Thursday, July 26, 2007

Joan fly off tonight.. I'm still reading my Harry Potter..

Joan fly back off to Perth tonight.. I'm guessing she should be on the plane right now.. Her flight is 9pm.. *sigh* gonna miss her companion even though we wasn't able to meet up so much.. We was able to meet up for Japanese food.. hehe.. then on Tuesday me, Joan, Huang Ching and Angel went for Korean food.. Been ages since I saw Huang Ching.. Really pretty already.. hehe.. We had a good dinner with good laugh.. but too bad Huang Ching needs to left early.. Missing Joan already, she has a few years there after her degree for work experience of course but not sure she is coming back for Christmas holiday or not.. Let's wait then..

We four were primary schools mates.. We all were almost the same height (Joan shorter la =p) now.. Angel is the shortest.. we gain weight too.. haha.. But then Angel and Huang Ching keep fit well.. It's nice seeing old mates after quite a few years of not contacting..

And I'm still busy reading Harry Potter.. Feel excited all the time reading it.. I can suppose to finish reading already.. but due to work and overtime and sleepless night so I'm abit slow.. I'm reading as fast as I can hor.. No laughing ok.. =)

There was a big storm which feels like a mini typhoon hit Brunei on Monday evening.. very bad.. but it didn't last long.. wooden roofs were blown away.. Trees break and fall.. Billboards and some temporary structure for His Majesty 61th birthday damaged.. My car got so dirty.. hehe.. Hopefully we won't be getting storm like that any sooner.. So back to my Harry Potter.. Goodnight people..

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Damn Moodly Night..

Sienz.. I'm so not in the mood tonight.. Very moody all the sudden.. Ofcoz once again I'm typing this with my office PC.. don't tell me it's stress again.. Or maybe becoz my PMS is soon to come.. Maybe maybe.. PMS so troublesome sometime.. *sigh*

I'm waiting for a friend to reply my SMS.. Well seem like a heartless person who don't even bother to reply.. this friend making my mood worst.. I hate being in a bad mood.. When I'm in a bad mood I get very intense, very emotional.. I mean it, VERY.. If what ever thing effect me I sure to cry suddenly.. *sigh* what's wrong with me tonight?? bloody friend of mine can't even give me a reply.. I'm still waiting!!!! ahhhhhh... I'm going insane here..

Bad mood get hungry easily.. Hungry eat whatever junk food I can find.. Junk food equals bloody fats.. *sigh* Don't care liao.. Gonna eat supper later when the food arrived office.. Well, almost every night I had supper now.. *sigh* can't control la.. I don't wanna starve myself.. and best of all it's free.. Well, Having overtime like until 11.30pm boss allow the company to order supper.. as people get hungry and tired and less energy, like me =p.. So don't stop me ok.. let me forget all about the bloody fats and EAT.. (P.S.. before I arrived office just now, I promise myself that NO SUPPER for tonight..!! oops I broke my promise in the end..)

I'm craving for Chocolate Cookies since I have no idea.. Few weeks ago I guess.. No should be craving for anything that is Chocolate~~.. I wasn't like this before.. Oh my.. must be the hormone changes thingy.. *sigh* I see bigger floppy arms now.. Oh my!! I'm seeing Sesame Street's Cookie Monster now.. *faint* =p Actually I love Elmo and Cookie Monster..

Alright, My friend have finally replied.. Reasons is he didn't bring his hand phone out.. Yieks, the supper has come.. So tonight I will be having fatty "wantan ho kueh teow"..
I didn't finished it.. I ate half only.. No appetite in the end.. so sad la.. I'm feeling so freaking SAD.. Now I just wanna cover myself in my blanket and cryyyyyyyyyy... *sob* I'm so damn weak.. ok.. mood getting worst.. I shall say ciao for now.. (- -") Goodnight..

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I forgot to add in pictures.. hehe..

My 07.07.07

Just remembered that I have not blog for quite sometime.. hehe.. I'm blogging from the office (OT again) and I have to hide my screen so that people here won't see what I'm doing.. hehe.. yea.. My office doesn't allowed us to have Internet connection but still some of us like me tend to break the rules.. hehe.. I'm using the company wireless connection.. I even brought the USB wireless connection myself.. Can't help it I need to have Internet connection.. =p

It's cold tonight.. This afternoon a heavy storm occur.. so particularly it's been a cold weather the whole day.. I forgot that I should have blog last Saturday.. to keep an entry of 07.07.07.. hehe.. too bad.. So many couples get married that day can.. such a good day.. Shirley and Chai yu said they gonna target to get married next year 08.08.08.. haha.. How I wish I can too.. =p That special date I went to Miri with Joan for Jennifer birthday.. Jennifer ordered the whole table full of foods.. and she accept me to finish all of it just becoz I said I need lots of food.. haha.. Too bad I can't help her finish them.. Everyone was SO full.. So much of leftovers.. such a waste.. should us some of my friends to finish it off.. haha..

After dinner we headed to FIRE.. Karaoke place.. Lucky me manage to sang a song.. 'Wonderful Tonight'.. Duet with Chai Chang Hao.. haha.. Wanted to sang 'more than words' with Jennifer but too bad.. we waited too long and left for Balcony.. Kelly wanted to get high there.. but what the heck.. As I step in that pub I get out as soon as possible.. way too pack.. way too much people..

Wanted to go over to Thai Bar to meet up Nicole.. but no chance at the end.. luckily she appear nearby Balcony.. Miss her so much.. hehe.. Me, Jenn and Joan waited down stair for the others.. Suddenly Kelly came and said that she have to go home.. and so three of us follow her back and Joan pick her car up and we three headed back to Balcony again for the others.. As we were about to go up.. phew.. lucky us stop by some police telling us not to go up anymore coz they gonna stop the party and start checking for people on drugs..

Shirley, hao, chai yu and Tze was up stair.. and we couldn't help them as Shirley call and say the door have been close down.. None of them can go out.. haiz.. Too bad lo.. so the three of us waited down stair again.. I was Thanking God for not being up there.. It will spoil my mood as I have not encounter scene like that.. hehe..

I bought a started pack of Derma product.. and now still using it.. hopefully my skin will be ok with Derma.. and I cut 6inch long of my hair.. hehe.. feels better after cutting.. donno why.. but it's not straight anymore.. haiz overspend this month so I guess next month then I can budget myself for hair straightening.. hehe.. my hair look messy now..

Still have 2days to go and Brunei will be celebrating Sultan His Majesty 61th birthday.. yeah we are busy about this festival.. Anyway.. Amie has given birth to a baby boy on the 1/7/07.. She named her 2nd son MELVIN.. 1st Son RYAN.. Nice name for both.. She wanted a daughter, so hope she try for more babies.. hehe..

My appetite is huge this days.. I'm always feeling hungry.. and I ate pasta for both lunch and dinner today.. haiz.. and the past few days I have been eating chocolate.. I just can't help it.. stress again I guess..

I guess my planning trip to Kuala Lumpur would be cancel.. I calculate and calculate still not enough.. Jita has changed plans.. Not saving for Hong Kong now.. Lastly she and her friends decide to head over Singapore.. I'm not sure If I'm joining..

I have to find time to go down Miri to meet up with Nicole and some other friends.. If I drive on my own it would be better.. If not Nicole gonna kill me.. haha.. Hmm.. I blog quite long.. ok.. I shal end here.. Goodnite people.. *hugz*