Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New job to face tomorrow

OMG.... I'm nervous for my first day at work tomorrow.. 1/5/2008 new company, new position, new job, new starts.. By the way I know it's labour day tomorrow and some people are on holiday, I don't have because This Is Brunei.. Did I make myself clear enuff?? wth =p

I don't have to wear uniform everyday anymore, I totally didn't need to crack my head for the last two years on thinking what to wear for work as I have a yellow ugly uniform which I misses alot now..

And now my head hurts from matching up my clothes.. I wish I wear Baju Kurong to work everyday like Nonnie.. But maybe I can hor.. bah ask the office people tomorrow.. =p

Well.. I should force myself to sleep now.. I doubt I can sleep well.. Hope my work went well and smooth (soon soon li li) and good luck with me.. Luck Luck come to meeeee..... =D
God bless me...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New position assign

Yes, I'm back home people.. and I was busy catching up with Malaysian dream girl.. and wth Jay is out.. and now down to Adeline, Hanis and Cindy.. I'm supporting Hanis ofcourse.. GO HANIS..!!

* * * * *

I miss reading blogs the most.. *sighs* I'm so busy with reading blogs that I totally neglect updating my own blog..

* * * * *

I got back to Miri on the 26/4/2008, last Saturday from Bangkok.. Did drop by Kuala Lumpur, so we spend the whole afternoon in Kuala Lumpur with Chris, who took half day off to see US.. so sweet of him.. Chris even wanted to send us off to the Airport but we have to reject his kind offer as we had booked a return trip taxi from the Airport.. We promise the driver already so we can't cancel it..
Anyway, thanks Chris..

* * * * *

I reached home on Sunday because I overnight in Miri.. Thanks to Jennifer for her bed.. I know she very annoyed with my handphone keeps ringing and I can't, I mean TOTALLY CAN'T hear it at all.. Still she let me sleep in her bed..
Thanks babe..

Thanks to Tze and her Family who pick me up at Miri and bringing me with them to Brunei.. *hugs hugs*

* * * * *

I went to my new work place yesterday, and I have been assign to a new work position.. Quite surprise by the news, then quite excited too.. It's my first time, with the new position and job scope..

* * * * *

And OMG my friend Lee is getting married this July.. When Rachael told me about his news I was shock, but then ofcourse happy for him too for finding a soulmate.. And walau.. Why guys who get rejected by me (then met a new girlfriend after that) mostly all ends up happily married and I'm yet to meet a guy who can take my breath away and mend my heart?? *sighs* so unfair please..

Photos coming soon.. Real soon.. I hope so.. wth.. Byeeeee...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Greeting From Bangkok

Hey hey.. Sa-wa-dee-krab and Sa-wa-dee-kah peeps..

Currently blogging from Bangkok, Thailand..!!!!

hohoho.. Touch down Bangkok Airport around evening yesterday.. So I have been here for like one and a half day.. and holes are getting bigger in my wallet by now.. *sighs* From what I have survey today.. NOT ALL things are cheap here.. Worth to buy stuffs are ofcourse clothes, bags, shoes ---> local made please..

Branded stuffs are just around the same actually.. just like RM10 or so different.. and the taxi driver here all shoot us with high prices for every trip.. Luckily we fought for cheaper price, we even rode the tuk tuk car.. OMG.. so polluted the air, worst if the tuk tuk car happens to end up behind a truck or bus.. BUT still it's fun..

This morning we meet a taxi driver who we THOUGHT is cheap to drive us to The Grand Palace.. Who knows he brought us to buy Gems (I manage to bargain there.. CHEAP..!) and ask us to take a boat ride down to The Grand Palace..

Who knows oh.. After the boat ride we were introduce again by some stranger to go over to a temple nearby the area as it's only open to the public today as it's a Royal temple called Watrajapradit Temple.. There we meet a very friendly and kind and funny Mister.. Who taught us very useful information and gave us lots of idea on what are the REAL places which we really should visits..

