Friday, September 28, 2007

Pictures from the temple..

So I have come to upload the pictures I took at the temple during mooncake festival.. and Sorry ah.. Just a few.. hehe.. I reach there quite late already, thanks to my bunch of friends.. When we reached they had start to bring home all those hand made lantern by the students.. I manage to take the picture of the 1st prize.. hehe.. A PIG..

Real people performing on stage OK.. hehe..

After the temple, me and my bunch of friends went for a drink at Taurean 3.. The 1st time I went there I sat at the cushion style area..

This time we sat at the Aquarium area.. with no fishes to see.. =( They are now having soft opening promotion.. Service too slow.. I guess maybe it's new and less of staff....?? Speed up ya people.. TQ!! =)

Last week I went to the Airport to say Goodbye to Pikah.. Pikah my secondary classmates.. Off to UK she go.. Pikah use to be so short and cute now she has grown!! Very beautiful lady she has turned.. Connie is there already at UK.. I hope she is doing fine..

Pikah the one in Purple jacket.. *miss ya babe*

My friends who are still studying like to ask whether when am I going back for the books.. All well, all I can answer is financial problem.. My brothers are going for college so I don't have the chance.. I wish to continue for my Degree.. I had done Diploma, with just have a year plus I can get a Degree.. Aiya.. I don't have the plan now anyway.. I want to earn $$.. Anyway.. Who knows.. someday I will.. =)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

<3 you

Today.. a day.. dedicated for my heart.. wishes many more happy moments surround the hearts.. <3>

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mooncake time..

So Happy Mooncake Festival to those who are celebrating.. Mooncake too sweet so I don't eat much.. What I love most on this festival is the colourful lantern.. ahh.. No one wants to accompany me carry lantern.. *sob sob*

I remember my primary art teachers used to give us lantern making project.. and honestly to say I'm bad at handicraft and art stuff so my lantern always look very bad.. hehe.. Then all this lantern which we have made will be display at the Temple in town.. Tonight I might be visiting the temple to see lantern.. I was wondering how do students make their lantern now.. sure very high-tech looking.. hehe.. I still prefer to carry the old fashion paper with candle type of lantern.. I hate those lantern now with music.. so damn annoying..

I went to Amie's house for lunch.. and to deliver her mooncake too.. hehe.. I finally saw her two months old Melvin.. so cute.. too bad he was sleeping so I couldn't take any picture with him yet.. Some other day then..

And the other day while I was waiting for class at Fitness Zone I read the newspaper.. AND I found..

Hahahaha.. Finally it appear.. This happen when some designer have short limit of time.. One day this month kind people ask for my help.. They wanted to use my car to take picture with the prize ribbon made by my colleagues.. They say they need it to put it on a Toyota Yaris.. and so I say OK.. and was wondering when will I see this poster or article.. hehe.. so now I see.. Wow.. That's what designer can do with design software.. hehe..

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Is that a mole?

Bloody freaking ugly look like pimple, look like mole, look like some food left.. what ever thing.. ahhh.. been there for days already.. can you see it??? there!! hehe.. Aiya.. hope the dry and dead skin peel off soon.. Don't even feel confident nowadays.. hehe..

I went for a big full Korean feast with Clemence last Thursday.. We order so much, only two of us can.. BUT we are proud to announce that we finished all of the food we order la.. We are fatty ladies.. *sob sob* It was her first time trying out Korean food.. Luckily she love it.. I was so worry she might throw me with the Kimchi.. haha.. My buddy love it, now I found another Korean lover already.. *touched* =)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rat - a - too - ee.. love it..

I know I'm very late.. hehe.. So... Finally I have watched RATATOUILLE.. Thumbs up for it.. damn funny and Remy the rat is so cuteeeee... hehe.. I watched it last night at the Empire cinema.. So cold at the cinema.. I was shivering madly.. I guess too cold because there were only 6 peoples watching.. haha..

I love the part when Remy cooks.. ah.. At that particular moment I want to be a good cook.. Don't have to be a chef.. Just a good cook.. I feel the inspiration to learn.. I was thinking away that I want to have a very clean and beautiful kitchen with all kind of ingredients stock up.. and most important to have a talent like Remy..

I love to visit Paris someday.. Such a beautiful place with good foods and CHEESE.. I love cheese.. I want to see the Eiffel Tower.. In love with it.. =D Ah.. how nice if I can cook good food.. All I do is ahhhh.. never the action.. haha.. Opos secret is out.. *ignores and run* Oh well.. back to daydreaming..

EMO day..

I'm being very EMO today.. EMO.. SO EMO..
My heart is injured today.. It feels pain and hurt.. It beats fast too.. So fast that I couldn't control and my thoughts went wild.. My heart seems to be floating away with those clouds above the sky.. I couldn't breath................

I need my heart.. I want my heart.. I love my heart.. I want my heart to smile.. but why it seems to hurt all the time.. All I'm always asking, praying for is being happy.. To have a happy heart.. To have another heart to heart mine.. Was I asking too much?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm a slow motion queen!!!

