Sunday, April 27, 2014

Architecture 101 - First Love Story

Architecture 101.. A movie which will make you think of your first love.. I thought about my first love and also the other relationships I experienced until the present last one.. All were sad ending, even though sad ending but there were good memories left behind too, which we will smile when remembered.. I wish my next relationship, I will experience great happy love experience.. A relationship which will go on until I turn old, until the end of my life.. I'm looking forward to experience it..
Architecture 101.. Two students who meet in an introductory architecture class and fall in love.. A young boy who didn't confess to his first love and gave up, who didn't dare to seek the truth and left with things unsaid.. A young girl who left her first love after being told to, without questioning further, who gave her first love another chance but he didn't turn up to meet her during when the first snow falls..

15 years later, the girl Seo Yeon tracks down her first love to seek help to rebuild her house at Jeju Island, she wants to know how was her first love was doing.. The boy Seung Min who couldn't recognize his first love at first was surprise to see her again.. At first he didn't want to accept the job because he couldn't face her.. but his boss agreed to accept the job and hence he took it.. While working together to rebuild the house, both their memories and feelings returns.. He slowly remembers the dream house that she wanted.. and so a beautiful dream house was complete for her.. It was really a beautiful house.. The movie story really touch my heart.. Seung Min choose a new life to get married and move to the states.. Even though they didn't end up being together but both cherish each other as their first love in their hearts..

As I type this post, tears just falls.. and now it even rain suddenly.. wow, I'm amaze by the timing and feelings I'm encountering now.. maybe it's because as I type, I'm listening to the song 'Etude of Memories by Kim Dong Ryul' from the movie.. And so here I end with photos of the beautiful house I search from the internet.. It's a beautiful first love story, the movie Architecture 101.. worth to watch.. I'm sure everyone will have different feelings and review of it.. :)

 The house have turn into 'Cafe de Seoyeun'.. I will visit this cafe for my next trip to Jeju Island.. :)

Trailer of Architecture 101

Etude of Memories - Kim Dong Ryul

Waiting - Instrument melody

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Moon Embracing The Sun

I'm attracted to Kim Soo Hyun's charisma.. His eyes especially seems to shine, very attractive.. He can make a girl heart flutter.. haha.. I can't wait to watch more of his up coming drama..

I finished watching the drama 'The Moon Embracing The Sun' today.. I knew of this drama earlier last year but the poster wasn't attractive so I didn't brother to watch it.. but then I was wrong, it was a great drama!! haha.. After realizing that Kim Soo Hyun act in it so I watch it lol.. The drama story was so additive that I keep continuing after each episode.. This was his second drama, I watched 'Dream High' too -his first drama..

Anyway, regards to this drama it was touching T_T.. Story about the king's unforgettable first love.. the warm relationship between the two brothers.. the friendship they choose to cherish.. Best.. No wonder this drama won Best Drama of the Year in 2012..
“The Moon Embracing The Sun” tells a love story between King Lee Hwon and a female shaman named Wol. Wol was born from a noble family and became the crown princess - King Lee Hwon's first love, but she was entrapped and faced execution. She was saved through magic and lived as a shaman.. Then she met the King after 8 years.. The King fell in love with the same women but Wol have lost her memory..
                                                                       King Lee Hwon

Young crown prince Lee Hwon and Yeon Woo first meeting

                                       8 years later, they met and Yeon Woo as Wol the Shaman

Their valuable friendship

The funny man in green.. his character and expression is good.. I laughed well..

 The snowman that the king instruct the funny man in green to build so that he can escape from him
haha.. very funny..

Everything fall back into place..Yeon Woo return to her position as crown princess and later on married with King Lee Hwon..
                                                 ~And they live loving and happily ever after~

Monday, April 21, 2014

21st April 2014

Only recently from watching an episode of the Adam couple on WGM, when Ga In took the boat ride to Jeju Island from Seoul to meet Jo Kwon, I came to know there's actually a boat ride transport to get to Jeju Island other than by plane.. I took the plane during my trip to Jeju island previously :)

Sadly to know last Wednesday one of the ferry sank while on its way to Jeju with about 300 plus on board the boat all are high school students on field trip from Seoul.. Until today the divers are still on the search for survivor with the boat in capsized and submerge situation.. It was a sad and shocking news.. after the disappearance of MH370 and then now ferry sank.. Prayers go out to all the families and friends..