This mister (sorry I have forgotten his name) told us the taxi driver who bought us for the boat ride actually has received commission.. We totally have no idea.. Lucky we meet this kind Mister who gave us few tips.. I guess it's some fated to have us meet him too.. (shall post up pictures when I'm back)

Oh well.. Been to MBK mall just now.. Tomorrow is another shopping day again.. I shall need to rest my poor foot now.. and shall blog again when I'm able to get connection around the hotel for FREE ofcourse.. hehe.. =p

Friday, April 18, 2008

Into the clouds

Well... I'm going away again.. blog when I'm back.. Take care people.. Have a great weekend..!!

* * * * *


OMG...!! I just finished Episode 13 of Malaysian dream girls on .. and my heart almost die on me..!! what the freaking heck, Jay almost out..!! They can't let Jay out..!! Jay is so great la.. Cannot... Keep Jay please... She is so fanstacis.. Anyway this girls are all great now.. They all improve so much.. *sighs*

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Freedom I like

Curious with where was I huh?

I was just away in Miri, Sarawak my dear friends.. Like hmm.. 2hour drive from Brunei.. hehe.. I was so tired from last Saturday to Yesterday that I couldn't even keep my eyes wide awake to blog.. =p

Well I went there because..

The newlyweds.. Charng Lieh and Alice..

I was so happy seeing them.. I really miss them alot.. Manage to steal some times chatting with them as they were so busy the whole Saturday preparing..

Seeing them married I was touched, I think back I was the one seeing my ah Ko court my ah Jie.. From failure to success.. He never give up my ah Jie.. The two of them makes sure there are going to spend their life with each other, no matter how they argue..

My dearest ah Ko and Jie, I wish the both of you happiness till old.. I wish the both of you success in achieving dreams together.. I wish the both of you build happy family together.. I can't wait to visit both of you at Sibu, especially your new home..
I miss and love you both always..

* * * * *

I'm very close with the both of them.. Alice was my roommates back in College..

at Chris Studio

In class, everywhere I go, every project we are sure together.. She take care of me while I'm sick all the time.. and I love her mum's cooking.. ahh I miss Batu Niah.. yea, Alice is from Batu Niah..

Even though the place is boring and hot, the place just give me a peaceful feeling, a place for resting.. With auntie's cooking, I tell you perfect.. =D

Leong, Alvin, Alice, Lieh, Hao, Kevin Seng

Charng Lieh, my housemate from Sibu.. *hehe* Everyone in the hostel was like my family so I look up to him as a brother.. So ends up one day I call him ah Ko.. He is a very kind and understanding guy.. He listen well, so I always look for him when I'm with problem.. Ko..! Take care of Jie, feed her make her fat fat..

Chai yu, Sheau Tze, yours truly, Alice, Lieh, Jennifer, Shirley

Siao Hui, Nicole (both are my housemates), me

I like this picture..

We manage to meet up for breakfast the next day before the newlyweds return to Sibu in the evening..

* * * * *

After the wedding we head over to Balcony, well the newlyweds wants to go and who knows in the end they cancel because my ah Ko abit drunk from the dinner..

Drink drink drink..

* * * * *

That night Balcony organise a dancing competition for the ladies.. Wining price RM1000.. Nothing much to see actually.. hehe..

The winner.. Veronica..

Hao wants to join but disqualified.. no men allow hao..!! haha..

* * * * *

I stay in Miri until Tuesday 15/4/2008.. Since I will be getting my passport that day.. My passport has a lovely date, issuing and expire date is both with the number 14.. Even my waiting number that day at immigration also 14.. NICE.. My birthday number bah, cannot happy meh? hehe..

I have got my new passport done.. My pictures for five years in my passport is going to look like an auntie because of my curls.. *si beh sien*

So being in Miri for extra 3 days is very torturing.. I spend lo.. Bought myself a red cabin luggage already cost me RM165.. *sighs*

Our purchase

Other than shopping it's eat and the BEACH..