It's lunch now, I was so hungry that I finished a big bowl of macaroni.. what the heck.. I thought I ate a huge breakfast this morning but seem to digest all away before even lunch time.. I'm such a pig.. *oink oink*

Anyway.. I was suppose to catch a movie last night at the Empire.. BUT I was LATE so cancel.. I got scold by Clemence that I have no time management thingy.. *sob sob* Why the heck am I such a slow motion queen?? *sigh* Actually something came up at work.. I have to look after some irresponsible work.. I might get screw if I leave it alone ok.. but at the end I gave up and went home.. Then rush all the way to pick up Clemence.. I was driving like a mad women that she keep on 'slow down girl! slow down girl!' hehe.. Sorry..

So embarrass having to let my another friend wait there.. Opos.. I'm now wondering why the heck ah.. I even adjust my watch, alarm, hand phone time all with 15 minutes earlier.. Damn still I'm always late.. *very angry at myself* okok for the sake of my own I must CHANGE!!! You hear me.. CHANGE.. okok I tryyyyyyyyyy....... haha..

Then we all went for dinner instead at KTM, Jerudong.. The restaurant belongs to Steven and Jason's Family.. Last night was my first time trying out the food there.. Usually we went there for drinks.. Alright, I prefer the drinks and pudding over the main dishes.. Their pudding is very good.. One of their specialty, Coconut Pudding.. Next time I should try their Mango pudding.. hehe..

Coconut Pudding

Well, by now noon time just pass and I'm feeling very tired already.. I just want to go home and sleep.. =( *yawn*

Monday, September 17, 2007


I was home arranging my things in my room yesterday.. I wanted to change my single bed to double bed.. so I went to hunt for beds.. but didn't find any which attracts me.. and I observe again when I went back home.. I realise I can fit in a double bed but my room will look small and pack.. *sob sob* So I guess I can't have one yet.. Then now I shall be looking for Sofa bed.. hehe..

Sofa bed which I have my eyes on.. but no more stock.. Lucky Clemence bought it..

On Saturday night.. I have watched Jay Chou's new movie.. Secret.. Quite good.. At first it was abit boring then it gets sweet, then gets excited.. hehe.. Jay Chou look good in it.. Nice.. I love the song he sang for this movie.. Totally love it.. "Bu nen shou de pi mi"...


In the movie both of them plays the piano.. so cool.. Jay look GOOD!! hehe..

If you have watch the movie you should know there is a song in this part.. ahh.. I love that oldies song..

Another weekend has gone by.. *hugs* =)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

zero degree feeling..

Not feeling well today.. Had this headache since last night.. It hurts so bad makes me want to bang my head on the wall.. and I feel cold too as if I'm in the cold storage.. I guess if I don't take painkillers I might get hit by fever.. so after a warm porridge for lunch I took my medicine.. ahh.. Better now.. Maybe because of the laksa I ate with Jita last night.. *sigh* I shouldn't have (almost) finished the whole laksa soup.. =(

All the sudden I'm craving for Pasta.. ah.. Cheese.. Anyway.. Boss is back tomorrow from outstation.. no fun having him around then.. hehe.. It's Saturday and I have no plans.. *sigh* feeling bad again.. =(

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A month plus advance gifts..

Guess what I received advance b-day present and dinner yesterday.. haha.. From Amie and ah choon.. Well, Amie's reason was she's afraid she might forget next month as she is gonna be very busy.. Choon's reason was.. he thought my birthday fall this month!! wth!!.. another thing is he will be off to Kuching and KL so he won't be in Brunei when it's my big day.. But still have to say many many THANKS hehe.. I'm happy la.. haha..

Chocolates from Amie.. she wants me fat.. =p

Me and Choon at Excapade sushi.. I love Japanese food.. =)

Connie my chabo flying off to UK for study tonight.. *sigh* I was particular crying when she told me her trip to UK has confirm.. Connie will be there for a year.. "Don't worry babe.. Time flies.. Soon you will be back home.. in the arms of your darling too.. hehe.." I was planning to send her off at the airport later.. but I'm still at work so I called her up instead.. hehe.. Missing her already.. =(

Connie.. old time friend..

Connie the chabo hiding..

I got screw for chatting during office hour.. too bad then.. I have got to listen if not get screw again.. so I won't be on MSN during office hour from now.. Hope I shall keep my promise.. haha.. =p

I got myself a nice pink Mp4!!! woppieee... Actually I ask Clemence mum to buy it as Auntie was coming back from China.. I told OD and he say since he was thinking to get me a present for a special occasion this month, he paid my Mp4.. haha.. Happy happy.. I love my Mp4.. It can play WMA, store pictures, has radio!! Now I don't have to use the bulky cute old hand phone look radio which I borrowed from Evon for the past few months.. hehe.. I can now finally return to her..
OKOK.. it's a china brand Mp4 which copy the look of Apple Nano.. so what it can play.. I love it.. haha..

Cute old handphone radio.. borrowed from Evon..

Monday, September 10, 2007

My hair.. no difference..

