Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Two days to CNY

Mr Sun shines the whole day earlier.. thank god for it.. for the past one week it was gloomy sky and rain.. and just now at the balcony, I look up at the night sky and beautiful stars I see.. :)

As the CNY holiday gets closer, few colleagues start going on leave.. Some are selfish, from the same dept yet discussion and compromise for a solution is ignored.. Have they forgotten that their warriors are in fresh state and they have to look into the need to sacrifice during this critical time.. who or where went wrong, I do not know.. I just hope that their fall won't affect my dept.. They choose to leave the problems to others.. Of course we have the choice to left things untouched and let damage happen but what will benefit us by doing so.. Maybe if I were in that situation, I will get selfish too.. but right now, I'm feeling disappointed.. will they appreciate..

Anyway, happy thoughts for now.. Friends are back for the CNY holiday, I'm happy about it.. gathering may be short but its good to meet up good friends.. Two days to go, I have few last minute to do on the list.. rush rush rush.. 2014 its the year of the Horse! Going to be another great year ahead.. Smooth Love, Success, Health, Wealth for me and my family and to all friends..

Just now I was a bright light bulb between Wendy and her hubby Gary.. haha.. because we met up for dinner and went to check out shoes.. Xiang and Joan were suppose to have dinner with us too but at the end they couldn't make it.. that's how I became a light bulb.. haha.. but then it was good to catch up with her again.. Alright.. off to bed now, Happy Advance Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Something Flutters

To me dating agency matches two singles together base on their common interest and requirement.. but then I found an interesting one.. I just finished watching drama 'Dating Agency Cyrano', to their clients they are known as 'the place that magically makes your love come true'..

Singles hire Cyrano to help them set up scene, chances to meet up and get closer with the person they want to be with.. Cyrano teach their clients to speaks and express the right way, so that the person they like will notice and fall in love with them.. Kinda like manipulate the minds but in a good way .. Each time its a mission to achieve by the Cyrano member and they never failed once they take up the offer to help their clients..

In reality do this kind of dating agency exist? Oh nono, I don't want to hire them.. haha.. I'm more interested in working there and to help couples fall in love with each other.. Such a wonderful achievement and I get to know alot of love story.. my favorite questions 'how do you know each other? how do you get together?' =D hmmm this might be the job I'm looking for.. haha ;)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Annyeong with 2PM and Miss A

Stumble to this nice video showing abit of Korea.. yes, I still miss Korea alot.. haha.. I like looking at Taecyeon from 2pm and Suzy from Miss A is pretty! I wish that the next trip to Korea will be with someone special as a couple.. Korea has this romantic feeling too, I guess its because I see alot of couples and couples stuff during my recent trip there.. haha ;) Annyeong!

Thursday, January 02, 2014

1.1.2014 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2014!

I don't know what will be along the path I'm heading this year.. I just want to stay healthy, meet love, enjoy my job and be happy everyday!

I welcome the year 2014 with few good friends, I actually wanted to go set lantern into the sky at midnight but no one was really interested haha.. Adeline and Chien was interested but they end up sleeping at home.. I have seen friends who visited Taiwan did set lantern with their wishes.. for sure I want to try I the next time I visit Taiwan or any other time at any place as long as there is chances..
Chinese New Year will be the next festival.. lots of things to be done..going to be another quiet Chinese New Year here in Brunei.. can't wait for my next holiday trips.. will be flying in February then in May.. hopefully in November too..

Cheers to another awesome year 2014! Wishing the year ahead fill with great happiness, health, wealth, love, career, luck and everything nice for myself, my family, my friends..everyone!

Donghae & Eunhyuk - Still You


Merry Christmas! Christmas has passed and in 4 days time, we will be welcoming the new year 2014..
How was Christmas? Mine was good, although I got drunk and fell asleep at the corner after opening up my Christmas gift from my secret Santa.. Secret Santa shouldn't be disclose right? but my bunch of friends prefer to disclose by making everyone guess their secret Santa and punish for the wrong answer.. and so almost all of us ended up punished and I was on of them.. what's our punishment? 3 shots of pure liquor.. I drank too quickly and so KO-ed..

My Secret Santa is Pei Yong.. she gave me a super cute Hello Kitty pillow and small carpet.. I love it.. and I was Sim Yuan's Secret Santa, below pic of her trying to guess who and luckily she don't know at all that its from me.. haha
Heading to Miri tomorrow for club.. update after: surprisingly it was a relaxing trip instead of the usual rush around.. When me and chien reached Miri, manage to settle abit errand then to the hotel and rest until dinner time.. 
Even after finishing dinner we all head back to hotel and continue to rest before going to celebrities.. the next day, manage to shop Chinese new year clothing for my family and had Laksa for lunch then went to McDonald drive thru for Prosperity burger before driving back Brunei..

Anyway, about Christmas.. after watching 'The Heirs', I want to experience white snowing Christmas.. The drama 'The Heirs' ends with Kim Tan and Eun Sang walking hand in hand in the snow.. romantic~~ haha..
My favorite actor Lee Min Ho played Kim Tan.. a very caring, charming and handsome rich character with a nice name.. KIM TAN.. this drama there is another actor who had my attention.. Kim Woo Bin played the immature and bad boy Choi Young Do.. Young Do fell for Eun Sang who became his first love and he slowly turn mature.. His character at the end is caring and lonely..
My friends comment that Kim Woo Bin is not good looking, but to me, he is not bad looking actually.. I like his modelling photos and his acting skill is actually good, touch my heart when I see his sad eyes for Eun Sang.. hehe.. 'The Heirs' end up being the most popular drama  follows by 'Master Sun' and 'I can hear your voice', both I have watched too.. haha.. I haven't start watching any drama yet, will start soon.. :)