Saturday, January 31, 2009

Not the right job yet

Oh go away rain.. The newspaper shows some part of Borneo Island affected by flood.. Sibu, Kuching, Lawas, Limbang, Sabah.. Now Brunei not only have flood problem, there are landslide too.. So dangerous.. *sighs*

* * * * *

I'm back at work, feeling lazy...!!! The holiday mood is still on.. Boss is going to kill me.. >_< There are plans to achieve, kinda pressure.. what to do.. what to do.. Still have to do..

The day before Chinese New Year, boss gave a token of appreciate.. He did comment that he didn't expect me to learn fast, and was really surprise.. hmm.. *sighs* should have learn things slowly.. now this job is quite boring.. =p Maybe this is not the right job for me.. =S

Oh never mind.. Learn and gain experience.. and jump away when there are opportunities.. =D

Monday, January 26, 2009


Currently blogging from De fountain.. I'm surrounded by the gang who can't wait to read my blog for what happen today.. haha..

Sooooooooooooooooo my story start like this..


I tag along with Siew and Kim to one of their friends house.. haha.. yes this is really what happen today.. lalalala..~~

After eating and Lion dance watching we head over to Dr. Wong's house (Daniel call himself as Dr. Wong).. Dr. Wong is specialized in solving relationship problem for couples.. haha..!! Please be warn that his certificate is not recognize.. haha.. =p

After Daniel's, some of us went home for dinner.. Especially me, I got to accompany my dad.. Then I meet everyone up at Zhe Mei's house..

Lastly we all ends up right here at the De fountain having tea session.. lalala.. This is really what happen today, the first day of Chinese New Year for me.. =D

* * * * *

Okok.. I will still write.. =)

I really did watch the sunrise this morning.. TRUE..!! hehe.. It was cloudy and windy~~ haha.. Never mind.. Let's ALL go watch it together..!! After the Chinese New Year maybe?? hehe.. By the way who knows the right spot to watch sunrise? =p

-The Journey Starts-

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy OX Year!! - *Wish for no flood*

It's Chinese New Year Eve today.. My mum and brothers are already in Bintulu.. Left me and my dad at home.. Hmm.. I don't know where me and my dad should have dinner tonight..

I have been home the whole day.. Want to go out actually but didn't because Thank God for the bright sun.. I put out more things to dry..

Last night was scary.. It started raining and water raise from 10 pm until 1.30 am when the rain finally stop.. sighs.. Almost heart attack ok.. I spend the whole night looking out the window.. I'm alone again.. I put things up as high as I can.. Those important one la.. The water raise up to our car park.. I was so afraid the water raise until the door.. sighs.. Thank God the rain stop.. I really hate this kind of feeling..

Nicole is in Brunei, going to meet her for while after dinner tonight.. Hope the weather is fine tonight, no more flood please.. Can't wait for the fireworks.. Well, Happy Chinese New Year..!! =D

Thursday, January 22, 2009


20/1/2009.. Flood happen again.. sighs.. This time water level up untill my knee inside my house..

My bed is gone.. My baby car ends up in the workshop.. I won't have my baby with me this Chinese New Year.. sad sad.. I hope he is fine..

The floods image still appear in my head and it still freaks me out..!! Now when ever it starts to rain I get paranoid.. *sighs*

I re-clean my room and alot of old stuffs from college appear.. I found a small notebook which I use to write down all my notes from class.. Then I just realise that's how I study back then.. haha..

And some presentation notes and projects and also from my industrial training.. All wet now.. Luckily my certificates are dry..!! haha..

I ends up throwing alot of things again.. All my CDs collection are wet too.. *sighs* Really dislike floods.. Slowly looking for new place now.. =) *finger cross*

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Afternoon at Dunes

My afternoon.. spend eating.. and shopping.. Bought belts only this time at Denise's shop.. Meet Simz and Chu there.. Then we went for food.. My first try at Dunes Cafe at Kiulap.. Actually the food is quite good.. I love the Nanchos.. Those we have order ofcourse.. Others no comment.. haha.. It's a nice place for tea session.. and so please see pictures below..

The View

Inside seats

I find it nice

Chu chu's burger

The very delicious Nanchos.. for me la.. but three of us love it.. hehe..