Went to Marina Bay and Tanjung Beach..

Marina Bay

Tanjung Beach

Marina Bay a new place to visit with a breath taking view and a Seahorse located there..

My lovely friend who do lovely thing.. wth..

Seahorse, I know cannot fight with Merlion.. wth..

I know not as good as the Merlion in Singapore.. But this seahorse look fine too right, can make Miri proud.. wth.. =D

Our very pro looking photographer..

The same swing with him few years back it's all memories now
I have learn to smile =D

Ah Jap, Alvin, nice curl babe.. wth..

Nice or not? hehe..

* * * * *

Went back to IBS College the other day to pass Simon his laptop and Jennifer need to collect her UK cert.. I thought I enter the wrong place.. walau so SMALL now.. Luckily I graduate from there already.. and I saw KOBE.. I did took picture with him, too bad cannot post because ah Hao accidentally delete it..

* * * * *

Lastly show you guys my first parking booklet coupon.. wth.. I used to buy per day coupon, so this is the first time I buy such troublesome parking booklet coupon..

REALLY troublesome I tell you.. Almost every parking lot need it.. Brunei so nice, no need such troublesome thing.. wth.. =p

* * * * *

11/4/2008, offically my last day at work wearing yellow and grey uniform.. I'm now on HOLIDAY..!! wth..=p

* * * * *

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm just near..

I'm tired.. So sleepy.. Currently not in Brunei.. Shall blog when I'm home.. =D

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Imagine me without you

I packed alot of things.. Slowly putting my things neatly away.. Glance around the place every minute.. I stay through dinner here.. Just wanting to spend more of my times here.. My table and everything.. I hold back my tears.. I really couldn't bear to leave the place.. It's time to say goodbye soon.. My heart breaks as I know I will not see my bear everyday.. =(

Jaci Velasquez

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

from Bandar to Seria


Wish you lots of happiness and bully ah Hao.. Don't let him bully you.. hehe..
Yeah.. We all going to meet this Saturday..!! *hugs* love ya sister.. =D

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Go away you MSN virus

Eeee.. I hate my MSN now.. I click on some weird link the other day, OMG who knows it's a virus (I call it a VIRUS)..!! That link send from Clemence and I click on the link without thinking.. Because the link has her name, and I thought she might has a blog..

Well, after clicking on it, a look alike like MSN page appear.. I thought what mah, ask me to log in with my MSN email and password.. So I obey.. Who knows after the web accepted my password, I was shown a meaningless web page with just few photos..

Then you know what..!! Yesterday around noon time, my friend Marcus ask me whether I send him any link.. Then follow by Racheal.. OMG.. Marcus show me the link he receive.. It's the same as what I receive from Clemence, only the thing is it has my name.. wth..

I directly change my password that instantly..

*PRAY* That hacker don't try to use my account contact list to send website link.. what ever is it, GO AWAY YOU.. I HATE YOU..

*sighs* There I'm feeling much better..

* * * * *

Anyway.. I'm cool now.. I want to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JOAN, FADHLINA and JEFFREY..

Joan.. you really grown mature already.. I wish you choose your right happiness and be happy.. Good luck in everything babe.. *love u*


My lovely Fadz.. Being engage and all and I'm so happy for you.. You have found him.. *hugs* *love you*


And Jeffrey.. Be good ok!! Concentrate on one thing brother.. Don't always end up making the wrong decision.. Be wise and good I tell you.. =p All the best, many success to you..

