Monday, January 29, 2007

I had lunch at McDonald ALONE this afternoon.. Yea, Alone.. Nothing weird.. Just that some people went for lunch without waiting for me.. *kanasai* I sat there at McDonald for half and ahour plus.. and I enjoy watching people, sitting there the whole time I only saw three couples hold hand.. Two very creative umbrellas.. Kids with rain coats.. A very fashion American mum.. A girl who I read her blog.. and cars ofcoz.. sad is no handsome one to see at.. hehe..

After McDonald I went off to the Mall.. I was suppose to control my money spending untill end of the month.. Which is three days away.. But I went buying stuff!! Oh my.. Hope I can survie for this last three days..

In the evening, went to Big Thumb restaurant to take pictures of their foods for designing.. Ofcoz we get to eat all of the food after work.. Walau eh.. I eat untill I can't walk..

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Harry Potter and the Half - Blood Prince

I have been busy with reading my sixth book of Harry Potter.. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.. Pathetic of me as I bought this book a year ago and only now I manage to get my hands on it.. I prefer reading the book version rather than seeing it's movie.. As you know books tells more in detail.. I really love reading Harry Potter.. I tend to put myself into the story.. Trying to understand more and feels it's magic in it.. Every edition of Harry Potter (from the first until now) I will end up crying emotionally at some parts.. Funny huh.. J.K Rowling is really good.. She makes us all Harry Potter fans crazy over her story.. One of my friend told me that the author would end Harry Potter's last book (which will be out soon-the seventh edition) by having Harry die.. I was like.. "what.. cannotttt... NoNOnONONO...." hehe.. I'm so over reacting sometime..
My eye sight seem to get blur whenever I read.. Strange.. I was wearing my spec while reading so why my eye sight still get blur? I think I have to go and check, might be because my eye sight degree has increase without me knowing.. Well, back to my Harry Potter.. =)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Congrats to Siao Hui~

I took half day leave today.. accompany my mum to Limbang to do her things.. and on our way home Brunei.. walau eh.. So long queue la.. And I never expect it too be that Long.. And my car petrol almost ran dry... I was so panic!! but Thank God I was able to get to the Shell station.. Now I'm safe back home.. hehe..

And I did manage to call up Siao Hui to congrats her on her wedding.. hehe.. Now I must think how to arrange my time.. *sighz* Hehe.. I really can't wait to see her looking so beautiful.. Brides are always the most beautiful one.. She remind me not to wear yellow and dark blue.. hehe.. Suspicious one.. That shows she really want her marriage to work out.. May God Bless her, May she has a blessed marriage..

Tomorrow is public holiday but I have to work.. I'm so sleepy now too.. Goodnight..

Monday, January 15, 2007

Free seats by Airasia

Once again Air Asia is giving away 1,000,000 free seats.. Only on certain weeks it's free lo.. Not all the date are available for free.. and I want to book for a flight.. But I have no idea where to go, when to go, who to go with... Duh..

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I wanna Travel..

I really want to save money.. So that I can travel.. hehe.. I just love to travel.. I wish to travel as much as I can.. As long I have the money of course.. *sigh* I wish to visit more of Malaysia.. As this year is Visit Malaysia year 2007!!! yippee.. hope I can fly fly away..

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Randoms Pics during new year eve..

God bless Connie's sis

My dearest close friend Connie's sister just passed away a few days ago.. I was really shock when she told me this sad news.. It was a sudden death too to her and her family.. Connie said it might be the cause of low haemoglobin.. but the doctor shouldn't explain her sister death too.. !!! what kind of Doctor?? I know she must be going through a hard time now.. I wish her well..

*Sigh* we never know what will happen the next day.. People around us do leave us suddenly.. Either it's because of sickness or accident.. I suddenly thought of my family.. My relationship with my family wasn't that good ever since I was young.. But I guess now seeing my parents getting old.. I need to care for them more.. I know I don't express out to my family.. I do really love and appreciate them.. May God bless my Family.. Keep my Family safe..

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


2007, People start to list out thier New Year resolution.. and I had been wondering what could my new year resolution..

I haven't been getting enough sleep this days.. Been sleeping late.. I don't know why..

I had a good time on New Year's eve.. I even manage to went to the Funfair at Miri..

I need to save up money to go trvelling.. but I don't know how to save when I have so much to pay each month..

I'm planning to dye my hair.. Hmm.. not sure yet.. Still thinking about it..

One of my Secondary classmate is getting married next month.. shocking news.. Can't wait to attend her marriage day..

I need to get myself to exercise more... HAha.. as if I can..

Alrite.. My eyes are closing now.. I got to go to bed.. Gudnite..

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007 New Year

It's a brand new year.. Welcome the year 2007.. Maybe everything be better than the year before.. I wish everyone happiness.. Cheers ppl... God Bless Us All..