Simz love fried food

Pretty looking sause plate.. Shape of a flower..

This people can eat.. haha..

My dates.. haha.. The END.. =)

* * * * *

I have finally decide to throw it.. I have kept it for two years plus.. 60 roses.. The highest I have received so far.. =)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

晴天娃娃? =p

Rain rain.. Every day and night rain rain.. but last night it didn't rain.. It was windy with abit of clouds.. I was excepting it to rain but it didn't.. hehe.. Some particular person thought them self as a 晴天娃娃 haha.. Please go Google for the meaning of 晴天娃娃.. =p

* * * * *

Again after years I heard back problems regards them.. Now I know what's their reason when they let go.. Some people just don't know how to cherish..

* * * * *

It's Saturday again.. No mood to work.. haha.. There is a new Korean restaurant and I'm heading there for lunch later with Elaine.. Shall update tonight with pictures.. =)

* * * * *


Pines Restaurant.. The new open Korean restaurant.. I couldn't find the restaurant at first as when I saw Pines signboard I thought it's some kind of Indonesia restaurant.. haha.. They have two menu.. One for Korean Food, the other one Japanese Food.. Well, the Kimchi Stew I order was spicy and nice.. the portion is quite small.. but full.. Elaine's friend order the Japanese dishes and it's not nice.. I will go back for the Kimchi Stew again.. hehe..

abit like Excapade

The rooms.. Some cushion chair..

Some normal chair sitting

what's this?

button to call for service..

My Kimchi Stew =) let's go there soon..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

where should I head to.. hehe..

My baby car went into the workshop today.. He looks alright already.. =)

* * * * *

I have not plan yet on where to go for this coming Chinese New Year.. Where should I head to? I guess at the end I will be staying put in Brunei.. hehe.. I wanted to head to Sibu to visit Lieh, Alice and Huat this year.. But Lieh and Alice won't be there..

Thinking of heading to Limbang but Tze not there this year.. Never mind still have Jita, Nicole and Siao Hui.. Limbang plan not sure yet, but I'm sure I got to head down to Miri to meet Chris, Kelly and the others.. But Jennifer you not there loh.. Let's see how it all goes.. =)

* * * * *

Don't know why.. I have been feeling dizzy this few days.. I guess it should be my blood pressure getting low~~ I did manage to meet up with Clemence, still so pretty.. hehe.. So much to tell her until we even spend few hours talking the other day.. =D

Anyway picturessss.. hehe..

Went to visit this exhibition earlier this month.. Well nothing much to see.. But I did bump into a few friends..

See.. Boxes of Mee Goreng.. One of the lucky draw gifts.. haha..

Hmmm... Bought this with Connie.. The CD ok ok only..

Had this at the Sweet N Savoury restaurant.. Taste nice.. don't remember when actually.. But I remember I had it with Kelvin, Jolin, Simz and Chu chu.. That day me, simz and chu ate our first grill ox-tongue..!! hehe..

Chu choosing his new mattress.. so expensive but good quality.. hehe..

This sofa is very comfy until I feel like sleeping there while waiting..

This is a very nice looking bed.. I think only girls like this kind of design.. haha..

This is Chu's new room.. Which I was being trick to go over to help by Simz.. Me and Simz paint the light colour part.. While chu chu paint the dark brown part.. Me and Simz's effort wash down the drain lo.. the light colour part he change to another colour.. -___-'" pity us..

To end my post.. Me and Siew with our Yes Man! ticket.. haha.. =D

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chemical on my head? =S

Currently blogging from Kok How's house.. BBQ tonight with his basketball team mates.. I just ate abit because I had dinner with Winnie and Jun just now at KFC.. I think the fizzy Orange drink at KFC just now make me had stomach now.. But now my headache is much pain than my tummy..

I went to this particular salon this afternoon to colour my hair.. Choose a natural color.. yea natural.. no difference isn't it? haha.. Wakao.. the color chemical is so strong.. Until I can't even stand the smell.. When they apply the chemical make my scalp itch.. and pain.. *sighs* make me have headache.. I have always colour my hair and this is the first time I felt so torture.. Not going back there to color loh..!! hehe..

