Thursday, April 27, 2006


I was surprised to receive Ah how's email just now.. I just finish reading and now I donno how to react to it.. I told Jeffrey the SPA one about it.. And he sound extremly angry at the guy.. HE say this kind of guy tend to use email is consider a loser and I dont have to bother to think about him.. Haha.. I know he care about me.. HE say he doesnt want me to get hurt again so he is angry at the guy.. Jeff say 'Like you say dont have the guts to say??' I donno what is my feelings right now.. Honestly to say, I wanted to cry just now while reading his mail.. what does it mean? Im touch? or Im scare Im gonna hurt him? or Im happy? all I know is his email sound hopes and it scare me to disapoint him..

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A guy being naive

First thing on my mind when I woke up today is why he leave me just like that.. Spoiled my day.. While driving to work, my eyes are inblur version.. I had tears in my eyes.. I cannot control my emotion.. If I know a way to freeze my heart and mind, then that will be so great.. I know I'm feeling this way is because of loneliness.. Maybe I want to be in love.. Yea.. Should be.. haizz.. I have been praying to GOD.. And Im scare that I won't meet a good man.. I think and worry too much huh.. Well, cant blame me as I have no one I can trust to share my feelings with now in BRunei.. Am I ready to accept a new relationship? I hope so..

My new colleague I mentioned is my boss aka Uncle's nephew.. Should be his dad and my boss are cousin.. Aduh.. He is the eldest but he don't act or look like one.. He is so damn childish.. And he likes to complain as he never work before.. This is his first job.. What makes me laugh is he is way he being naive as he thinks by just having a degree can get him high salary without working hard for it.. What the heck is he thinking?? Haha.. Well Im so damn sleepy.. I had enough hours of sleep but I still feel tired.. Nowadays I always tend to fall asleep while doing my work.. Aduh.. I hope no one notice me being sleepy.. HEhe.. Off to bed.. Gudnite..

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

All By Myself

I feel quite lonely today.. I have been feeling this way since evening just now..Plus my misery.. now I came online and saw something which still hurt me eventhough it's none of my business.. Kong say he love her forever.. My heart still bleed in pain.. No one will understand..

Today I feel lonely, I miss love.. I miss being love by someone.. I miss the sweetness and happiness.. I miss having someone I love to care about me.. I miss hugging the one I love.. I miss being in a relationship.. I miss but at the same time I'm feeling scare too.. Scare of being disappointed and hurt by someone again.. But I really feel lonely.. People say not to wait eargerly for love as it won't come to you.. I know about this myth.. So im not expecting anything.. God bless me..

Monday, April 24, 2006

A new guy

I have a new collegue today.. A guy, who is one year younger than me, this year is his second year at CURTIN.. The main point is that he came to work for temporary only.. becoz he is trying to hide in Brunei for a few months.. He got beaten by bad guys.. Well, he offended one of the boss of gangster at Miri.. Girls problem.. the galfren of the boss like my collegue and the gal lie to him that she is single and they became couples then like that lo get beaten.. pity him.. Surprise is that the person who beat him was KOng's fren.. I seen him before.. He was ask by their boss to call this collegue of mine and brought a gang of people to block his car and beat him up.. he is hideing at our company coz his dad work at the same company too.. Hehe.. see what he do la.. now need to hide and stop 1 semester for awhile.. Shouldn't pity him huh.. duh~

Last saturday, Nicole came to Brunei and we have a great dinner.. Jita, Nicole and me went to eat stembot.. coz $9.90 per person.. Th food is okok not that perfect and not that bad.. Hehe.. Make me remember my stembot dinner with charng lieh them.. I remembered that time I was still with NIcholas.. Haha.. Im so damn sleepy here.. Tonight's rain is quite heavy.. So I go sleep.. gudnite..

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hmm.. vacation

I received a shocking mail today.. Not that very shocking.. Haha.. Jennifer and Sheau Tze ask wanna go vacation together or not.. Aduh.. nicole also asked.. All of them say cheap fare at Airasia.. but I dont see what is so cheap about it.. Haha.. but the phuket trip caught my attension.. Hehe.. It's a good idea to go on a trip but I have a problem.. i just started working in this new company.. Donno will my leave be approve or not if I apply for it.. Sure they will have bad impression on me.. Hmm..

Last sunday I did went to Limbang to find Nicole.. Eventhough it's a short trip but I had fun with her.. As I miss seeing her and I wanna get out from Brunei once in awhile.. Just like everyone else wanna get out from their hometown to get some fresh air.. Hehe.. I will be heading back to office again later.. duh.. Boss wanna have meeting with us.. No idea what the meeting is about as it involve us the low class staff(which normally the boss meeting doesn't involed us).. Hehe.. Maybe I did some mistake or me and my collegue Amy done so many trouble problem? haiz.. I hope It's not gonna be serious as I think.. Well.. got to get ready to go now.. Ciaoz..