I made an appointment with the salon yesterday morning at 9.30am.. I i i i i i OVERSLEPT!! reach there at 10.30am.. so pai seh.. hehe.. I went to recolour my hair.. I wanted to colour dark dark one.. who knows the outcome no difference from my previous.. wah.. I was shock.. The lady boss explained that she has mixed very dark colours together.. I was like thinking then why my hair still the same?? aduh.. Let it be then.. *sigh*

I was going to have lunch with Connie at 12pm plus.. I end up having my hair done and reached her place at 2pm.. Connie shot me all the way from her home to the Mall.. *sob sob* I didn't mean to be that late Connie.. hehe.. Lucky Danny didn't screw me.. haha.. We did a quite embarrassing thing.. When we arrived at the Mall and we went to the basement, who knows the basement says FULL.. and so they were another car infornt of us.. Guess what they did? The passenger went down and pull up the FULL sign, and so they went down.. Ahh.. Next we wait and wait.. Give up Me the DRIVER being force to get down and pull up the FULL sigh while the Connie the PASSENGER drives.. see who bully who.. haha..

So we went down and we were lucky to get parking just right outside the lift entrance.. ahh Bless us.. hehe.. We went straight to Swesens.. I was starving already ok.. Ate salmon-mushroom baked rice and one Banana Split all to myself!! OMG.. I don't know I how I manage to finished up.. haha..

Ah How was in Brunei last night and so I called him to collect his present which I owe him since June.. haha.. Unlucky for him, he break David's Lexus SKIRT.. OMG!! My heart breaks just seeing it.. I love Lexus so so so so damn much.. hehe.. Anyway cause him all the trouble if it wasn't for his present he won't drive the Lexus too.. I bought him a Bonia Wallet le.. "mai hiam ah".. haha..

I met up Joseph Bong the other night.. walau.. I tease him about his very long hair.. haha.. I prefer him with short hair.. He's a bit chubby now.. haha..

I'm still bother with my hair.. how come? how come? why the colour outcome like this? *sigh* waste my money.. ba.. don't think already Patricia.. Seal my mind.. Ciaozz...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Forgive me baby..

I was about to leave the house this morning and my mum call out to me.. 'Did u know that your car insurance and road tax will be expiring by the end of this month?'.. I froze froze froze at the spot.. What the.. I totally really damn don't realize at all..!! Oh my God.... lalalalala.. I should bang myself to my baby car.. T.T..

Worst thing I found out later, I call up to check out the total amount I got to pay.. I was stun, speechless.. walau eh.. #%$^((**(*)*_%@#$@*) I don't know that it was going to cost me so much.. Damn.. I really don't know.. I was never bother.. *sob sob* ba go ahead and tease.. *sigh* but still I have to pay of cause.. If not my baby being tow away I will dieeeee.. hehe..

I was wondering.. Expensive luxury car's insurance and road tax sure cost more than my Toyota.. *sigh* what happen if I have my dream car.. I will be totally broke then.. *sigh* My dream car now has gone far far from me..
my dream car.. baby don't go.. don't go.. I want youuuuu... T.T

I was even saving and planning to get my baby beautifullll RIMS!! and now.. *rims wash down the river already* *sob sob*

Oh well, I guess I will be better off driving an old fashion thing, which will BBQ me under the sun, wet me in the rain, the wind mess up my hair and clothes.. T.T

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I have Gold around my neck..

Not busy with work already.. One of those important exhibition has passed.. Finally, I can hug my TV again.. hehe.. but I still sleep after midnight.. bad habit..

Wanted to go for Facial later but my therapist off day.. I shall go tomorrow.. After using the Derma product my skin has more break out and now seem like alot of brown spot on my face.. *sigh* trouble some.. I guess that extreme expensive Derma product not suitable for my fragile face.. hehe..

Today I wear back my Gold necklace.. I have not wear it for quite a few years already.. This time I add in the pendant ah How gave me.. haha.. My necklace now turns quite heavy.. I wear it back because the one I usually wear is at Clemence house.. I took it off the other night for Ting ting to give me a massage.. My neck and head damn pain that night.. After massage I feel much better but still end up taking painkiller in the morning the next day.. hehe..

I was thinking to head over to the gym later but LAZYYYYY.. so I guess I shall not be going.. haha.. I'm such a lazy bum.. Last Saturday I met new friends.. Steven, Jason, Ah wee, Summer, Michael.. Infact not only me but all of us met each other that night only together with Ting ting and Kok How.. We laugh so much under some bad situation at Clemence house that we all feel as if we known each other for a long time.. Funny bunch of people.. Love laughing back again.. =) cheers..

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Clemence..

My buddy's birthday is today.. Happy Birthday to Clemence.. wish her happy and many many good luck with less problem.. hehe.. I bought her goodies from The Body Shop.. So sweet Strawberry smell neh.. hehe..

Some thought came into my mind today.. I feel pity and sad for those poor foreign worker who leave their country to work for higher income.. What I feel sad is about if one day they get fired and is about to leave the company.. Wonder why I feel emo.. I don't know how to explain what I'm thinking.. *sigh* Just feel sad..