Sunday, August 31, 2008

What comes from the heart, touches the heart

It's a day to celebrate for all the Malaysian today.. Merdeka Malaysia.. Since it's a Sunday today, I did thought of driving down to Miri but then decided not too.. Staying home with my lappy feels better.. =D

Is it true that Malaysian are all united no matter what races? Why I don't feel that at all.. Among friends maybe, but among the people? Among the government? Why do they have to accept Malays only among themselves to look after Malaysia..

A country which I truly feels and believe that all races united is Singapore.. Way better than Malaysia.. Chinese looking after the government isn't that bad.. Well look at how Singapore is developing? Oil and food price rises but they manage to overcome, even though people do complain all the time..

I do really hope Malaysia will improve.. Let the people feel secure.. Let the people feel happy.. Don't criticize different races.. Don't just put Malays and Bumi-putra people as first priority all the time.. Please be fair to all races.. I wish Malaysia develop well.. Happy Merdeka Malaysia..!

* * * * *

"Money not enough 2" a comedy movie by the Singaporean actors and actress.. About this movie, I laugh so hard but turns out I cry at the end.. The movie shows true story on how people think with having money not enough to spend.. The young and the old wants to success in having a business of their own and earn big bucks..

Sons grow up, parents grow old and fall sick, showing how usually people handle such situation.. Teach us to be filial to our parents, teach us to safe for rainy days as medical fees really is very expensive.. When guys have more money, they sure neglect their wife and fools around causing marriage problems with regrets at the end.. Human are never satisfy, never cherish until they lost it.. We all are so typical.. *sighs*

* * * * *

Most friends around me are sick, I do hope you all get well soon.. So Rueburn, feeling way better already? Or you still stick to drinking herbal tea.. hehe.. =p Everyone please be good and take more vitamins ok..=) By the way to Wei Ru, thanks for calling from Singapore sometime.. Can't wait to see you on your next holiday.. I really miss you as my driver.. wth.. Puasa month is starting.. Hmm.. not sure is tomorrow a holiday or not.. I hope it is.. hehe..

* * * * *

Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible, it cannot be seen or measured, yet is powerful enought to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession ever could.
-Barbara De Angelis-

From every human being there rises a light that reaches straight to heaven, and when two souls that are destined to be together find each other, the streams of light flow together and a single brighter light goes forth from that united being.
-Ba'al Shem Tov-

Loves cures people, both the ones who give it, and the one who receive it.
-Karl Menninger-

Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts.
-William Shakespeare-

Love reckons hours for months, and days for years; and every little absence is an age.
-John Dryden-

To Love is to place our happiness in the happiness of another.
-Gottfried Wilhelm Van Lubreitz-

There is nothing you can do, achieve or buy that will outshine the peace, joy and happiness of being in communication with the partners you love.
-Drs. Evelyn and Paul Moschetta-

There is a land of the living and a land of the dead, and the bridge is love.
-Thornton Wilder-

What comes from the heart, touches the heart.
-Don Sibet-

Presence is more than just being there.
-Malcolm Forbes-

* * * * *

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fated To Love You

And so.. 3 inches length of my hair was cut yesterday.. I find my hair too long so I couldn't stand it and went to shorten it.. Actually I wanted to cut short my hair like until my chin area, BUT my big face doesn't suit.. *sighs*

I went to a Salon at Kiulap and look for San to cut my hair.. Her skill is fine but the salon where she work is quite expensive.. Usually I will have my hair cut in Miri as there is a Salon which I trust and they cut well.. But then it's better for me to find a hair dresser which I trust here as not all the time must head down to Miri.. =D

* * * * *

Finally I'm done watching "Fated to Love You" a Taiwan Drama Series.. The drama is sweet and funny, a good movie to watch..

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Words from GOD..... Words by me.....

I love this words.. so meaningful..

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,
For tomorrow will worry about itself,
Each day has enough trouble of its own.

-Matthew 6:34-


Learn from yesterday,
Live for today,
Hope for tomorrow.