Saturday, April 15, 2006


I have been sitting in front of my computer for hours.. Editing some pictures which I wanna upload onto my friendster profile but friendster seem to be moving damn slow.. Its the friendster problem or my so call ESPEED problem? (ESPEED internet connection here).. I hate this problem of slow uploading pictures.. and other than slow I have already compress my files to the minimum size I can fit but still friendster failed to convert my tiny pictures.. tulan already..

I need to wake up early tomorrow coz I'm going to Limbang with my mummy.. Hehe.. Go have fun and to see my lovely Nicole.. The main point is to see Nicole actually.. Haha.. (don vomit ya) She better wake up early too coz Im gonna pick her up for breakfast.. Hehe.. I will be back Brunei by noon.. Got to work tomorrow afternoon.. Overtime again.. *stress man* I don't have the choice to say no to overtime coz it's an order.. Working in a big company is not such a great thingy u know.. the more the people the harder to cope with the colleagues.. We cannot be so naive in a big company coz you will tend to get bully.. Cannot think as everyone is friendly coz you never know when they will backstab you from the back..

I asked my friend ah How to help me buy extension wire from Miri as it's cheaper.. and also since he is coming down to Brunei today.. He came over and we went for a drink.. I ask him how much, he say he got it for FREE.. He was a friend working in the electrical store, his friend gave it to him.. So I got myself a free stuff.. How nice.. Hehe.. Other then giving me the wire, he bring me a gift which he bought from KL.. He just came back from Kuala Lumpur a few days ago.. He gave me cute little four piggy in a big bottle.. So pretty..

I went for facial yesterday.. Quite good the skill of the lady boss.. Sad thing is a spend a bomb there.. All the sudden I ended up buying face cleanser and got myself a package of 6 facial with free one eye mask.. Terrible cost me B$228.. Luckily I can pay by deposit 1st.. Im so out of my mind Huh.. So my next facial wash will it next month.. Well It's late and Im so tired.. Need my beauty sleep.. Gudnight..

Friday, April 14, 2006


Yesterday was a new year day celebrated by the Thailand people.. My guys collegues warn me about them splashing water.. luckily don't have that serious.. In the morning, I was ask to stop to put powder on my plam.. while for the guys it's on thier face.. Hehe.. After work, I was so damn worried about the water thingy.. When I get out from the office, one of them is waiting outside with a bucket of water.. luckily he ask me and only pour on my shoulder.. It's good that they tend to ask for permission.. they are polite and respectful to people.. I guess the powder and the water thingy are just ways for blessing I guess.. Hehe..

I need to celebrate too.. why? Coz I have got my internet connection installed.. Im so happy.. Now I can get in touch with the online stuff.. hehe.. The telekom staff came to install today (13.4.06).. I was suppose to work late tonight, but my ahead seem to get scolded from boss and appear to be in a bad mood.. So I quickly get home to prevent myself from being scolded by my head of department..

Miracle happens this evening.. I was online and kOng came to chat with me.. He also ask some questions regarding if his Cds are with me.. Luckily we chat like friends.. quite strange.. Coz I had a dream about him last night and today at work I was thinking about it.. who knows, coincidence he online and chat with me.. I even joke with him that I was informed that he has a new galfren and I ask him to get marry fast coz he is getting old.. Haha.. he went speachless and just laugh.. Hmm.. I'm healing soon.. wish me luck.. Well, it's late so I got to go to bed.. Goodnight..

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I so love this picture edit by Nicole..

I look Great.. I feel great..

I met up with my old school mate for gathering last nite.. Even saw friends who I haven seen for 2 years plus.. hadi and Faiz.. both of them I so playful b4 and now they are doing good with good career.. So happy for them.. Everyone say I look great and pretty.. Im over the moon.. hehe.. I miss those times.. Just like now I miss my times at Miri..

Nowadays not much OT but my supervisor want me to learn more by two weeks.. he want to test me.. stress.. When I go back home all I think about is sleep.. but luckily I dont spend all my time sleeping.. hehe.. I still drag myself out to meet up with friends.. been out lim teh with choon, Joseph, jita.. I even had Japanese dinner with Jita last week.. Fantastic food..

I sold my MAStar DVD player and recently bought a new one.. ICHIBAN DVD.. hehe.. Not bad lo.. I quite like it.. I have already register my internet line.. but still need to wait for a week or so for the ppl to come install.. *sigh* y cant the government do things fast huh? Things happened but I have no words to describe.. I donno how to express myself at the moment.. feel like daydreaming rite now.. Miss alot of things out there.. Going out again tonite.. hehe.. I miss catching up on Kennysia everyday.. huuu you nicole 'mei lo' have so many free time editing your frenster pink pink.. hehe.. when u get into pink pink again huh? haha.. I forgot u went off to Miri.. tout will see u online.. disappointed.. hehe.. bet u hav a blast there.. Don forget u owe me a dinner ya.. you lost our bet.. hehe..