Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sam and Connie

Today an Article I read online caught my attention.. Is it ok to have a relationship with a married guy?.. This articles tells about Sam married at a young age.. He got married to his wife because accident happens.. His wife got pregnant.. So no choice he has to marry her.. He doesn't really love his wife at first.. He gets to be with his wife because he and his friends bet him on chasing his wife.. So he chase his wife and she like him very much until finding him everyday at his house..

It's been three years plus already since they gotten married.. They had a daughter and Sam love his daughter very much.. One day, Sam meet Connie.. Without knowing, he falls for Connie.. And after three months of knowing her.. Sam decided to confess to Connie about his feelings for her.. Connie has surprised ofcoz.. And Sam give her time to think.. Connie knows that there wouldn't be any happiness, if she falls for Sam.. One night, Sam said He loves her but at the same time he doesn't want to hurt her.. But he couldn't control his feelings.. Sam tend to start to love her more.. Connie remind him that he has a wife.. His wife would be really sad if she ever finds out.. Sam told Connie that he did thought of it, but he juz couldn't hide his feelings for Connie..

At the end, Connie tells Sam that it's impossible.. She can't be with him.. She can't falls for him.. Sam accept her decision, but he said to Connie.. "You can't stop me from loving you.. I love you" he continue "Even if you don't love or miss me.. I love and miss you is enough already".. Connie was touched by his words.. Connie just replied him.. "It's enough knowing that you care for me"..

I was curious, if I was Connie, what will my decision be? haha.. What you think huh? If it happens on you, what will u do too? For me, Having such relationship really won't have happiness.. Yea, there will be happy time.. But when that guy returns to his wife side? Who will get hurt in the end? Just like what we always see on movie dramas.. At the end, the guy sure will return back to his wife.. Well, some people do accept this kind of relationships.. Everyone has their own way of thinking.. It's not wrong, it's just a person fate on who they love and who they decide to be with.. Human being thinking and feelings are really complicated..

Monday, August 28, 2006

I met a Fortune teller from China..

Today I was late for work again.. When I arrive, I bump into Uncle * the boss* and he said.. ah Late again.. I quickly greet 'Morning'.. then quickly run away.. Well, I was late not because I woke up late.. It's bcoz I went for breakfast with my mummy and brother.. and the service so damn slow.. Next time have to go extra extra early..

I miss Nicole.. How are you babe? Doing extremly fine I guess.. hehe.. Feels quite lonely witout you reading and comment on my blog..

Songs have memories in it.. I cried each time when I happens to listen to songs which brought back memories flash back in my head.. Well, no worries as it's a very common things happen to human.. Especially emotional one like myself.. I'm not feeling sad or anything in paticular.. It's just memories which are kept in my heart..

A lady fortune teller from China approach me yesterday evening when I was leaving Hua Ho shopping complex.. I was about to drive away then she stop me.. She ask weather I want to have my life tells.. I was curious at what she is trying to say.. and scare at the same time who knows she might try to rob me if I allow her to get in my car.. hehe.. At the end.. I let her in.. hehe.. she told me my problem in life and offers to clear my bad luck away.. By paying B$128.. I was like huh.. I don't wanna pay le.. I said to her that my cash is not enought with me as I have spend.. She look at my bag and said.. "Impossible that only $128 you also don't have".. She even suggest me to take cash out from my ATM!! than I'm starting to feel things aren't right.. So I keep on rejecting her.. Lastly, she gave up and I juz pay for her service.. B$10.. and again she persude me in donating for a blessing.. She said "10 or 20 can already".. I'm like ok ok.. B$10 then.. but what the she say again "miss born in the year of Cow is better to buy in even number, so B$20 is good".. I'm like "shit, she is asking more".. So I quickly said I only have B$10 left and have some malaysia rinngit.. what the then she say ringgit also accept.. but RM20 and B$10.. Walau this woman is good at asking huh.. I say really dont have anymore.. RM10 and B$10 only.. At last she accept and say goodbye and blessing words.. Finally I got rid of her..

I told my dad about it.. Then only I know that newspaper have post about such cases and warn us to avoid this people.. walau.. If only I read the newspaper.. haha.. Nevermind.. Next time, I won't be that soft hearted anymore.. I know they are just looking for cash to live.. but I don't wanna to get cheated.. hehe.. back to work.. ciaozz..

Sunday, August 27, 2006

random pictures

Your Ideal Relationship is Serious Dating
You're not ready to go walking down the aisle.But you may be ready in a couple of years.You prefer to date one on one, with a commitment.And while chemistry is important, so is compatibility.

I took the test above and well, it does describe me.. hehe..

When shopping today after having lunch with *shorty*.. I'm now doing mask to refresh my face.. hehe.. D-I-Y facial mask feels cool and good..

