Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just another Wednesday~

Let me see..

I'm currently in the office and for the past few days, I have my lazy mood on..
I still want to go for holiday.. but $$$$!! *sniff sniff*
Any high pay job out there for me? hehe..

I watch the movie Inception on Monday, an interesting movie about dream, memories, facing reality.. yeap interesting!
I want to watch STEP UP next!!! *waiting for people to date me lol*

Aiyo why today only Wednesday, two more days till weekend come.. =(
Aiyo why everyday so many work to settle, non-stop work then have to work non-stop like robot? SIEN

I'm hungry.. AHHH I WANT MCD FRIES!! Haven't eat any after I recover from my flu and cough.. OK, going to note down on my calender, MCD FRIES..

Tomorrow is the first say of Consumer fair at Bridex Hall.. and I must go tomorrow because there will be a RBA BOOTH!!! I want to check check check check CHECK some air ticket price.. but I don't want to go alone.. Don't know that complain King and lovely Eve want to go tomorrow.. hmmm.. oh ya, other than seeing RBA BOOTH, also must visit KATH.. lol
Kath is working there for the fair.. Ah, maybe can pull Joan together too.. hmmm..

Last night Clemence called and told a bad news.. I don't know to feel sad for him or not.. Eventhough it was only a short high school love, he did appear in my life journey so all I can do is wish him well no matter what the result is from the court.. Never except his life will turn out this way~

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Saturday~~ I'm missing my QTWW.. ^^

Last night, dinner and meeting up at TT Blue Cafe~ Ling Chi, Siew Yun, Siew Yii, Hakim, Chienz, Jing Jing, Sandra, Kam Wai was there with Hao Ran and Sing Hock ofcourse..

As I get in the car when Ray and Eve came to pick me, I was surprise.. WA this two lovable looking good.. and they look at me with my Mickey Mouse T-Shirt and double-check with me if I want to re-change.. -____- It's ok, I know I look cute enough! *muahahahaha*
My dinner! I like it very much.. Chili Prawn Pasta if I'm not wrong.. The sos actually taste like crab! =D
Below Lamb Chop is Chienz's dinner.. Chienz=lamb lover =P

* * * * *

I found a nice song on FB, kinda emo type~~ The singer remind me of Sheeren (Zhe Mei).. Similar Hair and smile without seeing teeth I guess, even the name start with S.K.. and till the end of the MV, I spotted a QTWW! =D

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sheng Yu Jing

My toe is fine already, it's gonna take quite sometime for it to look pretty again.. T_T
My queen gave instruction and warn me MUST drink this Sheng Yu Jing below everyday for the next six days.. I thought it will taste bad, but not bad yo.. =)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pasar malam on 21/7/2010

I went to the 'Pasar Malam' last night with Ray, Eve and John follow by Chris.. This 'Pasar Malam' will last for a month due to the celebration of HM Sultan's Birthday.. Thank God for the fine weather last night, as it's been raining for the past few nights.. 'Pasar Malam' all about FOOD.. =D You will find variety of 'Malay' food selling there.. Alot of their 'Kueh-kueh' too.. ofcourse most of the food are fried, BBQ and oily.. hehe.. Usually I will hunt for KEBAB and coconut drink, I LIKE the most.. hehe.. and look at Balloon!! I wanted to buy but but but but T_T hehe..
Quite alot of people there last night, I even saw Jade with Brandon, Kelly Ling, Thanis, Soon with Cindy.. Other than food stall, you can find stall selling other stuff too like clothes, shoes and many more..
So many food stall until I also don't know which stall to go to.. hehe.. Picture above is John ordering Roti John.. JOHN buy Roti JOHN.. hehe..
The amount of food we bought to John's house to eat.. TOO MUCH I say, we can't even finished.. haha.. Ray purposely spread out all the food for us to take pictures to make Rue crazy.. LOL

Royce did help to eat some when he came over with Terry and Sandra.. It's been almost two years since the last time I saw Sandra and the first thing she said to me when she saw me "Where is the other fat one?" She means Rue.. =P

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My poor big bandage toe

Say hello to my poor toe! =.=
Looks serious right? hehe.. the nurse bandage my toe till looking like this T_T I got it injured during my 'walking days' in Singapore.. I finally decide to go to the doctor when I saw blood keep flowing out and it look swollen when I was in the office yesterday..
Infection? I thought to myself.. I showed it to Angel and Angel scold why I didn't get my toe check earlier.. T_T So I called Kath up to check whether she is free to accompany me to the clinic..

Inside the doctor room, when I saw the doctor hold up the injection tube, I quickly hug onto Kath's arm and hide myself beside her back.. lol I scare pain mah~ I thought my nail need to be take out mah~ who knows, doctor just make a tiny hole on my nail, suck and press out blood.. T_T

Yes, a tiny hole and my toe is wrap up looking so serious.. hehe.. Tomorrow I need to return to the clinic for doctor to check and clean off.. =)

* * * * *

Then feeling hungry already, off to Coffeezone cafe for dinner after picking up Jacky.. Kath bought a book which teaches palm reading.. so me, Jacky and Jonathan became her guinea pig then follow by Ray and Eve who join us after bombing me.. T_T hehe..

