait to see them all again.. =)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

How come I wait? haha.. =p

The atmosphere at the Gripps isn't that bad.. Maybe not much people here.. Usually it's quite noisy..

I was here in the afternoon for lunch.. Now here again.. to blog actually.. and I want to drink their hot milk tea.. hehe..

Another reason why I'm here.. Wait for my date la.. My date now hanging out with his friends who don't want to give me face.. haha.. *joking~~* I thought we can go over to McD for some fries before the movie.. -___-

Wait wait wait wait..

* * * * *

My work load has increase again.. *sighs* This few days in the office, you can hear me *sighs....* for like hundred of times.. Stress stress.. See boss face, stress some more.. *sighs* hehe.. I know boss is stress too.. He even try to joke abit with us.. *sighs*

Fel and Blu start going for yoga class.. The price offer by the teacher is quite reasonable.. I wonder if I should go for it too.. Might join with Angel if I confirm.. Well, have to decide properly.. hehe..

Don't know why but this few days I often feel dizzy.. Even now I suddenly feel it.. The other night was even worst.. I couldn't stand well.. *sighs* Maybe my blood pressure drop again.. -___-

Anyway.. got to go now.. The date has called.. Finally.. haha.. Goodnight~~ =)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A packet instead of a piece

After today, after tomorrow, Rue will fly off to Singapore..

The complain king asked me the other day if I will cry.. I'm a warm-blooded human ofcourse will cry la.. what question is that.. haha.. =p

Actually I'm scare.. Scare of Friday to come.. Not able to see him for don't-how-long is sad..

People expect me to take leave to see him at the Airport.. I can't lo.. I will cry..!! I really won't be able to take it..

You can just imagine.. Close friends fly off I cry and use one PIECE of tissue.. Rue fly off I will cry and use one PACKET of tissue ah.. hehe.. =p

I wanted to spend more time with him but his time is packed.. =(

Oh my god.. I don't know how to end this post.. hehe.. *take deep breath*
I know how to end already..

Goodbye.. haha.. =p

** My valentine post is coming soon.. and will appear below of this post when it's done.. I publish this post first to shut the complain king's mouth.. haha..=p **

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I hope I didn't scare Wen Chien just now.. I drive too fast.. Thank God for Daniel being a responsible driver; who decide not to overtake me.. My baby and a BMW.. wow..

* * * * *

We were suppose to go for bowling in the evening today but ends up at the snooker center instead.. because bowling center has tournament.. -____- I want to play bowling..!! hehe..

I'm so pity.. Don't know how to play pool, then kena bully by people *ehem ehem*.. haha.. Rue and Siew are the best lo..!!! They both teach me play.. *sobs* hehe..

Pictures only~~~~ *do not charge or sue me for the pictures.. hehe*

Chien- who win alot



Kel & Shereen

Ray- the complain king


Siew- the super slim one who complain being fat -___-

Chu- many style


Rue- the teacher

Chien wins it all

*Beh tahan* watch this two play.. Siew control the game to win.. haha..