Miss the three of you.. *hugs*

Sunday, April 06, 2008


It feels good here.. Peaceful feeling while playing my playlist from my baby lappy.. Looking out the sky is bright and beautiful.. What a breath taking view I'm experiencing.. The sea wave moving calmly towards the shore.. I wish to step foot in those salty water.. Green colour trees nearby.. So natural as If I'm far away from the city and being in another country.. Fresher air I breath and feeling the soft wind blowing my hair.. I feel happy here..

deng deng deng.. I cannot stay here I have to get back to the city.. =( *sobs*

Friday, April 04, 2008

I'm still feeling bloated

I always wonder why am I fated with things this way.. Is it a punishment from God? Is it because I hurt alot of hearts? It is because I disappoint alot of people? All I wish is more smiles towards my everyday life, not hurts..

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

My new manager call me up yesterday morning and gave me a fantastic news which makes me grin ear to ear the whole day at work.. I'm allowed to start my new job on 1st of May, yes next month.. and yes I'm so happy that I have about two weeks to refresh and relax.. I'm so relief.. =p I never thought I will be able to get some rest.. hooray..!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

My lovely ladies colleagues at the Admin department with my Partner and Supervisor (partner's hubby) treat me to farewell buffet during lunch today.. At the Millennium Restaurant at Supa Save Gadong.. Yummy food they serve loh.. I ate until I couldn't breath and walk well.. What to do, kiasu people like this one, need to eat lot of won't 'rugi' -feeling paying more for what we should have.. wth.. So I ate and ate and ate..

And I was so touched because the ladies bought me a soft toy to remember them and being told 'you look at it you see us..' OK.. I shall stick each of you ladies face on the soft toy face.. like that 100% confirm see you ladies.. wth..
Anyway I love you ladies, I'm really going to miss you all the most.. *sobs*

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

AIYO.. It's raining very heavy here.. and I'm stuck in the office.. HELP...!! Rain rain please don't rain too long and PLEASE I beg you DO NOT CAUSE FLOOD.. *sobs* wth.. I can't wait to go home and hug my TV eating instant noodles.. *tuutt* =D

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

No Air

Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air

If I should die before I wake
It's 'cause you took my breath away
Losing you is like living in a world with no air

I'm here alone, didn't wanna leave
My heart won't move, it's incomplete
Wish there was a way that I can make you understand

Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air
Can't live, can't breathe with no air
It's how I feel whenever you ain't there
It's no air, no air
Got me out here in the water so deep
Tell me how you gonna be without me
If you ain't here, I just can't breathe
It's no air, no air

I walked, I ran, I jumped, I flew
Right off the ground to float to you
There's no gravity to hold me down for real

But somehow I'm still alive inside
You took my breath, but I survived
I don't know how, but I don't even care

So how do you expect me
to live alone with just me
'Cause my world revolves around you
It's so hard for me to breathe

=Jordin Sparks - Chris Brown=

Where is love....

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Such a FOOL day.. hohoho..

I paid off my debts in three places in an hour.. Firstly I went to Kiarong Baiduri, then Gadong HSBC, lastly Mall's Telbru.. All in an hour..!! hohoho.. what a lucky day is today..

* * * * *

It's Nani's Birthday today.. Happy Birthday NANI..!! and also April Fool's Day.. Been fool or fool anyone yet?

I was fool by this morning about him quiting blogging.. I believe bloggers out there was fooled by his prank too.. haha.. Almost spoil my mood when I read his post.. wth.. Good thing it's a joke.. Keep blogging Kenny.. How will be my daily life be without having to click on =p

And I fool a person.. JENNIFER TIEW.. hahahaha.. I never thought I have the ability to fool people.. =D

* * * * *

Alright random pictures I took at The Mall..

wth GUCCI ok..

So CUTEEEEE.. I cannot resist to take picture of it..

* * * * *

Something caught my attention and I find it fascinating.. Do you know what is this?


It's Perfume...!!

Names and Price.. sorry too blur.. oops.. =p

The glass so pretty and so unique.. It's for sales of cause but by litre.. Different smell.. I'm not sure where it's from.. =p All I know is the glass so chio.. wth..

Ending with PEACE / VICTORY people.. wth..