I'm a free-thinker, that mean to say I go both to church and temple but not Mosque ok.. wth.. I find it great and free for me to able to go both place and pray.. When people ask me, which religious I belong too.. Sometime I pause and I don't know how to answer.. Now, I have my answer.. I will answer "I'm a free-thinker lo.. but I believe more towards Christian..=)"

I believe more to GOD, Jesus, faith, hope, miracle, guide from above.. AND I only go visit and pray at temple when I'm out traveling.. GOD has guide me through alot.. I face up alot of challenges, and whenever it hurt I turn to GOD for strength.. GOD let me learn through my wrongs to grow up and keep me from hurting deep.. I thank GOD for who I am today.. I know I have sin, and not a good child of GOD.. I ask for forgiveness.. Praise the Lord, for every prayer he has answer and bless us from up above.. =)

* * * * * * * *

The other day, I suddenly thought of my diary.. How I use to write with pens.. I'm a person who love to write and express through words more than through my voice.. I use to write almost everyday when I had a diary.. I write about everything and I wonder where I have put all my diary at.. I remember the last time I saw them were I was packing my stuff in a box.. I guess next time if whoever might read it sure will laugh to death.. wth..

It's been a few years since I stop writing.. All stop because an Ex BF told on the day we broke up that he hates I keep all things and problem to myself and my diary only.. He felt that he don't know me at all and I wasn't treating him as my BF.. *sighs* Childish guy.. wth.. hehe..

So from that break up, I close and put my diary away..
A diary where I use to write my privacy and deep feelings,
where I use to write the person who I wanted to kick down the hills,
where I use to write the up and down I'm facing..

Until I started blogging.. So does blog count as a diary? wth.. A public diary..?? wth.. But then not a bad idea as I can write and write, my future BF will know what's up and wrong with me.. smart eh.. haha.. =p

* * * * * * * *

Eh.. Today is the closing ceremony of Olympics right? If I'm not wrong la.. So I shall glue to my TV tonight.. What if it's not tonight then I will be waiting like an idiot.. wth.. And Tze were suppose to came down to Brunei today but ends up cancel.. So I'm like so free now.. Anyway, I shall enjoy my day with my TV.. off to hug my TV now..wth.. Have a great day folks..!! *hugs*

Friday, August 22, 2008

I wish he plans

Back form Dinner with Lee, Rachael, Ling and the others.. Lee and his wife look good together.. I can't talk much to him like how we use to, I know we still can but it feels awkward already.. =D I'm sure he will success in having his own business one day.. Good Luck Lee, thanks for the dinner..

* * * * *

My youngest brother received his form 5 exam result.. He obtain bad result again.. And this make my mama moody.. I have to get headache thinking of solutions for him.. He don't even know what he want to be.. All he knows is play games.. It really hurts me to see him like that.. He don't have plans for his future.. My mama get moody not at him BUT ME..!! Why I'm always the one being angry at? seem like everything is my fault.. How can I help him when he don't even want to help himself.. I really wish he can think maturely.. *sighs*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mama and Wei Ru's day

Momo and birthday boy..

Happy Birthday to my MAMA, the Queen.. Wish my mama always in good health and happy ofcourse.. and also Happy Birthday Wei Ru...!! Wish we all find happiness.. Hehe.. Faster come back Brunei for holiday.. hehe..

* * * * *

OMG.. Malaysian badminton player Lee Chong Wei won Silver medal at the Olympics male single match..!! Congrats..!!

* * * * *

Well well, look at what I found..

This dog is so cute...!!!! Look at it's fur.. Look like a soft toy doggie.. wth.. This dog totally adorable..!! *melts*

* * * * *

There is time when I really feel like breaking down and cry my heart out.. The job has given me so much of pressure.. I try to control, try to release but still I wish all this would stop.. Yes, there is achievement but at the end the pressure is really too much for me to handle.. My eye sight has got poor.. From 8am my eyes face the computer screen until I leave office like 8pm? wth.. Between that I only able to rest during one hour lunch break.. I'm such a failure at rejecting people.. pity or not? sighs.. =(

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wall E and Eve-vah

Wall E was funny and hmm.. funny!! haha.. Wall E is the sentimental type like me.. wth.. But I'm not a robot la.. wth.. Anyway, he is really one lonely robot and happy for him able to met Eve and fall in love.. =D


My favourite part is when Wall E call Eve as EEE-VAH.. haha.. Wall E's voice is very cute.. And the part where Wall E want to hold hands with Eve.. To me holding hands in a relationship is important.. Holding hands felt sweet, safe, just being the two of you, it's the touch of LOVE.. =p

Wall E isn't my favourite cartoon, instead my favourite is Presto..!!

What a face.. haha..

