Sunday, February 28, 2010


The moon is round and bright tonight..

Fireworks around my neighborhood..

Chinese people celebrating tonight the last day of CNY.. Happy Chap Goh Mei Everyone.. =)

Had dinner with my family just now.. too bad Patterson can't fly back to have dinner due to assignment..

Today I went to the airport twice to say goodbye..

Gary in the morning then Rueburn in the afternoon.. =/

Chinese New Year 2010 went well.. Filled with smiles, gathering and love..

Come to think of it.. OMG I just realised.. 5 guys came! broke my record of the usual 3.. To the guy who said 'Everybody see, Everybody like' please take note yo~ huhuuu.. sighs, choosing is not a good thing for me.. O_o

When none, it's really none! When have all come in once.. unpredictable sometime.. =S

say HELLO to my hello kitty name RUBY KITTY! hehe.. cute isn't it.. awwww =D

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Random pictures from KL trip =)
SPAZIO KL- The salon me and Chienz went to had our hair cut.. Hairstylist: Max, quite good looking guy.. ^^
Waiting for our turn..wait for almost an hour and yet we made appointment already.. =_=
Had this at KL Times Square while waiting for Chienz friend - Janet and Dexter
Roasted duck for lunch nearby ah Kuan's hosue - restaurant called Sunrise
Very good kueh teow with egg!! I miss it!! dinner treat by Dexter..
Had 'Tong Shui' dessert for supper the last night of our stay in KL treat by Steven
Birthday present for my good buddy
Chienz ask me to take this picture because the cartoon is cute~
Nice and Cozy apartment I like!! =D We at one of Chienz friend house..
Spot this design in a Tattoo shop at Sungai Wang.. Patricia =)
Sunway Pyramid shopping mall where I spend alot
Random Pictures from Last Year 2009
we always support Siew.. hehe..

Mr. Bean bun, according to Chienz look like our friend Tze Wei.. haha

Steven trying to cover his face with his small phone at the sametime taking my picture

Took this outside D&P at the mall

Went to Kuala Lurah with Ray, Rue and Kath

Water Bounce!! FUN!!

From Kath

Connie's birthday =D

Kuala Lurah with Jack, Terry and Chienz, later on joined by Terry's cousins

Pink Birthday card from my colleagues~

Cookies from Rue for my birthday

Dinner treat on my Birthday at the Palm Chef Teresa restaurant.. Thanks..

Handmade Birthday card by Sim Yuan, from SY and Chienz.. I like it alot~ ^^

Doreamon- Qin tian wa wa shape

I love Hot Chocolate~ =D

Monday, February 22, 2010


Tomorrow is public holiday YEAH!! Beloved Brunei is celebrating it's National Day~ but then what makes me happier is that my colleague Blu is returning back to work from her leave.. I can breath after today.. I'm almost drowned by works.. hehe..

This is the last week of CNY.. CNY this year turn out to be alright, good.. From day 1 - Chu 1 until today, everyday attend open houses only.. eat, eat, eat and EAT.. Diet stat after CNY, *I hope so* =D

Saturday, February 20, 2010


In your eyes.. Discover something call LOVE..

This is a nice song..

will I see it in your eyes?

Friday, February 19, 2010


ahhhhh.. I'm very tired.. and sleepy.. but still got to work.. si beh sien!

and many work to do..!! REALLY si beh sien!!

I don't want to work!!

Royce is right, life can be unfair..

Some people have to work so hard and listen to boss..

while some people like him and kanasai Ray can be their own boss and have flexible time.. sad nehhhh..

Royce offer me work just now after lunch..

Offer me to look after his shop.. jeng jeng jeng.. LOL so kind of him..

One hour to go and it's 5pm!! but problem still in process of solving.. *sighs*

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

17/2/2010 =_=

Today it's chu 4, the fourth day of Chinese New year~

How have your CNY been?

Mine this year has been quite slow and quiet.. but I had fun meeting up old friends.. =)

I went to few houses only, all close friends.. Manage to invest abit of gambling at my Boss house under Blu and yesssss HUAT ah.. Manage to win abit only.. Who knows, last night lose $5 under Ting Ting.. haha.. Ain't that lucky with Ting Ting.. hehe..