I think after Kath master the whole book, she can start doing palm reading business.. hehe.. Below is a picture of Kath so concentrate reading the book for Eve's palm.. =P

Sunday, July 18, 2010

25 'like' on relationship status

Ahhhhh.. Relationship status on FB changed~~ There goes my market value, drop drop dropppp.. T_T hehe..
and WOW 25 lovely people click 'LIKE' on my status, above picture is blur so hopefully your eyes not hurt from looking at it.. hehe.. I'm grateful for the good wishes/comments too.. ^^

Changes of status doesn't matter, what matter is for our relationship to work out till far far far FAR with full of love, smiles and everything nice! =)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Umbrella at the beach

Eve called today so I went to meet them at the beach for an hour so before I head down to Kiulap Excapade with Kath and Izan.. OMG what a hot hot day.. the sun is burning me up.. Thank God for Eve's umbrella.. hehe..

I'm feeling much better already now, but still abit cough and flu.. hehe.. and I have nothing else to say already.. Goodnight all~
There's John and Ray

yea, I need umbrella at the beach.. can't live without it.. lol ;o)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

PY's Birthday Dinner

Sick Sick Sick.. SICK.. Back from Singapore SICK.. I hope I didn't pass my virus to anyone last night.. hehe.. Last night, had a good dinner at Thiam Hock! I was there to celebrate PY's birthday.. We got her a digital frame which *hint hint* I want also.. haha.. Anyway, the food was good~ yum yum.. Full =)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Back from Singapore

I'm back from Singapore.. and It's back to normal work days again.. booooo.. QTWW said my 5days trip was short, come to think of it.. TRUE LO.. sighs, no choice I need to save some leave..

The last time I visit Singapore was 5 years ago, I guess because I was SO young that walking for the whole day shops to shops catching MRT wasn't a tiring thing until the day end.. This time, omg I miss my baby car so SO much.. It's hot and tired, thank god for QTWW beside me.. ^^

Purpose of my trip other than seeing my QTWW, it's also meeting up people I miss! hehe.. Met Mei Ling, Ting, Kok How, Sibui, Wendy and so on~ =) no Kelly, I forgot her number.. =(

and YEAH, I went to Universal Studio and ride the Flyer and see Marina Bay! =D

At the airport saying goodbye was hard.. Thanks Kuan Long and Wei Ru for accompanying Rue to send me off.. Well, three months to go till I see YOU.. =)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Wuhuuu.. Today is the day.. =D

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Dot com on Sunday Morning

Sunday morning.. The only morning other than public holiday, when I can sleep in until afternoon.. I just had my breakfast cum lunch, Roti Canai!! I love Roti Canai alot.. =D

I'm just going to spend my Sunday afternoon reading my favourite popular blogs.. Upload some pictures on my FB.. Continue sleep maybe? Cook mee goreng later? I'm craving for mee gorenggggggg.. hehe.. I love this post of a Hotel at Bali which Kenny stayed for his holiday! Super nice.. I love the swimming pool which is just right outside the room.. Expensive but if get to stay for a night is a dream come true!! hehe.. here's the link to this particular post with great pictures! =)
Ubud Hanging Gardens & Anantara Seminyak I want to get myself an Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR camera!!!! This post XiaXue introduce this nice-not-bulky-ugly camera and it's features.. so niceeeeeee!!! I love it's Art Filters so much.. Don't have to edit pictures anymore.. drool~~~ here's the link to her post where you can see the camera's picture effect and outcome.. =D The Mighty Pen

I love Some of his post always inspire, cheered me up.. I love this post very much, I couldn't stop laughing when I read it in the office the other day.. haha.. Here's the link to share, it maybe lame but I find it funny and CUTEEEE.. =) S.O.S.

Ok.. enough for today's post.. I'm starting to feel lazy already!! hehe.. Really need to cook myself Mee Goreng later.. yummmmm.. Goodbye but waittttt...

How can I not end this post with my picture.. LOL..
Good day people! =D

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Last Saturday

One fine night, last Saturday.. we ever heading to John's house and I felt hungry.. It was 2am, we went to Mamih but closed order.. T_T

So my QTWW said he will cook something for me.. SO NICE KAN.. Eventhough just Instant Noodle~ lol.. =D
I ate abit only because late alreadyyyyyy.. FAT bah.. hehe =P
QTWW finished lu.. ^^

Aiyooooooooooooooooo now I really wish I can have doreamon's pocket so that I can take out it's traveling door, open, step in and be in Singapore right nowwwwwww.. =/

Anyway.. to end my post.. I found two soothing Korean song oh! slow slow type I likeeeeey.. =)

1) Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls - I'm in Love

2) Seo Hyun from SNSD - Its okay even if its hurt

Friday, July 02, 2010


Today: Second day of July.. There goes June.. There goes half of the year..
As I was getting ready for work this Morning, I asked myself.. What have I achieve?

Make Sushi! (eh.. this is a very very big achievement oh! for me la.. haha)
Found Love!! ^^

Ok that's it.. That's all I can think of.. lol..

I was sharing with Jenn and Angel about I really would like to have my own cute cafe someday~ Then I tell the both of them, it's time to get ourselves some loan and have people work for us!!!! LOL.. I'm just joking with the loan thing.. hahaha.. =P

Nice song oh.. By
范瑋琪-到不.. I wonder if I can memorize it.. hmmmm...

I was tired and bored working late in the office just now so I ask some why?
Why do I get fat?
QTWW: cause im not there to eat ur portion
**come back soon so you can eat my portion!

Why is money important?
QTWW: to buy me food
**yessss no need to cook!

Why cant I have a doreamon pocket?
QTWW: cause Im doremon, why u want my pocket
**huh?? since when you are doreamon? Then just now I was looking back at my post for my past six months achievement.. I saw one of my post with this picture..

A QTWW Doreamon shape.. hahaha.. make sense.. =) I miss QTWW!!