Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sunlight is Painful by Standing Egg feat Han So Hyeon

"The sun hurts, the road that I walked with you hurts,
The song that grazed my ears hurts,
Unknowingly, my tears keep flowing while I was walking.

If I had loved you more,
If I had opened up my heart first,
Would we be different now?
If you are still alone,
If you would allow me,
Can we still love each other like last time?

My heart hurts, the time I spent with you, it hurts
The days without you hurts,
The more I love you the more it hurts,
I’ll will always remember that(end)
If I had loved you as much as I love you now,
would we be different now?
If I were to call you now and say that I miss you, can we still love each other like last time?

It hurts that you’re far away from my eyes,
It’s always on my mind.
Even if you let go of your heart as time passes,
I will keep running back to your love.

The wind hurts,
The sea that we watched together hurts,
The waves that look like you, it hurts,
The more I love you the more it hurts,
It washes over endlessly."

햇살이 아파 with 한소현 (of 3rd coast)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lean On Me

Been advice that it's heartbeat as the sign.. could it be real..

LN Opportunity came, tired looking at the person right infront for the sign.. but there isn't.. could it be the shyness..

Trying to search deep down again if its real.. could it be me being confuse..

Earlier when mention about it, I couldn't say it nor share out.. then I felt the heartbeat after it.. Could it be the cause of being nervous..

and I continue to wonder..

Recently watch WGM Woo Young & Park Se Young couple and came across this nice song 'Lean On Me' by Standing Egg feat Park Se Young.. 

Then I went on YouTube to try listening to more of Standing Egg's songs.. I like it! My kind of style.. haha.. Standing Egg, very interesting name.. I like his voice.. :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Come Back Safely MH370

News on MH370 is still going on every minute, every hour since the day it went missing..

On my way home from work earlier, the press conference at KL was broadcast on air through the radio.. All the reporters were firing questions to the authorities without pausing.. The authorities answered that nothing can be explain nor conclude still and they are getting help from alot of countries with top technician.. I felt so disappointed listening to it.. All the sudden I cried as its really heartbreaking knowing how worry every passenger's families and friends are in..

All everyone can do now is offering their prayers.. I hope anything on MH370 will appear the soonest.. No matter good or bad news, so that everyone will have an answer.. God Bless..

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

After knowing the future, you can change to be a better person

**Today is the fourth day that Malaysia airline flight MH370 went missing and everyone is praying for it return. Also today marked the third year since the worst tsunami hit Japan. Praying for everyone to be living safe and well.**

Just finished watching a Korean drama called Marry Him If You Dare aka Mi Rae's Choice. The story is about Mi Rae from the future took the time machine and travel back to prevent her 32 years old from meeting & marrying her future husband, Kim Shin.
The young Mi Rae was told by the future Mi Rae to avoid her first meeting location with Kim Shin and it was successful. Park Se Joo who was suppose to be with Seo Yoo Kyung in the future ended up falling in love with Mi Rae instead. Fate is amazing, Mi Rae still ended up meeting Kim Shin and they both fell for each other. but because the future Mi Rae told her future story to both, so they choose to not to get together. 
Mi Rae was touched that Se Joo was always there for her and so they both got together but later separate because Mi Rae wants to become a better person for Se Joo and if he is willing to wait, they will still have chance getting back together. This made me decide the ending.
I have to decide my own ending because the ending of the drama only shows Mi Rae, Park Se Joo and Kim Shin in the same bookstore only. Yes, that's the end. I read alot of viewers comment online that Mi Rae choose Kim Shin, but I disagree. I still believe its either Mi Rae ended up with Park Se Joo or both also she did not choose. I support Se Joo!! haha

The viewer rating for this drama at Korea wasn't good. I wonder if it's because it was air the same time with The Heirs. Well no doubt if compare this drama with The Heirs, The Heirs is so much better, especially with Lee Min Ho in it. ;)

Only Me - Melody Day. OST of Marry Him If You Dare

Saturday, March 01, 2014

February 2014 trip to Singapore

Last Friday I reached Singapore for a short holiday with the ladies.. We were there for Fab's hens night.. During our free & easy time slot manage to met up with Roger, Louise, Ting Ting, Dickson, Issac and Jee Wei.. good seeing them at their country haha :P
I told myself that I won't shop much BUT ended up spending quite alot! yieks.. bought STUFFS from Innisfree.. I quite like their product from Jeju.. I think it's not because Lee Min Ho is their ambassador.. haha.. oh no.. anyway Imma make sure I wore the clothes and use the bags I brought from the trip haha..
After a tiring night out for dinner at Wine Connection and club at Zouk, the next morning we went to Universal Studio.. o m g, I couldn't feel my legs haha..

I manage to drop by to do 3D eyebrow embroidery.. up till today, I'm in the condition of skin peeling effect.. Kinda worry actually.. fingers crossed.. but confirm this 3D is better than the one I did 2 years ago.. The specialist said my oily forehead condition is causing abit difficulty for them because the colour ain't absorbing well, they told me that I will be back for touch up.. so I think I better keep an eye out for promo air fare to SG..

Finally went to try ramen at Ippudo.. not as good as I expected.. but acceptable.. hehe
Few years ago, I got to know korean singer Hwan Hee from Chien, her idol.. haha.. during CNY I was watching the drama Pretty Man and the song name Fever played.. and instantly I reconsigned Hwan Hee's voice.. I ever listened to a few of his songs when Chien introduce..

Anyway, just to share here since I love this mellow song of his.. Fever