My laptop been showing some illness since last month.. Actually its still working well, the only problem with the wifi connection not being able to detect my home's router.. Currently I'm using my brother's old laptop, thank god for the spare one as I need to catch up with some dramas comfortable from my room! Got to find time to bring my laptop to check up then.. hopefully just minor issue!


I can't wait for payday!! haha.. Been saving as much as I can for Vietnam's trip.. Hotels and one way flight tickets all settled.. Now left for tours booking and planning for places to visit.. wuhuuu..


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Adam Couple- Jo Kwon and Ga In

I knew about Adam couple from We Got Married show about 2 years ago and already loving the couple alot after watching a few episodes of them.. then I got busy with other stuff so I didn't continue watching.. until last week I started watching back and immediately I'm in love with Adam couple again.. I watch a few couple from WGM but Adam couple feeling is really diffrent for me, their relationship really felt real.. They are shy but yet comfortable and caring for each other.. I don't see the hard effort of them acting cute or sweet in them.. I'm also one of the viewer who wish they will get into a real relationship after leaving WGM show..

Jo Kwon is a real guy in the show! haha.. He is always acting girly so I kinda got confuse if he is actually gay but from the show he isn't, I like watching him alot! especially when he sings, plays the piano, smile, when he show off his muscular body.. I go ga-ga.. haha.. He is such a comedian like Lee Kwang Soo! I then realize the similarities of me liking both Kwang Soo and Jo Kwon, both are super funny guys..

Jo Kwon is from the ballad member 2AM, I already knew and love some of their slow songs before I watch the Adam couple.. Through Adam couple, I got to see alot of Jo Kwon's funny personality hence I became liking 2AM and Kwon more.. haha..

Anyway, their fake marriage ended after 1 year and 3 months together.. they became one of the most famous couple from the show.. and so I finished watching in total episode 59 of the Adam couple ( I really like to hear Jo Kwon sing, he sang so well! I cried watching him sang the song 'Happy Me' to Ga In in the episode 58, I was touched too..
Adam couple forever! love love~~
         the outfit they design for each other as groom and bride for their wedding photo shoot in Bali!


Lyrics of Happy Me

I met you after a few heartbreaks
So maybe that was why our start was so unsure
But getting to know and to love someone
How nice would it be if you were my last?
Like I do…
If you hear my voice, even for a moment in a busy day
Do you also feel like we are together?
Every night, when I return home and if you are there
My stress and pain from the day will melt away in your arms
Love me just like this
If you would never change
You’re the only one that has all of me
I will never waver
You may be unsure in the face of the unknowable future
But never forget that I love you
If it is with you, I will be forever happy
I can always be happy with me

I’m throwing away what the world tells me I should love
My heart is in the same place as yours
I want to be another part of you
For you who are my precious
Love me just like this forever,
As long as you don’t change
You’re the only one that has all of me
I will never waver
Are you feeling unsure in the unknowable future?
You’re no longer alone..never forget
That when I’m with you I am happy
I can do anything and everything
If my life is with you

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Hello April 2014.. Nanta show at Jeju..

Felt the week passed too quick.. Its April already, I have to start focusing to plan for Vietnam trip next month.. I haven't even start watching any drama recently.. Few pending work in the office too.. Next month is Fab's wedding too, we have to think and prepare for morning games.. seems like next month I'm gonna be busy haha.. Fab's wedding, Ivan's wedding and Vietnam trip..

Last weekend I met up with Jenn, Shirley and Chai yu.. It's like 2 years plus or even more since I last saw Chai yu.. College times are fun, I missed it.. Everyone is settling well, even for Nicole, who is currently pregnant with 2nd baby.. and Chai yu and Shirley encourage me to move to Miri haha.. They say it will be easier for me to meet guys and for them to introduce their singles guy friends.. Felt touched and appreciate :) I can consider moving to Miri of course, maybe looking into job from the oil and gas or bank industry.. But Brunei is still home to me.. Wishing I'm a PR status to call Brunei as home..


Few days ago, there's Nanta Show here in Brunei and I only came to know at last minute when the next day is the showing.. I wanted to re-watch ofcourse but missed it out!! arghhh... It's a FREE entrance summore.. Its the same cooking Nanta show which I watched at Jeju, good memories from it because I was picked to go on stage and surprise becoming a fake bride.. I even get to taste the soup they were cooking, taste good actually.. haha.. we all laugh through out the entire show.. their performance was so good, loving it!

                              the wedding costume i wore fell off lol, tats why not shown in the pic..

SoYou & JunggiGo - SOME