Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcome 2008.. Goodbye 2007..

Currently at Kelly's house.. Trying my best to type this short sentence.. wth.. O_o

My connection in the office were blocked this afternoon while I was trying to post pictures about yesterday.. Not good this people..

Anyway.. Got to go.. Heading out now..

Wishes everyone a Happy New Year 2008.. Many lucks, good health, good work, blah blah.. *muaks muaks* *hugs hugs* <3>

Siti's Wedding and Annual dinner..

I woke up early yesterday.. Sunday.. Went to had dim sum for breakfast at bandar..

The Sunday market at Bandar.. *not yet start*

The restaurant we went to for dim sum..

In the afternoon I went to my colleague wedding.. at Tutong..

The V.I.P table..

Not the V.I.P tables.. wth =p

The pretty place where the Groom and Bride going to sit..

Siti loves Pink, like me..

Patricia, Yvonne, Siti (the bride), Winnie and Rozie

Then annual dinner at night..

Buffet, the foods

Hardworking office part time cook.. wth =p

Celebrate the people's birthday who falls in November and October..

*update* Pictures left out due to connection problem.. so they are the rest.. =D

The K-Box Corner.. hehe..

Patricia & Winnie and the pooh head.. =p

Conclusion, I had a busy Sunday.. wth.. =p

♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, December 28, 2007

3 days to 2008

3 more days and it will be the year 2008..

I was wondering what have I actually had achieved or done to be proud of myself.. Hmmm.. I know there must be something.. I just couldn't think of any now.. O_o..
♥ ♥ ♥

I just found out that my company annual dinner is this coming Sunday Night.. I can breath now *woot*.. I was so scared that my boss going to make it on the 31/12.. If on the 31/12 then I can't have fun.. Because I won't be celebrating in Brunei.. =D
♥ ♥ ♥

OMG... I just remembered..!! This coming Sunday in the afternoon I have to attend my colleague wedding.. I remember about it this morning then I forgot, and now I remember back.. wth.. haha.. =p

I'm on holiday mood now, I don't have the mood for work.. Hope my boss won't see me slacking in the office.. *wicked smile*

By the way.. Happy Birthday to Kong Pang Huat.. Hope you are doing well in Sibu.. Miss u huat huat..
♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


My Christmas Eve.. Nothing fun happened.. I just went out for a nice dinner with a friend who won't allowed me to take his picture.. O_o.. We talked for hours then I wanted to go over to The Empire, we two headed there..

Fish & Chips..

On our way in Empire.. I was feeling happy.. Holding my fully-charge camera.. I want to take lots of nice Christmas decoration there.. Then...........!!

*boom* Where are the decoration?? So disappointed no decoration.. I even went outside of the hotel to double check the Christmas decoration is not outside.. wth.. Just a Christmas Tree.. yes that's it.. ONE Christmas tree at the lobby..

Me and my friend end up sitting on their sofa area and talk until the clock strike 12am.. o_O Well, better than me staying at home..

I have been to the Euro Classic Gift Shop at the Centerpoint Hotel.. At least there I feel alot more Christmas feel.. With the 'Me to You' bears dress up in Christmas outfit.. Very cute.. But Expensive.. O_o..

Note: Me to You Bears above cost B$400 plus.. wth..
I'm not that lucky to own them.. *sobs*

♥ ♥ ♥

I spend my Christmas afternoon SHOPPING again.. Bought more clothes.. I'm now starting to slow down.. Have to stop myself SOON.. hehe.. After the holiday mood ok.. I will control de.. I hope so.. hehehe..

I bought a New Rice cooker for my family.. Philips Rice Cooker.. GOOD, Me like.. The old one we have, been more than 10 years already finally break down.. Now it's new.. Everyone Happy.. wth.. O_o

♥ ♥ ♥

Anyway.. Before my Christmas Day end.. I went over to look for the KTM's brothers.. Steven and Jason.. I wanted to go over to the beach for some photo shooting.. Who knows, by the time both of them ready to go.. it's DARK.. *sobs*

Lastly we end up at the.. EMPIRE again..

Jason had his shooting done there.. and your truly shoots whatever she see.. I'm bored bah.. Bare with me please.. hehe..

What is this?

Piano la..

♥ ♥ ♥

I bought myself 'Anything' to drink today.. 'Anything'.. 'Whatever'.. These drinks are from Singapore.. It has been long release in Singapore.. Now it's promoting in Brunei..

Since usually people can't decide what they wanted to drink can try out this.. 'Anything' is carbonated drink.. While 'Whatever' is non-carbonated drink.. You will be surprise by every can u drink..

♥ ♥ ♥

The other day.. I went for Foot Massage at De-Stress body center.. B$15 for 45mins.. It was good.. Very Relax.. I want to go back for it again..

Five days left to 2008.. I need to do homework on 'what have I done in the 2007'.. =p

Monday, December 24, 2007

Jingle bells Jingle bells.. Jingle all the way..

It's Christmas Eve..!!!
Hohoho.. Merry Christmas people out there..
It's 5pm and time for me to go home..
Get my hair done, get dress and off to stuff myself down with foods..
It's not gonna be a lonely Christmas after all..
*lots of hugs* <3

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I made it to maganize cover.. wth

Christmas is coming.. I went to NBT (Brunei's Toyota Center) I got to say I love their decoration this year..


Have you people ate 'Tang Yuan'? I ate mine already.. Once again 'Dong Jie' is here.. Happy 'Dong Jie' day to all Chinese celebrating.. Eat more tonight people..!!.. haha..


Found something fun from Florence's blog.. My face on magazine..!! holy cow.. I'm famous..!! wth..

Lastly people.. The dog who turns famous..

...I'm a superstars... *woof*

Friday, December 21, 2007

Please don't pour heavily..

I didn't work yesterday.. because it's a PUBLIC HOLIDAY..!! Yippie.. Why the heck am I happy about huh?

Well, basically my boss choose which public holiday he wants for the company.. We are no lucky chap who gets ALL the public holiday off ok.. We are pity people here.. no choice lo.. who ask me to work here.. wth.. money bah.. I need money.. *sighs* So conclusion yesterday's holiday was one of the best day.. hahaha.. *wicked*


And so I went out with my mother at first, to get myself some huge PINK container I saw the other night with Clemence.. For me to store up all my stuff toys, you know floods might happen again so I want to be prepared as much as I can.. The container is freaking tight now lo.. I hope it won't burst.. I squeeze as much as I can, but still I can't store up all.. wth..

Looking at my room, my house now, still I feel freak out.. Took me and my family days to get things dry and clean.. So torturing..

Anyway.. Luckily Tze came down Brunei at the end.. and where else can we hang out? no other than the Mall again.. All well, it's better than staying at home.. Money spending is what we girls do.. wth..

One of the restaurant in Brunei here, You Mee at Gadong now having Kolo Mee promotion price at B$1.00..!! The promotion ends on 22/12/2007.. Thats like tomorrow please.. I ate already.. Twice le.. wth..

OMG.. I hear tunder.. it's going to rain soon.. =(