Friday, February 28, 2014

You Who Came From The Stars ~ 来自星星的你

Do Min Joon!! Cheon Song Yi!! plays in your head when you read my post tittle right? haha

You Who Came From The Stars, another great Korean Drama.. I like every funny scene of the drama.. Some scene really makes me laugh out loud, i.e scene where ; Cheon Song Yi do rap.. ; she left her bag hang at her car's side mirror.. ; her brother keep wanting to do the ET finger thing with Do Min Joon.. ; Do Min Joon fell weak and sick after their kiss.. ; Song Yi's friend at the comic store fall love at first sight with Do Min Joon.. ; the officer keep repeating Do Min Joon is like Harry Potter, his expression.. haha.. loving all of it..
Earlier today I rushed home during lunch break to watch the last episode 21 and I cried!! only 3 months and they just started being together, then Do Min Joon have to leave Earth.. and how sad that she misses him so much.. so heartbreaking.. but luckily wrap up with warmness when knowing Do Min Joon try so hard to return back to earth to see his love..
I heard from news that in reality, Kim Soo Hyun is a young, talented and rich person.. haha.. I get to know him from watching Dream High and didn't know that he is young and capable.. so I'm impressed! ;)
Anyway, I love the ending where Do Min Joon said "I'm Home" and Cheon Song Yi move over and they embrace in a warm sweet hug.. even by watching I felt the warmness.. aww... I love hugs.. haha.. alright next drama pls! :)

Lyn - My Destiny

Hyorin - Hello, Goodbye

Sung Shi Kyung - Every Moment of You