Presto shows at the start of the movie.. Presto is a magician and his bunny Alec is my favourite..!! Alec is so pity, he is kept in the cage.. And Presto bully Alec..!! Bad Presto because he don't want to feed Alec.. =(

I'm so in love with Alec.. He is such an adorable bunny.. If only I can hug him tight tight and bring him home.. wth.. If who ever see a bunny soft toy looking like Alec must tell me OK.. you hear me MUST.. =D

Alec so CUTEEEE.....!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

To pull or not to pull?

If you happen to finds white hair will you pull it out? People who tend to have white at age from 20's onwards are usually because they inherit from their parents, some really is because of pressure, stress and problems keep them going on thinking and thinking..

And *sobs sobs* I got to admit, I do have a few strands of white hair.. Aiyo, I'm such a thinker.. I think of almost everything.. Sometime useless problem, tiny problems, work problems, BIG problems.. *woe is me* wth..

Anyway.. Normally I will pull it out.. Some people told me it's better not to pull it out as according to them the more you pull out the more it grows.. -____-"' *sobs* I'm actually starting to believe it.. Please tell me it's not true........ pleaseeeee..... please? wth..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What to buy.. Where to eat..

So my babes should be back from holiday by now.. Tons of pictures for me to view soon.. hehe..

Our house turns extremely quiet again.. The youngest prince went off to Kuching for holiday.. Our Mama birthday is next week and I haven't think of what to buy.. and where to bring my mama to eat.. I bet my brother won't be back by next week and that will mean only me and my papa celebrate..

The next office meeting is like the next next day and I have not prepare again.. I'm a dead meat..

I leave office late tonight and when I reach home it was almost 9pm.. Tired ok.. I have underestimate my work..

Sorry as I seldom update my blog again.. It's nice to have a faithful reader like Rueburn who instruct me to blog.. wth.. when is the next lunch on you again? haha..

My eyes are closing.. I need my bed now.. Goodnight all.. *hugs*

By the way Jenn what is this,
- "I've just won myself RM50 in a photogenic contest!! unbelievable.." by Bam Bam? OMG!!! True or not..!! Send me that picture..!! =p

Friday, August 08, 2008

One world, One dream

The day is 08.08.08.. What a great number.. In Chinese the number 8 has always been a lucky and good number, pronounce as "fa = rich" in Chinese.. What a coincidence this year Olympic held in China.. The land of the Chinese..

Even Google are in the mood

I manage to catch the opening ceremony on TV of course but not the middle part, the show was amazing.. There were total of 204 nation present in the Stadium.. The fireworks so beautiful.. Very very beautiful.. I was wondering, are those fireworks Made in China,because so many and they place turn too hazy..

On this day, Blue keep on announcing it's a special day.. Then at night I had dinner with my family and later on meet up with Connie.. I spend my time watching the ceremony until the end at Cheezebox with Mr. Lim.. I thought I have miss the touch being lighted part.. Thank God I am still able to witness the athlete runs to light up the torch..
My favourite part is definitely the touch being light up. I was touched..

The mascot this year.. Translate to English, = Welcome to Bejing..

Well, good luck to all players.. Jenn, Tze, Shirley you guys today left for KK.. Wish I was there joining you guys but nvmermind, I shall be waiting for gifts.. haha.. Anyway.. Happy 08.08.08 everyone.. =D

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Good looking actor always has good smiles =p

Tummy pain.. I hate it so.. The pain can make you looking like a half dead fish.. wth.. I think I ate something wrong.. but I have only been eating Bread?? *sobs sobs* I can't concentrate on my work.. =( go away pain..!!

* * * * *

I have finally watch MADE OF HONOR and I highly recommend it.. The movie is really Romantic and hilarious.. I just love this kind of movies.. Sweet sweet and Patrick Dempsey is so handsome..!! I love his SMILE.. *melt*

Nah show you more of his handsome face.. wth..

* * * * *

Also I have finally watch P.S. I LOVE YOU..

The story was touching and I have a feeling the book is great to read and I am sure going to cry more by reading.. There was something I learn from the movie.. Do not always quarrel with your husband or wife..!! Because if you happen to lose them you definitely feel regret and it will hunt you.. wth.. True bah.. And most importantly appreciate and understand your loves one..

ehem.. the actor is handsome too ok.. =p

* * * * *
A very pretty actress..