I came across this picture just now..

and......... hmm

and.......................................................... =_=

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy TIGER Chinese New Year~ 14/2/2010

It's the year of the TIGER!!

Today it's Chinese New Year.. GONG XI FA CHAI TO ALL.. and Happy Valentine's Day too~

Friday, February 12, 2010


TODAY.. suddenly the "gong xi gong xi" Chinese New Year mood hit me!! I'm kinda feeling excited for the Chinese new year.. 2days to go!!

I wake up abit early today to help abit with the decoration around the house, we don't like alot of decoration so just abit around the house, clean abit of my room, clear off my mountain of clothes, re-arrange abit of boxes especially my shoe box, change my bedsheet and get ready for new year eve tomorrow.. I have a habit, it's to buy new bedsheets for every Chinese new year.. =D

Seeing and knowing alot of friends are back for the CNY make me happy!! I met Kok How and Sibui last night, they both reached Brunei yesterday.. Also I can't wait to see Ting ting, Wendy, Darren, Kelly and more those back from Singapore and Malaysia!! yeaaaa~

I was listening to Wu Chun (Brunei's mega-super star) live on air just now and wow lots of overseas calls!! =)

Anyway, I'm feeling hungry already.. Off for lunch now~

Thursday, February 11, 2010



3 days to go and it's Chinese New Year and Valentine day~

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


"No sense of urgency" - STUPID!!

have you side us? have you support us? accept our ideas? you should guide us! listen to us! help us! Excuses are all we hear, we are tired of it.. I'm tired of it.. damn disappointing..

Monday, February 08, 2010


I'm in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. LOVEeeeeeeeeeeee...

with KIM BUM!! 김상범/KIM SANG BUM!!

This few days I have been busy hugging my lappy watching Korean drama - Boys over Flowers.. Korean version of F4!!

I kinda prefer Taiwan version - Meteor Garden.. but then I like good looking Korean F4!! Watching Boys over Flowers also make me cry alot just like watching Meteor Garden.. my heart break watching it *sobs sobs*.. I love this love story.. *sniff sniff*

KIM BUM (play the part So Yi Jung) is so cuteeee and good looking.. awwwww...~~

But then I like Lee Min Ho (play the male lead Gu Jun Pyo) too.. love his smile!! *melts*
I love watching Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho!! haha.. Especially Lee Min Ho as Gu Jun Pyo, his love for Jan Di the girl he loved.. make me smile, make me laugh, make me cry.. *sniff sniff* I can't help but repeat and repeat how much I love watching them.. hohoz..

My current wallpaper is the picture below.. hehe.. It's a good heart breaking and romantic drama, but kinda not a good time to watch now since Valentine is getting close.. break my heart even more.. BUT nevermind, I just can't stop watching and can never get sick of it ^^

Ohhh Loveeeeeee~ =)

Saturday, February 06, 2010


*cough cough* I woke up today with coughs!! urggghhh.. I'm getting sick.. but can't get sick, chinese new year is coming le.. T_T

Monday, February 01, 2010


Congrats to the newlywed~

Weekend went abit lazy.. I wonder if it's because I hang out with Jenn and Shirley.. LOL.. =P

Ever since this two women got married all I hear from them is "Pat!!! I'm sleepy, hungry, tired, boring, no gossip already"~~ Therefore I think I'm influnce by them.. When I wake up on Sunday Morning, I don't even feel like going out for breakfast.. The three of us walk abit around the shopping mall tend to feel tired and lazy, ends up sitting down at cafe and order food to eat..

On the way back to Shirley's house with Jenn being the driver.. Well, me and Shirley ends up sleeping in the car.. haha.. The only moment I feel energetic on Sunday, was the time when I saw Annie.. hehe..

Annie flew back to Miri from KL for the weekend to attend her friend's wedding dinner so we had a quick catch up over tea on Sunday..

Coincidence the wedding dinner which Annie went to was at the same hotel as me and others for Yi Qin(Nee Kam)'s wedding dinner - Grand Palace Hotel.. Where me and Jenn went to the wrong wedding reception to record our name and bump into Annie..

Tommy CCH.. according to his wife, Shirley.. this picture is cute.. repeat cute??? omg..

incomplete IBS7 ladies~

Chinese New Year decorations are up around Miri's roadside~
Chinese New Year is coming oh~ =)