My head is really pain now.. Got to head back home to take medicine.. and rush to De' fountain.. Luckily tonight isn't raining.. =)

At the end of the day.. I did not appear at De'fountain.. haha.. After taking the medicine.. I saw my comfy bed.. And I fell asleep.. hehe.. Sorry peeps..!! =D

Friday, January 09, 2009

Bad day

You idiot...!! Idiot idiot idiot..!! Idiot people.. I hate idiot people.. =S Very bad, unhappy mood today..

Work also got problem.. EEEEeeee.... Today is not a good day..

* * * * *


It's almost Midnight now.. I left work before 9pm.. It was already raining heavily.. I drove slowly back home.. THEN hor.. I can't get home.. Flood hits the road outside my house area.. damn.. Hate flood.. So was stuck outside with other cars who can't pass through..

Then saw my mum.. She usually work late one.. So I drive her to Bunut Hua Ho instead of waiting there.. As I accompany her grocery shopping, I felt happy.. As it's been.. I donno when I have not accompany her shopping.. I sense her mood was good too.. hehe.. =D

Back from Hua Ho still have flood.. siennnn.. -___- So I sleep while waiting for the flood to decrease.. This is the first time I have to wait outside for the flood to gone lo.. really sien lo.. My mum and dad usually face this problem.. Now I know how it feel.. REALLY SIEN.. hehe..

So.. Today is really not a good day..!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Kueh Teow and Chicken Rice

Had lunch at a new place today.. Well, It's actually an old restaurant which I never notice or known before.. So I never been there.. Hehe.. According to Jolin and Rueburn that restaurant is famous for their Fried Kueh Teow.. So I order that to try.. Hmmm... Normal.. It's ok ok.. haha.. but for Raymond, it's not nice.. =p

* * * * *

Yesterday ate Chicken Rice at Tien Tien with Jolin and Daniel.. *Have fun at UK Dan.. have fun buying LV bags for Siew.. haha.. * I have not ate their chicken rice for more than 2 yrs already.. haha.. It's still cheap and good.. When me and my brothers were young, we sure eat Chicken Rice from there like twice a week.. During that time, having it everyday also no problem.. Now cannot.. Like because we found other nicer food than Chicken Rice.. haha.. =D

Wait till Patterson back for holiday again, I'm going to bring both of them there to eat.. hehe.. I'm such a nice sister looo..!! *ehem ehem* =p

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Dedicate to you all..

Went to Ronald and Nan Xing's daughther one year old birthday dinner on Sunday..
Cute little Baby Delene have huge eyes.. hehe.. Her Birthday cake is CUTE too..!! We have something in common.. We both like Elmo.. haha.. hmmm.. Will i receive an Elmo cake this year?? haha.. =p

Elmo cake which belong to Baby Delene.. *what a pretty name* =)

The dad doing his job

They prepare lots of foods..!! Vegetarian.. Meat.. Pakistan.. Yes, Pakistan food.. haha.. I try it all.. Nice.. Not bad at all..

Bouncer was available.. Ronald wanted to try the bouncer badly.. haha.. He keep asking us to play.. We keep rejecting him.. Last Last no choice, poor Boon Chu who wants to leave early was push to play..

We with Baby Delene.. *by the way, the bouncer is behind us* hehe..

So after like 30 minutes of forcing Chu.. He can't stand us and finally give up and went to have one slide, with Ronald happily joining him.. Thanks to Chu, Ronald = happy daddy that night.. HAHA.. =D

* * * * *

Brown Eyes - Destinys Child

I sang along to the song Brown Eyes by Destiny child as it plays on the radio today.. Have anyone dedicate songs to you guys before? Brown eyes was one of the song that someone dedicated to me.. Well.. not on radio lo..!! It happen in a supermarket..

I was in Secondary 4, when I met Jeffery.. We were working as a part-timer at this particular supermarket in town during our school holidays.. It was sales period for Hari Raya, so they hire a DJ to attract customers by playing songs and promoting things which are on sales..

One night, the DJ said "The next song is dedicate to Patricia at the cashier's counter".. I panic and turn to find the DJ laughing, and the song was played.. Every cashier turn to look at me.. how embarrassed.. hehe.. On the spot, I was hoping my mum won't hear it because she work with the supermarket.. I turn my head to find Jeff, want to scold him actually.. but then what he did was sweet too.. =)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Be Strong Ang

It was a shocking news.. Clemence call me up awhile ago.. I extend my deep condolence to Ang and his family on the tragic death of his Father.. May God bless him with the strength and support.. Life really is unpredictable, your loves one can be all right in front of your eyes, then suddenly they can be gone.. Please drive carefully people..