ALSO I finally watch 27 Dresses.. Another romantic and hilarious movie.. The story is basically simple.. A lady who love to be bride's bridesmaid.. And she keep every single dress she wore as a bridesmaid, 27 Dresses of it.. She came to fall in love with the wrong guy and met her Mr.Right in the end.. Happy ending.. What I like most is non other than - the actor has such a cute smile..!! he look so goodddd.... wth.. The End.. before that show you his picture.. see see see?? Bye.. =D

Ok this picture may not be the best.. Go watch the movie then you see his smile.. =p


Sunday, August 03, 2008

By your side

There were fireworks at The Empire last night AND I didn't manage to watch it.. Because my friend Mr.Lim was late.. *sobs* I heard on the radio that the fireworks were pretty which makes me more disappoint..

I was quite sad as I was thinking of something else, plus disappointment I miss the fireworks, I was like half dead.. haha.. Actually missing out the fireworks is no big deal.. I had other things on my mind I guess.. So anyway, Mr.Lim was NICE enough to search for Ice Cream to cheer me up.. The mission was about to fail as it was late.. At last minute we found a shop which were just about to close.. so Mission Passed..!! I felt FAT later on.. wth.. =p

Mission Passed

* * * * *

you think I'd leave your side baby
you know me better than that
you think I'd leave you down when you're down on your knees
i wouldn't do that
I'll tell you you're right when you want
and if only you could see into me

when you're on the outside baby and you can`t get in
i will show you you're so much better than you know
when you're lost and you're alone and you cant get back again
i will find you darling and i will bring you home

and if you want to cry
i am here to dry your eyes
and in no time
you'll be fine

oh when you're cold
I'll be there
hold you tight to me
when you're low
I'll be there
by your side baby

~ Sade - By your side ~

* * * * *

Sometimes I wonder will I meet the right person who I'm going to spend the rest of my life with..

The one who will laugh with me..

The one who will stop me cry..

The one who will understand me..

The one who will hug me safe..

The one who will hold my hand firm no matter how old we turn..

The one who will listen to my problem, listen when I whine..

The one who will together solve problems with me..

The one who will share happiness with me..

The one who will not abandon me alone no matter how..

The one who will put me on his top list..

The one who will always bring smiles to my face..

The one who will surprise me with things I love..

The one who will be there to held me when I'm sick..

The one who will not hurt me..

The one who will respect me..

The one who will never fail to say I love you..

The one who will love me until we grow old for who I am..


Friday, August 01, 2008

My achievement

Later in the afternoon it's time for me to face my presentation again.. Every week I got to face this and I have no idea when my boss going to set me free.. *sighs* I reach home at 8 plus from office.. And I have to Read Read Read Read a book which I'm not familiar with at all is really a torture.. At the same time giving me pressure to make this presentation good.. *double sighs*

Today, is a new month and It's been three months I have been in the new work place.. Three months of struggling to learn as fast as I can and to catch up with my team mates.. Putting pressure on myself to achieve the best..

The result.. I may not be prefect but I had receive encouraging words from my supervisor and team mates that I have really done well.. *sobs sobs* I'm so proud of myself.. wth.. and This to congrats myself, I'm going to buy myself something nice.. dum di dum dum.. O_o"' Well, I still have my boss level to pass.. who cares?? wth..

* * * * *


And so I'm now in the office blogging this part.. wth.. I couldn't read so I went to sleep.. I manage to force myself to wake up, finally able to get myself to read at 4.30am.. -___- *bless me*

* * * * *

Went to the Mall the other night and I was browsing through a stack of CD on sales for clearance.. And look at what I found..

I play it once I reach home and went to sleep.. wth.. I did listen to it again yesterday ok.. and Elvis voice is so GREAT!!!! Very romantic voice.. =D I like Elvis~~

If you went to the Mall you will get to see this pretty picture..

OF cozI'm talking about the poster, what you think? =p The little girl is so Cute and Pretty.. I just couldn't resist to stop myself to beg *ehem ehem* beg beg? Mr.Lim to help me take a picture with it.. -___- By the way, Thank you Mr.Lim for your kind help, there will be more of *Help- Me- Take- Picture* voice coming.. wth.. *bleh* =p


I received my FIRST ever office business card..!! FIRST..!! Ok ok, I know most of you had yours since ages or since your first job.. This is ME.. My FIRST stack of business card.. I feel so proud.. wth.. =D

And By the way, my boss comment me during the meeting today that I'm a fast learner, he praise that in two to three months I'm able to quote and handle by myself.. AND my team mates agree with boss.. OMG.. What an achievement I have made..!! *muaks to the people who have been supporting me* Love ya all.. =D