I spend over a hundred plus buying bars and undies.. Shit.. that salegirl so damn good at selling stuff.. I'm the victim.. She introduce me into buying this lovely night gown.. After paying for it then I realise.. What the heck I buy it for? duh..

This is the gift for my mum.. A NINA Ricci perfume and a cute garfield cat which holds the words.. Best Mum..

Amy 'birthday cake.. suppose to be farewell cake.. hehe.. nvm.. as long as can eat liao is enough.. hehe.. Varities of cakes from Ah Khiong.. Not all taste good..

Me with the chocolate from Ah Khiong.. these stuff make me fat lo.. sienzz.. hehe..

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm me and only me..

It's going to be 4am soon.. I'm now sitting and typing here with my cozy blanket wrap around myself.. It's cold in my room.. hehe because I have been sitting under the Air-cond since 12.15am.. So I'm about to be frezze to death..

I wouldn't sleep.. I saw pictures which brings pain to my heart.. HE and his current galfren pics at KL.. He posted in his friendster.. My wound is still in my heart even though I have recover from the break up and have let go of him.. Seeing her, I tend to say to myself.. That was me before next to him.. but now it ain't me anymore.. Not me.. anymore.. I would stare at his pics and wonder, compare myself to her.. but I wake myself up.. I can't compare myself to her.. I'm patricia and not her.. All I can say is.. I would give up things to be the girl he wants.. but he never gave me that chance.. He was blind.. he coulnd't see the changes I have gone through.. I can't say anything.. coz it's over.. Pull urself together Patricia!! hehe..

I guess I'm starting to feel lonely again.. Wish to find myself a lover but I haven't meet one that suits me yet.. I donno when that day will come for me to meet a guy.. I juz hope its not gonna take long.. hmm.. Am I desprate to be in love now? YES!! hehe..

Well, Im starting to feel sleepy already.. Gosh, I'm gonna be a zombie in the office later.. Zombie with her eyes closed walking around.. hehe.. cheers..

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Our Number 1 Float~~!

After the Sultan's b-day 15/7/06 project.. We went busy with the float thingy which falls during the first of this month August.. My company gets to do 4 floats.. Very big and pretty.. On the day of the float function, I was the only girl who took part in joining with the floats from my company.. Not sure what others will think, as long as I'm happy.. We went to the place for stand by at 4pm.. and all the way untill 2am then I went home.. We went back happily bcoz our BLNG float got NUMBER 1!! Boss was very happy indeed.. he told as we must get 1 no 2.. haha.. Thank God we did it..

BLNG float which we got Number 1 for.. Big and beautiful..

It's turning dark.. Night is falling.. Pretty lights are switch on..

I find this float cute looking.. but too bad it didn't manage to get in the Top 10..

this float falls at Number 5..
And lastly.. I never thought this flaot will get any position.. who knows it gotten Number 6.. Happy coz I spend more time on this float..

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Never to judge a book by it's cover

I'm now currently in the office.. Have meeting with boss tonight so have to come back to the office.. This few days I don't work OT already.. Feels weird but I love it.. Coz I get to hug my tv the whole night and suft the net..

*geez* I cant help in but to admit Im looking fat now.. Bloody.. but u cant blame me for being happy.. Donno wats up, I din eat much.. but I kind of looking fat.. Jita say coz Im happy.. no reason.. haha.. izzit? I did go swimming le.. NOt that I din exercise.. hoho.. watever.. Im juz being happy.. *wait a minute* must be all those sweet food ah Khiong bought for me.. shit.. hehe..

Today something bothers me.. a question popping around my head.. Do guys get jealous at girls on work matter? and why are ppl so busybody when things isn't about them? Stupid eh some ppl.. Some ppl who I thought are mature but bloody.. who knows they are so childish on some typical matter.. Again to remind myself..Never to judge a book by its cover.. I will blog more later.. Gotta go meeting now.. Time's up.. ciaozzz..

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The song 'linger' (hope the spelling is rite) by the Canberries have been playing on the radio and I keep on thinking of my dear Nicole.. Wondering that she must be happy over there.. I wish to join them.. But I cant..

Went to the Mall with Jita juz now, went to see the PC fair.. Guess who we saw when we were looking for parking? hehe.. Nicole's parent.. I shout out 'auntie', and luckily her mum did saw me.. hiak hiak..

Amy has resign.. She said she is pregeant.. So I will be busy again from now on.. Im gonna handle more work from now on.. sienz.. There is already a replacement but has to wait for work pass to get approve then can work.. This new comer is a lady.. same age as me.. quite prety looking, tall.. most of the guys in the company is already attracted by her.. hoho.. hope her style is not bossy or fussy.. sighz.. no idea how to teach her as Im not patient with teaching ppl.. Hope I get it through.. *sighzz*