Have a good flight back girl.. I can't wait to catch up with you..

My alarm clock rings -___-

I'm at a street market.. So many people around and It was hard to walk as people keep pushing each other.. The crowd were cheering, they were celebrating.. A festival was going on.. They speak at different language which I can't understand..

I push my way out from the crowd.. Finally I can feel myself breathing properly once I get out from the market.. I look around searching for familiar faces.. "Where are Simz and Siew" I wonder.. Then I saw Rueburn and I call out to him.. "Where are you guys going?" and He points towards the market and went in.. "Sure heading to smoke" I thought to myself..

I then turn and found myself facing a worn out ancient looking beautiful Church.. I took out my camera and start taking picture of it.. As I zoom in on the Church, the front door open widely and Boon Chu wave at me.. Asking me to enter the Church.. I smile and went in..

So, I follow Chu Chu.. I thought he was going to show me around, instead we were going down a dark staircase.. Which leads to a dark long hall.. Creepy feeling.. I don't know where we were heading.. Then we came to a door and Chu Chu push it open and we went in..

Daniel was in there.. I couldn't see what Daniel is holding, seem like a book.. I look around the room when Daniel suddenly speak and I turn to face him.. He look at me saying "I saw the Devil talking to the Angel.. The devil dare the angel to kill him.. what are we going to do?" I felt scare and look away.. Chu chu ask me not to listen to Daniel's nonsense.. Then there is a loud bang follow by glass shatter outside the room.. Immediately Chu chu ran out to have a look.. I wanted to follow.. To run out.. But..

I woke up.. My alarm clock were ringing.. Then it came clear to me that I was just dreaming.. I recap the dream, it feel kinda weird.. I have a feeling that the Church is somewhere in Spain.. haha.. It's just a dream.. I didn't sleep well.. Luckily it was a Saturday..

* * * * *

Last night 9 of us went to watch IP Man.. The movie is good..!! I like it.. From the start until the end.. GOOD.. hehe.. IP Man Kung Fu is so powerful.. The actress is very pretty.. but her eyes are too huge.. Highly recommend to watch..

* * * * *

Thursday, January 01, 2009

First day of 2009

It's 2009..

Last night after work I went to meet up with Nicole before heading to Daniel's.. I was waiting for Hao and Shirley to call for meet up, who knows when they call it's too late already.. "HAO, you should have call me earlier to meet up lo.. Want intro guy didn't inform earlier.. haha.. =p" Anyway, When I arrive at Daniel's place, there isn't much food left, I manage to eat Satay and Roti Canai only.. Which is good.. hehe..

Pretty fireworks were set off when the clock strike at 12am for 2009.. I watch till my neck sore.. haha.. It's really a pretty sight.. Hao and Shirley even call me up through 3G to show me the fireworks at The Empire.. hehe.. *hugs to both of them*

We did drop by Empire after on.. BUT didn't manage to see anything because due to a white car with blue lights stop everything.. hehe.. So we went back to Daniel's place to hang out until 6am? yea.. so full of energy.. Especially the guys because they were up to no good.. Dare dare dare dare~~

Conclusion, I had a slow and nice time welcoming the year 2009.. I'm starting to look forward to this year 2009 already.. More lucky and good thing to happen.. =D

* * * * *

My second trip to KK with my babes..

I miss going to KK...!! Don't know why but I like KK, Sabah alot.. I have been there for 3 times already and still loving the place.. To my lovely babes, any plans if we are heading back again together? I was browsing through the pictures again.. So funny, what a good time we had.. =) Here are some pictures..

Clear clear water

Fish Fish

Banana boat ride - before we were thrown off into the sea

I love this.. It's so peaceful being up there.. =)

This was taken on my third trip to KK

On my first trip to KK, I went to visit the Mount Kinabalu.. up to the the hot spring area only.. haha..

The BED is great.. Miss you all babes.. Let's go again shall we.. hehe.. =)